Marigny Street #2020

Marigny Street Annie Rose Welch Marigny Street Do you believe in the power of dreams Way down south on Marigny Street in the heart of New Orleans the land of Catholic intercessions purgatory and supernatural superstitions young Evangeline Chen

  • Title: Marigny Street
  • Author: Annie Rose Welch
  • ISBN: 9780615843902
  • Page: 384
  • Format: ebook
  • Marigny Street Annie Rose Welch Do you believe in the power of dreams Way down south on Marigny Street in the heart of New Orleans, the land of Catholic intercessions, purgatory, and supernatural superstitions, young Evangeline Chenier dreams of a radiant boy who saves her from a storm She takes the dream seriously in her family, dreams are sometimes than dreams Sometimes they foretell the futurDo you believe in the power of dreams Way down south on Marigny Street in the heart of New Orleans, the land of Catholic intercessions, purgatory, and supernatural superstitions, young Evangeline Chenier dreams of a radiant boy who saves her from a storm She takes the dream seriously in her family, dreams are sometimes than dreams Sometimes they foretell the future Sometimes they create it.Years later, Eva is no longer the same wistful girl but a hardened woman who no longer believes in dreams Losing faith in her gift, she becomes lost in a nightmare of emotion, mourning her son, separating from her husband, and stewing in a dead end job And then fate brings her an unlikely surprise one of the most famous movie stars in the world, Gabriel Roberts.Caught by something in his eyes, Eva agrees to show him the real Big Easy on his last night in New Orleans an evening that turns into four dreamy days spent recapturing lost faith and discovering a love neither expected Realizing Gabriel is the boy from her childhood dream, Eva must leave everything behind her husband, her family, her history, and the beautiful city she calls home and gamble it all for the dream that has saved her on MARIGNY STREET.
    Marigny Street Annie Rose Welch

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      384 Annie Rose Welch
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    One thought on “Marigny Street”

    1. This isn t exactly New Adult, but I felt the need to read it anyway I have a problem reading books when I can t pronounce the title or the name of a character I stumble over the name in the book every time I come to it in a sentence So, not wanting to spend the whole book stumbling, I sent an email to the author and asked her, just how do you pronounce Marigny She very graciously replied that the G is silent and it s a bit like Melanie only with an r Think Mare a nee I hope I got that right, Ann [...]

    2. Favorite Quotes He had a pirate smile, the kind that you d mortgage your house for just to be able to afford the gold teeth in his mouth I waved my arms like helicopter propellers My hips began to do the hula hoop The crowd was now staring at me as I dominated the dance floor His eyes went from cautious to shocked as I abandoned the helicopter hula for the running man and a pathetic attempt at the Roger Rabbit If you think about things than you should, sometimes what you have is ruined because [...]

    3. Back a few months ago I was asked if I would beta read a story, and I agreed Possibly one of the best decisions I had made in a while What I got was the almost final version of a yet unpublished novel, and I was transported My initial words from my notes to the then unpublished author were Your writing is lyrical and poetic, and the rhythm of the words fits beautifully into that patois that is so New Orleans, with the tempo of the music in the streets always playing in the background Not a thing [...]

    4. Wow This story was sooooo different I have been so fortunate to read such original stories lately This story was just whimsical and deep and heart wrenching but hopeful at the same time Evangeline and gabriel What an amazing Luv story I for one really believe in destiny, and I Luv how destiny played in this Luv story And I can not wait for the second book

    5. 3.5 StarsI really enjoyed this storye entire journey until the end Therefore, I will not be reading the sequel I loved how it all had some meaning, but the way it ended and the way it will move forward is not for me.

    6. Where to start and what to say Marigny Street was so unexpected in the best possible way.Evangeline Chenier is barely functioning on a day to day basis as she s burdened with her past Grieving the death of her son and feeling suffocated, rather than gaining comfort from her closest loved ones, she escapes through her dreams and a boy she sees within her subconscious Believing that one day she will meet her angel.Gabriel Roberts has Hollywood eating out of his hands but the young Irish actor is f [...]

