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Wicked Sasha White Wicked The sizzling new novel from a new star in the world of erotica By day Karl Dawson is a jaded divorce attorney By night he s a restless dominant in underground sex clubs A tough whip cracking challen

  • Title: Wicked
  • Author: Sasha White
  • ISBN: 9780425219188
  • Page: 361
  • Format: Paperback
  • Wicked Sasha White The sizzling new novel from a new star in the world of erotica By day, Karl Dawson is a jaded divorce attorney By night he s a restless dominant in underground sex clubs A tough, whip cracking challenge like Lara Fox is a fantasy come true She s just as strong willed, and just as unprepared for where their experiments in control will take them.
    Wicked Sasha White

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      361 Sasha White
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    One thought on “Wicked”

    1. 5 stars Romantic Suspense Erotica BDSM M nageWOW Wicked indeed This is the first book I have read by Sasha White, and I plan on reading the other two books in the series, Bound and Trouble, and all her other books as well It s about a D s relationship between gentle Dom Karl and the feisty, fiercely independent woman Lara whom he s determined to make into his sub Karl is a super sexy divorce lawyer with a neck tattoo and piercings who sports a suit and tie by day and is clad in leather by night [...]

    2. I like how Karl is physically described as having just enough curl to make it unruly with his hair and chocolate brown eyes He is a loving Dom that is losing interest with his current D s lifestyle playmates, when he meets Lara.Lara lives with a gay couple that she adores She knows they only mean best when they butt in on her as she s getting ready for her date with Karl She s sexy and independent, and everything wrong with what Karl usually wants in a sub So what, he still admires her The chemi [...]

    3. This was a book that I d been looking forward to reading for few weeks I d had my interest teased and wanted to find out Now, my only problem is how to write a review about a book that is about a lifestyle that I know very little about, I will say that nothing surprised me and that I didn t learn anything that I didnt already know so either I have a vivid imagination or likley the book is written for people like myself to read easily Anyway I felt it was a really good story about acceptance, t [...]

    4. This book was just okay for me BDSM can be so hit or miss for me because I m extremely picky in how they portray the D s relationship This one was okay, but I did find it a little emotionally lacking You do read into the characters minds, and their worries, fears, etc but it just seemed a bit lukewarm Perhaps that is because the tone is set with some multi partner scenes instead of intimate one on one Not sure, but I didn t feel that strong desire and connection between the characters that I wan [...]

    5. This was a HOT read For those not accustomed or familiar with BDSM, this is a book I recommend It was ultra erotic and covered several topics nicely.The main characters delivered enough sexual chemistry to be felt off the tips of your toes and ahem other bodily parts.

    6. Oh, wow Hotness This one is going in the hot folder that is for sure I have never read Sasha White before, but it seems like she has several books out there I am immediately looking for the next one.Karl has become kind of bored with his life and his roll as a Dom Lara is a naturally independent person but when Karl meets her he thinks she would be a great sub The story is about exploring whether she would be that sub or not There is a little bit of a stalker plot thrown in there as well The end [...]

    7. Karl Dawson, whom readers met in White s previous novels Bound and Trouble finally gets his own story By day he is a successful divorce attorney Too successful for his tastes Seeing all the men and women seeking divorce leaves a bitter taste in his mouth about the permanency of relationships He longs for the type of intimacy his friend Val and Samair Trouble have, as he is bored with meaningless sex Then he meets Lara Fox, who rooms with his secretary, while she is upgrading his office s compute [...]

    8. This one was my favorite out of the three by far, and from the slight glimpse I got of Karl in Trouble, I was not surprised at all This book took a very different view and approach to starting and exploring a BDSM relationship, and not only was it refreshing, romantic and erotic as hell, but watching the journey that Lara and Karl take as they look inside themselves about what they want from each other, what they are willing to give to each other and where they see their lives going is absolutel [...]

    9. Sasha White has another hit with WICKED This book is a good representation of the some of the delightful aspects along the BDSM continuum The characters are likeable and the plot smooth At times, I wished for a little internal conflict in the two main characters But the sensual tension and sexual intimacy between Karl and Lara is hot enough to melt ice, even on the coldest day Kudos to Ms White for one WICKED Ride

    10. Good read a relationship driven bored Dom meets commitment phobic girl plot with a contemporary setting and an action stalker subplot Unlike many BDSM books this has both plot and character There is sexual intensity without scene after scene of kink as some of the books run There is one scene of f f involving the heroine and one voyeuristic scene of m m she walks in on her gay friends I liked it will look for from Sasha White.

    11. A wonderful read about exploring sexual needs without judgment Dominance and Submission was the theme Most of the erotic books I read that have D S involved pain This one didn t This one focus on trusting one another and exploring the physical needs to make you whole.This was a beautiful love story, yummy sexy too, but over all a love story outside the bounds of tradition This is a WONDERFUL book and would recommend it to anyone who loves erotic romance.

    12. It was Enlightening Fast read, with quite solid plot and characters, steady pace, a clear and direct style without useless euphemisms or forced romanticism except maybe two or three brief passages.I appreciated the hint of mistery, even if the solution was predictable since the beginning, and I liked Peter and Graham interactions maybe than the main couple ones Karl felt good and fun to read about, Lara not always as much.

