Just One Night, Vol. 2 #2020

Just One Night, Vol. 2 Kim Black Just One Night Vol The night isn t over for Blake Hanson Not by a long shotHe needs craved it evenA round two so to speak He knows that Alyson Lane is troubleTrouble that he should avoid at all costStill he can t ke

  • Title: Just One Night, Vol. 2
  • Author: Kim Black
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 277
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Just One Night, Vol. 2 Kim Black The night isn t over for Blake Hanson Not by a long shotHe needs , craved it evenA round two, so to speak.He knows that Alyson Lane is troubleTrouble that he should avoid at all costStill, he can t keep awayAnd neither can she
    Just One Night, Vol. 2 Kim Black

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      277 Kim Black
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    1. You seem to have broken yet another rule.Just One Night What should I do to you Fanning myself, Holy crackers on a stick Yet neither could follow that one rule.All was fair in one night of Dom and Sub play Until someone gets hurt.Both consumed with hot, passionate memories Needing to put out the desirable flames burning from the inside out see, this is where that one pesky little rule gets tossed aside.Only it s turning into than just physical Unwanted emotions appear out of thin air.Alyson has [...]

    2. ARC provided to leave an honest review I loved the second installment of Blake Alyson s tale We pick up immediately where volume 1 left us, they ve had their one night, but Blake wants Will he return Does Alyson need Blake just as bad We do get history w Blake we get an idea but it never is fully explained Hopefully volume 3 clarifies that But we get some key words proposal Pregnancy Hospital Funeral I loved the scenes w Blake s twin Derrick Alyson, you ll have to be read to find out but it s [...]

    3. Awesome follow up to Just One Night I love Kim Black s writing style She has sexiness, humor, and drama all in one without going overboard with it The Just One Night series is a fun sexy read for any night

    4. Okay when I woke up this morning 330a, I may have squealed when I saw what had landed on my kindle I was so excited to start My work day couldn t fast enough So we pick up were we left Blake Alyson Alyson walking out on Blake after one AMAZING night Alyson comes to realize that she wants than just one night but leaves before Blake leaves her But Blake being the gentleman he is takes her home I better get you home, I responded keeping my voice even and seemingly unaffected though I was anything [...]

    5. 5 Stars Hot Hot Hot This book picks up where book one left us.It was only supposed to be one night.But both Blake and Alyson want than one night.Blake is trying to purge her from his body but no other woman will do.So when an opportunity forces these two together and a scheme is formed.will they take a chance again or push each other away I loved Blake in this book sexy, sweet and super alpha.I felt he was trying to purge his demons but also heal himself.And Alyson, I definitely felt for her at [...]

    6. Just One Night, Vol 2 can not be read as a standalone You must read Vol 1 first Vol 2 picks up where Vol 1 left off It s told in Blake and Alyson POVs I love dual POVs because we can get into both the character s heads.I loved how Blake and Alyson meet in the first volume In volume two the night is not over and we get steamy Blake and Alyson scenes Both Blake and Alyson seem to have feels for each other We get a little information on Blake s past but still not enough There are still a bunch of [...]

    7. I loved the first book This one, not so much To me, it felt a little rushed We are let into of Blake s past but not enough to get the full effect There are still pieces missing which I am hoping will be resolved with the series Apparently not only is Alyson one he can t get off his mind, she also remind him of his past, one that has made him who he is Alyson on the other hand cannot forget Blake for other reasons She is becoming outgoing and doing things she normally wouldn t.When these two ge [...]

    8. Losing control over a single night of passionBoth Blake and Alyson are so awestricken by their one night together that they are haunted by their sexy as hell encounter Blake tries to avoid monogamous relationships due to a hurtful past but is unable to resist Alyson She makes him violate his structured and orderly life style,pushes him out of his boundariesbut can he fall into former patterns without getting hurt again Volume II was even better than I had expectedleaving me yearning for Volume I [...]

    9. Talk about hot and steamy Whew I think I need a cigarette after reading this Absolutely loved it I was so excited to get of Blake and Alyson and Kim definitely didn t disappoint with this one In this installment we get to find out what happened after Alyson was dropped off at home that night We also get insight into who Blake is and why he likes things the way he does I can t wait to read the next one and if you haven t already go read Just One Night Vol 1 and then you must pick this one up

    10. ARC provided in exchange for an honest review Kim Black s Just One Night Volume 2 , picks right up where volume one left off And like Alyson, I am completely sated, when I find how their one night finally ended But once is not enough Tee hee hee I Want More I cannot wait got volume three 5 STARS ON THIS CLIFF HANGER ENDING Also, you need to read volume one Neither books are standalones, but both read quickly, and are written quite well.

