Unexplainable #2020

Unexplainable Amity Cross Unexplainable Blair thought she would never get over her broken past West thought no one could ever see past his epic mistakes For the first time Blair s given a piece of herself away picks herself off the ground

  • Title: Unexplainable
  • Author: Amity Cross
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 157
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Unexplainable Amity Cross Blair thought she would never get over her broken past.West thought no one could ever see past his epic mistakes.For the first time Blair s given a piece of herself away, picks herself off the ground and moves forward There s a light at the end of the tunnel and it has bad boy rockstar written all over it That s something she can work for Something that makes her believBlair thought she would never get over her broken past.West thought no one could ever see past his epic mistakes.For the first time Blair s given a piece of herself away, picks herself off the ground and moves forward There s a light at the end of the tunnel and it has bad boy rockstar written all over it That s something she can work for Something that makes her believe again.But West is a part of rock n roll band, Affliction Taking Blair on tour was his idea of heaven, but his time is in high demand and trying to be with her isn t working out as well as he d hoped.For Blair, being on the road with one of the most notorious bands in rock is a new kind of messed up One she s not sure is for her even with West in her bed.Jake West has kickstarted her heart, but who will be the one to smash it apart Or will their unexplainable attraction be strong enough to save them both
    Unexplainable Amity Cross

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    1. I won t bother with gifs that show me screaming, or all the quotes I have highlighted I ll just say that I love Jake and Blaire and I really hate what happened to them in this book I thought that this book or this series would maybe stay away from the stereotypical rockstars are all dogs mentality But well West just got added to that list I don t get why it couldn t have had a slight change that would have him be a little redeemable in my eyes At this point I don t know if I ll even read the ne [...]

    2. Find this Review at Taryn Lee s Book BlogA gifted copy was provided by the author for an honest review.Make sure you read Unexpected before you venture on to this one He was the first person who d stayed BlairI m a big fan of Amity Cross thanks to this fabulous series of books She takes two very emotionally cut people and pieces them together like a puzzle This book is dual point of view, so we really get a lot of reflection from both the hero and heroine That right here was our MO Fighting and [...]

    3. Unexplainable picks up where book 1 left off Blair has said yes to West s proposal to accompany him on his European tour She has nothing left in Melbourne any and she wants to spend time with West Saying yes wasn t very difficult to do Blair thinks she knows what she s getting herself into, but she quickly finds out she may not be cut out for the lifestyle More specifically, she s not too sure she can stand the loneliness that comes along with being a rockstar s girlfriend West is still undenia [...]

    4. Mr Dark and Dangerous is at it again Being all hot and sexy and bada y Love this series and I loved this book Blair has decided to risk.well, everything and go on tour with her new and first ever real boyfriend, lead singer of the rock group Affliction Jake West has fallen head over heels for the first time with this wildcat of a woman She wasn t a cold hearted bitch, she just wanted the world to think she was so she could protect herself The two are taking their relationship to the next level a [...]

    5. Blaire is one bad ass bitch Cant wait to see what she does to West in the next book Excuse me while I continue

    6. This installment seemed even shorter than the first Not as much steam, but I m semi invested in seeing their HEA.

    7. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Blair has agreed to go with West on his European tour Four months in Europe can t be that bad she thought It beats staying in Melbourne, where she has no job and was living in a run down shack She is not sure if this is going to work She has never had a boyfriend, doesn t really trust people She is used to just screwing and leaving But for some reason she is willing to give it a go with him West has not left Blair s side since she a [...]

    8. I am starting with the end, at the beginning Amity has me for life I am no longer just a reader but a follower She had me in the bar, at the hotel, in the side room at the concert, and in the shower She made me wet, angry, loved, and want to punch someone in the face.Blair and West those are the characters in this masterpiece are the negative charges at the end of a magnet They are not people who should be together in the beginning, this was my opinion They actually should repeal against each ot [...]

