Everlasting Sin #2020

Everlasting Sin J.S. Cooper Everlasting Sin Hudson Blake Tattooed Hot My best friend s brother Off limits except for that one night That One Night Cannot be spoken of Cannot be thought of Cannot allow myself to daydream Daydream That I m going

  • Title: Everlasting Sin
  • Author: J.S. Cooper
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 352
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Everlasting Sin J.S. Cooper Hudson Blake Tattooed Hot My best friend s brother Off limits, except for that one night That One Night Cannot be spoken of Cannot be thought of Cannot allow myself to daydream Daydream That I m going to become someone That he can see me as someone Someone To love To forget To believe To taste To make me forget my everlasting sin once and for all.
    Everlasting Sin J.S. Cooper

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      352 J.S. Cooper
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    One thought on “Everlasting Sin”

    1. 3.0 stars maybe 3.25 I was very excited to read this book, but sadly I was let down.Maybe it was because of my high expectations Maybe it was because I read a 7 star in my heart, on paper it was only 5 stars book right before reading this one Or maybe it was just that this book simply wasn t all that great.The character s voices changed depending on what the author needed them to do, and I m not saying that characters can t change, it s just that they kept on switching Once they sounded like som [...]

    2. This is probably one of my favorite books so far by JS Cooper Hudson and Riley grew up together Hudson was the older brother of Riley s best friend When he was young, he picked on her,but then became her protector As they grew up, Riley and Hudson began to have feelings for each other Hudson was Riley s first kiss and it was one neither could forget Hudson went to college and met Clara Even when he was with Clara, Riley was who was on his mind One night changed everything as a tragedy happened a [...]

    3. Am I the only one that was cringing while reading this No chemistry, at all Conversations seemed boring, repetitive, and childish Its the first book that I have read from this author and clearly, I did not like it At all Loved the potential that the storyline had but in my opinion the author just wasn t able to pull it off.

    4. I would like to know what era this book is supposed to be in Because this book is all over the placeThe way the main characters talked acted Was weird A fifteen year old who doesn t know what a French kiss is an eighteen year old that thinks boys are still gross A 20 something who doesn t know what ridding or doggie style is or any kind of sex joke or innuendo sOmg I kept telling myself This is ridiculous Its so unbelievable Riley is just so innocent Is truly unbelievable I mean If she reads rom [...]

    5. There is so much wrong with this book that I don t think I can even coherently convey just how mfing bad it is without having frequent intermissions to my therapist office, but I ll give it go Why Would You Possibly Do That WTF would you tell me that a chick reads two trashy romance novels a week, create a 7 minutes in heaven scene for her, PUT HER IN THIS MFING CENTURY vs circa Nathaniel Hawthorn, and still.you expect me to believe that a nun has sexual knowledge than this chick I m being comp [...]

    6. I absolutely loved this book Hudson and Riley first meet when Riley is 6 years old, Hudson is mean to her and pinches her until her mother take her to his house and asks him to protect her insteadHudson does just that, but as they get older their feelings change and one night changes everything.They see each other again after 4 years but so much has happened, the feelings are still there but is that enough I think I have a new favorite from JS Cooper This is a must read in my opinion

    7. 1.35 rating.ErmOkay that was short I didn t connect with the characters at all Seriously, i felt nothing.Am i cold hearted bitch if the heartbreaking scenes weren t heartbreaking Nothing about this made me feeeeeel I had a straight face throughout the whole book Alright maybe the tiniest bit ever at the end but only because Luke was crying the bestfriend of the hero , not much though, just a awh or two.Might me harsh but true Soz.ErmTruly found the book cringy, the fact Hudson showed her how to [...]

    8. J S Cooper has done it again Her latest release Everlasting Sin is another hit that is destined to be another bestseller I am astonished at her writing talent Her books captivate the reader The characters are larger than life and their personalities jump off the pages The stories are very realistic, compassionate, steamy, and romantic Her writing style is smooth and keeps the readers attention I am amazed how J S Cooper keeps coming up with books that capture the heart Everlasting Sin held me pr [...]

    9. 3.5 Disappointing StarsI m actually really disappointedI was looking forward to this book since I found out the release date and I finished reading it just 5 minuted ago and I m sorry but I just wasn t feeling it The storyline was interesting but the writing was really horribleere was no chemistry, no passion, and no feeling between the characters and what they were saying I don t knowybe it was just me but I did not like this book and that makes me completely sad because I was so excited when t [...]

    10. Gotta love JS Cooper She never disappoints Everlasting Sin is a story about Hudson and Riley, who grow up as friends, since elementary school, and actually find true love in the end I loved this story because it focuses on the lives and relationship between the main characters and not just the physical aspects Circumstances and a tragedy cause them to be apart for four years and when they reunite, it is sinfully sexy and hot There are heartbreaking moments that clench your heart tight but in th [...]

