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Desertion River Savage Desertion Honor Courage Commitment Three things Jesse Carter has lost A former Marine Jesse used to stand proud of his achievements and live by the code But when circumstance made him question everything he be

  • Title: Desertion
  • Author: River Savage
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 213
  • Format: Paperback
  • Desertion River Savage Honor Courage Commitment.Three things Jesse Carter has lost A former Marine, Jesse used to stand proud of his achievements and live by the code But when circumstance made him question everything he believed in, those most basic values didn t feel so important after all.Sex Lies Knights Rebels.Three things Jesse Carter has found Reborn into a brotherhood not so diffeHonor Courage Commitment.Three things Jesse Carter has lost A former Marine, Jesse used to stand proud of his achievements and live by the code But when circumstance made him question everything he believed in, those most basic values didn t feel so important after all.Sex Lies Knights Rebels.Three things Jesse Carter has found Reborn into a brotherhood not so different from the one he left behind, Jesse finds it all too easy to block out his past and claim the role as the Rebels fun loving player.Until he meets Bell.Shy, awkward, and with troubles of her own, Bell Johnson s no stranger to hiding her pain When Jesse forces himself into her life, she s at risk of her defences crumbling.Does Bell have the strength to survive Jesse and his demons or is she fated to become another casualty in the self destruction of Jesse Carter
    Desertion River Savage

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    1. arc provided by author for honest review Full review to come.Lets just say that Jesse was a verbally abusive asshole and Bell was a meek mouse that needed a back bone I ended up skimming the end because I honestly wanted Jesse to get shot and Belle to marry his brother That s how bad it was Don t even get me started on the chicks best friend The most annoying character and enabler ever Edited to add The day after my min review went live something with the author happened that made me make the de [...]

    2. 5 The Flirty Bad Boy Finally Gets Hooked Stars Added a spoiler on 7 20This is the third book in River Savages Knights Rebels series I have been dying for Jesse s story and was praying it was going to be with nurse Bell I was so excited when I finally seen that it was going to happen I loved it This series keeps getting better and better Jesse Carter is hiding behind a mask He wears a fake smile and uses sex to drown his troubles He feels responsible for the men he couldn t save while he was in t [...]

    3. Complimentary Copy Provided by the author in exchange for an honest reviewThank you TITLE DesertionSERIES Knights Rebels MC 3 AUTHOR River SavageGENRE Contemporary RomanceRELEASE DATE July 14th 2015 MY RATING 5 STARS WOWZA You know that clique saying Once I picked this up I couldn t put it down rolls eyes yeah that saying, well for this book that clique rang true, I got so absorbed in this book, the feels, the characters, the story line had me reading as though I was a junkie on speed I devoured [...]

    4. Short review to come soon I got my ARC, So happy D Posted prior to ARC NEW Teasers from author ARC provided by the author for an honest review

    5. DESERTION Knights Rebels MC 3 is now LIVE US amzn 1LlpZYqCA amzn 1K9PvQjUK amzn 1QkmXdQAU bit 1LludPMBN bit 1FqPGW2Kobo bit 1Hxyl1iitunes apple 1RaoErc

    6. ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review image error River Sage doesn t sugarcoat her books which I find refreshing I love that she never fails to weave raw, gritty, emotionally driven and romance into her books And in her newest release, Desertion, she brought those elements and so much in the story of Jesse and Bell Jesse Carter was a former firefighter and marine and now a member of the Knights Rebel MC His past in the military haunts him after losing his brothers in the field [...]

    7. 2 Stars WARNING If you re looking for a tortured hero and a woman who saves him with her loveep on looking This is not that book.Let me break it down for you Sorry in advance for being long winded.Jesse is a war veteran who comes from an abusive family His father was a war veteran as well and has difficulty dealing with everyday life So he drowns himself in alcohol and verbally and physically abuses his familybut primarily Jesse Between the abuse he grew up with and the horrors he s dealt with w [...]