    9. BrokenAloneUntrustingAddictedHow will Dark and Dangerous and Wildcat keep these things from burning away their happiness Blair has made the decision to go on tour with West There is something between them Something they both want to explore Could they be the answer that brings all the broken pieces back together for one another They ll try and they ll open up to each other like they have with no one else That s the plan that will lead to their happily ever after Right Can you really plan your pe [...]

    10. My stars 4.5If you ve read the first book you should know what has happened, or to find out the first book click HERE.Blair and West come back after of Unexpected and we were right where they are, together and go of tour with the West band.This time the stage will be in Europe, and each must confront his inner demons if they want their relationship to work.If you read the first book you will know that the story is small, and this second book has the same structure, you can read quickly and easil [...]

    11. To read this review and others like it check out my site at homelovebooks You probably shouldn t read this review if you haven t read the first book in this series Unexpected Like it s predecessor, Unexplainable is a rather short read, and picks up pretty much where the first book left off There will definitely be spoilers for the first book if you read this review, so continue at your own risk Blair and West had a hot and heavy encounter that ended up being so much Blair and West are both a bi [...]

    12. Another amazing book from the author and I m glad I found her books I m having a blast reading her books and getting to know Blair and West Some of my favorite book characters of all time Blair took a chance with West She gave him a part of a heart and she s finally happy She thought traveling the world with her rock n roll boyfriend and his band, Affliction, was a great idea Everything is going greatr a while Not only does Blair feels like something is missing in their relationship, but West al [...]

    13. So finally West breaks down Blair s wall enough to get her to follow him on his European tour with the band Affliction But is touring with a band who are world wide famous really that much fun Blair tries to keep her self entertained while West does the tour promos but she feels like their falling apart not getting closer to each other If we weren t about to get on a twenty six hour flight, I d take you over my knee C mon, Dark and Dangerous said, tugging at my hand Time to board Are you ready I [...]

    14. This is a rock n roll story with an edge Our main characters are damaged either by addiction or a horrific past Looking for an escape or an anchor to life, they meet for one night stand Little did they realize that one night would change their lives forever.Reading this trilogy made me realize how brittle we are when we are in our early twenties For someone like Jake West, hitting big as the lead singer of Affliction, is than he can handle It sounds like an already told story but this one is di [...]

    15. ARC kindly provided by in exchange for a fair and honest review Spoiler free review 4.00 stars Cliffhanger.Blair and West hit the road on a 50 stop international tour Blair packs up the few things she owns including a truckload of emotional baggage and decides to give West a chance West manages to break down the hardened shell she has built around her heart Their relationship goes from lust to must, and these two can t get enough on each other Life on the road is not a 24 7 party for rocks new i [...]

    16. Oblivion to popularity by associationIt s my personal opinion that rocker romance should be a genre all by itself, it would make finding my next read a lot easier since I m addicted to them If you are like me and favor this type of read, you will love this series It has the typical sex, drugs, and rock n roll and of course the tattooed, muscled, cocky man whores that all the groupies are drawn to By the time a rock band has been touring a few years and are successful, of course the excesses have [...]

    17. Unexplainable, is the second in the The Unexpected series It picks up where Unexpected left off, Blair who has never left Australia, is packing up and going with West and his band on their European Tour Blair thinks she knows what she is getting into she has nothing left for her in Melbourne and has a brand spanking new passport and is looking forward to seeing the world and being with West.West is falling and falling fast for Blair, but he has business to take care of, concerts to perform and p [...]

    18. Self destruct But is it really self destruction when your weasel of a manager is enabling it This book is a car crash just waiting to happen Between West s addictions and Blair s horrendous past it s hard to believe they ll get a happy ever after I think these two mistake need for love, or emotion anyway They re like magnets, drawn to each other, but it s unhealthy and doomed to failure Despite knowing what s going to happen when you turn the page, it s so inevitable, you still do it, hoping tha [...]

    19. Unexplainable is part 2 of a 3 part serial about Blair and West s love affair You need to read Unexpected before this one There are also some additional books in this series covering other characters that we meet Unexplainable picks up right from Unexpected Blair and West share some pretty steamy scenes again here but this time, we are given from the characters emotionally and as they start to forge a relationship together the I felt that I was starting to buy into them and connect with them W [...]

