La tela di Carlotta #2020

La tela di Carlotta E.B. White Donatella Ziliotto Antongionata Ferrari La tela di Carlotta Pu un maiale fare amicizia con un ragno Certo che si quando il maiale un cucciolo come Wilbur e il ragno si chiama Carlotta Il primo vivacissimo e curioso stato adottato dalla piccola Fern la figl

  • Title: La tela di Carlotta
  • Author: E.B. White Donatella Ziliotto Antongionata Ferrari
  • ISBN: 9788804607731
  • Page: 474
  • Format: Paperback
  • La tela di Carlotta E.B. White Donatella Ziliotto Antongionata Ferrari Pu un maiale fare amicizia con un ragno Certo che si, quando il maiale un cucciolo come Wilbur e il ragno si chiama Carlotta Il primo, vivacissimo e curioso, stato adottato dalla piccola Fern, la figlia del fattore, la seconda, saggia e affettuosa, ha un grande talento artistico per la tessitura delle tele Sar proprio Carlotta a escogitare un fantasioso piano perPu un maiale fare amicizia con un ragno Certo che si, quando il maiale un cucciolo come Wilbur e il ragno si chiama Carlotta Il primo, vivacissimo e curioso, stato adottato dalla piccola Fern, la figlia del fattore, la seconda, saggia e affettuosa, ha un grande talento artistico per la tessitura delle tele Sar proprio Carlotta a escogitare un fantasioso piano per salvare la vita dell amico E alla fine anche Fern avr capito molte cose per esempio che gli animali sono pi vicini di noi al senso della vita Et di lettura da 9 anni.
    La tela di Carlotta E.B. White Donatella Ziliotto Antongionata Ferrari

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    1. I don t give a fig if it is a kid s book, Charlotte s Web is one of the most well crafted stories ever written This classic children s tale deserves 5 stars for story craft and language usage alone Read your Strunk White to understand this man s talents in that regard The fact that it s a heart warmer wrencher clinches it Never was I made to love pigs and spiders so much in my life Charlotte s Web will always rank high amongst my favorites But why, for the love of god, did they make us watch the [...]

    2. One of the great tear jerkers of my long lost childhood, the unlikely friendship between a spider and a pig makes for wonderful reading and a shared moment of love when reading it to kids It is tender and teaches the values of constancy and integrity in a light, beautiful prose A classic and a masterpiece.

    3. If you ve never read Charlotte s Web by E.B White, you are utterly missing out on a classic Newbery Honor award winner Go to the library now and borrow this book first published in 1952 You shouldn t buy it unless you have children or are giving it as a present , but choose to embrace the entire experience of being a small child walking through your public library s doors, searching for an amazing book and finding yourself bringing home a tale that will make you cry and fall in love all at the s [...]

    4. pologies to anybody following my reviews in hope of insights into epic fantasy novels I get through kids stuff reading to my little girl who is too disabled to do it for herself Charlotte s Web is a book I ve been aware of for nearly 40 years but somehow managed to avoid reading when I was little We picked it up at the hospice last week and read the first half, then had to buy a copy at Waterstones yesterday to finish it off 59 years in print and it s still selling for 6.99 in paperback The boo [...]

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    6. Happy to see there s a book out there not representing spiders as being dreadful creatures Super sweet story.

    7. I have been familiar with the story for most of my life, but never read it until now.Wilbur the pig is born a runt, and the farmer decides he must face the axe Kind hearted little Fern intercedes and saves him She cares for the undersized pig, who later goes to a nearby farm Wilbur s life is nearly idyllic until he discovers the fate that has been woven for him he will likely be the next Christmas ham Horrified, he looks desperately for a door of escape His pleas for help are overhead by a large [...]

    8. I don t deserve it I ve never done anything for you You have been my friend, replied Charlotte That in itself is a tremendous thing Wilbur is some pig who is Radiant and humble On the top of that, he could do a mean back flip like the Karate Kid.But would you believe me if I said that this radiant pig was almost killed twice This is Wilbur s remarkable journey from almost being bacon to a beacon in the community But this is not just his Journey It s about Fern, the little girl who saved Wilbur s [...]

    9. I grew up without reading this book For some, that seems to be unimaginable I can maybe understand why My wife and I are reading it now, or I should say, I am reading it aloud before bed, and it s really wonderful I could totally see why it would be a kind of life formative book I was reading a passage last night and laughing at it there is so much in here that is really funny , and it made me wonder about the level of the humor That is, would the kid me have thought this was funny or is it my a [...]

    10. One of my favorite childhood memories is of reading this book with my mother I remember how much I giggled at some of the funny situations and cried especially when we read it the first few times Sobbing into my pillow with my mom rubbing my back I wondered why Charlotte had to die My mom patiently explaining the gift Charlotte left for Wilbur Even now I feel a bit of a lump in my throat It was treasures like this that started my love of books and reading I loved it so much I don t know how many [...]

    11. As I now join the million s of readers who have enjoyed this great book, I realize it truly is a book for ALL ages Loved every minute of it

    12. No words I can say but this book is magical and beautiful and everyone should read it a truly wonderful tale 3

    13. How I feel about spiders when I read Charlotte s Web How I feel about spiders when I see one in my house But I really do love this book Charlotte A Cavatica, you will live on my heart forever.

