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So Long at the Fair Christina Schwarz So Long at the Fair The bestselling author of Drowning Ruth returns to the small town Wisconsin she so brilliantly evoked with this gripping novel about love marriage and adultery In the summer of a plot for reven

  • Title: So Long at the Fair
  • Author: Christina Schwarz
  • ISBN: 9780385510295
  • Page: 348
  • Format: Hardcover
  • So Long at the Fair Christina Schwarz The bestselling author of Drowning Ruth returns to the small town Wisconsin she so brilliantly evoked with this gripping novel about love, marriage, and adultery.In the summer of 1963 a plot for revenge destroys a career, a friendship, and a family The consequences of the scandalous event continue to reverberate, touching the next generation Thirty years later, over theThe bestselling author of Drowning Ruth returns to the small town Wisconsin she so brilliantly evoked with this gripping novel about love, marriage, and adultery.In the summer of 1963 a plot for revenge destroys a career, a friendship, and a family The consequences of the scandalous event continue to reverberate, touching the next generation Thirty years later, over the course of one day, Jon struggles to decide whether to end his affair or his marriage His wife, Ginny, moving closer to discovering his adultery, begins working for an older man who is mysteriously connected to their families pasts And Jon s mistress is being courted by a suitor who may be menacing than he initially seems As relationships among the characters ebb and flow on that July day, Christina Schwarz illuminates the ties that bind people together and the surprising risks they take in the name of love As in Drowning Ruth, Schwarz weaves past and present into a richly textured portrait of the secrets and deceptions that simmer beneath everyday life in a small midwestern town With page turning intensity and in prose at once lush and precise, she beautifully conjures the emotional labyrinth of a marriage on the brink of collapse and proves that no matter how hard we work to stifle them, the secrets of the past refuse to be ignored.Betrayal versus loyalty lust versus love infidelity versus honor Welcome to the complex web of Christina Schwarz s dazzling new novel, So Long at the Fair.
    So Long at the Fair Christina Schwarz

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      348 Christina Schwarz
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    One thought on “So Long at the Fair”

    1. I was going to skip this review completely, give the book one star, and leave it at that But as I generally don t give horrible reviews, I thought I might as well have a low opinion for once Keep in mind that this is, of course, my own opinion, as I ve noticed many people really enjoyed this book However, it did nothing for me as far as entertainment The story spans only one day and is told from several different character points of view The two main characters are the married couple of Jon and [...]

    2. I wanted to love this book I had such high expectations for it I read 2 very positive reviews for it in major publications, I had it on hold at the library for months, read positive reviews for it on , I figured it must be good It wasn t It was ok which is frustrating because it could have been great The books takes place in the span of 1 day with lots of flash backs telling the back story of how the main characters met and also telling a story from 1963 that involved their parents and how they [...]

    3. The main story in So Long at the Fair takes place over the course of one Saturday in the lives of Jon and Ginny, a married couple who had been high school sweethearts Their relationship has stagnated and Jon is having an affair with a co worker, which has progressed to the point where Jon must make his choice between the two women Jon begins his day hoping to re ignite his passion for Ginny during a day long road trip to a nearby county fair, but ends up stomping off in anger to spend the day wi [...]

    4. This mercurial story of love and adultery in a small Wisconsin town spans the course of three decades and serves as undeniable proof positive that people don t always learn from their mistakes or the mistakes of others Two stories, inextricably linked, are related to the reader in alternating chapters Each of the plotlines is character driven and telegraphs a sense of foreboding Agilely pivoting between one fateful night in 1963 and a single hot July day some thirty years later, Schwartz deftly [...]

    5. I don t have much to say about this book I liked that it s set in Madison, WI since I went to school there and recognized a lot of the setting But, I m just not impressed with Christina Schwarz the author This story is about a couple having marital problems, he s having an affair at work It turns out their parents knew each other growing up, and they were all involved in some kind of dastardly scheme which is only vaguely hinted at before the book flips back to present day, where description of [...]

    6. I am so disappointed Partly I can understand that it s hard for a new author to come in at the top Drowning Ruth was on the Oprah bookclub and show and try to sustain that level of success but this book was completely disappointing It s as though the book ended BEFORE the climax and it leaves you wondering why you wasted the time to read half of a story I even thought that maybe she was being rushed to get this book into publishing so she just ended it maybe even thinking that this will promote [...]

