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SEALed at Midnight Cat Johnson SEALed at Midnight As a combat hardened Navy SEAL Thom Grande has fought terrorism around the globe but the one thing he can t fight is his ex wife Or her lawyer Or the alimony payments Just when he thinks it can t get

  • Title: SEALed at Midnight
  • Author: Cat Johnson
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  • Page: 336
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • SEALed at Midnight Cat Johnson As a combat hardened Navy SEAL Thom Grande has fought terrorism around the globe, but the one thing he can t fight is his ex wife Or her lawyer Or the alimony payments Just when he thinks it can t get any worse bad luck smacks him up side the head literally Now, he s got a traumatic brain injury and can t remember his own name half the time The good news He can t remAs a combat hardened Navy SEAL Thom Grande has fought terrorism around the globe, but the one thing he can t fight is his ex wife Or her lawyer Or the alimony payments Just when he thinks it can t get any worse bad luck smacks him up side the head literally Now, he s got a traumatic brain injury and can t remember his own name half the time The good news He can t remember his ex wife or the woes she s causing him either Virginia is alone, partially by choice because too much time spent around her mother drives her crazy, and partially because she has the worst luck ever with romance But maybe her luck is changing because one hell of a hot and very naked man just showed up at her door One problem he can t remember anything, including who he is The she sees, the she realizes, that might not matter all that much Don t miss Night with a SEAL, Saved by a SEAL, and Kissed by a SEAL for Jon, Zane and Chris s stories in the Hot SEALs series from New York Times and USA Today bestseller Cat Johnson To get notice of new releases and sales, sign up for Cat s mailing list at bit CatsNews
    SEALed at Midnight Cat Johnson

    • [E-Book] ✓ SEALed at Midnight | By ☆ Cat Johnson
      336 Cat Johnson
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    1. I m just so enjoying this series and most definitely this one included After meeting Virginia, a single heart broken writer she decides she needs a big change in her life She decides to move out of town hose sitting for a family, who own a cat This book gets exciting after realising Christmas Eve is here With such bad weather and meeting ever so gorgeous Thom, who is very confused and injured it becomes so exciting.I so loved the third book so much I loved both these romantic characters It just [...]

    2. In this Novella we are following the stories of Thom he s friends with the group of SEALs and ex SEALs from the previous books and Ginny Virginia is just about ready to give up dating for ever She doesn t have any luck with guys But while she s house and cat sitting in Massachusetts over Christmas, she finds a SEAL in the barn.Thom has just barely healed from a job related injury, when he crashes his car on the way to spend the holidays with his parents Ginny finds him and takes care of him He d [...]

    3. FAmazing Thom is my kinda DILF This Hot Seals story is A Christmas in July Must Read A hot Navy Seal, Thom is traveling home for Christmas Eve, gets in a car wreck, smacks his head and ends up wrapped around the best present a guy could ever wish fora sweet sexy Ginny in her comfy flannel jammies and her big warm smile now if he could only remember his name Ginny had been wishing for a big sexy man from Santa, and look what comes crashing into her life and smack dap in the middle of her whole he [...]

    4. I normally really like whatever this author writes but this one just didn t work for me It spent way to much time setting things up before the main characters even meet, then it s one hot night and then they are split A quick makeup later and they are a couple Too much technicality not enough of the characters together, getting to know each other or for us to know them I got to the end of the book and wasah ok I kept waiting for it to get better but it just didn t I didn t hate it but was not im [...]

    5. Thom Grande, age 28 and divorced father of two, feels broken and alone His ex really messed him up, and he s not been with a woman in 18 months To top that off, all of his buddies are getting out of the military, leaving Brody as his only friend left on his SEAL team Then, on a dangerous mission Thom is injured and suffers temporary memory loss.Virginia Starr has had no luck in the dating department Alone and introverted, she takes a house sitting job for the winter, moving away from family at C [...]

    6. Shrugs Too much technical issues not enough romance, and the fact he s gotten memory loss 2x seems really far fetched Not that great of a short novella, not enough.

