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Proof of Angels Mary Curran Hackett Proof of Angels From the critically acclaimed author of Proof of Heaven comes an unforgettable novel about hope renewal and the gift of angels among us friends family lovers and even mystical others sure to touch

  • Title: Proof of Angels
  • Author: Mary Curran Hackett
  • ISBN: 9780062279958
  • Page: 112
  • Format: Paperback
  • Proof of Angels Mary Curran Hackett From the critically acclaimed author of Proof of Heaven comes an unforgettable novel about hope, renewal, and the gift of angels among us friends, family, lovers and even mystical others sure to touch your heartSean Magee is a firefighter a hero who risks his own life to save others, running into dangerous situations few have the courage to dare While fighting a horFrom the critically acclaimed author of Proof of Heaven comes an unforgettable novel about hope, renewal, and the gift of angels among us friends, family, lovers and even mystical others sure to touch your heartSean Magee is a firefighter a hero who risks his own life to save others, running into dangerous situations few have the courage to dare While fighting a horrific blaze, Sean becomes trapped by flames and is nearly overcome by smoke Just when it seems that all is lost, he s led to a window by what he swears is divine intervention And then he jumps into a new life For years, Sean has shut down his feelings, existing in a state of emotional numbness Coming through that fire, he knows that he can no longer be that man whose his heart is closed to the world But before he can face his future, he must confront his past and everyone in it the family, the friends, the woman and the love he carelessly left behind.
    Proof of Angels Mary Curran Hackett

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      112 Mary Curran Hackett
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    One thought on “Proof of Angels”

    1. When I finished this wonderful, uplifting novel, I did something I only do with some very, very special books I hugged it to my chest, overwhelmed with happiness That might elicit some eye rolling, but that s how I honestly felt This book touched me very deep inside, and I love it when an author is able to do that It takes some remarkable literary skill to elicit this kind of response from a reader.Now I desperately want to see the movie, because Proof of Angels certainly has a very cinematic fe [...]

    2. I did manage to finish this book but didn t really like anyone but James There was way too much bad language, drugs and alcohol It was a very strange book as most books about angels don t have such bad language and the language over all seemed pointless to me.

    3. This is definitely a feel good novel that could be considered sappy What I liked about the novel I enjoyed the beginning and how Sean was granted a second chance at life I loved the part in the book where Sean, a self proclaimed loner, suddenly has friends that always seem to be showing up to hang out with him I enjoyed the candid conversations between the characters when they let down their masks and were real with one another Some of those conversations struck a personal chord with me I thorou [...]

    4. I don t know if words can adequately express the beauty of this book It is a book of second chances and of rebuilding.The story involves Sean, a firefighter who nearly dies in the line of duty, but something, an angel led him to a window, where he jumped to safety, but not without consequences He is broken and burned and has a long road to recovery.It is through that recovery that we meet some earth angels that help Sean in his journey of healing, Libby and Chief, the dog trainer and Sean s serv [...]

    5. For me this was a really good book to curl up with In every sense the smell of the pages, to the feel of the paper, the font, the story s pacing,,,and finally the story, this book brought back vivid memories of what I recall of great novels.The writing is patient, slowrfect for settling into the lives of Sean, his sister, his nephew, brother in law and others listed on a list he d been keeping Yes, I could see where the story was heading, but I enjoyed the smooth ride getting there Fantastic job [...]

    6. PROOF OF ANGELS starts off with a bang Literally Sean Magee, a firefighter, is trapped in a huge blaze on the third floor of a house As he rips open the wall, there s an explosion that knocks him clear across the room causing him to become unconscious When he finally comes to, he struggles to regain his strength but has no sense of direction in this thick, black smoke filled room.Sean fears that he has no time left But before he gives in, he utters the following If you get me out of this if you [...]

    7. Wonderful Sequel to The Proof of HeavenWhen I read a book, I read for enjoyment and, hopefully, some type of enlightenment That s what I base how many stars a book gets on, not the structure or the irony or the other literary devices Both The Proof of Heaven and The Proof of Angels gave me enjoyment and enlightenment so much so that I wanted to take notes and I will recommend these books to all my reader friends This book focused on Sean, the brother of Cathleen and the Uncle of Colm pronounced [...]

