When Falcons Fall #2020

When Falcons Fall C.S. Harris When Falcons Fall Ayleswick on Teme England Sebastian has come to this seemingly peaceful Shropshire village to honor a slain friend and to learn about his own ancestry But when the body of a lovely widow is fou

  • Title: When Falcons Fall
  • Author: C.S. Harris
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  • Page: 424
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When Falcons Fall C.S. Harris Ayleswick on Teme, England, 1813 Sebastian has come to this seemingly peaceful Shropshire village to honor a slain friend and to learn about his own ancestry But when the body of a lovely widow is found on the banks of the River Teme, a bottle of laudanum at her side, the village s inexperienced new magistrate turns to St Cyr for help Almost immediately SebastianAyleswick on Teme, England, 1813 Sebastian has come to this seemingly peaceful Shropshire village to honor a slain friend and to learn about his own ancestry But when the body of a lovely widow is found on the banks of the River Teme, a bottle of laudanum at her side, the village s inexperienced new magistrate turns to St Cyr for help Almost immediately Sebastian realizes that Emma Chance did not take her own life, but it is less easy to discern exactly how she died, and why He and wife Hero soon discover that Emma was hiding both her true identity and her real reasons for traveling to Ayleswick Also troubling are the machinations of Lucien Bonaparte, the estranged brother of French Emperor Napoleon held captive under the British government s watchful eye, the younger Bonaparte is restless, ambitious, and treacherous.Sebastian s investigation takes on new urgency when he discovers that Emma was not the first, or even the second, beautiful young woman in the village to die under suspicious circumstances Home to the eerie ruins of an ancient monastery, Ayleswick reveals itself to be a dark and dangerous place of secrets that have festered among the villagers for decades and a violent past that may be connected to Sebastian s own unsettling origins And as he faces his most diabolical opponent ever, he is forced to consider what malevolence he s willing to embrace in order to destroy a killer.
    When Falcons Fall C.S. Harris

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      424 C.S. Harris
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    1. I just love this series This is the 11th book in the Sebastian St Cyr Series I now have to wait for the next book to come out and wait like everyone else So much has gone on in this series It is so hard to write a review because I have friends that are still reading this series and I don t want them to know some of the changes The books in this series just seem to get better and better Devlin cannot go anywhere without a murder happening in the vicinity A young woman, Emma Chance, has been murde [...]

    2. What a fantastic series this is and what a great character is Sebastian St Cyr The Viscount Devlin This one finds his lordship in Shropshire once again following leads that will lead to the answers of his parentage, that which he is always seeking He finds himself embroiled in the case of a murdered young woman, who had been traveling under an assumed name Dangerous deceptiond abound, and before the case is solved this small village will divulge its secrets aided by the tenacity of a man who can [...]

    3. I think this was one of the best so far in this wonderful series of excellent books I liked that there was a lot less political stuff to understand and also no Jarvis at all His machinations are frequently beyond my comprehension I also really enjoyed watching view spoiler Hero and Sebastian working together as equals and also taking turns to deal with their sometimes grumpy baby hide spoiler Kudos to the author for delaying any real discovery about Sebastian s father for yet another book After [...]

    4. Sebastian St Cyr and his wife, Hero, head to Ayleswick, Shropshire to meet Jamie Knox s grandmother He has something to deliver to her but hopes to learn about his paternity Unfortunately, he walks right into a suspicious death in the small village and the young, inexperienced squire enlists his aid in determining if the young woman, Emma Chance, committed suicide or was murdered I really liked this mystery because the pursuit revealed so much about the town s history, spanning over two decade [...]

    5. Ayleswick on Teme, 1813 A young girl is found dead on the banks of the River Teme with a bottle of laudanum by her side The local constable thinks it s suicide, but the young inexperienced magistrate is not so sure and turns to Sebastian St Cyr for help Sebastian is in the village with his wife and young son to visit the family of a dead friend But, he is also there trying to find out about his ancestry Now, he must figure out who would kill a young girl who just like Sebastian came to Ayleswic [...]