    7. 3 in the Hot SEALs Series.Thomas is down on his luck in every way no home, broke, divorced and lonely Added to that, he has issues with his short term memory Ginny can t seem to keep a man Added to that, she s snowed in and away from friends and family for Christmas When Thom gets into an accident in the middle of the night, he ends up at Ginny s door.I didn t really enjoy this story as much as I did the first two The other books were short, too, but they managed to touch a few things in each In [...]

    8. Pretty good but it felt like it ended when it should have been starting We have Thom and all his issues, then he meets his girl, then he leaves, then they decide they might try to have a relationship, and then the story ended Nothing is really worked out, he still has issues with his ex, his kids, his money, his health, his job, etc but he might have a chance at dating someone, so all is well I liked the story that was there, but another chapter or two to tie everything, anything or something up [...]

    9. Classic Cat Johnson a FAB holiday read A quick, hot read, with a yummy hero and an engaging heroine Picking up a Cat Johnson book I know what to expect some military excitement, some buddy bonding, and a great story, all wrapped up like the best Christmas present And this one ticks every box Bonus points for me, for the wounded brain injured hero I LOVE the scene where they first meet in her barn and he thinks he s still on a mission

    10. This is the 3rd book in the series We ve met our hero in the past few books You really feel for him because it sounds like his ex wife is a really piece of work took everything and wanted him to be miserable He was away and couldn t see his kids too bad he was told if he wanted to see them He can t really afford all the bills, again too bad you need to pay for YOUR kids he s told Yep, the ex wife s a really good work of art Anyhow, when our hero gets leave to go see his parents over the holidays [...]

    11. I loved that Thom got a chance at a HEA after all his troubles He really is going through it and Ginny is just what he needs.Ginny is such a scatter brain but has a huge heart.Had a soft spot for him since book 1.Just wish it was longer and we get a better ending I know it sort of carries on in the series but not quite good enough.

    12. I m enjoying these novels.A great little story Thom is a great character and portrayed really well I loved that he found his HEA.

    13. Sealed At MidnightBy Cat JohnsonThom Grande is a Navy SEAL He, along with other members of his SEAL team are on a mission to capture Jihadi John , the executioner of many British and American prisoners As they land and begin to disembark from the Blackhawk helicopter, there is a loud explosion Thom blacks out He wakes up in the hospital and finds out from his friend Brody that the helio was hit with an RPG and the hatch door hit Thom As a result, Thom has a brief case of amnesia After speaking w [...]

    14. 4.5 sAs with the other books so far in his series I feel there are a few spots that the story seems to be rushed and there could be a little build up Over all though it s a great short read Thomas Thom and Virginia Jenny are two very unlikely candidates to meet on a cold night and have a night full of passion and eye opening feelings rushing over them But that is exactly what happened.Thom who wants to surprise his parents on Christmas morning is traveling from Virginia to Massachusetts on Chri [...]

    15. Memories Wow, I m so glad Thom is getting his HEA, finally After a bitter divorce, Thom is a little turned off on love Ginny is lonely a string of bad first dates have made her jaded An opportunity to house sit in MA, has her leaving behind her friends families It s Christmas Eve a snowstorm is raging outside Ginny wakes from a sound sleep to realize the power is out she can here a banging outside Must be the barn door, so she goes to check As she opens the barn door, suddenly she is grabbed fro [...]

    16. Tom and Ginni A very short novella or in my case a 3 hr audiobook Tom meets Gini while hallucinating that he is back in Iraq, after hitting his head in a car accident It s not that simple cause the author has already spent the first half of the already very short book, setting up the characters and story Really, the MCs are only in the same space for a small amount of the story You d think this would be a great read It has all the plot devices I like Amnesia, trapped together during storm, Power [...]

    17. Cat Johnson s Seals are the sexy, sensual, and totally hot Could anyone be bitter about the world than Thom His former wife did a real number on him She took the kids, the house and even the dog As a Navy Seal, Thom is on one hour recall for missions and could be gone for months He sustained a head injury during the last mission and has just been cleared for duty It is Christmas Eve and he decides to visit his parents While driving during a snow storm, Thom crashes and suffers another head trau [...]

