Julia's Kitchen Wisdom #2020

Julia's Kitchen Wisdom Julia Child Julia s Kitchen Wisdom Julia Child was born in Pasadena California She lives in Cambridge Massahusetts and Santa Barbara California From the Hardcover edition

  • Title: Julia's Kitchen Wisdom
  • Author: Julia Child
  • ISBN: 7770865611
  • Page: 423
  • Format: ebook
  • Julia's Kitchen Wisdom Julia Child Julia Child was born in Pasadena, California She lives in Cambridge, Massahusetts and Santa Barbara, California From the Hardcover edition.
    Julia's Kitchen Wisdom Julia Child

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    1. Julia Child describes the focus of the book thus Page ix So often you can be in the midst of cooking and you just can t remember whether that leg of lamb should roast in a 325 degree or a 350 degree oven.This book aims to give quick snappy answers to many of these questions Chapters within this book include Soup and sauces Salads and dressings Vegetables Meats, poultry, and fish Egg cookery Breads, crepes, and tartes Cakes and cookies Kitchen equipment and definitions.Examples of coverage Main s [...]

    2. This book is basically a crash course in making delectable treats for those who might be too intimidated by the behemoth that is Mastering the Art of French Cooking, kitchen novices, or people who want to brush up on their kitchen skills Not all of the recipes are simple, but she provides a good amount of detail and there really isn t a lot of questioning the methods they re straightforward and understandable I like that she sometimes explains why a certain technique works scientifically, becaus [...]

    3. A small book, a little over 100 pages, packed with a lifetime of cooking expertise of Julia Child The book arose from Julia s looseleaf notebook she kept in her kitchen A Cliff Notes, as it were.The book assumes the reader knows his her way around a stove and has a reasonably furnished kitchen What is does is present a master receipe and several different ways to change it to be something else that is wonderful More than once, Julia tells the reader to consult a larger cookbook for details I en [...]

    4. For someone who doesn t know super basic things about cooking what even is an endive how do you cook meats it s possible to MAKE mayonnaise such as myself, I d recommend grabbing a physical copy of this to keep in your kitchen as a quick reference Split up into the basic meal types ie, salads, fish, eggs, etc the book has Julia s basic, go to recipe for everything, provides a few variations, and includes one slightly elaborate recipe per section Favorite part sauces And the pro tips on things d [...]

    5. Loved the simplicity of this book Julia provides some easier Master Recipes but reminds us that once you know a recipe, you don t necessarily need to glance at it every time you prepare a dish.I highlighted a lot of master recipes and some beautiful take homes that only Julia Once you have mastered a technique you hardly need look at a recipe again, and can take off on your own.When you have a few cake formulas and filling ideas in your repertoire, you will find that it s pretty much an assembly [...]

    6. It s a handy little book to have around Basic recipes to get you started on creating your own thing I use her chowder base to make corn, clam, potato and many other chowders It has meat roasting times and temperatures, tips for how to prepare different vegetables and other basic essentials I also use the crepe recipe in here My copy is splattered and well worn I refer to it often.

    7. a great book for a beginner cook who wants to learn a few very adaptable recipes and techniques to start out with if you re an experienced cook and already have a lot of cookbooks, this one probably isn t so useful for you.

    8. I just love Julia Child, as you read her recipes you can see that she has a REAL love for food You know that every recipe she wrote she injoyed it She wouldnt write anything that she wouldnt eat herself And you dont see that with much cheifs this days God Bless Julia Child.

    9. this is such a beautiful, uncomplicated, straightforward look at basic cooking rules Julia is full of inspiration and ideas for simple ways to make beautiful food Especially take note of the section on eggsif it doesn t inspire you to make some eggs then I just don t even know what to say.

    10. Everything this amazing woman does is just like that AMAZING This one s a concentrated volume to have at hand while trying your best at cooking the glorious dishes provided in the masterpiece MASTERING THE ART OF FRENCH COOKING I am into reading food related books these days and this was an enjoyable encyclopedia for the curious passionate beginner home chef I can t wait to get my hands on MTAFC so I can finally make the Boeuf Bourguignon I ve been drooling over since Julie Julia Oh, the simple [...]

    11. A delightful referenceHandy for the drawer, this book is the ultimate cheat sheet for things we tend not to cook often enough for all things to be readily available in memory The book assumes you know how to cook rather well, and puys useful bits all so easily confused or forgotten within easy reach Still very relevant even in modern kitchens with A.I voice assistants, tablets and phones.

