Love, Lust & Liam #2020

Love, Lust & Liam Sandi Lynn Love Lust Liam My name is Liam Wyatt and my brother Oliver and I are the founders and owners of Wyatt Enterprises He had found love and I was still trying After dating a countless number of women throughout the y

  • Title: Love, Lust & Liam
  • Author: Sandi Lynn
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  • Page: 458
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  • Love, Lust & Liam Sandi Lynn My name is Liam Wyatt, and my brother, Oliver, and I are the founders and owners of Wyatt Enterprises He had found love and I was still trying After dating a countless number of women throughout the years, I was ready to have a real relationship with the possibility of settling down I could have any woman I wanted So what s the problem, you ask I didn t want just anyMy name is Liam Wyatt, and my brother, Oliver, and I are the founders and owners of Wyatt Enterprises He had found love and I was still trying After dating a countless number of women throughout the years, I was ready to have a real relationship with the possibility of settling down I could have any woman I wanted So what s the problem, you ask I didn t want just any woman I wanted The One Unfortunately, I still hadn t found her but then, Avery Lewis walked into my life and turned my world upside down She was everything I wanted in a woman, all wrapped up in a beautiful and breathtaking package The problem was, she didn t want a relationship She had built a wall around her and I was going to do everything I could to break through that wall and make her a permanent part of my life.My name is Avery Lewis and I moved to New York when I landed a job at Finley, Muir, Abernathy, one of the most influential law firms in the country I moved from Danbury, Connecticut when an office romance went bad and I wanted to start my life over, focusing on my career and my career only Men were off limits A girl could only take so much heartbreak in a lifetime Then Liam Wyatt walked into my life and turned my world upside down He was a man who could have any woman in the world, yet he wanted me Sexy, smart, and a genuinely a nice guy wasn t enough for me to let my half glass half stone wall I built around me down The problem was that I was falling for him on such a deep level that it scared me Between my past and my daddy issues, the poor guy didn t stand a chance He was determined to make me a part of his life and I was determined to run.
    Love, Lust & Liam Sandi Lynn

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      458 Sandi Lynn
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    One thought on “Love, Lust & Liam”

    1. Cute read.n, not the best but not the worst The saving grace of this book was Liam He was absolutely adorable He was so ready to stop dating and just meet someone who he could really fall in love with He was just a genuinely great character His love for his brother, siser in law and neice was just beautiful Avery got on my nerves Yes I know she had Daddy issues and yes I know she had been burned in the past, but that didn t excuse her behavior of always calling Liam a manwhore and bashing him fo [...]

    2. I noticed in her book she waste a lot time on detail that doesn t matter Like how Avery remember high school stuff in the past and she go into detail about it It s so annoying because when it come to adding detail about her relationship with Liam and how they became stronger she rush at towards the end of the book which is lame Like I spend so much time reading about this and that and when I finally get to the good stuff you rush me thru it Liam is a great guy who open to love and want to find t [...]

    3. I have nothing bad to say about this book I really enjoyed it and the only complaint I can say I have is that I really want to read of the Wyatt brothers and hope to read soonif you have read all of Sandi Lynn s books like I have than you will see a lot of characters from her other books and that was fun.This is definitely a must read I just love all of Sandi Lynn s books.

    4. With Sandi Lynn you always know you re in for a quick, steamy, enjoyable albeit slightly predictable read This was no different, although I appreciated the role reversal Here it s the heroine who s the commitment phobe and the Hero is the one who wants the relationship Her books are usually a steady 3 3.5 read and works perfectly as a filler between or after some heavy ones.

    5. You have done it again Sandi Lynn had me hooked from first page until the last I don t know how many of your book men I m going to fall in love with but at the moment it is all of them Liam and Avery are truly amazing characters and thank you for bringing them into your books can t wait for your next book to come out Keep up the good work.

    6. 4 4.5 STARS I really enjoyed the storyline, and there was a good amount of steam too I would have 5 STAR d the book if it had a longer ending Or an epilogue

    7. Team Liam Yes he s my new book boyfriend.Sandi Lynn s characters are swoon worthy and compassionate.You can t help but be all around satisfied With this book.

    8. Worth reading I loved the first Wyatt Brothers book that I had to read the second book right away And I loved Liam s book just as much as I loved his brother Oliver s book I loved that the roles were reversed and it was the woman Avery who had a fear of commitment and getting close to the guy Liam I m a big softy for a man that wanted to be married, have a family and take care of them in the best ways I love that Liam had the support of his brother and sister in law, and Avery had the support of [...]

