Broken #2020

Broken Colleen Vanderlinden Broken Telepath Vigilante Nightmare The citizens of Detroit tell tales about the Angel About how she stalks the streets at night bringing evil to its knees They pray her name They whisper about those she s

  • Title: Broken
  • Author: Colleen Vanderlinden
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 158
  • Format: ebook
  • Broken Colleen Vanderlinden Telepath Vigilante Nightmare.The citizens of Detroit tell tales about the Angel About how she stalks the streets at night, bringing evil to its knees.They pray her name.They whisper about those she s saved And those she s destroyed.If only they knew the whole story.Molly Brooks has earned her reputation an Angel to the humans she s saved, a nightmare to the supernaturTelepath Vigilante Nightmare.The citizens of Detroit tell tales about the Angel About how she stalks the streets at night, bringing evil to its knees.They pray her name.They whisper about those she s saved And those she s destroyed.If only they knew the whole story.Molly Brooks has earned her reputation an Angel to the humans she s saved, a nightmare to the supernaturals who cross her She is the last and only line of defense between the innocents in her city and those who hunt them She is feared Loved A legend in the making.But she s barely hanging on She s lost too much, become something she fears The things she doesn t know about her past threaten to destroy her as she tries to learn how to navigate the new world she s created for herself Untangling the mysteries of her powers only reveals new dangers, deadly than anything she could have imagined Can she protect those she loves, those who have become her friends and family, from the nightmare of what she is And what will it take to truly break her Readers and Reviewers on Lost Girl Hidden, Book One emotional rollercoaster Humor Romance Violence Memorable characters Good and evil and a hell of a lot in between There s a lot of good stuff in here What a great book Totally pulled me in rries urban legends and Greek mythology, along with a bit of superhero swagger Excellent story, excellent characters This is a compelling read fast paced and witty with a main character who is so right in today s climate where women are as far removed from a damsel in distress as a vampire is from tofu Molly is a character I liked immediately quirky but lovable and I am looking forward to the sequel.
    Broken Colleen Vanderlinden

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      Colleen Vanderlinden

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    1. DNF at 61% Actual rating 1.5 I m feeling generous today UnFriendly Warning there will be spoilers in this review Both for book 1 and for this book What It s a problem for you That is just SO sad Your life really sucks, doesn t it Yay Another Stupid Piece of Crap SPoC to add to my ever growing collection And, as usual, I can only blame myself for reading it Because, as usual, I should have this seen coming from miiiiiiiles away I mean, book 1 offered all the required warning signs of a SPoC waiti [...]

    2. Okay, I m gonna tell a story about curry Every time I make curry it s different, depending on what I got to put in it So I m making the curry, adding the tomatoes and the tuna and the carrots and the onions and the potatoes and the curry powder and the olive oil and the salt and the pepper And then I put in the sesame seeds And hey, I have this octopus that doesn t taste good by itself, maybe I should throw that in too And what about these other leftovers I haveSo, basically, there was a certain [...]

    3. This book was the bomb I felt so much emotion Sadness Happiness Warm and fuzzies for Bren Real hate for Nain I laughed out loud I wanted to hit things I sat with my mouth wide open in disbelief I was confused at times and felt real relief when what I thought wasn t really what it was This is a definite page turner and February will not be here soon enough I am certain that you will love this series as I do.

    4. My first review did not save, might be for the best because I went on a bit of a rant I liked this book I felt it was cohesive of a read than the first one and the pacing issues that really bothered me with the first book are nonexistent in the sequel Ms Vanderlinden did a remarkable job of portraying Molly s heartbreak and grief in the aftermath of Lost Girl s ending The character has depth to her in this book and is easier for a reader to bond with I liked that we get a glimpse at life in th [...]

    5. Yep Just what I feared it would be from my review of the first book Stupid love triangle Why oh why can t anybody write a decent UF without throwing a love triangle in there to fill and bog down what could have been a good story First, she wants to kill herself for the first half of the book because she can t live without Nain, then she does a 180 f cks his best friend Doesn t anyone know how to tackle the trials and tribulations of a couple without needing to do that So one dimensional I m fed [...]

