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2076 Stephen G. Mitchell All systems have failed The seas have risen the skies have darkened and the American Midwest has become a desert A handful of corporations own and operate the country and food is used as a means of o

  • Title: 2076
  • Author: Stephen G. Mitchell
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  • Page: 284
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • 2076 Stephen G. Mitchell All systems have failed The seas have risen, the skies have darkened and the American Midwest has become a desert A handful of corporations own and operate the country and food is used as a means of oppression The year is 2074 America is now a third world nation and China, with its prosperous and burgeoning middle class, is the leader of the Free World Against this baAll systems have failed The seas have risen, the skies have darkened and the American Midwest has become a desert A handful of corporations own and operate the country and food is used as a means of oppression The year is 2074 America is now a third world nation and China, with its prosperous and burgeoning middle class, is the leader of the Free World Against this backdrop, a devastating raid by the wealthy ruling class on a stronghold of rebels fighting against the system inadvertently unites two enemies in a forbidden love that threatens to tear their worlds apart Carlin Pheney, a decorated military pilot and member of the upper class, is captured by Aelena Hall, a veteran leader of the food wars Together, they become fugitives on the run from a military industrial complex headed by Carlin s father Aided by strangers and betrayed by friends, they are swept up in an unstoppable global catastrophe When Aelena is captured and thrown into the Federal Torture Chamber on Guantanamo Island, Carlin devises a desperate plan for her impossible escape from the water bound prison Mystery and suspense pursue the two lovers across the oceans and around the world to a wild and newborn land Here, if they hope to survive, they must face a terrible battle to colonize a new America and give birth to a nation In the tradition of literature with science fiction and political overtones that includes Nineteen Eighty Four, Brave New World and Fahrenheit 451 comes one of the best new books of the year, the dystopian thriller 2076 A Revolutionary Tale a book about a tomorrow ruled by the plutocrats of today.
    2076 Stephen G. Mitchell

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      284 Stephen G. Mitchell
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    1. I did not win this book on , but I did win Stephen Mitchell s, A Cure to Die For A Medical Thriller on and absolutely LOVED it Stephen Mitchell was kind enough, after I reviewed, A Cure to Die For A Medical Thriller , to have a copy of this book sent to me and what can I say Stephen Mitchell has done it again This story, 2076 All Systems Have Failed, A Revolutionary Tale , is told from the two main characters , Aelena and Carlin, points of view The basic premise is the haves and the have nots in [...]

    2. So it definitely didn t take me as long to read this book as it did to write the review Mitchell first hooked me with his medical thriller, A Cure to Die For 2076 follows and I can say with certainty that I m a fan for life I feel like all of the futuristic story lines have been done before While Mitchell may revisit them, he puts his fresh spin on them and creates something new and exciting Carlin and Aelena are your modern day star crossed lovers who find themselves banding together against Ca [...]

    3. 2076 portrays America as a third world country and China is the leader of the world Just a few corporations exist and food is used as a means of oppression.Alena Hall is a SERF who is undercover in the Pheney estate home She has her fat suit on as SERFs are usually fat because of the FASTFED foods manufactured by the Pheney Farms Only the WALLED INS get real food She is at a festivity held in the Pheney home to celebrate the upcoming nuptials of Carlin Pheney and Taylor Paulson Fuld Taylor s fat [...]

    4. Here is another going on my favorites shelf If you like dystopian novels then this is a must read The characters are realistic and inspiring Aelena Hall is a force to be reckoned with and I love a strong female character Carlin Pheney is the guy you love to hate but he shows us all how to buck the system and correct our wrongs The story is told from each of their perspectives and I have to say it was a creative way to write the novel This book is full of greed, hostility, fraud, politics, myster [...]

    5. I don t usually read books like these, mainly for the fact that I prefer the young adult romance genre This book was a great exception to my preference, though I hesitated from reading this book because I thought it would drag on like many other books outside of my reading spectrum I was wrong about that, because from the first page to the last it went by too quickly The book is developed so well and the characters keep you guessing their next actions I ve read other books by this author, and I [...]

    6. I am so conflicted by this book I enjoy Mitchell s writing very much but find a lot of things about this book very off putting Let me explainThe premise of this book is interesting a futuristic America that has spun wildly out of control Famines and other environmental changes have led to food shortages, leaving food enough only for the elitist walled ins Lower class SERFS must eat FASTFED, a disgusting yet addicting synthetic food But there are a group of rebels who fight the walled ins and ste [...]

    7. Recently finished reading 2076 A Revolutionary Tale by Stephen G Mitchell This book takes place in, obviously, the year 2076 The United States now known as the United Territories has crumbled into a totalitarian monarchy, with the typical haves and have nots The novel follows Aelena Hall, one of the main figures in an underground militant group in the have not camp This group is fighting to maintain their freedom and livelihood against the ruling class The Walled Ins, who are the aristocracy tha [...]