    14. Within 3 minutes of reviewing its Top 100 Novels Written in English List, I knew The Modern Library was irrelevant That s because it failed to include CHARLOTTE S WEB I mean, I realize that children s literature is considered a joke by most intellectuals, but get serious Anybody who reads this story and fails to recognize its greatness doesn t really like books, in my opinion.Not only does CHARLOTTE S WEB feature one of the most ingenious plots in all of literature, its prose is breathtaking Not [...]

    15. It may sound weird but this is the first time I am reading this book I don t know how I missed out on it when I was a kid Maybe it was the Famous 5 or Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew Anyway, if I had read it as a kid I might have mustered some sympathy for Wilbur Right now though, I am just mad Such a whinny and annoying crybaby Met enough people like him in real life Poor Charlotte My personnel bitchy nature aside, this book was amazing A quick read, but it makes an impact Beautiful lessons on friends [...]

    16. I have been listening to or reading Charlotte s Web since 1983 My first grade teacher, Mrs Bunting, read this magical book to our class, and I can vividly remember sitting on my carpet square, entranced Her reading that book to our class was the highlight of each day Later that year, there was a movie in the theaters, and we went to see it as a class field trip From my memory, everyone in class was excited about the book and the movie This was book was that important in the lives of early reader [...]

    17. Charlotte s Web, E.B WhiteCharlotte s Web is a children s novel by American author E B White and illustrated by Garth Williams it was published in October 15, 1952, by Harper Brothers The novel tells the story of a pig named Wilbur and his friendship with a barn spider named Charlotte When Wilbur is in danger of being slaughtered by the farmer, Charlotte writes messages praising Wilbur such as Some Pig in her web in order to persuade the farmer to let him live 1972 1350 173 1353 1383 168 1395 97 [...]

    18. I could not stop myself from crying I literally had tears in my eyes after I finished reading it Charlotte was such a sweetheart And Wilbur s innocence made him look cuter.These lines made me breakdown She was in a class by herself It is not often that someone comes along who is a true friend and a good writer Charlotte was both One of the best stories of friendship I have ever read.Updated 09 28 2012I watched the movie today and it is one of the best movies ever made I cried like a baby at the [...]

    19. Saw the movie adaptation of this classic children s book a decade ago so I m already familiar with the story What I like about this book is how it reminds everyone about friendship, compassion, humility, courage, respect, gratitude and even the concept of life and death was tackled.Young and adult readers will definitely appreciate and enjoy reading this If you have time to read this one of a kind story, I highly recommend to squeeze it to your reading list.

    20. I read this book three times and my opinion of the book has changed each time The importance of this Just think how complex and well written a book is if you can take different meanings from a novel at different stages of your life Here is a mini recap of what I thought each time I read it4th Grade Poor piggy I m glad he found a nice spider friend I m so sad that Charlotte died at the end But I still hate spiders 8th Grade I guess it is a really good outlook on growing up I didn t realize until [...]

    21. This was one of my favorite books as a kid and I always felt bad for Charlotte that people saw the spider web that said some pig and were instantly impressed with the pig not the super intelligent spider who could spell.Anyways, I had a weird love for Templeton the rat and still think this entire story is absolutely adorable

    22. Wanda s Summer Carnival of Children s Literature I distinctly remember my grade one teacher, Doris Wright, reading Charlotte s Web to us, a chapter or two per day I suspect there was some snivelling when we reached the end of the tale.Boy, could I identify with the main human character, Fern I grew up on a small farm like the ones in the book without the work horses we used tractors during my childhood and it was primarily a hog farm I was very familiar with how sweet baby pigs are In fact, when [...]

    23. Charlotte s Web is a tender children s story with sweet insights about life, growing up, and mortality It s a privilege to open a book and hear the timber of a gifted writer, whose voice was so simple that one wonders why this book was not hatched decades earlier The author s voice remains unique enough to be distinctive from the crowds of pretenders that have succeeded him I think what I ve done in my review is describe a classic Make no mistake, a classic Charlotte s Web is The fact that I lik [...]

    24. An endearing tale from childhood I grew up watching the animated movie every year Once I had my daughter, I knew I had to buy this book for her Now that she s grown, I decided I needed a copy for myself This book teaches us about love and friendship It teaches us to celebrate life These are lessons we are never too old to be reminded of 2017 Reading Challenge nonhuman perspective

    25. Charlotte s Web is SOME BOOK A childhood favorite of mine Brings back wonderful memories for me A classic

    26. One of the best books written for children that I ve read so far this year.It has full of lessons that anyone including adults can learn from or at least be reminded of It has many interesting characters that anyone can relate to It s about life the young pig Wilbur learning his life important lessons from the caring spider Charlotte It s about friendship Fern taking care of runt Wilbur, Charlotte weaving for Wilbur, rat doing favors for Wilbur and Charlotte, etc Most importantly, it s about the [...]

    27. What a delightful book Friendship, love, honesty, helping hands, utilizing your talent for a greater good, never giving up, keeping hopes high, embrace what life throws at you because in the end, things are going to be wonderful and if they not, then the ending is yet to come.I loved Charlotte s Web very much I recommend it to people of each age group.

    28. My name, said the spider, is Charlotte Charlotte what asked Wilbur, eagerly Charlotte A Cavatica But just call me Charlotte Like many people, I absolutely hate spiders They re creepy and crawly and just all around nasty I can t even look at a picture of a spider without going into full on panic mode, and if I see one in person all hope is lost for me I usually stand there like Janet Leigh in Psycho and just wait for a brave, strapping testosterone filled male to come and squish it for me usually [...]

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