Deadly Pursuit #2020

Deadly Pursuit Misty Evans Deadly Pursuit Her sting operation put a ruthless criminal in prison One year ago rookie FBI agent Celina Davenport pulled off the ultimate undercover operation she seduced Emilio Londano the dangerous leader of th

  • Title: Deadly Pursuit
  • Author: Misty Evans
  • ISBN: 9780985872939
  • Page: 373
  • Format: ebook
  • Deadly Pursuit Misty Evans Her sting operation put a ruthless criminal in prison.One year ago, rookie FBI agent Celina Davenport pulled off the ultimate undercover operation she seduced Emilio Londano the dangerous leader of the San Diego Mafia and destroyed his illegal empire.Now he s escaped and looking for revenge.When Londano escapes a maximum security prison and begins picking off Celina sHer sting operation put a ruthless criminal in prison.One year ago, rookie FBI agent Celina Davenport pulled off the ultimate undercover operation she seduced Emilio Londano the dangerous leader of the San Diego Mafia and destroyed his illegal empire.Now he s escaped and looking for revenge.When Londano escapes a maximum security prison and begins picking off Celina s friends and coworkers, everyone she knows becomes a target Including DEA agent Cooper Harris, the man who once broke her heart and is now assigned to be her bodyguard.How far will they go to stop him Cooper and Celina must risk their careers and their hearts to turn the table on their pursuer But will their past, with its forbidden passions and impulsive choices, put them directly in his crosshairs
    Deadly Pursuit Misty Evans

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      373 Misty Evans
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    One thought on “Deadly Pursuit”

    1. This action packed suspense had it all Romantic suspense fans be sure to add this one to your reading list From the opening scene of a undercover young FBI agent seducing and arresting the man every alphabet soup agency wanted to again having to bring him down after he escaped and caused so much death in her life you are glued to the pages Celina Davenport is just a rookie FBI agent but managed to get herself a potential career changing undercover job with SCVC if she can bring down the mafia le [...]

    2. Deadly Pursuit is the first book in the SCVC Series There are so many books with the same premise group of alpha males working together either for the gov t or in private security and this one was just in the middle.The book didn t grab me in the beginning and it took me a while to really get engaged I never really liked the heroine that much She came off as immature at times and well stalkerish at others She has a picture of her boss running on the beach as her screen saver for her phone and th [...]

    3. Two haiku review She arrests mobsterHe escapes and comes for herCan feds protect her Plenty of actionCharacters were likableReally enjoyed plot

    4. Not sure I am as crazy about the characters as all the reviews I ve read I see that Evans really loves them, but I don t feel the same connection Are all 24 year old female agents really that naive Or does the Bureau Company Agency recruit folks who have that many psychological blind spots I m also a little leery of 24 year olds who fall for men 14 years their senior Nice for them, but it seems to speak to some deep insecurity All these factors made Celina a little hard for me to take.

    5. expected of this book Here s a summary of my impressions Hero is stupid Heroine TSTL, too emotional, and utterly desperate to get into the hero s pants And the utter stupidity of her always thinking he s her rock when he s flashing cold hot cold with her all the time Her life is in danger, but all she thinks about is how to get the hero to sleep with her.

    6. Are you ready for a fast paced, action filled romantic suspense If so, then look no further than Deadly Pursuit by Misty Evans I really hope this book turns into a series Cooper Harris, a seasoned DEA agent is the hero of Deadly Pursuit The heroine, Celina Davenport is about 14 years younger than Cooper and is a rookie FBI agent who doesn t quite know when to follow protocol Cooper is very controlled and serious Celina is a wild card acting on her instincts and emotions They both happen to be dr [...]

    7. 4 sReview posted hereokpassionforlifeDeadly pursuit is a fast paced, exciting, action packed adventure and I really enjoyed it.As the synopsis tells us FBI agent Celina Davenport pulls off a feat no other could do, she found an in with the Londano crime family, went under cover and seduced the mob boss Emilio Londano resulting in the collapse of his empire and his incarceration Only she didn t expect him to escape, she didn t expect he would go after the people in her life, she didn t expect to [...]

    8. Got in the Danger Desire box set Not my cuppa Technically fine I just did not like the main characters.Sample Quotes You understand that last night was just he paused and Celina braced herself for what she knew was coming For fun For fun, she repeated, nodding her head as if she actually agreed Nodded as if her heart wasn t breaking There s no Starbucks in our future The Terminator frowned Celina shook her head at him This is the last night was fun, but we re just friends speech, right She watch [...]

    9. First off, I m exhausted This book is full of action and suspense, and took my breath away many times I honestly felt like I was watching an episode of CSI or some other crime show It was intense Phew Meet Celina Davenport, rookie FBI Agent who just brought down a top Mafia man, Emilio Londano, while cozying up to him undercover It should be the peak of her career right Um, nope She s rewarded by being shipped off to Iowa This doesn t go over well for the spunky, tough, independent, and a slight [...]

    10. I have read Misty s Kali Sweet series but this is the first non paranormal book I have read by her.Celina Davenport, a rookie FBI agent, scored her first undercover bust of a crime lord She became the darling of the FBI and her face became national famous after being featured on a national magazine Fast forward one year later when Emilio escapes from jail and comes after her, members on her team and close friends Cooper Harris was the team leader that helped Celina bust Emilio the previous year [...]

