Rusty Summer #2020

Rusty Summer Mary McKinley Rusty Summer There s school and then there s the real world If you re lucky enough to survive the first you owe it to yourself to explore the second So let s roll With graduation a month away I m hitting the ro

  • Title: Rusty Summer
  • Author: Mary McKinley
  • ISBN: 9781617732577
  • Page: 401
  • Format: Paperback
  • Rusty Summer Mary McKinley There s school, and then there s the real world If you re lucky enough to survive the first, you owe it to yourself to explore the second So let s roll With graduation a month away, I m hitting the road with my best friends Beau, Leonie, and Leonie s awesome rescue dog, The Bomb We ve all got something on our minds Beau is schooling our school for ignoring brutal bullyiThere s school, and then there s the real world If you re lucky enough to survive the first, you owe it to yourself to explore the second So let s roll With graduation a month away, I m hitting the road with my best friends Beau, Leonie, and Leonie s awesome rescue dog, The Bomb We ve all got something on our minds Beau is schooling our school for ignoring brutal bullying Beautiful, crazy Leonie is striving to become a model And I m drilling to join a local roller derby team The Rat City Roller Girls where my bulk is actually a benefit But first, somewhere between finals and graduation, I need some answers I need to see my dad Face to face.Unless he s moved without telling me, my dad is out in the wilds of Alaska somewhere remote, beautiful, and amazing, where there will be wild animals, and hot guys, and adventures and lies and heartbreaks It s further from home than any of us have ever been Sometimes that s how far you need to go to figure out exactly where you want to be
    Rusty Summer Mary McKinley

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    One thought on “Rusty Summer”

    1. I really thought this was a great book Yes people will have gripes, such as the vernacular being annoying but give it a chance The bigger picture and the topics are what make this book amazing This book tackles bullying, LGBTQ issues, kids with labels, suicide, and poor family upbringing This was a thoughtful look at these issues through the experiences of those in the book There is no quick fix for these issues, but there are ways to make changes bit by bit Younger readers may learn to consider [...]

    2. DNF d with no rating I didn t make it far enough to even rate I think this was written by a ten year old.

    3. Hoo boy Though unpolished, I really liked the first book, Beau, Lee, The Bomb, and Med don t worry, The Bomb is a sweet doggy that has terrible flatulence thus the name I felt that the themes and the stories were amazing You can see the ratings weren t great, but I loved it The story was about some kids in school that were frequently bullied for different reasons They go on a road trip, learn about each other, and learn about their place in this world and how to make a difference.Book 2, The Hur [...]

    4. Beau, Lee, the Bomb Me by Mary McKinley is a first reads win and I m giving my honest opinion This story tells of bullying and learning to fight back Rusty is sick of the bullying she gets from her classmates She is smart and big Lee hangs out with her Lee is beautiful but for some reason she acts as a slut New kid moves into town His name is Beau An instant dislike from the kids They discover he s gay One day he was crossing the campus when four of the bullies beat the crape out of him necessat [...]

    5. I received an e copy of this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review DNF 30%Full review can be seen on my blog, The Hardcover Lover.

    6. I received an ARC through NetGalley.Beau, Lee, The Bomb Me sounded like it was going to be a fun story with a lot of heart Well, it s like a big, ol mess and then gets a lot of heart at the end Rusty is our 200 pound narrator who is tortured daily at school, so she s happy when there s a new kid to take some of the pressure off of her Of course, she and Beau strike up a friendship and brave the bullies together At least until things go too far and Beau is beat up He needs to get away, so he dec [...]

    7. I would rate 1 5 stars for this book.There are a lot of slangs and spoken language, which to some extent is alright, but I think it is overused in this book.The story didn t impress me or live up to my expectations I could only read 1 5 of the book and get bored afterwards The book didn t progress in the beginning much but rather just going around and around Therefore, I didn t want to finish it.I m sorry if my opinion differs from others , but this is just how I thought and felt when reading th [...]

    8. If you have a memory of the time when you defended a friend for anything, felt the hopeless sting of school clique rejection, realized the strength and joy of bonding with those who are different or in desperate need, you will want to stand up and cheer for these four outcasts as they find their way in the bigger world.Mary McKinley has a fresh and wonderful voice she captures the pain, the indignity, the anxiety, and finally the triumph of the outcast teen Love it.

    9. I got about 3 chapters in and I didn t even know what I was reading This was such a disappointment Honestly, I ended up bringing it back to the store and swapping it out for something else.Ugh Nothing made sense and the writing was so childlike and poor, it was making me actually frustrated trying to read it Such a disappointment.

    10. When 16 year old Rusty sees new boy Beau appear at her school she is relieve he will be fresh meat for the bullies who torment Rusty for being fat She s right they paint die fag on Beau s locker and beat him up Desperate he decides to run away in search of his gay uncle in San Francisco.

    11. It s been so long since I found a book that I could immediately connect with Rylee, the narrator, is literally me in a nutshell I related so hard with this character both physically and mentally I love the rest of the characters with all of my heart, but Uncle Oscar holds a special place in my heart His confidence is what I aspire for This book is a beautiful and sad story of growing up, and learning how to grab the reins of life and run with it I truly recommend this book to everyone

    12. I m honestly surprised at how much I ended up loving this book I already liked the book from the beginning because I thought the main character, Rusty, was very funny and I liked her sarcasm I also liked the way the book is written Since it s told from her point of view, it s written as if it s her speaking voice That makes the pacing unique and it makes the descriptions even funnier because it s being told through her humerous perspective.At first, I wasn t sold on the plot, though The pacing w [...]