    8. This is one of the hardest reviews I ve had to write in a long time I had strong feelings going into this read that it would push my boundaries It broke them It hurt badly I had so many triggers that I was a mess when finished I have dealt with so many of the things that were faced and encountered in this book that I am in utter emotional overload Everyone has struggles and things in their life that can make them turn into someone that is different from who they d be if things had been different [...]

    9. Holy hot and brilliant biker book Desertion, like the rest of the Knights Rebels series, is raw, racy, riveting, romantic, and oh so real River Savage s latest masterpiece, Desertion takes you on a memorable and magnetic merry go around of emotions where your heart and head are spinning around and around with feelings of anger, happiness, sadness, and frustration so much that you hope, like a Russian Roulette Wheel, it lands on or ends with happiness Like the rest of River Savage s books, but ev [...]

    10. 3.5 StarsSix years ago Bell s sister, Paige, went missing, never to be found Now, twenty three year old Bell lives a life under her parents constant watch Her family never really recovered from losing Paige and they will do anything to never have to go through that pain again From the second Jesse saw the sexy, shy, nurse Bell, he wanted her Using his usual charm and humor, he tries flirting with her to no result He finally gets his chance when Bell comes and asks him for his help finding her si [...]

    11. Desertion is book 3 in the Knights Rebels series and its Jesse s story While I loved books 1 2 Desertion was a big disappointment to me I didn t like Jesse or Bell at all Jesse while hot was nothing but a nasty jerk for most of the book and Bell while I thought kind of cute in the beginning was a complete doormat Jesse ran so hot and cold that by the time he finally made up his mind about Bell I no longer cared I just wanted the story over Bell was so pathetic willing to accept so little from Je [...]

    12. Update heard there is descriptive sex outside the MCs Super pissed and disappointed in this author for going that route Why ruin a good thing with that kind of filth Another author bites the dust for me.

    13. Another good addition to the series.This is the story of Jesse Jesse is an ex marine, haunted by his experiences in Afghanistan Guilt and regret burn his insides all the time He is cocky, a player and hides behind a mask of indifference all the time.When innocent and inexperienced Bell is thrown in his path, his life takes an unexpected turn He wants her in his bed but his flirting isn t getting him anywhere until Bell realizes that he can help her locate her lost sister, Paige.Bell s sheltered [...]

    14. 5 Shining Bright Stars I m so happy that Jesse got help that he needed to fight his demons Bell s awesome that she fought so hard for Jesse but how far can she take before Jesse push her away This love story is back and forth due to the hero dealing with PTSD The heroine never gave up and she fought her way into his heart I love this series I can t wait for the next book I, Jesse Carter, am fucked Text messages, stalking and now staring I think I need a restraining order, Mr Carter Bell looks up [...]

    15. Wow powerful, intense, raw and real at its finest No complaints, five star read PTSD and abuse has a far greater reach then just to the victim It touches everyone it comes into contact with The lives of the husband, wives, sibling, children and friends, even then its tendrils brushes against others The author deserves a standing ovation bring the two subjects to life, given voice to the courageous Marines the story portrayed You can t help be drawn to Jessie and Bell River Savage brought realism [...]

    16. I was really looking forward to this book and I m sad to say that I was really disappointed in this one I loved the first 3 books, especially the first book I dnf ed about 30% into this one Belle was a push over and had no back bone and usually I love shy and quiet heroines but Belle just didn t do it for me Oh and Don t get me started on her friends, they were annoying as hell, they were so persistent and unsympathetic, all they cared about was getting Belle laid I was most looking forward to J [...]

    17. Peace I ve finally found it I m no longer at the mercy of my past, at the mercy of my fears Because of her, I found it She gave me something I spent my whole life searching for, even if I didn t realize I was searching for it She gave it to me Peace.