    12. I d consider this Julia s greatest hits If you don t have one of her volumes in your kitchen, this is the one to pick up.

    13. Hardy har har I love Julia Child, I really do I think her Mastering the Art cookbooks belong in a museum, let alone in the kitchens of people everywhere However, let s not kid ourselves that ANY of this is simple or basic For pete s sake her recipe for making hard boiled eggs is almost a page long That being said, she is still adorable and her love affair with food is definitely admirable, if not contagious.So this book is not the cooking for dummies that I thought it might be, but that is just [...]

    14. This book is not a standard cookbook It does provide recipes, but is not meant to provide exhaustive collections for every dish and variation Rather, it emphasizes a way of cooking based on mastery of fundamentals, or as she puts it, a small set of master recipes Using a master recipe as the basis, one can eventually developing a familiarity and ease with technique for whole classes dishes derived from the master recipe, leading perhaps to improvisation and certainly improvement of one s cooking [...]

    15. VERY good for the home cook All the tips are arranged in a logical manner and the recipies that make the best demonstrations of said tips are immediately following the tips.I think this is a kitchen essential No home chef should be without it It doesn t matter if you want to cook French food or if you would rather skip Ms Child s other cookbooks This is all solid cooking advice that defies genre Well worth the money.

    16. This is a useful book, although I imagine it was useful 10 years ago before the internet was so prevalent It has some basic recipes, but also lots of hints and tips from JC I think, though, that many of her hints are easily available online now I got this book for free from Borders when they launched their e Reader iPhone app, and I m glad I flipped through it, but unless you cook a lot of fancy french food, it s probably not worth paying a lot of money for.

    17. Julia is always great, and so funny I was hoping for pithy commentary, not just a how to Very useful, especially for someone who really likes to cook, but I like my cookbooks and how to books, for that matter to have lots of pictures and this one doesn t Otherwise a 4 if they added lots of glossy photos.

    18. Julia Child s own reader s digest version of her cookbooks Think of them as reminder recipes Chocolate ganache is 1 cup heavy cream and 8 oz semi sweet chocolate, BUT if you ve made ganache before, you know it needs to be attended to Also Alton Brown s method for french fries is much better But a nice little book to have around, and it doesn t take up much shelf space.

    19. Even if you skim this book and pick up one or two techniques you hadn t previously employed, you will be a better cook for it sometimes I think we tend to do too much to things cook them too long, season them too much, instead of preparing good, fresh items simply and letting their own character shine This book teaches you how to do that in a matter of fact, accessible way.

    20. I didn t use this much the first few years I had it because I still needed to get comfortable with the basics Now I find a great resource for understanding the details involved in making something the best way, not just the okay way.

    21. I really mostly browsed in this book instead of reading It is full of Julia s advice on how to do all sorts of things in the kitchen I didn t try any of it, so I can t comment on whether it was good advice or not.

    22. A book published in 2000, showcasing Julia Child s lifetime of cooking experience Lovely photos from her seven cooking series, teaching basics and advanced recipes to the reader I particularly love the egg cookery chapter.

    23. I used to love watching Julia Child on TV I learned a lot from reading her cookbooks, but I almost never cook from or refer to them This one was the big exception It s got a lot of good info that conforms to the way we cook eat now.

    24. I just skimmed this book over it s a library book , and the most helpful parts to me were how to properly make eggs and omelettes These techniques can also be found on the internet There aren t any photos.

    25. If you ve never had anyone take you under their wing and show you the basics of how to cook, this book will be invaluable to you Full of little tricks and advice that you d probably never come to on your own but would be obvious to anyone who grew up in a family that cooks.I love it.

    26. I like this smaller Julia book After watching Julie Julia I was inspired to make one of her recipes, but I was not ready to Master the Art of French Cooking, so I m thankful I found this one at the library.

    27. Who could possibly go wrong using Julia Childs recipes She is a Master Chef And this book has lots of helpful kitchen hnits as well as good basic recipes like Julia s Tuna Salad I have tried many of her excellent recipes.

    28. A short little compendium full of useful tips, techniques, charts, and master recipes Need to know the proportions for hollandaise What temperature should the oven be to roast a rack of lamb What makes a souffl puffy Is pie dough difficult It s all covered here in Julia s loving voice.

    29. Julia Child is a culinary treasure Her insight and recipes stand the test of time This is a great reference with some very useful recipes.

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