Happy in Our Skin #2020

Happy in Our Skin Fran Manushkin Lauren Tobia Happy in Our Skin Is there anything splendid than a baby s skin For families of all stripes comes a sweet celebration of what makes us unique and what holds us together Look at you You look so cutein your brand new bir

  • Title: Happy in Our Skin
  • Author: Fran Manushkin Lauren Tobia
  • ISBN: 9780763670023
  • Page: 101
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Happy in Our Skin Fran Manushkin Lauren Tobia Is there anything splendid than a baby s skin For families of all stripes comes a sweet celebration of what makes us unique and what holds us together.Look at you You look so cutein your brand new birthday suit.Just savor these bouquets of babies cocoa brown, cinnamon, peaches and cream As they grow, their clever skin does too, enjoying hugs and tickles, protectingIs there anything splendid than a baby s skin For families of all stripes comes a sweet celebration of what makes us unique and what holds us together.Look at you You look so cutein your brand new birthday suit.Just savor these bouquets of babies cocoa brown, cinnamon, peaches and cream As they grow, their clever skin does too, enjoying hugs and tickles, protecting them inside and out, and making them one of a kind Fran Manushkin s rollicking text and Lauren Tobia s delicious illustrations paint a breezy and irresistible picture of the human family and how wonderful it is to be just who you are.
    Happy in Our Skin Fran Manushkin Lauren Tobia

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    One thought on “Happy in Our Skin”

    1. Perfect book to teach kids about diversity The illustrations are awesome fun little details hidden on every page It not only features kids with different skin colors, but also shows kids with glasses, and freckles, and unibrows, wheelchairs, and birth marks I was so pleased to see all of this, I didn t notice until I was half way through that the main family has two mommies one black and one white I keep flipping through this to find things I didn t notice on my first three reads So I guess thi [...]

    2. This title is a hardback picture book that describes all the different types of people I would consider this book progressive and very positive with regards to diversity It offers illustrations of many races and ethnicities all presented in a positive, appropriate manner My only concern is that many of the skin colors are described using food words, such as cocoa brown , cinnamon , honey and peaches and cream These descriptions have often been accused of being dehumanizing to the person being de [...]

    3. Age Infant KindergartenFamily All inclusiveSimple, rhyming text uses our skin to describe how people grow, how we share similar experiences, and celebrates our differences I felt hesitant about the overarching generalization we get a tan when it s sunny But the illustrations are full of fun detail and will have kids engrossed in the children and families.

    4. The rhyme doesn t always hang together, and it s pretty bare bones as an informative text BUT it s super adorable and inclusive Recommended for very young kiddos who are curious about human differences.

    5. The poetry in the text and illustrations affirms us that all skin color is beautiful The illustrations display an excellent example of anti bias and anti racist relationships showing all genders, faiths, and family make ups.

    6. As a Fran Manushkin fan I expected to like this, and found it exceeded my hopes Written in rhyming text with expressive and figurative language that is accessible even to the very young The range of individuals, families, and scenes portrayed are diverse and inclusive It is both specific to a young child s emerging self awareness and body concepts, while expanding the view of a wider world and a child s place in it.

    7. Best of 2015 Would have given this 5 stars but the rhymes are a bit awkward forced at times Otherwise, an absolute gem Strong multiculturalism.

    8. This book was indeed a fun and inviting book The genre is poetry I enjoyed reading each page and I m sure kids will too This book speaks highly about diversity and loving the skin you re in Within the book we see different races represented as it evaluates the differences between the human race as well it mentions how we are all the same The main idea encompasses the fact that we should all be proud of who we are and the skin we are in because we are all unique This book is perfect for kids beca [...]

    9. SummaryShort rhyming story about different coloured skin, different families and a little of what your skin is good for It keeps the outsides out and your insides in Very light touch and entertaining way to introduce kids to diversity I liked this book.The GoodSimple drawing style with a lot of diverse families and children represented Recommended forParents who are interested in teaching their child about diversity, is part of a multi racial family or has friends who are The factual purpose of [...]

