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Mean Girl Natasha A. Salnikova Mean Girl Corby Mackentile is a fifteen year old girl who attends a private school She has been bullied because of her weight since she was twelve especially by the most popular girls Her parents her mother is

  • Title: Mean Girl
  • Author: Natasha A. Salnikova
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 113
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Mean Girl Natasha A. Salnikova Corby Mackentile is a fifteen year old girl who attends a private school She has been bullied because of her weight since she was twelve, especially by the most popular girls Her parents her mother is a TV anchor and her father is a Buddhist who owns a butcher shop are too busy with their own problems to pay attention to their only daughter Corby has a crush on one of tCorby Mackentile is a fifteen year old girl who attends a private school She has been bullied because of her weight since she was twelve, especially by the most popular girls Her parents her mother is a TV anchor and her father is a Buddhist who owns a butcher shop are too busy with their own problems to pay attention to their only daughter Corby has a crush on one of the most popular boys in school He makes fun of her once, but then unexpectedly apologizes From that moment, her situation with three of the popular girls becomes worse Then, one day, one of the girls who had bullied Corby comes to the butcher shop where Corby works for her father after school Again, the girl teases Corby about her weight, but this time everything is different.
    Mean Girl Natasha A. Salnikova

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      113 Natasha A. Salnikova
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    One thought on “Mean Girl”

    1. Bullying is not taken as seriously in our society as it should be This book epitomizes that I was a bullied a few times in middle school but not to the extent in this novel It is sad to know that this is taking place nowadays That being said This was a very good book The 1st half was absolutely brilliant We delve into the personality of the main character Corby and witness everything from her perspective She takes a dark turn but we understand why This book kind of reminded me of the movie Heath [...]

    2. WowI started this book because it was about bullying and thought it would be interesting to see the authors take on bullying When I began reading it got so that I would have to put the book down stop reading what I didn t want to read Then it would almost call me no I didn t want to read yet I needed to know what happened next Such was my life with this work of fiction I would read a chapter or two and then need a break since I found it difficult at times to readally difficult It had me hooked [...]

    3. I don t really know what I thought of this book I didn t like the ending at all I thought the first three quarters of the book were brilliantly written Its about a girl who deals with bullying and how she coped with it Her parents were so focused on their lives, that they didn t always have time to listen to their daughter and they were talk then bite I think murder would give someone s conscience hell but I don t really understand the ending It was turned around completely, and made as If the [...]

    4. I only review a book when it is either so bad or so good I have to share This book was probably the worst To say this book is disturbing would be an understatement and I am no stranger to twisted psychological fiction I had to put it down several times, and take a break, so it took me longer than normal to finish it Additionally, it was written very oddly, I m not sure if it was intentionally done this was to make the book seem creepy or if that is just this author s style but it just didn t flo [...]

    5. A provocative, intelligent narrative I think it s difficult to write a book about a subject as sensitive as bullying without coming off as preachy or just over the top exaggerating But somehow this author pulls it off beautifully She s written a very interesting, thought provoking story showing just how out of hand something like the act of bullying can get The persuasion of the victim in the book changes depending on which peer group you re viewing it from One would say that the person being bu [...]

    6. Awesome a great great read Wow, this was one of the best thrillers I ve read The story kept me on my toes and it was hard to figure out where the Author was going at times The character s were like watching a movie and I just had to keep reading and the suspense was over the top I was shocked at the ending but I did have an idea how this might end Natasha this was a great thriller one of your best This is the kind of thriller I really enjoy, Don t Miss this one readers you won t be disappointed. [...]

    7. What goes on in Salnikova s mind to write something so disturbing Loved it I gave Mean Girl 5 stars because I couldn t find any noteworthy flaws in the story, and I m OCD about picking them out, whether I want to be or not Any one who enjoys a thought provoking, yet not too heavy no pun intended mind twister, would find this entertaining This book will satisfy all ages from young adult to my dear old grandma.Well written and thoroughly thought out I m looking forward to checking out works by Sa [...]

    8. Great story, and I m definitely looking forward to reading by Natasha A Salnikova Full review to come

    9. Very Exciting ThrillerIt was hard for me to put this book down It was a riveting story of bullying and consequences Some of the author s text was a bit odd, and this is why I didn t give it five stars However, it was truly a thriller and was a good read.

    10. One messed up plot I didn t know who to sympathize with and what I actually wanted to happen This book certainly gives one a new outlook on bullying Don t bully or you ll und up dead Pay attention to what your kids are really saying Fascinating read.

    11. WowThis was such an intense read for me Poor girl but she didn t have to gp so far I got super into it.

    12. WowMean girl was crazy I can t wait to read by you this book shocked me andill recovering ready forre

    13. very, very different I think most people can relate to it as I did because so many of us were bullied in school I recommend it just very different.

    14. Let me start by saying this I m not a person who is easy to upset For some reason, while I am anxious by nature, by products of media I don t get scared easily, and as a result of that, I have always been perhaps morbidly fascinated by the idea of seeking out the one book, the one movie, that would finally manage to actually give me that feeling of dread that so many describe.This book this book may just be a worthy candidate for that And not because it would be what I call a gross out book real [...]

    15. Makes you wonder Makes you wonder and stop and think just how much a person can take How much bullying is too much The start of this book kinda pissed me off, the bullies took it too far, and the teachers looked the other way But keep reading it gets dark and twisted, the ending is shocking.

    16. Good readPretty good read, would make a great short horror flick too This book is exactly as it should behorror is always a possibility when your hand is forced and you are at the end of your patience.

    17. Definitely DisturbingA novel look at how twisted being Bullied can drive an insecure Mind to Break into shattered pieces and what loved ones will give to save you

    18. It started off pretty good, but then got weird unbelievable The ending made it a little better, but it couldn t make up for some of the plot.

    19. This book started off interestingly then quickly became unrealistic I found myself skipping past a lot of the main character s inner monologues.

    20. There s promise here, but a lot of work has to be done The writing is simple and easy to follow, but Salnikova has the tendency to tell rather than to show It s another book about bullying Yay Do we need another book to tell us that teens bullying each other is bad Also, the bullying is kind of laughable, because of the nonsensical insults thrown at Corby, like box of meat Why a box Why not a sack This is Corby s story, and she s the typical outcast and underdog reserved, overweight and a target [...]

    21. Corby is a girl who is overweight, a little taller than normal and she ridiculed by a group of popular girls over it The first part of the book pissed me off as I watched this girl being bullied only because she didn t fit the perfect blueprint of a teenager girl in the eyes of her peers The second part dove into a darker, deeper story that was riveting and written very well I won t give any away, but say this is definitely a book worth reading.

    22. A quick and easy read The formatting was off, which somewhat bothered me The story itself is pretty unrealistic The nonchalant tone and lack of detail for the climactic scenes left me unsatisfied Honestly, I wanted gore I wasn t fond of the Mean Girls , obviously, and I couldn t understand Corby maybe that was the point The ending was a bit disappointing.

    23. I picked up this book because as a high school teacher, I am always interested in learning about bullying This took bullying to extremes, but the twists and turns kept me riveted The ending was chilling and I am still analyzing what took place All in all, a quick read and a provocative thriller.

    24. I really enjoyed it.until toward the end, it became so off the wall I hated the ending I gave 3 stars just bc I really thought the beginning was great.

    25. Something DifferentThis was an okay read Some grammatical errors can be found within the text This story has a familiar plot Interesting twist of events.

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