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Flick Abigail Tarttelin Flick From the critically acclaimed award winning author of Golden Boy comes Abigail Tarttelin s debut novel written when she was just nineteen and never before published in America a modern day Romeo an

  • Title: Flick
  • Author: Abigail Tarttelin
  • ISBN: 9781476724874
  • Page: 119
  • Format: Paperback
  • Flick Abigail Tarttelin From the critically acclaimed, award winning author of Golden Boy comes Abigail Tarttelin s debut novel, written when she was just nineteen and never before published in America, a modern day Romeo and Juliet about sex, love, and growing up My name is Flick and these are my images of my disconnected life, my forgettable weeks and unforgettable weekends I am one of the diFrom the critically acclaimed, award winning author of Golden Boy comes Abigail Tarttelin s debut novel, written when she was just nineteen and never before published in America, a modern day Romeo and Juliet about sex, love, and growing up My name is Flick and these are my images of my disconnected life, my forgettable weeks and unforgettable weekends I am one of the disaffected youth Marooned by a lack of education and lack of anything better to do , Will Flicker, a.k.a Flick, spends most days pondering the artistry behind being a stoner, whether Pepsi is better than Coke, and how best to get clear of his tiny, one horse suburb But Flick senses there s something else out there waiting for him, and the sign comes in the form of the new girl in town a confident, unconventionally beautiful girl named Rainbow As their relationship develops, Flick finds himself torn between the twisted loyalty he feels to his old life and the pull of freedom that Rainbow represents The story unfolds in a small factory town in northern England, where bleak and sometimes treacherous circumstances make the taste of a love affair even sweeter Told with humor and raw honesty, in a voice both authentic and compelling GQ, UK , Flick captures an unforgettable moment in the life of a young man on the verge.
    Flick Abigail Tarttelin

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      Abigail Tarttelin

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    1. Different The author of my favourite book Asked the library to add it to the collection, which they did I love my public library This author is one to watch I discovered this author here at She wrote my favourite book of all time I loved itThis was very different, as it should be, one to be taken on it s own merit A debut novel, this author is immensely talented, I love her writing but I don t love this as much Golden Boy I guess it s sensical that I can t love anything as I do my favourite book [...]

    2. Will Flick Flicker gives us a sort of twisted take on a coming of age novel where we are drawn into the mind of a fifteen year old stoner among other drugs as he discovers a very important life lesson, buried beneath the philosophical rambling This story felt, at times, like the most amazing book and yet, I was almost underwhelmed I felt like I had a contact high as I read along I could almost see myself in my teen angst fueled youth, with a joint pressed between my lips weighing the big questio [...]

    3. its true, we know what we lack why d you think we re wankered half the time Sometimes you read a book and it hits you in the heart unexpectedly Something incredibly hopeless and ugly can actually have beauty and meaning Be a life lesson and a discovery.Flick our main male character tells a story that s incredibly real, powerful and uncomfortable It s also a photographic snapshot of the now the today The actualisation of a certain demographic and the societal and cultural aspects that are the rea [...]

    4. Okaywhere to start.First, the synopsis claims A modern day Romeo and Juliet with a voice reminiscent of the rawness of 1970s punk and I was really excited to start this book after reading that little tidbit Unfortunately, this is not the feel I got from Flick At all Ever At any point Nope.Second, the synopsis also claims lack of education Uh Again, just nope He goes to class, he gets good grades, he goes on these ridiculous tangents that are absolutely, totally, 100% meaningless but fucking well [...]

    5. I have to be clear here I am quite fussy when it comes to reading new books, in fact i tend to read old favourites over and over because i trust them and the reaction i get to reading them.When i received this book, the first thing you notice is the quality of the book You flick through the book, checking the font size, how many pages there are, how heavy the book feels.The font size is perfect especially when reading in bed or sneaking in a quiet few mins on the bus , the pages are enough not t [...]

    6. I have passed Flick in my library at least 200 times I m not even joking, I saw this book every time I visited my branch Based on the cover, I thought it was a book about Flickr, that photo hosting website thing I don t know I thought Abigail Tarttelin was talking about social networking sites and technology and how it affects youngsters I was wrong I was the wrongest girl in america Maybe even the world Flick tells the tale of Will Flicker, an attractive, cocky, smart, FIFTEEN YEAR OLD BOY who [...]