    6. The last book left me in tears and shock in the end, but also a stronger need for from this ongoing story of Sebastian St Cyr and his wife, Hero The promise of a strong clue into his mysterious and unknown father was the end of that book and is what sends Sebastian and Hero into the adventure and mystery of this latest book.While each book supplies a new mystery for Sebastian to solve with Hero s help, this is a series that works best read in order as the story of Sebastian s past and his relat [...]

    7. I couldn t guess who is the villain until the very late, boo It s getting darker and too many victims this time.It happened while Sebastian and Hero visited the family of their friend who got killed in the previous book It s a beautiful village by the River Teme.And it was lovely to see a deepen connection between Sebastian and Hero Young Master Simon St Cyr Oh he was growing, also mama and papa loves him very much and he knew it His favourite pastime Pulling papa s nose One book and then I hav [...]

    8. What can I say about this series that I haven t already said It s my absolute favorite historical mystery series and this book is certainly worthy of helping the series to maintain that status After the rather sad events of the last book, Sebastian has arrived at an idyllic rural village in Shropshire with his wonderful wife, Hero, at his side His motives for making the journey are deeply personal but no sooner has he arrived before the shadow of a mysterious death begins to pull at his attentio [...]

    9. C.S Harris eleventh installment in her Sebastian St Cyr series takes the dashing viscount out of London and into the countryside when Sebastian and his wife investigate Sebastian s mysterious parentage However, Sebastian s personal quest is stalled when, during their stay at Ayleswick on Teme, none other than Napoleon Bonaparte s nephew discovers a young woman s body The young squire charged with seeking justice is quick to ask for Sebastian s support and it soon become apparent that this is no [...]

    10. Doing a re read via audiobook Davina Porter does an excellent job as usual My original rating still stands and my review is here Now I anxiously await the new release in April 2017.

    11. Ahhh, much better Harris got a bit off her game the last 2 3 books, but her 11th foray into Sebastian St Cyr s Regency adventures put her back on track in a big way Though I was disappointed in those few books, I had faith in her she s that good an author A bit of a summaryA beautiful young widow arrives in the quiet village of Ayleswick on Teme on a sketching tour When her body is found with an empty bottle of laudanum beside it, it is presumed she took her own life for some sad, unknown reason [...]

    12. When Falcons Fall4 StarsSebastian St Cyr and his wife, Hero, have travelled to the Shropshire countryside on a personal quest But when a young widow is found dead, the local magistrate turns to Sebastian for help It soon becomes clear that the victim is not quite who she seemed and exposing the dark secrets of a small village can have deadly consequences There are numerous characters and motivations to keep track of in this installment and it can get confusing at times Nevertheless, the investig [...]

    13. The Sebastian St Cyr s continues it s reign as one of the top series for me The mysteries continue to be intriguing and mind baffling No clue who the murderer was, but when all the pieces were laid out before me, it made sense.The atmospheric writing of the series is a true highlight for me It s the little details that Harris get s right From the tree scrapping on the window to a hand even in death moving with the flow of the river When reading a Harris book, you know that she s done her researc [...]

    14. Let me first say that I adore this series and I ve been reading it for years I wait patiently for one the newest one to be released each year and then the book simply goes by way too fast.Sebastian becomes involved in this latest murder investigation at the behest of the local justice of the peace while visiting Shropshire for another purpose entirely A woman is murdered and it s made to appear as if she took her own life This particular case becomes intensely personal for Sebastian as he feels [...]

    15. This was a good read but I was missing of the input from the Doctor and Jarvis who liven up the story lines I also think the role Hero plays was lacking as I enjoy her input in the plots of the books I am a bit confused as to why the protagonist is so obsessed re his parentage, but it does progress the storyline a bit I personally think it is irrelevant, but

    16. First Sentence It was the fly that got to him.Sebastian St Cyr, is wife Hero, and infant son, Devlin have travelled to Ayleswick on Teme in order to fulfill a promise to his half brother, and to find out about his own background The village s inexperienced magistrate, having heard of St Cyr, asks his help in investigating the supposed suicide of a young woman visiting their town However, it becomes apparent that the suicide was murder, and the woman was not who she said Was she associated with [...]

