The Ghost Network #2020

The Ghost Network Catie Disabato The Ghost Network Rainbow Rowell s Fangirl for adults written with a penchant for old maps and undocumented th century explorers For literary readers with a taste for suspense two women hunt for a missing pop star a

  • Title: The Ghost Network
  • Author: Catie Disabato
  • ISBN: 9781612194349
  • Page: 116
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Ghost Network Catie Disabato Rainbow Rowell s Fangirl for adults, written with a penchant for old maps and undocumented 15th century explorers For literary readers with a taste for suspense two women hunt for a missing pop star and become ensnared in her secret society, following clues through the dark underbelly of Chicago.A frightening, whip smart adventure through Chicago that begins when a pop sRainbow Rowell s Fangirl for adults, written with a penchant for old maps and undocumented 15th century explorers For literary readers with a taste for suspense two women hunt for a missing pop star and become ensnared in her secret society, following clues through the dark underbelly of Chicago.A frightening, whip smart adventure through Chicago that begins when a pop star, Molly Metropolis, disappears before a major performance And two young women who set out to find her At first, the mystery of her disappearance is a lighthearted scavenger hunt until they both realize that they re in greater danger than they could have ever imagined.
    The Ghost Network Catie Disabato

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      116 Catie Disabato
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    1. Enormous fun a faux academic text true crime account, replete with footnotes, about the disappearance of a fictional pop star, that takes numerous detours into various ideas, conspiracies, and subplots It s ostensibly the story of Molly Metropolis a very Lady Gaga esque figure going missing, closely followed by a fan who was looking for her, music journalist Caitlin Taer, but it spins off into an exploration of situationism, psychogeography, and Chicago s public transport system Admittedly the e [...]

    2. I don t know whose bright idea it was to describe this as Fangirl for adults, because that is absolutely one of the most misguided comparisons I can imagine That s like watching Inception and describing it as The Breakfast Club for adults They re not really the same thing at all, except that they re both stories told in the same medium Just wildly different stories, that s all So if you came to this book expecting an adult version of Fangirl, you are going to be incredibly disappointed That s a [...]

    3. There have been novels that mask themselves as nonfiction kind of like mockumentary films for a long time, but the genre has never really taken off This book shows a lot of the pros and cons that come with this style The subject matter a Lady Gaga esque pop star who disappears doesn t require this kind of format, but it s not a bad choice when you have a character who s heavily invested in research Especially if it s obscure art and philosophy and cartography, like you have here When your plot i [...]

    4. I have so many feels about this book Are we allowed to still say feels in 2015 Ah, who cares I have them Any book that takes me this long to read because the fictional elements blend so seamlessly with the actual historical anecdotes that I end up lost on reading about the too crazy to believe it was real life reality is going to be one of my lifetime favorites Combine that with LGBTQA main characters and a pop culture laden plot and I am completely and totally 100% smitten.I was hooked from pag [...]

    5. I have complicated feelings about this The premise is great, and the story, when focused on the characters and the mystery, is excellent The story of Molly Metropolis is wonderful, and the created history is interesting However, the format of the book Disabato filling in the manuscript for her deceased mentor, Cyrus K Archer allows her to extend tangents well beyond the point of interest for me, at least I feel confident that now I know which niche interests take up space in Disabato s mind.For [...]

    6. This book is mostly ok but if you re going to write a book about popular music, get your facts straight There was one glaring error a little over half way through that caused me to quit reading Early David Bowie is the late 60s early 70s not the early 80s and Ziggy Stardust is most definitely not synth pop Sorry, I couldn t keep reading, there are too many books out there.

    7. I wanted to love this book its description piqued my interest as a puzzling plot that would tap a Westing Game vein Instead, The Ghost Network is an homage to the amount of research Disabato did on a seemingly obscure French philosophy Why Disabato is interested in Situationist theory, I don t know, but the book reads very much as though it s her fascination we re following and not really Molly s.The journalistic approach Disabato takes is uneven her footnotes are sometimes presented academicall [...]

    8. At first I was into it The whole larger than life pop star goes missing thing was fun enough and kept me engaged for the first hundred pages or so.Then I got a little lost trying to keep track of all the Situationist mythology and the consistently growing cast of characters with silly names But I was still sort of enjoying it, so I kept reading.Towards end, I felt like every paragraph read something like this Nix and Taer thought Molly didn t like Nix even though Ali said that Peaches thought Mo [...]

    9. Framed in the style of an academic treatise, this book tells the story of the disappearance of Molly Metropolis, world famous pop star, and the people who get lost trying to find her.The concept of this book is really interesting, and I love books that are told in an unconventional fashion butThe Ghost Networkjust got caught up in dull tangents on, for example, the invented philosophy that fascinates Molly I think this book would have been much engaging if it had actually shown the documents th [...]

    10. review by j This wasn t my cup of tea I got too lost in the extra facts the author threw in And the ending It Was Terrible All of that adventure for THAT ending I don t want to spoil anything, but the ending of the last chapter certainly had me wondering why I bothered to finish reading the epilogue, where you find the real ending And I feel like the Sable Island thread wasn t wrapped up as neatly as the others It was really well written, I just ended up losing myself in the fact dumps the autho [...]

    11. I can not even begin to describe how awful this book was First I will give the props it deserves It was well written, lots of facts The author really gives you exactly what she intends She wants to give you a book that felt real, that made you want to look up on the internet to see if perhaps this work of fiction you were sure was fiction, might just not be so fictional after all She does that She achieves her goal.but that is all she does I hated this book It was less story and just a bunch of [...]