    7. I read this book September 19th Marigny Street by Annie Rose Welch I had the opportunity to read this book for a honest Opinion And Boy what a surprise I got, I ve never read or heard of Author Annie Rose Welch before I just stepped back into the world of the Unknown and was looking for books to take me out of this world and to find out this book was a series and You can get them already I thought I was reading a New release, I m so excited to have this chance to dive into the unknown with this [...]

    8. I ll be honest, there are a lot of themes in Marigny Street that aren t typically my cup of tea It deals with loss, angelic beings, and ooey gooey romance All of these things are a far cry from what I usually enjoy, but something about Marigny s cover made me want to give it a shot.I m glad I did There was one chapter that I really connected with for reasons that I wouldn t discuss even if they weren t spoilers, and I think this set the precedent for my enjoyment of the rest of the novel It hit [...]

    9. Dreams do amazing things Sometimes they give us escape, sometimes they give us clues, and other times they leave us baffled.I was given a copy of Marigny Street to review and I must say I was very surprised I did not know what to expect as this is a new to me author I am very pleased to now be a fan I will say that this book kept me captivated and the writing keeps you in the book You will feel like you are walking through a dream yourself, even though it can be a touch dark You will feel as if [...]

    10. Marigny Street has left me speechless and emotionally spent I had a hard time getting into Marigny Street at first, but then it gripped me and just WOULD NOT let me go I suspect the book will stay with me for a long time to come it was incredibly poignant and thought provoking.Both characters were complex, believable, and not so different from people I know in real life I loved Gabriel almost immediately but struggled a little with Eva and her grief, maybe because it hit somewhat close to home E [...]

    11. I have always wanted to visit New Orleans and this books took me there It was an emotional journey with beautiful words I was provided with an ARC for an honest review, however purchased several books as gifts.Eva has been living in a four year void Her baby was stillborn as her life became Her marriage is in a separation, no arguing no living just existing She has a job by the good grace of an understanding boss who is close to the end of his patience Her family is afraid and stifles her with t [...]

    12. Where do I begin with this review Lord I have so many things going through my mind I loved how this story started out with Evangeline having dreams about a boy who saves her from a storm She is a firm believer in these dreams Her family has a gift and she believes in it But as time goes on life takes its toll on Evangeline and she starts to doubt her gift.Evangeline is married and had a son She lost her son and now she is in the process of divorcing her husband Life has made her hard and she is [...]

    13. Eva Evangeline dreams, she has dreamt her whole life and she hasn t always liked it M re grandma tells her not to be afraid, her dreams are special and the good ones can come true Eva doesn t like it when her dead aunt visits her dreams, but when she meets a young boy her angel who saves her, her dreams suddenly aren t so bad She and her angel are meant to be together if only they could find each other.This book was very interesting but I had a hard time getting in to it at first because I wasn [...]

    14. The author gave me a copy of this book for an honest review OMG I have found another new to me favorite author This 5 star must read was both heartwarming and heart wrenching It grabbed my attention from the get go held me hostage throughout the whole book It made me happy yet sad at times playing tag with my emotions o I loved the characters the rich descriptions of New Orleans that made me wish I was there with them There were times I even cried which is very rare for me when reading o So hurr [...]

    15. Copy Received for Honest Review When I received a copy of Marigny Street, I was a little apprehensive at first as the blurb didn t sound like anything I had read before so although intrigued I wasn t sure whether I would like the story or not how wrong could I be Evangeline Chenier, is suffering her own nightmare of emotions day in day out swallowed up in grief after losing her son, separated from her husband, and stuck in a dead end job going nowhere she feels she is stuck on a merry go round w [...]

    16. Evangeline is a disenchanted 30 something women who s life has been one big spiral down hill She was once a free spirited girl who believed in the magic of the world and lived every moment with gusto.Just another Friday at work and the usual pressures of paperwork to sort and deliver Evangeline finds herself worn out and collapses from a severe sugar low A knight in shining armor, Hollywood movie star, Gabriel Roberts, comes to her rescue It is from this point that Eva s life takes a 180 degree [...]

    17. This book enchanted me from the quotes at the beginning It is honestly a beautiful story It pulls you in to a really quite magical place, yes, it s incredibly soppy for my tastes but it s undeniably beautiful I just felt though, WHAT When it ended at 81% There was a huge twist, that I don t want to reveal but then it sort of just ended What happens to them next It meant that I was kind of dismayed when the preview for the next book was for a entirely different story and castAnyway, the storytell [...]