    17. The cover is so dashing I want it I need it in my life.EDIT 3 8 16Actual Rating 4.5I am usually hesitant to review a book I had read quickly In this case, I devoured this book slowly, mostly because of real life entanglements, so it wasn t really quick I like reviewing after I ve reread a book, especially ones I ve read in a disjointed or time interrupted way I want to internalize before I criticize However, I also wanted to finally air out my opinions about this series, so I just threw out the [...]

    18. I enjoyed everything about this book Ms Harris gives the reader a well crafted mystery, with so many twists and turns, while seamlessly intertwining the series story arc of Sebastian s search for his true parentage The characters and setting are so well drawn they appear before my eyes like I m watching a movie instead of reading a book The addition of actual historical events into the storyline was both compelling and educational.I love how the relationship between Hero and Sebastian and little [...]

    19. 4.5 Stars, A really good strong entry into the series You could read this book as a standalone, but I would start with book one, just so you get the full rich history of Sebastian s character and how he and Hero arrived at this point Goshw we have to wait a whole year.

    20. Originally published at Reading RealityI read the first five books in this series several years ago, and then lost track They are excellent books, but I ran into the so many books, so little time problem, and for some reason this series fell by the wayside.Having finished the latest book in the series, When Falcons Fall, I can see that this was a terrible mistake the series is every bit as awesome as I remember.Of course, that I enjoyed this one so much after a reading hiatus of five years or so [...]

    21. I enjoyed this one than the last three installments I was very bummed when the author killed off Jamie Knox I actually liked the character and liked the potential he had as it came to his relationship with Sebastian.But I can see with this book his death served a much useful purpose in that it was the impetus to move Sebastian, Hero and baby Sam to the small village of Ayleswick on Teme to deliver a package to Jamie s grandmother.I think the remove to a different setting was just what this ser [...]

    22. Sebastian St Cyr Need I Say More Sebastian St Cyr, Viscount Devlin, the most delicious male protagonist you ll find in a historical mystery series He s back with his wife Hero his infant son, Simon in his latest mystery, When Falcons Fall Sebastian, along with his family, has traveled to the small village of Shropshire in search of information about his own birthright when the body of a young widow is found on the river bank Deemed a suicide by the local constable, Sebastian agrees to take on th [...]

    23. I didn t have much time for reading this month so I was forced not to burn through the latest book in the series.

    24. Love this series, and am so happy to finally have gotten to read this one Great entry that keeps you intrigued and guessing until the end Highly recommended.

    25. The Sebastian St Cyr Mysteries have been a favorite since book one I m happy that this many books along I DO wish they had the numbers listed after the series name on Yes, they can be stand alones, but this IS a series and just reads better as a series particularly since there are series long arcs going on in the background I m SO happy, that these books continue to be fantastic reads.Sebastian has always made a fantastic hero Sure, he s an oddity if you are looking at Regency Society, but he s [...]

    26. Amazing entry in what has been an uneven series for me the early books were so full of St Cyr s romantic angst, I almost gave up I m glad I stuck in there, I feel like C.S Harris has really hit her stride now that Sebastian and Hero have settled into domesticity and parenthood That in itself is amazing I have read several historical mystery series over the years, and when a main character marries and settles down it often slows down the excitement and action not for this smart, tough and resilie [...]

    27. Most series peter out around the fifth or sixth volume, but C.S Harris and her dashing detective Viscount Devlin are still going strong in When Falcons Fall, the eleventh of her Regency mysteries Part of that continued momentum is Harris s smart decision to take Devlin s show on the road, removing him from London, which can occasionally seem like the smallest small town in the world, given the propensity for the same existing characters to continually pop up in plots in a way that strains credul [...]

    28. 4 starsRating PG 13 R for violence and mature themesThis is the first St Cyr book I ve read in a long time, so I d forgotten that the pace is slow and methodical It s not a bad thing, but I did have to reign in my patience The earlier books felt action oriented, perhaps because Sebastian was investigating on his own Regardless, I was also reminded of why I enjoy these book so much Rich depth of scene and characters Logical approach to resolving the mystery and finding the culprit I like that th [...]

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