    11. I receive an ARC for an honest review of this amazing book HOLY HOTNESS I love this story This picks up right where vol 1 left off with Alyson and Blake This is a quick read but packed full of sexiness This series is a must read and I look forward to the next story There is a cliffhanger but, I have a feeling, it s gonna be worth it Great book Kim Black

    12. I am loving this series I so hope that Blake and Alyson find their way to one another This volume was erotic and heartbreaking Blake is determined not to feel, but with Alyson he is having a hard time fighting the attraction that he has to her Will he finally let her in or lose her forever I can t wait until Volume 3 to find out.

    13. I received an arc copy for an honest review Wow, I love Blake and Alyson, they have a great connection and can t deny what they feel for each other Even though it was just one night they had an instant attraction and amazing chemistry Holy cliffhanger, I can t wait to find out what happens between these two.

    14. I was super excited to wake up and find this sitting on my kindle and then when I started reading it I could not put it down, I cannot wait for volume 3I thought 1 was HAWT but Volume 2 was uber HAWTI am so in love with both Blake Alyson, they are so good together and I love Blake s brother in this oneBring on Volume 3

    15. Changing panties Ok that s better Whew A roller coaster of twists and turns This continuing story heats up even further with Blake and Alyson by throwing Blake s brother into the mix I m glad that Ms Black gives the reader insight into Blake s past I hope that with the 3rd installment we get a indepth story of Alyson I can t wait

    16. Quick 2nd installment into this story Blake and Allison were to have only one night together after she answered his ad Neither can get the other out of their minds Hot and Spicy continuation of their story.

    17. Absolutely HOT I loved it In this book, you get some insight into Blake s past to see why he is the way he is Absolutely love his brothers personality Would love to have either one as my dom Can t wait to see where this story goes

    18. Just received this as an ARC for an honest review Well.HOT just does not seem like enough It is a great read and I can t wait for the next installment Absolutely love Kim Black s writing style Love that you get to see both characters thoughts.

    19. The story picks up were book one left off We get a little back ground on Blake and Alyson Kim, does a great job in letting you get to see both characters thoughts Can t wait for the next installment

    20. The journey continues for Alyson and Blake as they both come to realize something has changed them A fast paced read, great storyline and intense characters Looking forward to .Received copy for review.

    21. Kim Black I just loved this book and can t wait to read Blake finds he can t get over is night with Alyson Even though his past is haunting him and he can t stop thinking about her Will he go find her Will she find him Will they finally get together again

    22. 5 Crazy Ass Must Read Stars This serial is getting to be so good I was a bit frustrated with Blake but hoping he turns it around in the next installment I have found a new author that I can t wait to read on in Kim Black.

    23. Just One Night Volume 2 picks right up where volume 1 left off This volume just like the first is super H.O.T and ends with a what the what cliffhanger Can t wait for 3

    24. The story continues between Alyson and Blake it s seem that just one night is not enough for either of them Loving this series it s HOT I can t wait to see what s next for Alyson and Blake

    25. The story keeps betting better I love these characters Alyson is trying to find her way, and Blake is trying to find his way back I can t wait to see how it ends

    26. omg I couldn t wait for this and it picked up right where part one ended, absolutely a must read it keeps you breathless and the stuff you find out amazing can t wait for next part

    27. The continuation of Blake Alyson s story is a little clear in the reason for Blake s attitude toward relationships love Alyson is still struggling with the feelings she has for Blake is also now on countdown to find a job, any job or become homeless.

    28. Kim Black keeps the sexual tension level high and hot in this second volume of Just One Night This book begins precisely where the first left off Alyson has returned home after having had her very first orgasm that was not self induced And, she thinks it will probably be her last, since the arrangement was for one night only Blake decides the night is not over yet, so hot fun ensues.Frustration follows as both parties hold onto their stubborn pride and neither will contact the other Twists and [...]

    29. Just as good as book 1 and still hot Alyson and Blake pick up right from where we left off in book 1 and as the night is not finished, there is still time to play We have a new player in book 2, did you know Blake has a twin named Derick You can guess what happens when Alyson and Derick meet Two people who are meant to be together and are struggling to find their way A great storyline, loved the characters even when I think they are being stupid and a really crappy ending Yup, you are left hangi [...]

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