    8. You do not have to read the first book, Proof of Heaven to follow this book since the author does a good job of filling you in Sean finds himself about to die in a fire, until an angel helps him Still, he has a long recovery but realizes he has to make something right The tale becomes a web life is not just a random stream of coincidences We can t discount the miraculous in the mundane.

    9. There might be a couple of reasons for such a low rating For starters, I just finished an amazingly well written novel and when I picked this one up the words felt blah in comparison Second, when I read the back jacket I was under the impression that when he leapt from the fire into a new life I thought this was a time travel book.All that aside, this book was dreadful I never truly understood Seanhe seemed to morph and change in and out of character from beginning to the end I just happen to ha [...]

    10. I just couldn t get into this one, but somehow managed to persevere to the end I think maybe it was a sequel though that wasn t clear I still don t know if Colm had died or recovered

    11. Life is not just a bunch of disconnected events and people It s not just a random stream of coincidences There are reasons, and we may not know them or recognize them and we may not understand them, but we have to trust that there are reasons beyond us, because I ve seen it work out enough It doesn t mean we will all live forever It doesn t mean bad things won t happen or we won t feel sad sometimes, but it does mean that we can t discount the miraculous in the mundane 209.Firefight Sean Magee n [...]

    12. Note As a tour host selected by TLC virtual book tours, I received a complimentary copy from the publishers in exchange for an honest review The opinions expressed here are completely honest and completely my own Please also note that any quotations used here are from an advanced, uncorrected review copy.Proof of Angels is the story of a firefighter named Sean Magee He grew up in New York city, but moved to Los Angeles to get away from the pain of his past While fighting a fire, something happen [...]

    13. Proof of Angels, Mary Curran Hackett s follow up to Proof of Heaven, focuses on Sean Magee as the main character, and his story begins with an explosion He is a firefighter inside a house which is thought to be completely extinguished, when it blows up, and then he prays that he should find his way to the window to escape He sees an angel, jumps out the window, and survives.The catch for Sean is that as he struggles to find his way out, he bargains that if he lives, he will return to Italy, to t [...]

    14. Proof of Angels was ok, but not great I don t think I m going to be telling friends coworkers that they need to go read this now It s kind of a genre defying book, too The title mentions angels, and the plot is set up when the main character, Sean, prays in a moment of distress, but then there s cursing and none of the characters go to church There s also no extramarital sex, so I guess it s clean in that department Sometimes the characters talk to each other about redemption and all, but I don [...]

    15. Firefighter Sean Magee is trapped on the third floor of a burning house The smoke is thick, filling the space with a black curtain through which he cannot see Certain he is on the verge of perishing, he breathes the promises of desperation I ll be better a better man a better brother a better friend I ll even do that thing I was gonna do but didn t It seems to Sean that the smoke parts, revealing a straight path and a bright, all encompassing light that leads him to the window he has been so [...]

    16. Originally posted at peekingbetweenthepagesProof of Angels by Mary Curran Hackett is a moving story about the angels in our lives and second chances Our main character Sean Magee is a firefighter who becomes trapped in a burning building Just as he is sure he ll be taking his last breath he is led to a window by what he is later sure is an angel and he just jumps Despite severe burns and injuries he survives.The whole experience causes Sean to take a closer look at himself and how he has been li [...]

    17. 3.75StarsSexual Content SubtleLanguage Profanity Slang Content MildViolent Content MinimalThis was an unusual book for me since I do not usually select over religious books But I have to say for something that I classify as Christian literature, this book has lessons in it that everyone can relate to The central figure is a firefighter Sean Magee who works in Los Angeles Not the most appealing character, Sean is an alcoholic and not above misleading and deceiving those close to him Not your husb [...]

    18. Sean Magee survives a near death experience thanks to an angel s guidance After, he s determined to right the wrongs of his past and overcome his demons and drug and alcohol abuse To fix his future he must face his past and the people he hurt along the way, especially a former love Can a broken man find his way to healing There are so many moments in this book that hit me in the gut We ve all made promises to be a better person e.g just let me live through this pain, and I ll make changes after [...]

    19. As Sean, the protagonist, comes face face with death, he prays to God that, if he survives, he will be a better man and right a certain wrong Immedately an angel appears and guides him to safety Sean survives, and, during his recovery from his brush with death, he makes a small circle of friends who each are struggling with his and her own demons This small group of friends became Sean s angels on his path to recovery, redemption, and moving on He realised that, although their problems were diff [...]

