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Departure A.G. Riddle Departure Flight took off in But it crashed in a world very different from our ownWith time running out five strangers must unravel why they were takenAnd how to get homeOM THE BACK COVERHarper Lane ha

  • Title: Departure
  • Author: A.G. Riddle
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 456
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Departure A.G. Riddle Flight 305 took off in 2014But it crashed in a world very different from our ownWith time running out, five strangers must unravel why they were takenAnd how to get homeOM THE BACK COVERHarper Lane has problems In a few hours, she ll have to make a decision that will change her life forever But when her flight from New York to London crash lands in the EnglisFlight 305 took off in 2014But it crashed in a world very different from our ownWith time running out, five strangers must unravel why they were takenAnd how to get homeOM THE BACK COVERHarper Lane has problems In a few hours, she ll have to make a decision that will change her life forever But when her flight from New York to London crash lands in the English countryside, she discovers that she s made of tougher stuff than she ever imagined.As Harper and the survivors of Flight 305 struggle to stay alive in the aftermath of the crash, they soon realize that this world is very different from the one they left Their lives are connected, and some believe they ve been brought here for a reason.In addition to Harper, several other passengers seem to hold clues about why Flight 305 crashed There s Nick Stone, an American on his way to a meeting with The Gibraltar Project, an international group dedicated to building a dam across the Strait of Gibraltar and draining the Mediterranean.Sabrina Schr der, a German scientist who has unknowingly sealed the fate of half the flight s passengers.Yul Tan, a Chinese American computer scientist who has just made the breakthrough of a lifetime a quantum internet capable of transmitting data, farther, faster than ever thought possible His invention, however, does much than he ever dreamed possible.With time running out to save the survivors of Flight 305, Harper and Nick race to unravel the conspiracy that crashed their plane As they put the pieces together, they discover that their decisions have already doomed one world and will soon determine the future of oursPARTURE is now in development at 20th Century Fox to be a feature film, and HarperCollins will publish the book in hardcover around the world with the US edition arriving this fall.
    Departure A.G. Riddle

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      456 A.G. Riddle
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    1. It seems I m involved in a conspiracy that spans space and time and a conflict whose outcome will determine humanity s fate in two separate universes.Oh, is that all Flight 305 from New York to London runs into a little space time turbulence and finds itself, or a piece of itself, anyway, in an English lake Help should be along shortly, right um, right The passenger list included five people of interest Venture capitalist and take charge sort Nick Stone has done nicely in tech and is en route to [...]

    2. By page 15, I was well and truly sick of Nick fucking Stone It didn t get much better from there Warning for some slight cursing I picked this book up because physics is my jam and I really like stories about a ragtag bunch of people having to learn to rely on each other to survive Also the cover is absolutely amazing This is not that book This is I m going to pretend this book is harder science fiction than it actually is for no reason and also, rather than everyone learning to rely on each oth [...]

    3. Dear God this man is clever As a fan of The Origin Mystery, I downloaded this book the second I found out it existed And Riddle did not disappoint The plot was fun, the characters interesting and relatable, and in his usual fashion, the science was complex but understandable and realistic It really does make you think how does it go from here Loved every second Totally recommend.

    4. 3.5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum bibliosanctum 2015 08 06 aI was actually first introduced to Departure as an audio title given how often I browse for interesting new titles to listen to, it was pretty hard to miss how often it popped up on the popular science fiction and fantasy audiobook lists What I didn t know, was that the book itself was originally self published The news of its success must have caught on though, because I just learned recently too that HarperCollins has bought it and [...]

    5. I like this book very much It s exactly my kind of genre, it has everything I want in a book It s futuristic, adventuristic, it has mystery, opponent sides, a bit of romance cause love runs the world p and a view spoiler PLANE CRASH hide spoiler For me this is what makes this book awesome and enjoyable I like Nick but I didn t really like Harper, she s kinda dull, or is it because I don t like people incapable of making a decision, i don t know If you re looking for a good summer read I recommen [...]

    6. A mixture of an apocalyptic science fiction, it was engaging, enthralling and breathtaking It follows dual narratives in Harper and Nick Both young, vibrant but with Nick being less inclined to share the personal aspects of his life prior to boarding Harper is a young, aspiring author who is contemplating the direction her career is taking Their attraction is undeniable, and along with Sabrina who is now posing as a medic for injured victims, Grayson who is little than a drunken wealthy heir an [...]