    11. Este libro ARC lo recib para rese a, la verdad es que le ten a muchas ganas, me encantaba la portada y la sinopsis era m s que atrayente, pero simplemente no pude con l Una novela de suspenso rom ntico donde Celina una agente del FBI, sedujo a un l der de la mafia y logr ponerlo tras las rejas Tiempo despu s se escapa de una prisi n de m xima seguridad y obviamente, va con todo lo que tiene, para vengarse de ella Hasta ah puedo contarles, porque eso fue lo m s a lo que llegu Por m s que estuve i [...]

    12. First of all, thank you Misty Evans for the free ebook.It took me a while to get around to finishing the book, but here is my honest review.The romance aspect of this book, sadly, did nothing for me There wasn t enough explanation for what about Cooper that Celina fell so hard for Sure, he s a hot guy But is that it Shallow And I don t believe in love at first sight Lust at first sight, sure, but there s gotta be something after that leads to love.I couldn t relate or particularly like any of th [...]

    13. Even though I could have shot the main female lead sometimes and anybody who has read similar books will have no problem spotting the twists overall It s an enjoyable read.

    14. 5 starsI purchased Deadly Pursuit by Misty Evans November 17, and this review was given freely.This is a well crafted and suspenseful murder mystery romance with many twists, many murders,not overly graphic violence and an alpha male Special Agent Cooper who is struggling to maintain his strong commitment to duty while denying his attraction and love for rookie Celina This full length novel flows easily, is full of action, and is the best most complete piece of fiction I have read since Melissa [...]

    15. This is a full length thriller romance with enough twists and turns to keep the reader concentrating I ve forgotten the body count, some of the deaths are particularly gruesome, so not for the sensitive reader The heroine was a bit too much superwoman to be believable, almost bionic Worth reading just for the sexy sexy hero Recommended.

    16. Mystery Intrigue Romance OH MY You ever get tired of the same old same old and some of the books you read The same storyline over and over WELL READERS this series is different This is the first book in the series and I m hooked A must read and the series is a five star knockout Buy and read , you ll not regret it

    17. Fabulous Fantastic Sexy Dangerous Exciting Loved the drive behind all the characters of this book A must read Misty Evans did it again with this thrilling story.

    18. Great Really enjoyed this book An entire cast of interesting agents Bad guys, and good enmeshed in a terrific love story.

    19. LOVED it Breathtaking novel of suspense with an irresistible romance Even though I have loved Misty Evans works since I discovered her less than a year ago, and I bought this book ages ago, I was a little reluctant to read Deadly Pursuit because I was afraid that reading the story would be too intense I should have trusted M.E s talent as a writer While the suspense was tremendous, Evans wove such a beautifully balanced story of romance and general human interaction through this fantastic novel [...]

    20. Book Review Deadly PursuitI am an independent reviewer This book is the first in the SCVC Taskforce Romantic Suspense series and ends in an HEA Celina arrested the head of a Mexican cartel by pretending to be his girlfriend She was really undercover FBI and a rookie Cooper is DEA and was in on the bust of the drug lord Celina is attracted to Cooper and constantly flirts and tries to get him interested in her Cooper is 14 years her senior and doesn t feel right about becoming involved with her Ce [...]

    21. Deadly Pursuit by Misty Evans had all of the elements that I love about romantic suspense novels It had a lot of action and suspense with just the right touch of romance It s just filled with so many unexpected twists and spine tingling events as the agents raced against time to find Emilio The descriptions were so detailed and powerful that I could only imagine the tension building around the case as the agents developed a plan of action Evans also did an excellent job of portraying the whirlwi [...]

    22. Deadly Pursuit.This is a steady paced story, where the alphabet soups are out in force Celina Davenport is a young rookie FBI Agent who infiltrates the San Diego mafia undercover Cooper Harris heads the Southern California Violent Crimes unit, SCVC Joint forces help to put the mafia boss behind barswith Celinas integral information.There s an intense attraction between the leads but 38yr old Cooper refuses to acknowledge it, what with him being over 14yrs older That s until the past comes back t [...]

    23. This book is full of suspense and it keeps you reading from the first page I loved this book Celina is a FBI agent who arrested the head of the mafia Emilio, who is coming after her for revenge and because he loves her She has fallen for Cooper who is one of her supervisors and now has to survive and convince Cooper that they could have a relationship I loved that Celina is very strong willed and determined woman who isn t going to let fear or anything else stop her I could not read this book fa [...]

    24. This book kept me up turning pages Just as I got to a place where I thought I could take a break something else would happen to keep me reading to find out what happens next Lots of action in this one Rookie FBI agent Celina Davenport was in the wrong place at the right time and captured the attention of Emilio Londano the dangerous leader of the San Diego Mafia Working with the Southern California Violent Crimes Taskforce under the leadership of DEA agent Cooper Harris who Celina has nicknamed [...]

    25. Misty Evans has given us a tightly written suspense novel combined with a hot romance Celina Davenport, working undercover, had captivated and then captured Emilio Londano, head of the San Diego mafia Her reward was a transfer Cooper Harris, the man she desired, sent her away Now she is in Iowa and in grave danger Cooper and Emilio are both there and they want her One for romance and one for revenge Who will win I love the way Misty writes This story is filled with danger, suspense and a hot rom [...]

    26. I just got done reading a military romance book and I wanted another book with a strong heroine and I came across Deadly Pursuit and the first thing that I liked was the cover and then I look at the blurb and I thought ok I will give it a try and I have to say that Deadly Pursuit has all of the elements that I like about a romantic suspense novels It had a lot of fast paced, exciting, action and suspense with just the right touch of romance I really liked that Celina is very strong willed and de [...]

    27. Short review First book in the series, the characters are interesting, good pacing and well done cat and mouse story.

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