Monte Vista Village #2020

Monte Vista Village Lynn Lamb Monte Vista Village Imagine The apocalypse would you survive I m Laura and I survived global nuclear war When I walked out into the devastated landscape I didn t find zombies witches or vampires what I found was infin

  • Title: Monte Vista Village
  • Author: Lynn Lamb
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 118
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Monte Vista Village Lynn Lamb Imagine The apocalypse would you survive I m Laura, and I survived global nuclear war When I walked out into the devastated landscape, I didn t find zombies, witches or vampires what I found was infinitely worse it was real Is this our reckoning Our tormentor is no longer the enemy it is what s left of the desperate earth My neighbors are starving and sick from tImagine The apocalypse would you survive I m Laura, and I survived global nuclear war When I walked out into the devastated landscape, I didn t find zombies, witches or vampires what I found was infinitely worse it was real Is this our reckoning Our tormentor is no longer the enemy it is what s left of the desperate earth My neighbors are starving and sick from the biochemicals in the air Our food, water and meds are running low Our only hope is to come together to stay alive Who will lead us to salvation Certainly not me Why would it be me The Army Colonel is driving me nuts Something is just not right there He should be the leader of the Village, not me Can my story have a happily ever after Can it have any kind of ever after
    Monte Vista Village Lynn Lamb

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      Lynn Lamb

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    1. The world they knew has been destroyed, but one woman seeks to bring people together for than mere survival.This story, written in diary style, is a post apocalyptic account of how a village sets about dealing with what is left after a devastating war Laura tells her story with heart.Some of it could be seen as too good to be true, however, not everything in the garden is rosy, and by the end spoilers from me.Well written, with realistic characters and some good lessons learned I, too, believe [...]

    2. I just could not finish this book By 30% I was so pissed off with the bad grammar and typos that I became frustrated and uninterested It spoiled what might have been a good story, I will never know.The characters are unbelievable and not fleshed out I could not picture anyone, I had no idea what anything looked like I also found it hard to believe that the main character became a kind of leader with such rambling thoughts.Note to authors, badly edited or unedited books will get bad reviews.

    3. Amazing and inspiring This is book one in the Survivor Diary Series I was caught immediately by the characters The first chapter made me cry Any book that can pull emotion from me in the first chapter has me hooked I can t wait to read of this series.

    4. Monte Vista Village is an engaging story that keeps your interest to the very end The characters are believable and you want to learn about them As an obsessive planner, I appreciated the details of how the main character set up the organization of the village, as well as the steps taken at the beginning to do what they could to protect themselves When I reached the end, I immediately went to find the next book in the series, which unfortunately has not been published yet I will be waiting.I ga [...]

    5. There are times when I pick up a book and it takes me by surprise The first book in the Survivor Diaries did just that Taking place in the California town of Monterey, the residents wait for the inevitable Cities across the East are getting attacked, not only by nukes, but my chemical weapons as well Preparing for the worse, a reluctant leader, Laura, pulls the community together After the attacks happen, Laura does her best to keep the residents calm, while fighting her own personal problems.It [...]

    6. This book is told from a dairy belonging to Laura As the story unfolds, readers are taken into the day to day struggle of the people who have survived the apocalypse The book is interesting and might just be a handy guide for a future any of us might be facing I found the book well written and the story believable, especially given the world we live in There are no zombies or the like in the futuristic look Instead readers can find a look at a scenario like fact than fiction and the struggles i [...]

    7. I only dropped a star because it finished too soon for me just when the action was really getting started Maybe I am just not a fan of series However this is an easy and gripping read in the dystopian genre If you are interested in preppers and the aftermath of nuclear conflict you will probably enjoy this I would rate it YA because there is nothing too gory in it despite the genre and the events A very enjoyable read that I wish had lasted longer oh, and the cover It s amazing.

    8. Its okay Pretty interesting some of the preparation details that are added in Don t really get that shocking vibe you have with most apocalypse stories, even the dropping of the bombs feels kinda ho hum.

    9. Monte Vista Village is a diary style of story which is set at a time that the world is in turmoil, and erupts into a nightmarish situation where nuclear, biological and chemical weapons are unleashed.Laura, the narrator, brilliantly steers the reader through the lull prior to the catastrophic event, the devastation of the attacks and then the uncertainty of living beyond this apocalyptic event.Not only do we experience the angst created by the uncertainty of the outside world, but we are treated [...]