    13. How does one write a review on a book about a world she has only tasted All I can say is that this opened my eyes in a pleasurable way to a world I always considered dark It has made it a bit lighter to me This is a good introduction to Doms and subs.I gave it 4 stars just because the author spoke of things that hit home but it is not a well written book It is an enjoyable love story however.

    14. Wow amazing writing Never read anything from Sasha White before but this book totally caught me After a disappointment of not able to find book that i could truly enjoy like Fifty Shades, this book brings back hope I wish this book would continue on Lara and Karl are perfect together kudos and 5 star is my rating.

    15. Picked this up just because I needed something quick to read Story of Lara and how she comes to understand that she can be an independent woman and yet still be a sub Well written and fun to read Looking forward to

    16. Wicked received an Honorable Mention in the National Leather Association International s Pauline Reage Novel Literary Award Sasha White s book blends intrigue, mystery, and romance, while exploring the successive relationships of a new submissive with two very different dominants.

    17. This was a quick and fun read Similar to 50 Shades of Grey if that is what you are looking for I enjoyed this book but would not want to read the series back to back Well written and of course it has a love story entwined in its midst.

    18. Love Sasha White s writing Wicked is one of her best ones in my opinion, with steamy sex scenes and well developed characters.

    19. Wicked is just as the title states, Wicked Lara is a strong, independent woman who has been taking care of herself since she was a teenager She doesn t do relationships, doesn t think she can love, and is only out for a good time and sex She hustles guys in bars at pool, she has a body and isn t afraid to use it to get what she wants.Karl was a teenaged rebel turned a successful divorce attorney and a loving Dominant who has found himself stuck in a rut That is until he meets Lara, who catches h [...]

    20. Bad boy divorce attorney Karl Dawson has seen all the ways love can go wrong That s why he s given up on it Jaded and restless, he has playmates, not girlfriends A leather clad Dominant, he comes and goes as he pleases in the city s after dark playgrounds That s how he likes it Lara Fox is an independent jack of all trades, who can do anything she sets her mind to except that falling in love thing She s go a need for control too strong for most men, an an inability to walk away from a challenge, [...]

    21. What happens when a strong, independent woman meets up with an equally strong Dom that sees her inner submissive Lara is strong, and she knows how to get what she wants Leaving home at a young age, she keeps everyone at arms length and has learned that she can only depend on herself.Karl is a successful divorce attorney and an equally successful Dom in the BDSM scene He knows that love doesn t last, so he keeps his sex life in the play stage and doesn t take it further.When the two of them meet, [...]

    22. This book could have been so much With few pages dedicated to the mysteries, such as the photos and the stalker Great ideas Why not expand on them just a little Erotic romance sometimes falls a little short, this was no exception Just a little bit would have taken this book from okay to really good The secondary story of Lara s housemates was very entertaining It helped me out alot because Lara aggravated me at times Like her spying on them What the hell is wrong with her NOSEY At times her [...]

    23. Sasha White writes an astonishingly wicked tale of eroticism that will show you the D s lifestyle and that a meaningful romance can be built outside of it The battle of wills and the watershed of emotions that come between Karl and Lara will have your heart pounding in excitement This story will hold your attention not only with the edgy sex scenes, but also with the fragile emotions that build this into a wonderful romance This is a delicious read that has whetted my appetite for of Sasha Whit [...]

    24. This book was entertaining defiantly, but I feel like the plot line of Dom Sub was a bit lost in the fact that she often got what she wanted even if they were in the role like when he forgot about his other sub But truth be told this is not my kind of erotica, I am not particularly inclined to read SM but for entertainment sake it was good.I liked the underlining stalker case with one of the Sub s being an undercover agent getting dirt on spouses for divorce cases, it provided that extra element [...]

    25. Wasn t that great.I got the feeling that the writer maybe wanted to make it romantic and erotic both and ended up having it somewhere in the middle cuz sure, it had some bdsm ero but very little and the writer tried to show some romance that is the basis for that but ended up half doing that too maybe if the book was longer or something donno something just wasn t that good in all the mix in the end it wasn t that good and it feels like it could ve been better.

    26. This is one young woman s adventure into the world of BDSM She falters a few times along the way but ultimately her heart takes over and leads her on the right path The sex scenes are sensual and erotic at the same time Ms White builds the relationship between these characters slowly but surely while drawing the reader in page by page I recommend this to lifestylers and new to the lifestyle as well Warning may cause arousal

    27. Not a bad book Not a great book While the book started off strong, it didn t stay that way The main story was the relationship between Karl and Lara This was all good However, the author felt it necessary to insert minor background stories that were unnecessary, and distracting They had potential but it was clear these background stories were an afterthought in the author s mind and were represented in the book poorly.

    28. This is a really, REALLY hot read The kink in WICKED is actually quite tame, and romantic than kinky A beautiful love story with a twist, and characters I really enjoyed, because their journey together in all aspects mind, body and soul was so honest and tangible Definitely keeper shelf material.

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