    20. Ok so I tried with this series but I m officially done I think Amity writes very well but the story is sorely lacking in anything substantial It runs between endless sex scenes which I skipped because how many throbbing pussies and hard cocks can you read about and fairly dull conversations between the two leads Blair has decided to join the band on tour but is then pissy at all the female attention West gets Hello She then gets all trashy and bitched up and the whinging did my head in She plays [...]

    21. The emotions and the roller coaster ride between Blake and Jake continue on in this story You will fall in love with Blaine and this girl has balls of steel She stands her ground but slowly loses herself travelling with Affliction Fame and Money is not Blaine s thing Jake is enjoying himself so much because he has finally found that connection that he has been looking for but with the band in high demand in the UK and his manager always up his arse about things, Blaine and Jake slowly start to l [...]

    22. Unexplainable by Amity Cross4.5 starsAngsty raw heartfelt Ms Cross you and I are going to have words Again, I had to read this in one sitting Any interruption got the cold shoulder or quickly dealt with so I could get back to Blair and West for fear they would do something while my back was turned LOL.A direct continuation from the first novella in this series, Blair and West are about to embark on a tour for West s band Affliction Blair is left alone a lot For someone who is used to being on he [...]

    23. This book was great Obviously Blair goes on tour with him It takes a ton of trust and not to fall back on her insecurities This book has a lot to it then the hot sex scenes and then relationship between them It touches base with a lot of issues that people experience, insecurity, unable to trust from being hurt, and addiction There is a lot underlying in this book touching these subjects and how people are and some if the outcomes I know plenty of people wrote lesser reviews due to a situation [...]

    24. I received this book in exchange for an honest review.This is the second book in the Unexpected series and continues where the first book left off In this book West takes Blair on tour with the band There are twists and turns and lots of steamy sex as is only expected of Amity Cross Blair is still very apprehensive about her relationship and has not completely placed her trust in West because she feels that he will break her heart West is too busy and caught up in his own issues to really notice [...]

    25. Emotional and captivating, The Unexpected Trilogy grabs you at the cove page and doesn t let you go until the very last page and even then you are left with wanting The Unexpected Trilogy is an unforgettable, beautiful, lovely story about an imperfect love that despite all the obstacles, it could lead to the most amazing thing.Amity Cross has the ability to make her characters become real and you feel every emotion that they are going through Blair and West have a sizzling hot chemistry that is [...]

    26. A gifted copy was provided by author for an honest reviewOMG what an ending I need book three like I need air and water I love Blair even She s one bad ass chick and love her attitude She don t take no ones BS She stands for what she believes in She guards her feelings and I don t blame her And West god I love him But damn did I wanna choke the shit outta him What was he thinking I love the two of them together and hope book three ends the way I want it to Not saying anything Zipping my lips I [...]

    27. Loved this book I am so addicted to this series, I devoured this instalment in one sitting and have been left desperate for Blair and West try to make their connection last as Blair joins Jake on tour Their steamy relationship is all consuming but outside factors start to interfere with their relationship Will Blair be able to handle everything thrown at her or will she run again I adore the characters in this series, everything that they go through tugs on the heartstrings and by the end I was [...]

    28. Love could be so easy for these two They could have had their HEA but both are so damaged, so broken that I don t think they know how to put the past to bed and move on.There are downs than ups in this book as things don t work out as either imagined I felt so sad for Blair when it seemed like she hadn t even had a friend before.I love the writing style of MS Cross I love how she weaves tragedy that tugs at the heartstrings.I have no choice but to continue with this series because my heart is d [...]

    29. Review for Rising Indies UnitedThis was on okay novella I would have liked a little of a story line at the beginning to go along with all the sex scenes Just about all of the first half was sex Don t get me wrong, I love a steamy scene, and these were steamy But I like a story line to go along with it The second half really picked up with the story Blair went with Went on Afflictions U.K tour Will Blair be able to handle everything, or will she end up running Will West handle it all, or will he [...]

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