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The Territory Sarah Govett The Territory Limited Space requires Limited NumbersThe year is Noa Blake is just another normal year old Except in the Territory normal isn t normal The richest children can download information and bypass

  • Title: The Territory
  • Author: Sarah Govett
  • ISBN: 9781910080184
  • Page: 139
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Territory Sarah Govett Limited Space requires Limited NumbersThe year is 2059 Noa Blake is just another normal 15 year old Except in the Territory normal isn t normal The richest children can download information and bypass the need to study In a flooded world of dwindling resources, Noa and the other Norms have their work cut out to compete And competing is everything anybody who failsLimited Space requires Limited NumbersThe year is 2059 Noa Blake is just another normal 15 year old Except in the Territory normal isn t normal The richest children can download information and bypass the need to study In a flooded world of dwindling resources, Noa and the other Norms have their work cut out to compete And competing is everything anybody who fails the TAA exam at 15 will be shipped off to the disease ridden Wetlands, to a life of misery, if not certain death.But how to focus when your heart is being torn in two directions at once Brilliantly plotted, utterly gripping This is a book you won t be able to put down I can t wait for part two Gemma Malley The Declaration A page turner with cinematic qualities I gasped an involuntary No when I turned the final page I really want to find out what happens next Zoe Tuft Playing by the Book The Territory had me hooked from page one The tension was almost too much to bear an accomplished and compelling debut SB Hayes Poison Heart and Don t Look Back
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    • [E-Book] ↠ The Territory | By ☆ Sarah Govett
      139 Sarah Govett
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    1. Finished this book a few days ago First I would say I don t normally read dystopian books but the story is intriguing and kept my interest Noa Blake, the protagonist, she was a normal teenage girl Noa is facing her end of term examinations, she s studying as much as she can, because she doesn t want to fail it, but if she fails she ll be banished to the Wetlands, where resources are scarce and death is certain The pressure is slowly building when the exam date is coming closer Noa and her friend [...]

    2. thebooksareeverywhere 201I have been provided with a copy of the book and payment by the author in exchange for an honest review This has not changed my review in any way.I started this book thinking it might take me a while to get into Thinking it might be a little young and not something I d usually read But soon enough, I was picking this book up whenever I had a spare minute just to find out what was happening next.Rather than this book being in chapters, it had a break every couple of pages [...]

    3. I really liked this one intelligent dystopia with a believable premise and likeable characters and an excellent quick read.

    4. I was surprised how much I enjoyed this book as dystopian novels have lost interest for me a little lately with so many being published in such a short space of time However, I really liked the characters and the story was just dark and brutal enough to hold my interest throughout I felt so sorry for Jack as he loves Noa so much and is desperate to do well and stay in the city I thought Noa could have been a better friend to him when Raf comes onto the scene as she just starts to think of hersel [...]

    5. I received the book for free through First Reads I gave this book to one of my students aged 12 as a reward, they read it in less than 24 hours and said they loved it Their review is as followsThis book is about an average teenage girl and also the struggles she will face in modern society even though it is set in 2059 This is a sci fi book as it shows the power of robot brains This book also has modern and historical links, such as having to have rations but still having things we have such as [...]

    6. 1 star idea1 stars actual prose1 star deeper meaning and the exam stress was portrayed so well, and I just had the SAT this June so RELEVANT

    7. I really enjoyed reading this book Although, like most dystopian novels, it s a sort of familiar theming to it it s still brilliant I m gutted with what happened to Daisy, although whatever direction they went in with her character she was always going to end up down a horrible path anyway.I m gutted about Jack but at the same time I feel like he needs to stop acting like such a cry baby all the time Running off like that towards the end and then ending up in the wetlands for desertion anyway, a [...]

    8. I have just read The Territory and I would say that this is one of the best and most gripping books I ve read in a long time I love that Noa s character is funny and sarcastic as well as very clever too I will be sitting my exams next year so it s nice to see that Noa s hard work paid off instead of other rich parents buying their way to clever kids The book had me gripped from the beginning and I ended up reading it all in one day I would definitely recommend it to any teenageror adult, as my M [...]

    9. This tense page turner calls to mind The Hunger Games teens competing against one another for survival, a malevolent government, clear divisions along class lines, even a love triangle The important distinction is that Noa Blake is always likeable as a protagonist The author has given her such an authentic, honest voice I particularly enjoyed the discussion of climate change and social class important and interesting themes for teen literature, wrapped in a compelling and exciting story.

    10. I loved the story line of this book I was just a little put off by the constant use of teenage slang I still have no idea what malc is However the build up to the exam was tense and brilliant and the comment on the modern education system was very apt.It was a thrilling read and I look forward to discovering exactly what goes on in the dreaded Wetlands in the sequel.

    11. I was recommended The Territory as a purchase for a friend s 13 year old daughter After hearing how excited she was about the book, I decided to read it myself and was equally intrigued It s one of those dystopian novels that seem frighteningly real The author paints a vivid picture of a future in which resources are scarce and only the elite will survive, yet it is also a compelling story about love, friendship and adolescence from the perspective of a 15 year old girl It s definitely the kind [...]

    12. A good idea and well executed but doesn t shine out for me as anything special in the YA world.Dystopian romances are often predictable, and even though this book left us with a great cliff hanger it was just another dystopian romance.Worth a read but not so different from so many out there

    13. Just as a little side note, I am 15 years old and like Noa I also have exams looming I ve been reading way too much and not revising I should fix that This book has been relatable but terrifying at the same time I found myself wanting to put the book down so I could revise but, at the same time, fighting with myself because this book was so good Sorry, I should ve mentioned at the beginning what I thought about this book Well I m mentioning it now This book was absolutely fantastic, completely c [...]