    12. I ve read good reviews of this book but once I started reading it, I had a love hate relationship with it It s too gimmicky I m just plain tired of modern books that have too many product placement mentions in them I m looking at you, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series Where d You Go, Bernadette and even Mr Penumbra s 24 Hour Bookstore Sure, sometimes the product mentions fit the story, but they were well overused in the 75 pages I read in this particular book The concept sounded neat, but I fou [...]

    13. My reading of this book could be charted as a sharp swing up and then a slow and sad decline On the one hand, yes, this is ingenious, original, and full of exciting notions a missing pop star, psychogeography, a true crime thriller hiding in a novel but I think it collapsed under its own promise I was waiting for the big reveal, the pay off after all this meticulous research, fake or not But the book sort of just ended A good book, but not as good as I d hoped.

    14. You are either a fiction book or you are not You either want to include the information cite or yo don t None of the cites added to the narrative It went on tirades of information that did not move the plot or explain the motives Why put websites in the footnotes if they don t exist If you are going to take the extra step take it all the way, make the website facebook post It was a total disappointment I had to force myself to finish.

    15. Loved the Chicago Loved the Situationists Really didn t love other parts But didn t dare put it down either Sometimes you try a crazy recipe and it isn t nearly as good as you thought it would be but you re still full.

    16. This took me foreeeeeeeevvvvvveeeeeer to read Technically sound, imaginative, and clever, but sweet baby Jesus is it a long set up for the payoff So the premise is that a megafamous pop star styled after Lady Gaga disappears in the middle of her tour, and several months later a fan of hers disappears is presumed dead in a boating accident in Lake Michigan, and a professor starts writing a nonfiction book about the disappearances, but then he dies and leaves his research to a former student so th [...]

    17. Disclosure I m friends with the author But don t let that influence your reading of my review, you know.This is a really fascinating book At times it s almost too convincing as a work of nonfiction I thought it was most successful when it allowed itself to get immersed in the story Still, it s the sort of book that has you asking over and over again Wait that for real The breadth of the material the book cover is pretty incredible, too Guy Debord and the Situationists, modern pop stardom, cartog [...]

    18. I tried reading this during one of the most stressful times of my life It s the third book I ve put down in as many weeks, and I must confess to the author the truth Catie, it s not you it s me I can t stick with anything right now because I m so distracted with life Please accept my apology The beginning was promising and intriguing, and I felt like I was being introduced to a secret underground society I think this will be a lot of fun for people who are able to concentrate on anything for th [...]

    19. I absolutely loved every single second of this Footnote the person who described this as Fangirl for adults clearly has never read either book.

    20. I get how this is not really for everyone, and the narrative premise is somewhat overly complicated and the pacing jumpy But I unsurprisingly really enjoyed the urban and spatial philosophizing, and the obsessing over transit and spatial representation.

    21. I wanted to like it I really did It looked like it was going to be great roots in philosophy, unresolved mysteries with odd connections, seemingly interesting characters, etc However, it wound up dragging on and I just didn t care enough about the characters or having a plot interesting enough to make me want to continue reading.

    22. Let s be clear here, this is not Fangirl for adults While there are certain aspects of Fangirl spread throughout this story, much of this story deals with Situationism and quite frankly trains This story will go on for pages at a time about train systems in Chicago which I found rather dull However, I loved how the story centered on a fake lady Gaga like singer who has gone missing Additionally, the multiple layers of the story with how Caitie is telling cyrus s story who is telling Taer s story [...]

    23. I may have liked the idea of this book better than the actual book itself It s about a conspiracy on that later involving a pop star clearly intended to be a stand in for Lady Gaga, which was a pip , and old public transportation maps of Chicago what s not to like So it should be pretty much rocking, but it was the kind of book where the entire time I was reading, I wanted to argue with it.First, it uses that device that I think I am just about finished with, of having the book be a draft manus [...]

    24. I feel like this book was the liberal version of Atlas Shrugged A group of avant garde people who call themselves Situationists, but detest and refute the title Situationists because to have a title or to be known makes them too mainstreamed They are a step above avant garde and seek a world that is full of playful aesthetics with no boundariesnstantly evolving depending on the situation of the moment Their goal is to build New Babylon, the perfect Situationist city The story is written like a r [...]

    25. This intricate debut thriller is a mixture of conspiracy theory, esoteric history and philosophy both of Chicago and in general , and commentary on celebrity and pop culture The set up here is that a writer named Catie Disabato is publishing with her own notes a previously completed manuscript by another journalist name Cyrus Archer Archer s manuscript is about the disappearance of a pop star named Molly Metropolis and one of her biggest fans efforts to find her But only a few months into the se [...]

    26. I wanted to like this novel despite the fact that the Chicago details, meant to add an aura of verisimilitude, were of questionable accuracy If you were to Google the phrase Miracle Mile Chicago , you would have done research into the city s geography than Disabato did And I m not sure whose biography of Samuel Insull the author skimmed through before inserting him as a historical character in her work was it by David Barton, Michael Bellesiles, or James Frey Nevertheless, I carried on until I [...]

    27. Man, what to say about this book First off, the conceit is interesting, and I applaud the author for trying something new the book is framed like a report on things that really happened to people who actually exist Disabato claims she s finishing the manuscript that her former professor, Cyrus Archer, started There are references to real life people and bands that make the fiction blend right in having one person rep both Molly Metropolis and Miley Cyrus for example, or by talking about the succ [...]

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