    10. This book starts off by showing babies of all different skin colors so sweet and innocent As the kids grow, their skin grows too Skin can get scabs, have freckles, and birthmarks along with a lot of other different features Everyone has skin, but no one has the same skin The message of this story is to be you in this wonderful world, and be happy in your own skin This is great for young children to learn about diversity and how not everyone is the same on the outside, and that s okay.

    11. This book celebrates diversity in such a positive way, which should be seen in a happy way There is much representation of various ethnic racial mothers, father, children, and other family and friends and the beauty of it all Although subtle or maybe not , I liked the subtleness of the child and his her cut on their leg signifying that although everyone is different, we are all the same within human A good read.

    12. A very sweet book featuring diversity but also including little differences such as birthmarks and irregular pigmentation that my daughters enjoyed discussing.

    13. A nice book that talks about how skin works and how everyone s skin is beautiful Very nice diversity, even has nice different family types too Ashley

    14. Adorable and inclusive The illustrations in this one make it a gem The text feels a little forced sometimes, but enjoyable and worth a read to your little ones.

    15. Diverse 1 This book has amazing visuals It talks about some of the similarities and differences about the way we look and it celebrates the fact that we are all unique.

    16. This children s fiction book is brilliant Firstly, the images are amazing and extremely diverse The book insinuates that children are born exactly how they are and they should love it The wording is short and simple for little children The pictures also show the different skin tones coming together to have a picnic together The author compares the skin tones to nice food like cocoa, and cream This comparison allows room for the normalization of what one child may look like I love that there is a [...]

    17. This multicultural book not only talks about feeling comfortable in your skin, but it also touches on the scientific and biological roles that skin plays.

    18. Happy in Our Skin, by Fran ManushkinRationaleI really enjoyed Happy in Our Skin and believe it is perfect for inclusion in a diversity text set, but not because it features one specific ethnicity, religion, sex, or ability Instead, Happy in Our Skinis wonderful because it both celebrates diversity and explains how we are all connected This would be the perfect opening book for a diversity text set, because its illustrations are populated with so many different perspectives of people and how they [...]

    19. Happy in Our Skin by Tobia Manushkin Happy in Our Skin is a book full of kids of multiple diverse cultures They aren t focusing on one specific gender or race, there are families going to work, kids in wheelchairs, kids are sure to at least find one person they can relate to on one of the pages This book has catchy song like lyrics that will want you to keep reading, it contains a few parts you will be forcing a rhyme It explains how skin is different but that is what makes you, you This book is [...]

    20. A picture book all about skin and how important it is to our bodies, this book also celebrates the different colors of skin we all come in The book begins with the joy of baby skin in all of its sweet colors of cocoa, cinnamon, honey and ginger It then talks about how skin forms a protective barrier for you, forming scabs when you hurt yourself and growing along with you The way skin reacts to sun and to cold is also talked about and then the book talks again about how your skin is unique and so [...]

    21. The book, Happy in our Skin, is a picture book written in rhyme that follows a biracial family through their neighborhood celebrating the differences all around us I selected it for this text set because of its simple, yet important message that we are all beautiful It shows the family engaging in everyday activities in their neighborhood and the happiness they feel as a family Happy in our Skin was a Best of Titlewave book in 2015 and has been positively reviewed by both Horn Book and The Schoo [...]

    22. This would be the perfect book to pair with Shades of People and it s geared toward that age of audience pre school and below It s also a great starting off point for talking about how we all look different While there isn t exactly a plot to the story, the illustrations seem to tie the text to something like one The loose plot of the illustrations follows a biracial family around their city as they encounter other people The families shown in the book are a mix of colors, religions, parents, an [...]

    23. Delightful rhyming text tells the reader what a wonderful thing our skin is and what it does We are all born with skin it keeps our insides in Skin grows as we grow and can heal itself when we get hurt Everyone has different skin some dark, some light, some in between, some are freckled, some have birthmarks, some have dimples Yes, we all have skin, but nobody is you You are one of a kind and your fingerprints, too What a sweet and positive book I like that the author made the focus of skin be w [...]

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