    8. Me debato entre 1 y 2 estrellas porque la idea me parece buena, una distop a utilizando todo lo que estamos padeciendo actualmente a manos del neoliberalismo y las buenas intenciones pero falta de organizaci n e ideas de la socialdemocracia El autor conoce las m s famosas historias de la ciencia ficci n que tocan estos temas y las referencias son constantes, pero ah se acaba lo bueno.La novela es inconexa, quiere abarcar tanto que aprieta poco, y se convierte en un cumulo de situaciones epis dic [...]

    9. 2076, All Systems Have FailedA Revolutionary TaleAuthor Stephen G Mitchell The Storyline of the book is written from the perspective of each of the main characters, Aelena Hall and Carlin Pheney The Tale opens with a very dramatic event in which Aelena is the focus The story starts off with a BOOM, and continues on to give the reader a glimpse of a dystopian society where the United States has devolved into a United Territories The society is divided sharply in two opposing lifestyles, the elite [...]

    10. Hmmmm I don t know what to say, except WOW 2076 is a vision of our future, but we are really seeing the ground work today in society Stephen created an adventure between the Half s Walled Ins the Half Not s SERF S and Mother Nature stepping in to lend a hand.In 2076 the Walled Ins are the privileged class that control everything, while the SERF s are the commoners that are forced to eat FASTFED synthetic food, which isn t good for you and be the labor force for the privileged A band of SERF s le [...]

    11. First, let me start off by saying that I received this prior to release after giving a review for Mr Mitchell s prior book.Where to start Mitchell s books are hard to nail down when trying to decide what genre they should be grouped in 2076 is an action adventure love story with a little suspense thrown in It s a fiction book with a lot of topics that could easily be covered in a non fiction, such as war, income inequality, and human rights Having said that, it was a good story with likable char [...]

    12. The price of food is going up right now Imagine what it will cost in sixty years Keep in mind all the damage being done by fracking, pollution, abuse of natural resources, political corruption, the mindless greed of the haves vs the have not s and the way mother nature with her arsenal of earthquakes and hurricanes seems to have turned on us This is 2076 This is a United States that is now a third world country This isn t just a really good dystopian novel, it s a window into a possible future f [...]

    13. Thank you Stephen Mitchell for another great book Aelena Hall and Carlin Pheney are the main characters in this thrilling, fast paced futuristic novel, 2076, A Revolutionary Tale You re lead through the struggles that these characters face after the world is almost completely destroyed by humanities inability to care for our planet The food supply has almost completely been destroyed and chemicals are being used to alter what food supply is left America is now being destroyed by natural and unna [...]

    14. 2076 A Revolutionary Tale by Stephen G Mitchell is a first read win and I m giving my honest opinion I don t know what I expected when I started this book, but what I got took my breath away I read it as fast as I could to see what was going to happen next It had quite a few twists and turns and harrowing incidents If you like a futuristic thriller, then you ll enjoy this book It starts off with Aalena Hall, a serf and revolutionary This future has the walled ins, the privledged class and the se [...]

    15. The world is in total chaos disaster The US is a 3rd rate country at best China has taken over for the most part Commander Carlin Pheney piolet is captured by Aelena Hall terrorist, assassin, thief, food wars General Arcos Pheney Carlin father is CEO of Kilburton, arms maker military supplier Aelena blows up his house is later held Federal Torture Chamber FTC in Guantanamo Bay.Commander Carlin Pheney must now devise a scheme to get her out of there Can Carlin get Aelena freed What will happen ne [...]

    16. Stephen G Mitchell has done it again He has the greatest imagination ever The protagonists were feisty red headed, Ailena and decorated military pilot, Carlin Pheney Carlin was a leader in the upper class Walled in s , and Ailena was a commoner and leader of the Serf s Written with two narrators, Ailena, then Carlin, was an interesting way to spin this exciting Science Fiction thriller, based on the future with a smidgeon of political overtones.General Arcos Pheney, CEO of Kilburton, arms maker [...]

    17. Stephen Mitchell s latest book is part thrilling adventure, part love story and part socio political comment The year is 2074 and few Corporations control the country the land has been laid waste by global warming and fracking for oil and gas which polluted the great aquifer underlying the American food basket in the Midwest, now a desert society is divided into the Walled Ins, those few of privilege and power, and the S.E.R.F.S who are paid a pittance to toil for the Walled Ins while barely exi [...]

    18. Jump into the future.Read Stephen G Mitchell thriller 2076 ARevolutionary Tale See what could be the future hold Mitchell covers a lot of social issues poverty, inequality, abuse of human rights, suppression, hunger ,determination, the battle forhuman rights, caring of the people for the environment and thepower of people caring of for each other.The book is written with the two main characters narrating the chapters It is all presented from the point of view of either Aelena Hall, a SERF a comm [...]