    9. AmazingOne stubborn girl who desperately wants to be loved but is scared to let the wall down A loveable man who wants nothing then to break it down Liam and averys story is one who has ever been hurt can relate to Sometimes you have to just let go and fall.

    10. This is the second book in this series of Avery and Liam I enjoyed the story line, plenty of sex scenes, the sexual tension, and the characters in this book It was nice to see Liam find someone for him and for Avery to finally let that walk down This was a great reads.

    11. While I enjoyed book one for the cheesy, easy reading romance that it was, I ll admit that book two of the Wyatt brothers series annoyed me considerably .On the plus side, it delivered on some pretty raunchy sex, hot millionaires, with enough reference to Oliver and Delilah s story to please their fans It was another quick read, that hit all the time honoured romance tropes and beats.But little things started to bug me fairly early on character inconsistencies, bad descriptions and writing tics [...]

    12. D ugo czeka am na t ksi k i si nie zawiod am Ciekawe i wyraziste postaci, dw ch narrator w, akcja tocz ca si w dobrym tempie, to wszystko sprawia, e jest to lekka i przyjemna ksi ka na wiecz r Uwielbiam te postaci poboczne znane nam z innych serii autorki, tworz one jedn wielk rodzin Sandi Tym razem bohaterem jest drugi z braci Wyatt, kt ry ju w poprzedniej cz ci chcia si ustatkowa , ale nie trafi na swoj druga po ow Kiedy na jego drodze staje Avery Levis, m odziutka prawniczk wychowywana przez [...]

    13. Love Lust and Liam melted my heart There is nothing not to love about Liam Wyatt He is a sexy millionaire who is tired of playing the field and just wants to find one woman who will love him for him There are times when you will want to scream, laugh and cry You will most definitely need a fan Liam s world was tilted off it s axis when he met a woman at the gym who fascinated him with her quick wit and snarky attitude Not to mention her beauty He couldn t have been happier than when he found out [...]

    14. Finding LoveAmazing storyline Liam Wyatt, has been looking for the right girl to settle down with Liam wanted pure love, someone to want him for him and not all the trappings his life offered While at the gym he found her and he never realized how much work he was in for, until he tried to talk to her and another young lady approached him wanting to know why he never called her back, as he tried to let her down easily, gym girl, took an instant dislike to Liam, thinking he just lead women astray [...]

    15. I was really excited to read Liam s book because I loved him in the first book but this book is a replica of the first book just backwards Liam is the one in love and doesn t want to just have sex, just like Delilah was Avery is afraid of relationships because of something that happened in her past, just like Oliver Avery got pissed when Liam told her he loved her and she broke it off with him, just like when Delilah told Oliver Yes there were a few different things in this book but he pretty mu [...]

    16. Oha, I had no idea this was a series Don t get me wrong, I love it But I started with this one and I instantly was like I wanna read the story of Liam s brother Oliver, his daughter Sophie and Delilah s.Liam is pretty cool He knows what he wants and he is one of the few protagonists in contemporary romance novels who know they want to settle down Hallelujah But Avery does not feel the same way Or, well she feels the same way but her head is in her way She has been let down too often and as a gen [...]

    17. I have been a fan of Sandi Lynn since I read Forever Blacke had me right thenI loved Oliver Wyatt and now Liam WyattI am not sure which Wyatt brother I like but Avery and Liam s story was touching, sexy, had me laughing, gasping and some parts with tears in my eyesI loved that we saw Oliver and Delilah, Collin Black among others from her other booksAvery has walls.e has serious issues about her father or lack there of one Will Liam break down her walls, make her see that being in a relationship [...]

    18. Simplemente bello Sandi Lynn tiene magia en crear personajes altamente sexys y altamente adictivos, los hermanos Wyatt son lo m ximo Liam es el me or de los hermanos y en el libro anterior ya mostraba su personalidad, divertido, amoroso, y por su puesto super guapo Liam esta buscado a la mujer de sus sue os, esta cansado de una vida llena de mujeres, ve a su hermano y a sus amigos Collin y Max , ser perfectamente feliz con sus esposas, hasta que conoce a una chica en el gimnasio.Avery es una rec [...]

