Final Incal #2020

Final Incal Alejandro Jodorowsky Ladrönn Mœbius Final Incal Jodorowsky and M bius s internationally bestselling Sci Fi saga THE INCAL comes to its phenomenal finale Visionary storyteller Jodorowsky returns to the epic mythology he created with the late M bius

  • Title: Final Incal
  • Author: Alejandro Jodorowsky Ladrönn Mœbius
  • ISBN: 9781594650864
  • Page: 359
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Final Incal Alejandro Jodorowsky Ladrönn Mœbius Jodorowsky and M bius s internationally bestselling Sci Fi saga THE INCAL comes to its phenomenal finale Visionary storyteller Jodorowsky returns to the epic mythology he created with the late M bius over 30 years ago This volume concludes the spiritual space adventures of everyman, John DiFool, as the universe faces the threat of an all devouring metallic virus The limJodorowsky and M bius s internationally bestselling Sci Fi saga THE INCAL comes to its phenomenal finale Visionary storyteller Jodorowsky returns to the epic mythology he created with the late M bius over 30 years ago This volume concludes the spiritual space adventures of everyman, John DiFool, as the universe faces the threat of an all devouring metallic virus The limited numbered book is presented in a slipcase and contains the complete 3 volume series Final Incal illustrated by Eisner winning artist Ladr nn Cable, Hip Flask, Elephantmen , as well as the original, unfinished After the Incal drawn by M bius 1 volume.
    Final Incal Alejandro Jodorowsky Ladrönn Mœbius

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      359 Alejandro Jodorowsky Ladrönn Mœbius
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    One thought on “Final Incal”

    1. This is difficult to review, if you have the current one with After the Incal you can see the story start twice once with Moebius and once with Ladronn Jodorowsky s Incal stories got and relatable in time, particularly when he wrote the Before the Incal, which, while still have some objectively laughable dialogue, did give you far consistent characters than Incal itself It also contextualized The Incal in a way that made its themes clearer Both the Moebius and Ladronn versions of the story pi [...]

    2. Final Incal begins where we left John DiFool, falling down the shaft of the great city of Terra 2014 towards an acid lake, his cosmic encounters forgotten He s rescued by plasma shooting giant bugs and informed of a new universal conflict The great black Bentacodon, a horrible energy vampire, is conspiring with the Prezident of Terra 2014 to release a horrible plague, killing all organic life and forcing the survivors into metal bodies DiFool meets up with Elohim, a glowing white archangel who i [...]

    3. This is the third volume as currently published in this series and is both the best and the worst of the three What makes it the best The art is amazing, in my opinion it is better than Moebius work But the downside to the art is that they tried too hard to cram too much story into every panel Many of the panels, especially later in the story are giant landscapes and environmental images with the featured characters as tiny specs Maybe this was intended to be done in a way that emphasized some h [...]

    4. The Final Incal is the last book in Jodorowsky s Incal Trilogy.This book, lavishly illustrated by Ladronn is visual wonder to behold Every panel is jaw droppingly amazing I continually wondered how the artist managed to cram so much detail into each page and still maintain the manic production pace needed for publication.My only quibble is that Jodorowsky s pacing is relentless and never lets up The story is frenetic and action packed from beginning to end I continually wished for a page with a [...]

    5. Just amazing, the art is amazing the story is amazing I messed up and read out of order, but that is okay Pretty sure I am going to be John Difool for Halloween There aren t just good guys and bad guys in life Human beings cannot be defined or labeled We don t have limits, but we create limits for ourselves that we call ego, and that are erected by family, society, and culture They shut you up in a straitjacket and teach you to believe that you re supposed to be just like that.

    6. So weird Jodorowsky is totally demented, and if you read this with an open mind it is a real trip The plot moves at a ridiculous pace he rips through ideas on politics, religion, war, sexuality, and in the span of a couple pages The art brings all of his wacky ideas to life, and the detail in each panel is unreal I wish they could make a scifi movie with even a quarter of the weird stuff in the Incal series Very good conclusion to this series.

    7. Happy to return to this indescribable universe, but sad to see the updated art Totally a stylistic preference, but I much prefer Moebius s flat, bold colors That Kanye West epigraph though yes I guess now I actually have to watch Holy Mountain but I m all out of shrooms.

    8. I ve always loved Mobius work and illustrator Ladronn is a worthy successor Howevernd of wish I was acquainted with the original Incal series from the 1980 s.

    9. 70s era brains come back to life in the 4th movie to rescue whales by time traveling still manages to be unafraid to swim with the things.