    7. The concept of this book was great Time travel Conspiracy theories Learning from mistakes Second chance at life.This fell short for me because there were parts that were action packed and flowed smoothly So smoothly it s like the author ran out of mojo to transition to the next major scene and filled in the buffers with too many facts on the how this would work.

    8. I loved the beginning of this book Then I think it got a bit silly confusing at the end It could be I was tired when I was reading the last third Had a lot of work on with my own novels Can t tell you the last time I watched TV So I would have given it a 3 but have given it a 4 because it could be me I listened on Audible to A.J Riddles first book didn t love the writing The Atlantis Gene was a huge hit though for this indie author So who am I to judge.This book is with a publisher I wonder why [...]

    9. This is the last book I ll read simply because it s free to members of Prime and rated highly by a bunch of meatheads I don t know.

    10. With over a million copies sold and about 85% of reviewers giving this 4 to 5 stars, I was expecting something much better At the minimum, I was hoping for a mindless page turner for the masses The book did start out as a page turner, but I m surprised the masses gave it such high marks in the end Did they turn off their brains when the got about halfway through and decide to just accept whatever the author threw at them Sometimes I can do that, but it s harder to do so when reading with a group [...]

    11. How can a book start so good and then turn into total crap I got a free sample first, and it was so good that I bought it The beginning reminded me of the tv show Lost But then something happened I feel cheated This seems to be two different books put together thanks to technology As soon as the main characters discover they are in the future, the story becomes a bunch of explanations about time travel and some conspiracy Did I really need all the quantum crap about time traveling Nope.Seriously [...]

    12. DISCLAIMER I borrowed this book from the kindle library Not so much by mistake, but because it was a feature I wanted to try out Good choice for a reading selection.This book, to me, is like Back to the Future meets LOST Twice this week, I ve needed that BTTF2 pic here In the beginning it was chaos Action, event, action, event, person, person, event, what the heck was that , person, eventTold from the alternating POVs of Harper Lane, a British author, and Nick Stone, an investor in the tech indu [...]

    13. This was nothing like I expected To tell the truth, I didn t know what to expect when I started it but what I got was an amazing experience I m not going to get into the plot in case I inadvertently spoil something so I ll just get right into what I thought Harper is such an amazing Heroine I loved that she was a writer Flight 305 is her first time in first class, which is where she meets Nick I loved her voice and her thoughts Despite being terrified when the crash happens, she still does whats [...]

    14. I enjoyed this book.Harper and Nick are two strangers who find themselves in a plane crash The plane ends up in the English countryside in the future, and so begins the saga of discovering how they got there, why they were all on the plane, and WHO did this to themI enjoyed the plot however I found the writing to be a bit disjointed On than one occasion the author would refer to events or discussions that took place in the story, but were not actually explored in the book It wasn t badly writte [...]

    15. A Sci First Time Travel What IfIt s all about the decisions you make in your life The forces of nature that directs and fortify those same decisions This book does that It shows you two time lines and the consequences to those decisions that Nick and Harper made and why After I finished reading the book I felt compelled to write this review The ending made me feel good I m glad I read the book I believe you will too Enjoy.

    16. 3 stars OK read, but not necessarily something I would recommend.Plane crashes and time travel automatically make me think of the TV show, Lost , and the beginning of the book definitely had a similar feel, including similarities between the heroes of the book Nick and Harper and Lost s Jack and Kate The book takes a different turn, however, when the Others appear to be from the future Unfortunately, this is also when I started to lose interest, as both the story line and character development b [...]

    17. This was not what I expected I m not sure what I did expect but time travel wasn t it Regardless, this was a good adventure, albeit a bit villain wants to take over the world ish The idea of warring factions was a good one I just wish the reasons for it were a little complex.The romance was on the lighter side and the last 10% was nice the ending was very appropriate and wrapped things up well without being too neat On audio, the narration by Nicola Barber and Scott Aiello was very good All in [...]