    18. Cat Johnson SEALed at Midnight Hot SEALs Series Book 3 I thought that this book was a different Military Romance story and confusing The last mission for Thom Grande and the team resulted in Thom being hurt with a brain trauma with a lot of his memory slippery When Thom drove to Connitect Massachusetts to visit his parents for Christmas, a snow storm blew in His car spun out and he hit a tree Now Thom thinks he still on his mission and hiding in a barn This is where Virginia Starr finds him She [...]

    19. Great I ll definitely move on to the nextI wasn t sure if I d like this SEAL series but I must say I really, really enjoyed it I liked Thom s amnesia and his car accident when Ginnie found him nearly frozen in the barn, and the things he remembered and the things he didn t I liked that Thom had to leave on assignment without telling Ginnie and she thought he d just snuck off, no goodbye, no nothing, for 3 weeks There were a few times I just had to laugh out loud at some of the things that were s [...]

    20. Navy SEAL Thom Grande, survived an RPG attack in a Black Hawke helicopter with a very bad head injury He decides to drive up to Massachusetts to surprise his parents for Christmas A big snow storm hits and the highway is closed He figures he grew up around here he knows all the back roads, what he didn t count on was a big deer standing in the road He hits his brakes, runs into a tree hitting his already bruised head.Ginny Star has the worst luck with men, so she is giving up on them To change h [...]

    21. Another hit Would you listen to SEALed at Midnight again Why Love this series and I could listen to the Craig Jessen talk in my ear again What was one of the most memorable moments of SEALed at Midnight when Vicki finds Tom in the barn and he thinks she might be an insurgent Which character as performed by Craig Jessen was your favorite Tom Was this a book you wanted to listen to all in one sitting Yes I wish I could have Any additional comments This is a wonderful series by Cat Johnson If you h [...]

    22. I m really enjoying the Hot Seals series In this one, we met Ginny and Thom, we actually were already introduced to Thom We learned that Thom is recently divorced and was injured in the war, and we also learned that Ginny is lonely and not happy with her life Thom and Ginny meet on Christmas Eve If you would like to know about the two of them, go purchase the book, you won t be disappointed Cat, as always you kept me interested from start to finish I can t wait for the next book in this series. [...]

    23. Thom isn t happy with where he s at at age 28, father of two, divorced and back living in the bachelor barracks, when unforeseen accidents happen how will he deal.Ginny is the perpetual loner, and since she works from home she s able to take a great side job house sitting and cat watching, when life throws her for a bigger loop than she s had before what will she do.Thom and Ginny s story was quite cute and very fast pacedonto the next

    24. A SEAL on leave gets caught in a blizzard and spends Christmas with a single woman who rescues him Thom is intense in his job and has a head full of domestic worries, but that s about as deep as this story goes Since neither of these are actually part of the main plot The storyline is superficial and the ending is too abrupt for my tastes I usually like this author, but this one left me wanting .

    25. lighthearted romanceVery enjoyable romance A seal driving home to another state for Christmas spins off the road avoiding a deer and hits a tree He somehow ends up a little ways away in a barn thinking he s back in Iraq avoiding insurgents Ginny hears the barn door banging in the storm and walks to barn to b grabbed by Thom during his memory loss It just keeps getting and interesting from there A 5 stars.

    26. Great novellaThom has had a nightmare of a life lately, but could the nightmare of crashing his car actually lead to the woman of his dreams I can t believe the life these SEALs lead However, they are good and honorable men who deserve happiness When Thom s called up without being able to tell Ginny, can what they started survive I love this series It has great characters and great stories.

    27. Loved it, but I loved the book and romance The intimate scenes were just what I ve come to expect from this author However, I would love to see the development of the relationship between the main characters Also, why such finality in the fixed situation with Thom Will he never marry again He seems too young for that decision he made probably in anger, with the ex wife in mind, if his mention of the sitch in the other 2 books in any indication.

    28. LOVED IT This was a fantastic story ful of surprises I really, really loved Thom Ginny s story I was on the edge of my seat just waiting for the next ball to drop Ginny being a GAPS employee surprised the heck out of me I also thought the ending was perfect but abrupt Looking forward to the next in this series

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