    19. Love, Lust and Liam 5 stars OMG it was great Sandi you did it again, this is another best seller This is a must have buy it you won t be disappointed I fell in love with Avery immediately and was cheering her and Liam on So glad that other characters from your other books that I just absolutely love showed up And so happy little Sophie showed up a lot and helped Uncle Liam The love story was so romantic, sexy and hot These two were made for each other What can I say, I couldn t put the book dow [...]

    20. When I read the first book in this series I could not put it down and I fell in love with Oliver and Delilah but then I started Liam s book and OMG this one leaves book 1 in the dust I absolutely fell in love with Liam and my heart hurt for Avery To see how Avery just took Liam s heart and owned it from the beginning was remarkable To read how he didn t give up no matter how many times she pushed him away and said hurtful things to him I laughed at some of the things her mothers did and even Oli [...]

    21. You don t get many surprises with Sandi Lynn s books They all pretty much follow the same path Even so I always find myself clicking one of her books the main reason being her male characters They are pretty awesome and Liam is a doll I actually loved him than Oliver since the first time I met him Now, her weak heroines is why I always take many stars down Take Avery for example She is one hypocrite and judgemental lady She judges Liam for his past but she does the same exact thing to him even [...]

    22. Not my style at all as far as romance goes Felt like it was some kind of teenage fantasy novel Bought both 1st and 2nd books on a whim because of high ratings but I don t know who would rate a book like this 5 stars It s not bad, just poorly written I found myself rolling my eyes over and over He touches her, innocently, and the place between her legs throbbed ally And all the guys refer to each other as Bro Maybe I m nitpicking but I know of no men who do that every time they speak to each othe [...]

    23. This is the second book in the Wyatt Brothers series Liam Wyatt is Oliver s younger brother a total sweetheart He wants what Oliver Delilah have, he actually wants to settle down with a woman he loves who loves him Avery has some very serious daddy issues, she was raised by two Moms has a very high IQ She graduated Law School when she was 21, got a job at a law firm, got involved with a co worker he cheated on her She quits her job moves to NYC where she gets a job at a very prestigious law firm [...]

    24. Oh Liam The Wyatt Brothers sure know how to get what they want I enjoyed it I was also happy that a lot of my other favorite stars from other series made some appearances Liam did finally meet his match alright w a spunky Avery I love a powerful woman in the business world Shows the guys they aren t just housewives n babies makers I just wish I could get some of how she works in the courtroom or of her father But I am satisfy regardless Thank you Sandi

    25. Love,lust and LiamSandi Lynn delivers againeverytime I read her book my heart swells with love, I love you, Avery Lewis, and no matter what you say or do, I will always love you If you want to push me away, I ll still love you If you tell me you hate me, I ll still love you If you never want to see me again, I ll still love you You have made yourself a permanent part of my heart and soul and nothing will ever change that Ahhh Liam Wyatt Thanks for including Ian and Rory,Luke and Lily, Cameron an [...]

    26. To amazing to put into wordsHow good this book is I absolutely loved the 1st book in this series and really didn t think I d be swooning over and replacing Oliver w his brother but oh man Liam was awesome I have to say the behavior between the two brothers will have you on the floor laughing till your ribs hurt Plus you throw Avery and Sophie into the mix and it s just icing on the cake Way to go Sandi Lynn you made another outstanding amazing unbelievable book and might I say I loved hearing up [...]

    27. Nice, cute story Liam meets Avery but she keeps pushing him away until she decides to sleep with him He falls fast and she keeps saying it s just casual sex Avery has daddy issues and has been hurt in the past by men I found her slightly annoying, and stubborn and stupid I know she s been hurt in the past but a sexy man like Liam does all these romantic things for you and tells you that he loves you and you turn him down, that s crazy And Liam was wonderful, all he was looking for was the one an [...]

    28. Intrigue, Beautiful, StrongWritten with a mission in mind for us with daddy issues Strong intelligent woman I enjoyed how her intelligence guided her actions and education Ingenious having two moms not all unprecedented just like having two dads For most part I am a Sandi Lynn fan I recommend this to anyone who enjoys romance, healing an aching heart, the woman taking charge, and an HEA YES there is sex in this read not anything over the top Sort of.

    29. 3 starsI love the first book and that s why I was very excited to read this I didn t feel any spark or connection between the characters The story s not that interesting, it was okay but there s no excitement I was ALMOST bored, almost There s really nothing new to the story, I m sorry but it was kinda flat I wish there were dramatic scenes No heavy drama, no uber dramatic scenes.

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