    6. 3.9 Stars I always worry when I start the second book in a series primarily because many series start out with a bang and fail miserably in future installments I am happy to state Broken is a great follow up to Lost Girl My only complaint is that the editing definitely needed to be better and that is also the reason for my 3.9 star rating.Out story begins with Molly wasting away in her grief from the loss of her husband, Bain It s been six months and she still does not eat or sleep She is due fo [...]

    7. Wow In some ways intense and yet less engaging as the first Vanderlinden still has a fan in me and I can t wait to start the third in the series.

    8. 18.6.2017 3,5 Zab ed v n se v cite c ch Z kick ass skoro Mary Sue se stala uk ouran ubre en l tostiv zlomen Mary Sue, a to nen pln ko er.Lezlo mi to na nervy celou prvn p lku knihy t st , e to posledn t etina zachr nila Jeliko ta byla skoro epick.A na view spoiler Naina, hrdin ina zesnul ho man ela Celou p lku knihy jsem ekala, kdy se objev Jeliko mi p i el jeho odchod a p li p ekotn a usp chan , v podobn ch situac ch postavy bo sk m z sahem autora obvykle o vaj Ale nope V prvn p lce ke vzk sen [...]

    9. Great read This book was even action packed than the first It started form the first page and sucked me in Broken had me feeling ALL of the emotions,right along side poor Molly Just when I thought I was on board with the story line she throws me off and I am again left in a perfect ending, my heart torn for the sacrifices Molly has to once again endure Those Fates better watch their back, because if Molly doesn t kick their a es soon then I am going to I need to go nowI am starting book 3 immed [...]

    10. Read the book Do not do the audible version, the narrator is dreadful and does a complete disservice to Colleen Vanderlinden s writing and story telling with her slurring and mispronunciations This series was a delightful read.

    11. I think that Broken out did Lost Girl I read the first book of the Hidden series in about four days It was difficult for me to get into The was a lack of focus on the plot and the main character, Molly, did not build a connection with me as a reader With that in mind I really enjoyed this sequel I am glad that I decided to give it a shot.Unlike book one, this story had one clear plot focus rather than jumping around all over the place Yes, there was subplot points and all, but it was clear what [...]

    12. I liked this book far than I did the first one It turns out many of the issues I had with that one were actually supposed to be issues, it s just that I didn t clue in to it I don t know whether that was a failing on mine or the authors part though, perhaps it would be fair to share the blame.Anyway, in this second installment we get a lot information on what is going on We discover that pretty much everything Molly learnt about herself in the first book was a load of tosh Which kind of makes [...]

    13. Broken may have stolen a small piece of my soul I read it in less than a day, because I simply could not put it down Read on for my review There wasn t a single thing about this book that I didn t love It pulled my heartstrings, it made me laugh, and boy did it make me fall in love Molly s journey through the soul crushing despair of Nain s loss is beautifully captured and heartrendingly real There were times when I hated her a little for the way she treated Brennan, but you know what It was rea [...]

    14. I thought the first book in this series was great, but this book took my breath away It stands on its own and I can t compare it to anything else The journey Molly is now on is gut wrenching and I truly felt for her, to the point I had tears running down my face at points, but I have faith in the author that this is all part of the plan Finding out Molly s true heritage was very satisfying and I loved the use of folklore and mythology, it really is where fiction is supposed to go, these books ha [...]

    15. The vigilante and self appointed saviour of Detroit, the twenty something Molly whose social skills are not always up to scratch, has turned a heroine for real in this second instalment of Colleeen Vanderlinden s Broken series.If the reader thought our heroine s workload was heavy before it is nothing compared to what she is expected to accomplish now save the world and stop the villains from flattening Detroit in the process To help her in this quest she has an assortment of creatures, and ther [...]