    18. 4 Together StarsDesertion follows Jesse, known as the jokester and manwhore of the Knights Rebels MC In the previous two books we ve seen the light hearted, funny, and caring guy that has a soft spot for veterans, those in the burn unit and his MC family While he is still all those things, Desertion shows a side of Jesse that hasn t been exposed before the man running from his past in the Marines and his family problems all while covering up his suffering with humor and sex When he meets Bell in [...]

    19. 5 BEAUTIFULLY HAUNTING STARS You know when an author writes books in a series and there s always that one book that you love and consider your favorite Well, Desertion is the one for me at the moment I say this now because hello Beau lol River Savage will take you on an emotional journey with this one ladies and gents so sit back, buckle up, and enjoy the ride.Jesse Fucking Carter MyBoo MyHusband MrsCarter JesseJunkie Jesse is the total package, gorgeous with a sense of humor, an ex firefighter [...]

    20. This is going to be a hard review for me to write I love the Knights Rebels Series, and I was really looking forward to this book I get where River Savage was going with her storyline, but I think she bit off than she could chew by choosing 3 huge plot lines for this book It dealt with PTSD, Child Abuse, and a family with a missing loved one dealing with the aftermath Any one of these storylines would have been a great story if done right, but that was unfortunately not the case here Prepare fo [...]

    21. 4.5 stars I was looking forward to Jesse s story since I ve read Incandescent I loved his story Sometimes he deserved a good smack up his head but it was a lovely story that kept me awake into the early hours Nurse Bell is shy and hardworking girl One would think that her life is pretty much perfect, but it isn t Not even close Her sister Paige disappeared six years ago and police still haven t found her Her parents changed Became shells of their former selves and are way to protective of her an [...]

    22. I received an ARC via the author in exchange for an honest review Thank you Jesse Carter is the ultimate manwhore and ladies man of the Knights Rebels MC He s cocky, confident, a former Marine, and knows how to work it in the bedroom.But there s one girl who isn t falling for his charms and in his bed Isabella Bell Johnson a.k.a Nurse Bell Remember her Yep, she s the one about to bring our dirty talking Cassanova to his knees Teehee Desertion is a tale of love, loss, forgiveness, acceptance, and [...]

    23. River Savage drowns us in gut wrenching anguish, and heart warming hilarity as she immerses us into the lifestyle of bikers, and the women they pine for Jesse Carter Firefighter, former Marine, badass biker.This man was one cheeky bastard with his lame lines, downright filthy mouth, smutty words, and happy go lucky attitude But underneath all of that is a man that is being smothered in his nightmares by a past that is so haunting, he doesn t feel worthy or deserving of anyone s love.Bell Johnson [...]

    24. SPOILERS Read at your own risk It was so bad, where do I start Oh, I didn t finish it Stopped at 90% Couldn t Just too much stupidity, eye rolling and blah blah blah.I was actually looking forward to this one I liked Jesse and I knew there was to him than met the eye I also liked Bell At first That changed fast.Word of advice, Bell, dear You never ever settle for the least a man can give you I don t care how good the sex is, or what You just don t You gotta keep your standards high, girlfriend [...]

    25. Awesome Read Full Review HereNever judge a book by it s coverJesse was all smoke and mirrors you need to dig deep, real deep to See the Real man, which is something Bell managed to do He s always gone above and beyond for his club, his brothers and their women Jesse continuously showed his loyalty and friendship by never backing down and has laid his life down for those he loves But if you actually took the time to see Jesse actually look at the man you d realize he was broken, shattered really [...]

    26. Isabella, Bell Johnson is a 23 year old nurse living in the shadow of her missing sister Bell s sister, Paige, has been missing for 6 years and the guilt weighing down on Bell prevents her from living her life to the fullest Her parents keep a tight rein on her even at 23 She has a curfew and abides by all of their rules.I hate that this is what it comes to when we talk about my family, or bring up Paige I hate that I can t live a normal life like them, but I can t change the past I can t move o [...]

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