    18. I expected better.If this was the author s first novel I would probably have rated it higher because it was obviously a labor of love with some personal interests thrown in Unfortunately, as a story it is badly lacking I was excited to read this book because of the excellent cover that evoked an action story with a strong female heroine It also contained time travel which is one of my favorite genres, but what this book offered did not live up to expectations My hope for Harper to become an admi [...]

    19. Meh That is how I would describe this book It s not poorly written, it s just not at all compelling When it started, all I could think of was that someone had written a book about Lost As in, I ve seen this before At least it did branch out into a different direction, but if you re going to play with time travel, go the distance Instead we get a chapter of ooh, I know quantum physics and now I m going to make you all read about what I know about quantum physics, even though the actual physics of [...]

    20. ini se da se svijet oko nas svake godine sve br e mijenja Do grla smo u novim tehnologijama, a pitanje je da li svijet inimo boljim ili ga samo ubrzavamo Pretpostavljam da e na to pitanje odgovoriti vrijeme Kada avion na putu za London iznenada gubi kontrolu i ru i se negdje u nepoznatom pet putnika e shvatiti da su do li u budu nost kakvu su nesvjesno sami stvorili Da li tehnologija kakvu danas poznajemo prijeti uni titi sve oko nas Avantura puna neo ekivanih obrata, prepli e motive mo i, ambic [...]

    21. The story starts out as a typical airplane disaster, but soon the reader finds out that things are not what they seem The plane load of survivors have been whisked into the future and some face themselves, as they are in the future, only things are not the same The world has changed and only five people can change it back Some pretty cool assumptions and elements to the plot, including draining the mediterranean sea The book is a good read.

    22. A book written in present tense will almost always get a default of one star from me because I utterly despise it when books are written in present tense In the vast majority of cases, a book written in present tense is a book that is utterly unreadable to me because it pisses me off and annoys me far too much It s a constant irritant while I m trying to relax and enjoy a story F that noise F it long, and F it hard.Hurray for refunds, I m taking my money back from this author, anyone that writes [...]

    23. I didn t know what to expect when I started Departure by A.G Riddle, what I got was an engaging Sci Fi thriller with compelling characters and an original story that keep me listening until late Departure is a book that will make you think about the decisions we make today and the repercussion they could have in the future Departure was my first audio book by A.G Riddle, but it won t be my last.Nicola Barber and Scott Aiello bring to life the story with their narration.

    24. AudiobookThis is kind of a sci fi romance with time travel The hero and the bad guy are the same person The sci fi is pretty much because I say so Now I understand why a lot of people poo poohed the science The story itself is okay Lots of minor characters that I wish I could have read listened to about The ending was strange 2 1 2 out of 5 stars.

    25. Borrowed from library A routine flight that gets hijacked to the future and crashesA fight for survival against nature and unknown others Titans who research has granted immortalityIs time travel a possibility Read this to draw your own conclusions.

    26. A truly great novel you must readGood novels, like movies, are amazing things their design and purpose are solely to entertain, to transport, to allow you the reader to play in a new world, one that you wouldn t have imagined on your own before Great novels, however, leave you after words longing for Great novels make you feel intelligent about a subject But, even these are just the side benefits Great novels coax out from you a full range of emotions sad or happy, anxious or relieved, empty o [...]

    27. I knew very little about this book before I began reading Sometimes, you know so much about a book before actually reading it, that you start having expectations about a book without having read it So, this book was picked by our Time Travel group because of its popularity and good reviews on.The Book starts great with a peril inducing plane crash and the chapters are short and come furiously The action packed survival drama is highly entertaining.As the narrative continues and survival of main [...]

    28. It started off really well I read the preview on and was curious enough to continue when I reached the end But then it completely confused me when the mystery was explained at the halfway point in a multiple page explanation When I was now supposed to understand what the two sides intentions were, I had no idea until later, when a character reminded his people what they were fighting for in one simple line.There a came a time later when I reminded myself to finish reading the book A review had m [...]

    29. I normally read what is called military science fiction whenever I read in the genre, but the blurb I read on this book sounded intriguing A.G Riddle s Departure managed to grab my attention immediately The story is about an airliner flight that took off in 2014 but crashed in a very different time and place While some of the concepts the author introduces seems a bit difficult but his way of explaining them make it understandable The book makes the reader do some thinking Should we strive for t [...]

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