    20. Let me preface this review by admitting that I know and like very much the author So while I m trying to remain objective, my review might reflect my relationship with the author I liked the author s first novel, Proof of Heaven, a bit better simply because the story was complex and riveting Yet I did like the main character of this novel, Sean, even when he was mentioned in the first book So while I found the story of Proof of Angels less compelling than the story in Proof of Heaven, my connec [...]

    21. I read this one because I heard the author speak at the Ohio Library Council Convention in 2015 I was so impressed with her candor and passion for the written word and reading that I just had to have This title, which is the author s second book, is about a firefighter self isolated and former alcoholic who decides he must follow through on promises he made to himself and to others in the past after he survives being trapped in a burning building and just barely saves himself by following a mys [...]

    22. Will this book make you cry Probably not, but it will touch your heart and move you to think about your life Will this book make you believe in Angels Maybe, I already believe in them but this book reiterated that even those who may not outright believe can still be touched by angels and made to believe When I started this book, I was so ready for a touching story, without all the fluff and goo Proof of Angels is a touching story, but it also has some fluff and goo It has romance, tender love, s [...]

    23. This review is also posted on Book by Book.Upon reading the back of the book blurb for Mary Curran Hackett s Proof of Angels, I was intrigued to see how Sean Magee s transformation would manifest after his life changing accident Though a bit predictable, his story was a satisfying and encouraging one to read I really enjoyed the various characters and their interactions regarding the idea of angels, as they dealt with second chances, healing and redemption in the face of tragedy and addictions A [...]

    24. I kind of have mixed feelings about Proof of Angels It s a book about second chances after tragedy and figuring out what is really important in life Sean survives a devastating fire and he vows to make a change in his life As he rehabilitates, he is able to make peace with his past and move forward with is life He also figures out along the way where the true angels exist I liked that part of Sean s journey.What I didn t care for was how Sean felt he had to change everyone else s life I get that [...]

    25. Sean needed to know if what he saw on the day of the fire was real He needed some proof In the past Sean had done a lot of horrible things to people he loved because of his alcohol addiction In many ways he felt broken But Sean believes there are reasons for disconnected events and people in his life He did not understand them, but he knew he had to trust that these miraculous events really did happen and for a reason The author s writing is inviting and descriptive an easy and relaxed read The [...]

    26. Check out the full review at Kritters RamblingsWritten from a man s point of view, Sean Magee is a firefighter who right at the beginning is faced with tragedy and decides to take this opportunity to turn his life into a second chance He has things in his past that he wants to make right, but must get through both physical and emotional therapy to be able to successfully confront his things from the past.As mentioned above, told from a male s point of view, I loved it It was different and I like [...]

    27. Despite some literary missteps, Proof of Angels provides a good starting point for discussing how God does or doesn t work in our lives, the importance of relationships, the complex motivations that influence our choices, and the challenges that we all face Mary Curran Hackett knows first hand about the struggles of life her personal story is as inspirational as her fiction And while her new novel isn t a literary masterpiece, it nevertheless offers hope, inspiration and encouragement that all o [...]

    28. When Sean escapes death from a fire he s fighting he reexamines his life and finds it wanting He made a vow to God if he lived, he would be a better man After almost a year of healing, intense physical therapy and the help of his friends he embarks on a trip to Italy to make things right with a girl from his youth This story is fairly predictable, with a few curve balls thrown in Very Christian oriented but not overpowering I hope that some of the secondary characters will have their own stories [...]

    29. I picked up this book at the local library sale on a whim I have an extraordinary interest in supernatural and afterlife so I thought that is what this was about, a nonfiction tale about angels.It wasn t When I got past that disappointment the story itself was an easy read It s a story about a firefighter who gets injured and his journey back to physical, emotional recovery with earthly angels to help him along in the process.It has all the tactile touchpoints a dog, a romantic love, a healing c [...]

    30. I received an Advance Reader s Copy of this book.The characters in this book all have their addictions of sorts, and the story is about redemption The main character is Sean Magee, a firefighter who has survived a horrible fire in which he was severely injured Sean has a wrong to right from his past, and he is determined to use this second chance in life to redeem himself This book was a quick, light read Simply written and compelling.

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