    18. I beta d this book I beta d this story and loved it It gripped me on a number of levels One is because I was a woman who experienced a loss of a child Though my loss wasn t as extreme as Eva s, it was still painful and the hurt and thoughts were very powerful That s the other thing about Eva She was real All the characters were real The weather was real New Orleans was a character herself The story was alive to me It was as if I lived the story as I read There was a very surprising twist that wa [...]

    19. Dios este libro no me gusto nada Normalmente estos libros suelo acabarlos en dos d as y con este dure 3 semanas, de verdad no entiendo por qu tiene tan buen puntaje me aburr hasta decir basta, llevaba m s de mitad del libro y segu a sin comprender los personajes, describo este libro como aburrido.

    20. Gives great descriptions that you can put yourself in the book Shows that there is always hope, don t dwell on the negative, try to look to the future Can really relate to the story

    21. This was the first book I ve read by this author and I can honestly say that it will not be the last At first I thought that this book was going to be your old boy meets girl, they fall in love kind of story but it really wasn t This book was , much There were real funny bits, a lot of nostalgia storytelling and the plot was great and soon you ll fall in love with these characters and this story plays out in New Orleans and as many know or so I heard this place is full of mystery, magic and int [...]

    22. Overall Stars 4 STARSSupernaturalGriefWhen there is no hope left, and despair is staring back at you, is there anyone to help you Do you believe in the power of dreams Way down south on Marigny Street in the heart of New Orleans, the land of Catholic intercessions, purgatory, and supernatural superstitions, young Evangeline Chenier dreams of a radiant boy who saves her from a storm She takes the dream seriously in her family, dreams are sometimes than dreams Sometimes they foretell the future S [...]

    23. Well, had I come across this book without the author giving a copy to me for my honest review, I wouldn t have looked twice at it Paranormal just isn t my thingDon t let that deter youPLEASE First of all, it is romance with an element of paranormal I have ideas in my head of what I think paranormal is in the life of the book genre, and this was not it I am so thankful I read this book and not passed it up because of that Ms Welch is a mastermind when it comes to story telling The story starts wi [...]

    24. I was provide a copy of all three book in the series by the Author for an honest review.Ok so I am gone do this different, since I have read all three books in this series, and did not stop to write a review, I will do it here, I am gone say a little about each book, I have to say that I am so in love with the series, that I did not wanted to finish, I want I love the characters, and love the way the books turn out to be, but I also love anything that has to do with Dreams, this Is a heartwarmi [...]

    25. Originally posted on The Book Tart thebooktart book review thMarigny Street I am not even sure how to begin telling you about this story It s a love story It has a paranormal flavor It s unexpected and rather unusual and yet I was completely enveloped I read it in one sitting And a day later I m still thinking about Eva and Gabriel s story.Marigny Street is where Eva lives in New Orleans She s always been a dreamer and grown up in a family that believes in the power of dreams But Eva has suffere [...]

    26. 3.5 starsWhen I started Marigny Street it was a random find And honestly, for majority of the book I was torn between being bored and being intrigued There were things I loved about the story, and other times I felt like little happened And then the ending happened and I was interested again So where to start I thought the writing was great and descriptive, and I loved the connection between Gabriel and Eva The whole dream thing intrigued me and kept me reading About halfway through, though, I h [...]

    27. Holy wow I don t even know where to start with this book Absolutely beautiful love story was what I was thinking the whole time I was reading it Hauntingly beautiful Never were there two people perfect for each other than Eva and Gabriel How to do this without spoilers.There are no words I felt so lost when I ended the book.Lost.I looked at my 4 year old and I said I think I was just robbed.I am torn between 5 stars because it was one of the most hauntingly beautiful books I have ever read and [...]

    28. I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.Life is complicated.No one knows that better than Evangeline Chenier Having suffered a serious personal loss, Eva didn t believe that she really deserved to be happy ever again Despite what her family tells her, despite everything that she was ever taught, she simply struggles to believe that she deserves to be happy after failing to protect her unborn child But what happened wasn t her fault and perhaps, for someone like Eva [...]

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