    13. 3.5 starsThere was a lot to like about this book and some points I d like to make as to why it could have been a better book What was so wonderful about this novel, I believe is the storyline for starters Bullying and being different was the story s theme Rusty, was humiliated every day at school and it just became routine for him Beau, a new student, starts taking the heat from the students because he s gay Rusty and Beau end up being friends and they lean on each other This sounds like a great [...]

    14. A GoodReads Giveaway The first time I thought about killing myself, I was twelve, says narrator Rylee Winters, now pushing seventeen.She doesn t think about suicide any but she remains hurt, angry and lonesome an outcast, of sorts, because she is one of the fat family When Beau Gales registers at her school Baboon High, in Rylee s mind she sees him as fresh meat for the school bullies to torture, thus taking some of the pressure off her.But Beau turns out to be quite a guy He has managed to have [...]

    15. Rylee is.t just muffin top fat Oh, no, no, my friends I mean I stopped weighing after I reached two hundred and thirty pounds Rusty to her classmates, Rylee is tortured every day in the mean way kids can be kicking her books down the hall, stepping on her hand Beau comes to Seattle from another state As a gay student he is also tortured, even beaten up, then blamed for the incident by the homophobic principal Leonie looks for attention from anyone Even if it means sexual favors from any boy at s [...]

    16. It s bad enough being smart or fat in a high school with known bullying issues, Rusty Winters is both It s even worse to be gay, which is unfortunate for new kid Beau Gales When Beau arrives, Rusty s first thought is relief when she thinks the school might have someone else to target for a while But when Rusty and Beau become fast friends, it hits her hard when Beau s bullying escalates to a beating on his way home Rusty and fellow misfit Leonie readily agree to follow Beau when he decides to ru [...]

    17. With a terrific narrator she is the vigorous glue that holds this book together and with echoes of The Wizard of Oz three kids bullied beyond belief head out to find one of the kid s uncles who, he believes, will give him the heart to live and to find a true and real home.But each of the kids is looking for something bullied out of their lives, and thus they come to that city of acceptance, San Francisco, to discover answers that will at least begin to solve their dilemmas.Do they You re going t [...]

    18. I have picked this one up and set it down a few times now I feel so guilty setting it aside because it hits on the serious issue of bullying, self worth, and I totally respect the author for tackling these subjects.Unfortunately, I m struggling It s a social commentary so than a story so far in the pages that I ve read I wanted story I also am not in the right frame of mind for something so heavy I know that is the authenticity of the piece because bullying does make life ugly and horrid to l [...]

    19. I wanted to love this book, I really did It had all the makings of a really great YA novel A good, compelling story Characters I loved well, up to the point that the author turned them into her own preachy puppets.There were plenty of annoyances that I could overlook even the OTT teen vernacular BUT, then the author went and messed it all up with heavy handed sermons and preaching I loved the main characters I loved The Bomb I loved Frankie and Oscar But I absolutely loathe the way the author re [...]

    20. An Advanced Reading Copy of Beau, Lee, The Bomb Me by Marry McKinley was generously provided to me via NetGalley in exchange for honest review.This book is literally about the title a boy named Beau, a girl named Lee, a dog called The Bomb and Me by Me I mean another girl named Rusty It s about bullying that being written descriptively, I can feel the shame that these teenagers feels What a sad fact that today s bullying can be this harsh or maybe even harsher I don t understand why Anyway, what [...]

    21. I was extremely disappointed with this book I had high expectations, which after a rather promising beginning fell quickly by the wayside.Rylee aka Rusty is an extremely overweight carrot topped high school girl who is used to being a loner, when she meets Beau, a new boy at school who is nice Soon, along with her only other friend Leonie, the three become inseparable through their shared loneliness and ostracized status From here, the book descends quickly After Beau is designated as being gay, [...]

    22. I received a digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Thanks to Mary McKinley, Kensington and Netgalley A copy of this review is posted on my blog, too flyingbookpages.wordpressBelieve me, I tried I love discovering good books and the privilege to read awesome books in advance is just so overwhelming and I rarely DNF a book sigh This is the second book that I DNF ed this year If you read my review for Me and Earl and the Dying Girl , you know why I don t DNF a book And I honest [...]

    23. This was just an okay book for me, one that I probably would not have finished if it weren t an ARC The premise is familiar teenage bullying far extreme than many of us have ever experienced I m not saying this worst case scenario doesn t happen, but it just seemed a bit clich d And of course the band of misfits in this tale find each other, seek each other out for comfort and solace I m not sure why this one didn t connect with me I felt the dialogue was a bit too forced, a bit too sarcastic a [...]

    24. Targeted towards the Teen YA audience, we are immediately launched into the main character recapping what happened in the previous book The voice of Rylie is full on teenager and is very wearing I also felt that most of this didn t need to be included However, the verbal explosion calms down eventually and we begin to see the warm hearted if impulsive person Rylie is She is also fiercely protective of her friends and the book deals with LGBT issues and the overriding message throughout is one of [...]

    25. I received this as an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Okay, where to start What didn t I like Could it be that we had not one, but maybe 5 overheard, one sided phone conversations Could it be that the author felt the need to type out Hahahaha hehehehe in the actual dialog And have characters actually say omg Could it be the immediate, instant friendship suddenly struck up between these three people The long paragraphs of dialog that only serve as lectures or Important Convers [...]

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