    7. I found this a riveting, touching, hilarious, irreverent, but somehow familiar read when I was editing it Thanks to everyone who has reviewed I am joining Good Reads a little late, it s July 2012, but I m excited to read books I m recommended and I hope everyone enjoys Flick and takes something away from it

    8. Flick was purchased by me at Waterstones in Oxford As a Canadian visiting England for the first time, I wanted a taste of Contemporary YA fiction in the country Flick surpassed all my expectations and .The writing is engaging and Flick s voice draws you completely into the story The love between Flick and Rainbow was so beautifully described.The reason this book gets a five star rating from me is solely because of this one passage Think of that person you knew when you were a kid, who you always [...]

    9. I really don t know what to say about this book I laughed, I liked it, it wasokay I don t know I couldn t connect with anyone but I liked the story No rating because I still don t know how I feel about it Beautiful cover though Flick is smart and smokes like a chimney He s fifteenI guess that put me off This book takes place in England so yay Not much else I can say about him.Rainbow is a cool name She was fun I think I would have enjoyed this if it were her POV.Ugh, I wish I could have connect [...]

    10. I think I would have enjoyed this book far had it been narrated by Rainbow instead of Flick I think her perspective would have been enjoyable as she is by far the interesting character an orphaned girl named Rainbow adopted by an interracial lesbian couple HELLO Flick was not nearly as likeable, though I m not sure he s supposed to be,and his tone is just too cynical for me to enjoy do adults think this is what all teenagers sound like Maybe it s just me that feels like that s the case Some r [...]

    11. About a boy with his fucked up life for being a drug dealer by force and how he wants to sort his life altogether after he met Rainbow This is not a happy ending book It is what it is and sometimes life are not so rainbow for everyone but we make it out with what we had and what we will have in order for us to be happy and be full of life Liked it, enjoyed it and overall, a good read Disclaimer This book contains lots and lots of profanity and very sexually graphic

    12. This 2.5 coffee mugs review was first published on Latte Nights Reviews.Flick is a good story of a fifteen year old that has been dealt with a black card but he keeps thriving everyday to make it through.It s really hard for me to connect with male POV s, which I have stated before and this is one of those books I believe that if Flick had been in Rainbow s POV, I may have enjoyed it a lot Like I said above, this is a good story that I just enjoyed and I wish it had been a little bit fast paced [...]

    13. Full review on blog WITH GIVEAWAY bookbaristas 2015 06 r The thing is, Flick, life wasn t meant to be perfect Perfect is a concept human beings created because we are intrinsically afraid I am so happy to have finally read another book by Abigail Tarttelin I thoroughly enjoyed this read about a boy named William Flicker and the rollercoaster that is his teenage life I don t know if I love Flick the character, not the book , or even entirely like him, but I did like living inside of his head He s [...]

    14. Having previously read and loved Golden Boy by Abigail Tarttelin I was excited to see what her previous novel had to offer Fortunately for me, Flick is an excellent story.Without trying to make comparisons between this and Golden Boy because believe me it would be a difficult thing to do it would be like comparing a tree with a unicorn I do have to comment on the growth that you can see in Tarttelin s writing That is not to say that Flick isn t well written it is ridiculously good but having rea [...]

    15. Flick is a snapshot of the life of Will Flick Flicker, a boy living in a small town in the north east of England, approaching his GCSEs and with little clue as to what to do next Being smarter than the friends he surrounds himself with or so he thinks the book is a commentary not just on his life, but on the state of being 15, clueless, and free of ambition, with nothing but Friday night drug and alcopop binges to get you through the week.I thought it would be an interesting book in that it sugg [...]

    16. 3.5 Sweet Stars for a GiveawayNow with the review, I honesty don t know what to say I finished it and sat on it for four days and still nothing, I can t come up with anything But I will try my best.Initially I was going to give this book two stars see Ali The Black Heart Review because I feel exactly like the person mentioned in the brackets Ps sorry Ali for the random shout out But then I thought, giveaways books also deserves me to be a bit unbiased so to so speak.And with that Ms Abigail Tart [...]

    17. I received this book from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for my honest reviewFirst off, I have to say that I LOVE this cover It s beautiful Everyone says you can t judge a book by the cover, but admit it everyone does BlurbMy name is Flick and these are my images of my disconnected life, my forgettable weeks and unforgettable weekends I am one of the disaffected youth Marooned by a lack of education and lack of anything better to do , Will Flicker, a.k.a Flick, spends most days pond [...]

    18. I picked this book off the library s new additions shelf not really knowing what to expect First of all, the cover art is really cool Flick kind of reminded me of a emotional and impassioned version of Nick McDonell s Twelve Fast paced, fearless, shocking, and crude but with all of the sweet emotions and romance that didn t come with Twelve.Tarttelin is a very talented writer Although some of the English slang threw me off a bit, Tarttelin s ability to narrate a male main character is quite imp [...]