    16. In the continuation of this awesome series by Colleen Vanderlinden Molly finds her self trying to deal with the death of Nain She exists by having meetings with other supernaturals all day and then goes out and fights trouble all night After six months of this existence Brennan decides enough is enough and trys to coax her into something of a human life rather than just an existence As time goes on she starts to discover about herself, her heritage and her powers Her aim is to protect the inno [...]

    17. Molly s eyes now glow white as her body continues to undergo changes Some of Shanti s back story is given At first she wants Molly to kill her.Chapter 5 has a great scene with Valkyries A possible romance seems to start and Molly s true birth story is finally revealed She even ends up being assigned a new job A character from the past returns Unfortunately, there s a war of the gods coming up and it could end up having very bad effects on the Earth.There is lots of action in this book The back s [...]

    18. I feel like I ve just been drawn into a soap opera car wreck and I can t look away I might have to read this whole series sort of against my will because Vanderlinden is so good with the cliffhanger and the Oh Shit, I Totally Didn t See That Coming, Except That I Totally Did I feel hypnotized A little annoyed Add in a pinch of heartbreak and you have an emotion salad I kind of wish this book had been written as of a mystery to be figured out and less of a we ll just introduce a new character or [...]

    19. This story just gets better and better I could not put it down until I finished it I actually felt for Molly when Nain died, I cried LOL The storyline continues to get better, though I question Molly s decision making process regarding her love life Molly needs a man who is strong as she is, or perhaps a little stronger, stubborn and reasonable within certain parameters She gets Brennan, but he just seems to be Molly Whipped lack of a better term If they stand a chance, he will have to grow some [...]

    20. Fucking love triangle What the hell Here I was, happy that I found another series to obsess over, and BAM Love freaking Triangle Why Why would you do this to me The romance in the first book wasn t perfect and it ended kind of weird and sad but c mon view spoiler She goes from mourning Nian and wanting to die to be with him to lusting for her best friend I stopped when she started to get confused by her feelings for him, but from what I understand she sleeps with him too And I just can t stand t [...]

    21. I couldn t put this book down Oiy, the death of a loved one, finding new love, kicking ass, and finding out that Molly isn t just a demon but something even hardcore Engrossing the best way to describe the second installation of the Hidden series You get so emotionally tied to Molly and the rest of the crew and you can t put down the book because then you don t know what happens Can t wait to read the next book

    22. Written much better than the first book in the series, the author s true talent is less reliant on cheap comparisons They are still there, just sprinkled this time In a way, they still irk me, because they don t quite fit, but it s liable just personal preference Noticed one huge mistake that shouldn t have been made toward the ending but all in all, it was enjoyable and worth reading.

    23. Not as good as the first oneThe first book was riveting and fast paced The concept was fresh and original This book was depressing and difficult to finish I had it on my tablet for eight months Read the first book You ll love it But stop there.

    24. Wonderfully writtenHollis must pay for the sins of her parents and protect mortals from the wrath of the Gods She gives everything she has including her life Bonded to the man she finally realized she loved only to be separated from him An old love returns and turns her inside out Well written and a great read.

    25. Molly is still pretty annoying, but less so than the first book view spoiler Just annoyed that the author brought back Nain That was a terrible romance, and now it s probably going to get worse once all three meet up again hide spoiler

    26. Cheesy but worth itI like Molly and everything she represent, she s human than she realize The author doesn t spare with this book who I must say is an excellent sequel to the first

    27. I have found an exciting new authorIt is refreshing to find an author like Colleen Vanderlinden Her style of writing is smooth and well thought out You connect with her characters to the point of wanting to jump in the story and fight along side her group of hero s.

    28. Wow just Wow This book was awesome Molly has evolved so much She was kick butt before, now she is totally beyond that There are some major surprises in this book If you haven t read this series, you need to You will be amazed

    29. Much cleaner edit than the first book, and just as enjoyable a storyline I love the progression and pacing of the plot I can see I will be gorging on this series over the next couple days good thing I read so fast Excellent series.

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