    11. I was really excited about this book, I read the blurb the teaser on the author s Facebook page couldn t wait to get my hands on it But then I finally got it I just didn t fell inlove with the story or the characters at all The story for me felt too rushed it was too short for my liking This book just kinda annoyed the shit out of me lol But that s just my opinion, if you re into a short, cute romantic, bad boy meets good girl, good girl falls inlove with the bad boy blah blah then you should de [...]

    12. Rating 2,5 StarsOk, so I don t know how to exactly feel about this one Things were happening and I went along with it, though in the end I was like, huh Before I get to what was bothering me I think you guys need to learn a bit about the plotline and the characters.This book is about a girl who meets a boy on the school bus The boy used to pinch the girl everytime she got on the bus One day that girl got enough and told her mother about it The mother went to the boys house to talk to him and his [...]

    13. Let me just tell you, I fell in love with this book from the synopsis I have loved the cover for months But none of that compares to the love I have for the characters in this book I fell in love with Riley and Hudson from the beginning After Hudson became her batman There was no turning back He vowed to protect her, but he had no idea that he would be the one she needed protection from He would be the one and the only one to hold her heart, and the only one to make it shatter The time wasn t ri [...]

    14. I absolutely love this author never fails me Fabulous book this is about a couple who have known each other since childhood Hudson use to pick on Riley until Riley s mother approached Hudson and asked him to protect her instead of pick on her so that is what he did all her life She also was Hudson s little sisters bff, so she was at their house all the time and Riley always wanted Hudson s attention and he never failed to give it to her as they got older, it was harder and harder to resist Riley [...]

    15. Even though it was short I really like this book I like the story and I loved the characters I know I ve read some reviews that say it was bad and that the characters had no connection, etc I however didnt feel this way I mean how can you think they had no connection They have been in each others lives since they were children He was her protector, her friend and later on her lover The story itself was great also So differnt You want them to be together and hope that it happens but at the same t [...]

    16. I had such high hopes for this book I was sadly disappointed I love a story line with the girl falling in love with the best friend s older brother I could not connect with the characters in this book What fifteen year old in America in this day and time with the technology that we had that don t know what a french kiss is I don t understand why Hudson kept referring back to being a sinner There was no mention of any type of religion in this book except for that I hate to sound like a heartless [...]


    18. I waited for this book to come out and it just wasn t what I was expecting The writing was good, but I just couldn t fall in line with the living in sorrow, misplaced guilt, non communication thing that they all seemed to have going on I just couldn t fall in line with it in this one However, the moments when they were together, be it present or past, I did enjoy They had a sweet love for each other.

    19. This book was brilliant I luvd it from start 2 finish so much happened in the book I just couldn t put it down I luvd the different povs an the story went from past an present the chatacter were great luvd Hudson an Riley they were so cute 2gether I fault so sorry 4 both of them in the book but I have 2 read how it al ends xxx

    20. I just didn t like this book And this is surprising as I am a fan of Ms Cooper I found the story to be unrealistic on so many things Eden and Riley s characters were so immature for their ages as well.

    21. love love love this book I read some of the reviews and though I need to read this I was right I couldn t put it down I read the whole book in 6 hrs You feel like you know the characters and you are going on this right with them There were a few grammar errors but nothing that os so horrible you can t read it o would recommend this book and I would reread this book.

    22. Good BookThis book was pretty good None of the characters annoyed me I could feel the connection between the two main characters All in all it was a good book.

    23. I really liked this story and the narrator The book takes you back to the beginning where and how they met It is just a wonderful sweet heartbreaking listen It seems a lot of people have sins some may even shock you The author throws some twists you won t see coming as she takes you on a heartbreaking story of young love that went wrong I loved M Capehart as the narrator she has a lovely voice that is very smooth and enjoyable She even had the whinny brat down to a T There are no background nois [...]

    24. I absolutely loved this book It spans 15 years, so not only was I able to see the characters grow up, but I also got to experience the genuine evolution of Hudson and Riley s relationship In addition, I enjoyed the dual POV s of Hudson and Riley It allowed me to see both sides of the story and to understand both characters better.Hudson and Riley were childhood friends who grew up and became so much Hudson is Riley s best friend s older brother and they have been friends since she was six years [...]

    25. 3.5 StarsFull review Nomi s Paranormal PalaceEverlasting Sin was a bit of a different read for me, but I really enjoyed it The first part of the book is the building relationship between Riley and Hudson It takes us back to the beginning, when they knew each other as children Then each chapter jumps a few years each time so we can see certain moments in their lives that made their connection stronger They were often sweet moments and my heart swelled with happiness for these two.Then the inciden [...]

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