    19. The reader really understands the angst that Will Flick experiences as a 15 year old teen growing up in a working class neighbourhood He has his peers to deal with and also tries to focus on his relationship with his girlfriend Rainbow The language used by Will and his friends provides a sense of their class background Although the story line is not linear, we appreciate that daily life is obviously not neat and tidy We may wonder if Flick s aimlessness is due to his upbringing and this assumpti [...]

    20. On the whole, I enjoyed this book.It was a little messy and there were lot of characters I was supposed to remember, but I think it adds to the charm and accentuates the feel of the book It s from the perspective of Flick, and you want to feel like Flick no matter how good or bad that may be.I wish we d had backstory on Rainbow specifically why the fuck is she called Rainbow , but again, it s Flick s perspective, so we re only given as much as Flick cares about, and I can understand that.I real [...]

    21. Author s NameAbigail TarttelinPublication DateMay 19, 2015SynopsisWill Flick Flicker was just killing time ibetween getting high n his podunk hometown until she came along Rainbow Suddenly the world seemed his for the taking But will his hometown let him get away High Points If I was a teenage boy with raging hormones and a lack of motivation, I d sound just like Flick His voice is not only believable, but spot on Tarttelin s writing is edgy and honest while still lyrical at times The tone made [...]

    22. Disclosure I won this book on.This was the first book I have ever read by Abigail Tarrttelin It was a very easy YA read Very easy to get into and was a quick read for me I had a bit of a hard time connecting with the setting But all in all I did enjoy the book Will AKA Flick is a 15 year old boy stuck in small town life Living weeks through getting stoned and school and weekends drinking and doing drugs in the fast lane with his friends He has lots of ambition but like most 15 year old s he tend [...]

    23. I won a copy of this book through First Reads, courtesy of Simon Schuster Canada.This is a coming of age story set in England about a teenage age stoner At first, he has no goals or ambition after high school, and just living his life day to day Then he meets a girl named Rainbow, who gives him a different perspective on life Things are great, until he encounters a problem somewhat related to his old way of living.At first, the novel started out strong, and I enjoyed the beginning, but then it s [...]

    24. When I found out that I won an ARC of this book from I was super excited When it showed up I had to start reading it right away I couldn t wait Unfortunately, I didn t love it I guess I just wasn t in the mood for it because it took me two weeks to read it Flick seems like it would be a fast read It s not too long and it s good I just couldn t stick with it for some reason It took me so long to finish.Normally I love characters like Flick and love books like this one, but Flick and his friends j [...]

    25. I won a copy of this book thru a first reads giveaway It was a fairly quick read, I did find myslef kinda skimming over some pages rather than fully reading each word Not to say that I skipped pages but just went over them quickly It was interesting reading a YA novel from a male point of view I have just started reading this genre and it was enjoyable Some areas were harder to follow along the story line though Life in a small seaside town in England doesn t seem that far off from a small town [...]

    26. I received a copy of this book free from giveaway.Teenage sarcasm at it s best A coming of age story from a male p.o.v with realistic events in a teenager s life Written in a matter of fact manner with a great ending Many LOL moments I do hope Abigail Tarttelin writes a sequel based on Rainbow very interest in reading about her character Recommended to those who don t worry about age genres for books Entertaining read.

    27. Graded By JennyCover Story I m Taking This Cover And Putting It Over ALL The BooksBFF Charm With TrepidationSwoonworthy Scale 7Talky Talk Trainspotting, Jr.Bonus Factor Marske by the seaRelationship Status I Met This Book In DetentionRead the full book report here.

    28. As a male, I m reading this book and start to think this author knows man thoughts and feelings physically as well as mentally better than me a man From self image, provocative thoughts, emotions, to sex itself, all is covered in great realism from both teenage genders point of view in the complex and and simplistic way that is lifeant

    29. Flick is a nakedly honest tale of a young boy in London dealing with his first love It was sweet, funny, brutal, and completely addicting It s hard not to fall in love with Flick in all his quirkiness and charm It isn t cliched or predictable, it is a complete original just like Flick It s perfect if you re looking for a quick summer read literally I read it in an afternoon

    30. Thank you for choosing me as a winner I just love free books This book was different I like different.The writing was simple yet interesting There were enough details to keep you reading but thankfully not so many that you start skimming I loved the loose ends I wish books ended like that

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