    14. It s 2059 and a lot of what used to be land is now under water Noa Blake is a normal teenager who s living in The Territory Only the smartest people are allowed to live there Rich children can download information into their brains and don t have to study There isn t enough space for everyone to stay on land and one exam will determine the future of every teenager If they pass they can stay and if they fail they have to go, they will be sent to the Wetlands where mosquitoes are causing horrible [...]

    15. At this time of the year, there are many young people revising for, and taking exams, and we all know there s a lot of pressure on them However, imagine if a failure could mean being sent to your death Noa lives in a near future where climate change and flooding have drastically reduced the amount of liveable land, now known as The Territory To be allowed to stay, children at 15 must achieve a high pass on their exams The rest are sent to the Wetlands, where conditions mean a life of misery, and [...]

    16. You might think dystopian, apocalypic futures are getting a bit overdone in YA fiction and you might be right , but this was fresh and wonderful Sarah Govett built a convincing post apocalyptic world and I was hooked from page one literally I d downloaded the sample and I think I abandoned it at page 3 to buy the complete book , and I then raced through it during a long train journey.Think you ve experienced exam stress How about exams when your life literally depends on your results That s the [...]

    17. Three stars is probably quite harsh, 3.5 is probably appropriate really Noa Blake lives in Britain, but this island isn t the Britain we all know and love Due to global warming the seas have risen and much of Britain is under water, and the resulting Wetlands are certain death, full of disease and killer mosquitos With resources at a minimum, a special exam was introduced whereby all 15 year olds are tested to see if they are worthy of staying in Britain and using resources Those who fail the d [...]

    18. 3.5 starsSchool exams are stressful and can change your life but none are as stressful or life changing as the ones 15 year old teenagers have to undergo in Sarah Govett s The Territory It s the year 2059 and the water levels are rising causing a severe lack of land to live in and, therefore, making people who don t pass the exam to be sentenced to live in the Wetlands a dangerous place filled with deadly diseases and no medical facilities , and not able to return to safety because of the high e [...]

    19. The Territory was an interesting read which really explores a lot of thought provoking subjects Like how far can a government go before anyone will truly oppose it When there just isn t enough to go around, what s really the fairest way to decide who deserves it In The territory where Noa lives all children are tested at the age of fifteen and only the ones who pass are considered smart enough to be a credit to society and can stay The kids that fail are sent out into the wetlands, which everyon [...]

    20. Noa Blake lives in a dystopian world where kids have to take a test to determine if they live in the Wetlands where survival is almost non existent She has two best friends Jack and Daisy who are Norms like her If a family is wealthy, they can upgrade their kids to be a Childe where the chances of going to the Wetlands is unlikely.Noa is generally a smart girl so she has a possible chance of passing the test She helps out her friend Jack with studying She is like any high school kid but she is c [...]

    21. I dithered between a 2.5 star and a 3 star rating for The Territory , and ultimately went for the less generous option While I do think this book is a genuine effort that could be very important for younger readers, it simply had too many detriments for me to ignore It constantly wobbled on the line between authentic representation of a young voice and poor writing, grammatical errors and clumsy wording leaning it towards the second impression far too often While the premise was great and certai [...]

    22. I was so close to giving this five stars because the idea behind this was amazing and far too real and I really want to know about it however the rubbish and forced love story was unrealistic and I felt like it was just added to tick a box I really just didn t care about the relationship side of it but I want to know about the concept, to be honest the emotions throughout this whole thing felt unrealistic especially the grief Honestly it was almost like someone trying to imagine a teenagers emo [...]

    23. This book is amazing So much than just dystopia, it brought back terrible memories of exams, and as you get wound up at how unfair the world that they live in is, you start thinking about whether the same sort of unfairness is happening now The hero, Noa, is probably the most realistic, layered character I have come across in this type of book, at times selfish and self involved, but you can t help but root for her So refreshing in a genre of Hollywoodised ideals of teenagers to have a lead cha [...]

    24. I loved the way this book was written, it was almost like diary entries detailing the life of Noa as she got closer and closer to her TAA exams, the exams which would determine whether she would live or die This story really gets you thinking, what will those in power decide for us when the decisions are that hard Who gets to live and who has to die when the land is running out disease is spreading It makes you question what you would do, to save yourself or your family Would you leave It also b [...]

    25. I found it absolutely amazing and am left hanging for the next books You were amazing at the Carnegie at The Gate and I found everything so inspiring At certain parts in the book I thought to myself this is her For example Spoilers ahead When Noa is talking to her mum and it states that her mum would kill for her I knew you felt that about your daughter Noa You are an amazing author and have encouraged me to continue writing Thank you I know your daughter will groe up, loving the inspirational m [...]

    26. A nice read, although the style is very teenagey you might say this is quite appropriate for YA, but I tend to like YA books with a bit of a writerly tone The premise is interesting but much of the book is just the every day life of Noa as she prepares for the exam on which her future depends The pace picks up dramatically around the end and I felt attached to the characters because of the decisions and mistakes they made for me the ending alone made the whole book well worth a read.

    27. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and am waiting for number 2 I did not buy this intending to read it myself not my typical genre It was a gift for my teenage niece but I started flicking through and got hooked Being slightly older it took me a little while to get used to the younger language but I was soon so absorbed in the story and characters that I didn t even notice it The plot is very relevant in this era of global warming and over population and I am sure that many teenagers facing exams wi [...]

    28. This could have been a great book because the plot is great The world has been covered with water and there are limited dry spaces left, so people have to pass a test of get to stay on a dry space It could even be a great movie If only it weren t written so badly This is written in almost a diary form but not really It reminds me of things I wrote when I was younger But it was a quick read and easy to get through 2 stars for the great plot

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