    7. I have mixed feelings about this book It was very well written, interesting characters, and she does a brilliant job of weaving the past and present together and bringing everything together I however hate it when books leave an open ending A large event happens and that is how the book ends I want to know how the characters react to that event, what happens to everyone after Some people I m sure don t mind it when books leave off like that, but I really don t So good writing, good book, hate th [...]

    8. So Long at the Fair is the story of pivotal day in the Life of Jon and Ginny The couple are high school sweethearts who found their connection due to a devastating accident and have been married for several years Ginny is a lovable pack rat whose gardening business is beginning to flourish, while Jon is a typical type A advertising executive, driven and focused on Freddi, a woman outside of their marriage The novel frames an intense day when Jon must decide whether to abandon his fledgling affai [...]

    9. Story Description Knopf Doubelday January 10, 2012 Hardcover ISBN 978 0 385 51029 5The bestselling author of Drowning Ruth returns to the small town Wisconsin she so brilliantly evoked with this gripping novel about love, marriage, and adultery In the summer of 1963 a plot for revenge destroys a career, a friendship, and a family The consequences of the scandalous event continue to reverberate, touching the next generation Thirty years later, over the course of one day, Jon struggles to decide w [...]

    10. If you want to experience Christina Schwarz s writing, choose Drowning Ruth instead of this book I had high expectations b c I enjoyed Ruth so much But this book was disappointing.It was a quick read and Schwartz did a nice job of weaving tales of three marriages over a 30 year period summarizing them into just a single Saturday I enjoyed reading the scenes that occur in Wisconsin as I used to live in Milwaukee enjoyed Summerfest a lot she got her descriptions of many of the places perfectly.How [...]

    11. 3.0 out of 5 stars A very long day, June 22, 2009This review is from So Long at the Fair A Novel Hardcover Although Schwarz s forte is usually in her character development that carries the story, this novel lags as far as having a really gripping and interesting plot We never quite get to plumb the depths of the characters motivations or thoughts as the story evolves, briefly sizzles, and then sputters to an unsatisfying conclusion.The events of this novel take place on a single July day Jon, an [...]

    12. Gosh, this was quite disappointing I mean, it was good, the concept is good, I liked the style and all, but the ending Maybe I just didn t get it I like Christina Schwarz, which is weird because she writes in that contemplative way that usually bores me about such novels, but her stories are so well imagined and executed that I enjoy reading them I liked the way this spanned several generations although I kept forgetting the names of the secondary and tertiary characters and getting confused who [...]

    13. Thank you to Doubleday for the opportunity to read and review this galley return return Author Christina Schwarz, who also wrote Drowning Ruth, tells the story of a marriage and an affair Jon and Ginny struggle with the minutiae of their relationship, while each of them also struggles with the past which has shaped their future Two things make their lives even difficultGinny is trying to get pregnant and Jon is having an affair with a co worker While this might be enough drama for some, the aut [...]

    14. I read this because I liked her book Drowning Ruth so much, but I was disappointed I think this book could have been much better with a lot of revision The short chapters from 40 years earlier interrupt the story and don t reveal much The one major reveal could have been handled in a different way I love interesting structure, but there needs to be a reason for it Other than these interludes from the past, the book is a fairly straightforward story about a marriage that s in trouble, but not so [...]

    15. I have sort of mixed feelings for this book First, I didn t love the ending After this build up I want to know what happens and how the characters react Second, for a fairly short book 244 pages for the version I read there was a lot going on, too much going on in my opinion There was the main story with Ginny and Jon, then their parents story is weaved in Add to that Ginny s coworker with the child, Ginny working for a man Jon hates who also is a large focus of the parent s storyline, plus Jon [...]

    16. At the end, I was only somewhat clear about how the characters related to each other There was this Ethan character who was not connected in any way but just use as a plot device He was the most interesting character.The end of the book was not satisfying Sure, I can deduce what was going to happen to those people whoever they are , but it still was not a satisfying conclusion.Drowning Ruth was much gripping I don t know if I would read this author again, based on this book As for the title, it [...]

    17. Having just finished this novel, I admit to feeling frustrated Schwarz s writing is pretty to read, which made the book pleasant However, the characters reflected every cliche possible the long suffering and clueless wife, the equally long suffering and clueless mistress, the cad, and long suffering, shrewish woman who s desire for revenge ruins lives I think that Marie s character could have been the most interesting, but she never was fully developed, nor was her quest to get even with the tow [...]