    10. Ihave never read a post apostolic book before but I can honestly say I am hooked now The story is so real in the writing style that it could almost happen tomorrow.Things seemed so simple for Laura at one time and suddenly everything she knew or thought she knew was turned upside down She found a strength in her she did not know she had I felt as though I was with her during every sorrow, fear,triumph and tragedy Bringing family or friends together is one thing but to rise up to create a new lif [...]

    11. Laura has endured a worldwide nuclear powered warfare Predators, such as zombies, and monsters are the least of her worries Famine has stricken the land as well as biological warfare poisons Water, foodstuff, and medications are almost nil Who will save this desolate world While combating her own particular complications, Laura gives it her best effort to sooth the people s fears Throughout the story Laura records what happening in her journal I found that this aspect in the story brought intri [...]

    12. I may not have cared for this one because it s a different genre than mine, but I don t understand why everyone in the tale should do whatever Laura says just because she s the protagonist And I see it s a series I can forgive a trilogy though I don t like sequels but a series is milking it, in my humble opinion And that s all my thoughts are on this book, opinions Still, I think I ll steer clear of the sequels I also think the whole of the leftover population was given too much credit A lot of [...]

    13. Lynn Lamb, one of those rare and tremendous writers who can take a cast of characters and an intricate plot line and weave a story into a comprehensive novel involving serious subject matter that could affect us all apocalyptic, end time events With a succinct manner, Lynn keeps all the moving parts in continuous motion never dropping the ball or missing a single beat From beginning to end Monte Vista Village s characters, plot, setting, and theme develop in steady fashion drawing the reader int [...]

    14. Reading novels like this always freak me out way than reading the zombie or horror story kind.The overwhelming sense that something so horrible and tragic could actually happen is always in the back of my mind.Laura, her husband Mark, her mom and her neighbors all survive an apocalyptic attack Basically the end of civilization as we know it.Chemical warfare, bombs, nothing is held back.Once they can come out of their barricaded homes, they have no idea what to do next or where to go.Laura just [...]

    15. This is a story of a woman who found herself leading a community, after an apocalypse Our unlikely heroine, Laura, was forced to bring some semblance of order to her community With the help of new friends, she rallied the people and taught them how to survive through cooperation For a debut novel, Lynn Lamb shows a lot of promise.You can relate to the characters The storyline was simple and focuses on the relationships of the survivors It showed how humans can find the courage to rise up when di [...]

    16. Monte Vista Village by Lynn Lamb is a post apocalyptic book written in the form of a diary It is well written and the moved at a steady pace The characters were well developed and seemed real.But, in all honesty I did not enjoy this book I do not like the diary style of writing which made it hard for me to get into I also found the storyline a little hard to believe This may be my own idiosyncrasies and should not stop a reader from reading this book As I said it was well written and the story m [...]

    17. Very good Thanks Lynn Lamb I think you are realistic then some of the books coming out in this genre I like the direction you are going with this series although I have a feeling hardship is coming That s enough readers you will have to find out for yourself and get hooked on this five star book series.

    18. I love post apocalyptic books This book was unrealistic and extremely boring Also at least halfway through if not before it shows the editing Slashed out words followed by the appropriate grammer I was extremely distracted by it I am kicking myself for finishing it I held out hope it would get interesting as the book went on I won t be reading any of this series.

    19. Diary entries to tell the story worked out much better than I thought it would There were some parts that made me laugh but I also felt the anxiety It felt real life This book was well done and I felt connected to the characters I had a great sense of what was going on and am eager to read of this diary Great first book.

    20. DNF at 22% Not sure if the novel improves but I couldn t care less It was the most boring post apocalyptic story I have read I have too many other novels waiting for me to force myself to continue it.

    21. Great read with a very relatable protagonistI loved how relatable the main character was It made this book stand out in a sea of apocalyptic fiction Definitely reading the next one.

    22. Enjoyed this a lotExcellent story so glad there are no zombies or killers to kill everyone I m not sure if I will buy the next one Who am I kidding,I m buying it.

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