    10. Posljednje poglavlje u SF sagi o Inkalu detektivu Johnu Difoolu je pred nama, posljednja spiritualna borba svjetla protivu mraka odnosno meha protivu biosa John Difool e kona no spoznati ultimativnu istinu preporo enja i ljubavi dok e se paralelni svemiri do i u stvarnu opasnost eliminacije svega ivoga u obliku nezaustavljivog ivo dernog virusa Ali ne i dok je Inkal u srca pravi nih, a Elohim, mehaklon svjetla na strani dobra Meso e nadja ati ne ivo, opstati kad vi e ne bude bilo nade Jedina opa [...]

    11. Jodorowsky keeps on coming back to the Incal This is hardly a surprise as it s been his most successful title although Incal spin off the Metabarons has probably appeared in media incarnations In Final Incal, the multiverse is in danger when an evil machine intelligence creates a plague and the only defence is to convert everyone into a robot Three iterations of John DiFool all meet up between universes, in the hunt for their lover, Luz, and the means to save the multiverse from destruction But [...]

    12. Everytime I m reading an Incal collection, there s a point where I recognize the elliptical manner of the storytelling, and I wonder if the story will still feel new and original It always does Ladronn is not Moebius, but I don t think it s totally fair to compare It s absolutely beautiful in its own way, and I like how each of these volumes has its own uniquely beautiful aesthetic interpretation of Moebius work on the original run The only major critique I have here is the lettering I can t rem [...]

    13. Loved the art from both Ladronn and Moebius However, the parts that Moebius did were promising than Ladronn s, storywise I think this would be a stronger volume in the Incal series if Moebius had done this entire piece I don t really like that Jodo decicided that the Incal was a dream I don t think it really makes sense especially since Animah appeared at the end of Metabarons to have No name take care of Solune However I do like that there was a conclusion to the Luz de Garra John diFool love [...]

    14. Nie jestem obiektywny, bo w a ciwy Incal to jeden z komiks w wszech czas w Znikn a gdzie ca a ta symboliczna, uniwersalna wymowa pierwszej cz ci tu jest po prostu przygodowa fabu a o walce dobra ze z em, maszyn z ywymi organizmami, zwyci stwie mi o ci i tego typu dawno wyeksploatowane schematy Ladronn jest wietnym rysownikiem wi c warto nawet dla samych plansz , ale jest bardzo szczeg owy i dos owny, co si troch komponuje z tym co napisa em wy ej o braku jakiej wi kszej g bii Z kolei kreska Moeb [...]

    15. After The Incal, I got for comparison The Final Incal Same space opera, similar grandiose ideas, but a lot mystical and almost zero satire Looks like tge replacement of Moebius, who was a creative genius on par with Alejandro Jodorowski, with L nnbron left the tension between gods and mere mortals imbalanced in other words, this Jodoverse is filled with gods fighting and lacks the finesse of The Incal The graphics are also disappointing, in that they are merely good, whereas Moebius work is fan [...]

    16. Definitely enjoyed this, and it felt very consistent with the version of the universe of the Incal that exists in my head I feel like the artwork, while very high quality, just doesn t evoke the same feeling or character as the non digital art in the earlier comics, but that is hardly a complaint I d be very interested to see Moebius original art for the discontinued version, which unfortunately wasn t included in this volume.

    17. The art is amazing, and 5 stars on its own for sure It s the only reason I m giving this 4 The story is schlak and is probably 2 5 at best Too many themes and concepts that just make it all a big mess I wish a decent story was set in this world with this art it would be amazing As it is, the subpar story, writing and characters brings it down Too bad.

    18. If you haven t read the original Incal, read it It is amazing This isn t almost as good, largely because the art isn t by Moebius, but it s still good There is no reason at all to read it if you haven t read the Incal, and if you have, you know if you want to read this or not, so there s not much to say.

    19. Kovasti mentiin vauhdikkaasti joka suuntaan, mutta perille ei oikein p sty koskaan.Ladr nn tosin yll tti mieluisasti Oikein hyv ja sujuvaa j lke sek rujoa niiss kohdissa, miss rujoa tarvittiin.

    20. Final Incal is actually rather unnecessary, it follows John Difool to recover his memory again and finding Luz while the galaxy is facing an epidemic It has nice artwork but the story itself was quite preposterous.

    21. Ladr n art and colours 5 5Jodorwsky s story 4 5y if you like the Jodoverse as a whole though.

    22. Misma nota que en la anterior x lo que creo que te pasar lo mismo, si te gust o no, esta es lo mismo pr cticamente, quiz s un poco peor pero pr cticamente inapreciable el cambio

    23. Alejandro Jodorowsky s metaphysical space opera comes to a suitably epic, if somewhat rushed, conclusion Spectacular artwork by Jose Ladronn.

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