    18. I really enjoyed reading, Drowning Ruth this book was written by the same author, and the reason I decided to read it I found the story really hard to follow and I had a hard time keeping the characters straight I really didn t like the end, infact, I m not even sure what really happened, but I m not interested enough to re read it I just thought this was hard to follow Drowning Ruth was also confusing at times, but I really enjoyed that book I do enjoy her descriptions and such, but this book l [...]

    19. I really enjoyed Schwarz s first 2 books, but this one not so much I believe the story line itself had lots of potential, but the way Schwarz wove the past and the present together just left me confused There were too many characters and I couldn t keep them straight nor how they were related when the story took a leap into the past A novel, read for entertainment shouldn t be this hard to figure out I have not given up on Schwarz, and would read her next book, but if she plays this trick again, [...]

    20. There are many stories going on at the same time but all, as are the characters, related in many ways Schwarz writes as if she knows these people is just retelling their stories There are no false moments, no exaggerations for the sake of moving the story forward, no side stories that distract it s an honest, believable story with honest, believable people At first I wanted from the ending I wanted to follow these people into their futures I wanted to know they would be OK I felt I was invested [...]

    21. Do you ever have really high expectations and feel frustrated that a book doesn t meet them Do you ever feel like an author with high expectations put on them feels like they have to make their work complicated in order to catch people s attention return return That s how I felt about this book I really wanted to like it and struggled through the whole book But I found the characters hard to like and the storyline difficult to follow I like mystery in the storyline and even a little headscratchi [...]

    22. This was an interesting read the author wove together current events with events in the past The current event is an affair the husband is having, with the wife not knowing about it I liked how the author kept my attention, but there is one character I just didn t think fit the story I never understood why that character was part of the life of another character The ending was not very satisfying, although I must say I didn t know how the author could give a good resolution All in all, it was OK [...]

    23. The story took place over the span of one day which I thought was interesting and clever I liked reading the different perspectives, and the beginning of the book held my attention But then I started having trouble keeping track of who was dating who, and who was cheating.cially in the flashbacks I started losing interest in the middle of the book and read quickly just to see what would happen in the end I was a bit disappointed with the ending and felt like issues were left unresolved.

    24. Good character development, and a good plotough I found it hard at times to keep straight how the past related to the present Also, like others before me, I found the ending somewhat unsatisfying At first I liked the ambiguity, as it allows the reader to create their own ending When I thought about it later, it felt like a cop out to me like maybe the author wasn t quite sure where she wanted it to go, so she just kind of left it hanging I m still not sure where I stand on that.

    25. I looked forward to this book so very much because I really loved Drowning Ruth This was a big disappointment Some of the narrative was great, but the whole thing did not hang together I kept going back to pick up things I thought I had missed When you get to the end not that I would recommend going that far , you may wonder what in the world happened for the last two hundred pages I welcome someone else s perspective maybe I have missed something.

    26. I was really disappointed with this book I really liked her previous books, Drowning Ruth and All is Vanity, so I was looking forward to this one too There are a few intertwined stories of the past and present that work together in this book, but you never really get the whole of any one story which is frustrating At the end there was some implied closure, but a lot of loose ends Very disappointed.

    27. I started the book this weekend and could not put it down The intertwining stories link the characters together amazingly and the book ends with a perfect amount of resolution and mystery.Perhaps this would be difficult to follow if you could only read bits and pieces at a time Check out the link to the Reader s Guide It provides some excellent thought provoking questions that really enhance the enjoyment of the story.

    28. I still can t decide if I loved it or hated it hahaha Bloody Contemporary Authors hahaha I didn t flow with this one Didn t really have the energy to read it full pelt and yet, The story had me Very intricate literature where you can lose track if you don t pay attention but very clever writing to sum it all up Think I need one of my usual Genres now hahaha But I ll give it a 3.5 out of 5 Maybe 4 on a generous day hahahaha.

    29. Finished the book All I have to say is what a waste of time Hated it Very disappointed as I had bought it based on good reviews Thought it was just me but went on and read reviews from normal people Most seemed to have the same experience.I hated the characters There is no resolution at the end and there seemed to be no point.

    30. Yeah, I should have read Drowning Ruth instead of this book It got much better reviews.I feel like my head has just been spun in circles like a top and it just kind of stops There s no real resolution, and this story reads like the author just stopped writing it one day and said, done without the story actually ending.

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