    19. From the first page I was drawn in to the Battle as part of their survival to set off a bomb This Revolutionary tale of government wealthy gone bad is beyond the term one to rule them all Watching people starve and herded like cattle to the slaughter for the benefit of the rich is unsettling while the forgotten society works for pennies I hate to use the word freedom fighters but they fight for real food then flee the scene to keep their freedom from the oppressors who care nothing for anyone ot [...]

    20. I thoroughly enjoyed this entertaining novel a great read I was hooked at the end of the first chapter.2076 is a dystopian science fiction thriller but leaves the reader with both a sense of hope and perhaps thoughtful approach to current issues.There is a lot of action throughout the novel and the main characters, Aelena and Carlin, are strong, vibrant Swashbuckling types The good guys are lovable and the bad guys hateful The descriptions in places were so vivid, I found myself almost smelling [...]

    21. Author Stephen Mitchell is definitely a writer that I will continue to follow I really enjoyed and recommended his first book A Cure to Die For But this book, 2076 ,is even better than his first one, which wasn t easy to do 2076 describes a future world where Corporations rule the country The wealthy have it all and control the masses by the specially processed food that is given to rest of the population and isn t even fit for human consumption Groups of rebels exist throughout the country who [...]

    22. The dystopian near future of 2076 is laid bare in two alternately voiced viewpoints that allow the reader to glimpse the world of the super rich WALLED INS who have confiscated everything for themselves, leaving most of humanity to scratch and scrape in order to survive Is it any wonder the SERFS are revolting Here is a system so broken that those who would fix it have no choice but to begin again And, at the same time, here is the beginning of change of love of hope of rebirth.2076 is a revo [...]

    23. 2076 A Revolutionary Tale is another exciting thriller by Stephen G Mitchell Fast paced, action packed, and thought provoking, this novel leaves a clear picture of where our country is headed should we fail to appreciate the dangers of global warming, fracking and chemically altered food supplies With the way some of our government officials refuse to accept the science of our world, I could easily see this cautionary work of fiction becoming a frightening reality That being said, I loved the ch [...]

    24. what did i think well, i think i d like to have had this book go on for another however many pages didn t want it to end i got so involved with the characters that they seemed real to me hated to see the book end really wished there was love aelena she is strong and quite capable of taking care of herself but, she becomes when she falls in love with carlin at first, i wasn t sure i liked carlin but, once he fell in love with aelena he became the man he was meant to be all along i loved it beca [...]

    25. I received this book from the author in return for an honest review.I really enjoyed this novel, it was very engaging and action packed Carlin Pheney, a decorated military pilot and member of the upper class, is tired of killing and of the life that his father is foisting upon him Aelena Hall is a rebel who doesn t believe in the way the world is being ruled by the wealthy and the deplorable conditions that the rest of the people are in They meet when Aelena bombs the house of Carlin s father He [...]

    26. I really enjoyed this book It switches between being told by the 2 main characters, Aelena and Carlin, allowing us to get a really good feel for both characters The majority of the characters are well developed and I really fell for a few of them Klops is one of my favorites 2076 A Revolutionary tale is a story set in the year 2076, mostly in the U.S which is now UTA Due to poor choices and bad weather, most of the land has stopped producing food The walled ins the rich buy what little food ther [...]

    27. Mr Mitchell does it again The book begins with a BAM, catching the reader s interest with the first written words 2076 is a great read with an amazing story line and kick ass characters It is a fast paced novel filed with action, adventure, romance and suspense After reading Mr Mitchell s previous novel, I can truly say that he is a amazing author after every word.2076 is a must read dystopian novel It focuses on a not to distant future where the world is dominated by corporations 2076 focuses [...]

    28. Another excellent book By Stephen G Mitchell A revolution has come and in the year 2076 there is the wealthy and the poor The poor are being fed synthetic food that is making them overweight and unhealthy The rich look on the like parasites and treat them as slaves As one young girl takes on the challenge to take down their general she meets his son and changes all of their lives as the house comes tumbling down around them from her bomb In that instance everything changes, she begins to run for [...]

    29. I received this book as an advance copy from the publisher as a result of a generous offer from the author after having reviewed his previous book Thanks After having consumed the better part of my weekend with this book, I commend Mr Mitchell s command of word usage in this novel His words enveloped me, body and soul, into the storyline.I highly recommend this book to other fans of the dystopia novel My weekend was swept away in explosions, eruptions, warfare, and the quest to bring out change [...]

    30. I got this book as a gift from the Author and what a great ride, I really enjoyed it It had me hooked from page one with plenty of action, suspense, romance and interesting characters Stephen Mitchell painted a very vivid picture of a future, that I hope will not come to fruition, from the point of view of the 2 main characters I think the story would lend itself to have a sequel written about it, I for one would like to see how the future would develop from here In the meantime lets make sure t [...]

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