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The Seance Society Michael Nethercott The Seance Society It s and Lee Plunkett has taken over the family business as a private investigator despite his reluctance to follow in his father s footsteps When murder intrudes on a group of ghost seekers Le

  • Title: The Seance Society
  • Author: Michael Nethercott
  • ISBN: 9781628990331
  • Page: 198
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Seance Society Michael Nethercott It s 1956, and Lee Plunkett has taken over the family business as a private investigator despite his reluctance to follow in his father s footsteps When murder intrudes on a group of ghost seekers, Lee is asked to solve the case by a cop on the verge of retirement At the urging of his perpetual fianc e, Audrey, Lee enlists the help of Mr O Nelligan, a scholarly IrishmanIt s 1956, and Lee Plunkett has taken over the family business as a private investigator despite his reluctance to follow in his father s footsteps When murder intrudes on a group of ghost seekers, Lee is asked to solve the case by a cop on the verge of retirement At the urging of his perpetual fianc e, Audrey, Lee enlists the help of Mr O Nelligan, a scholarly Irishman with a keen eye for solving mysteries The duo is drawn into a murder investigation involving the Spectricator, a machine designed to communicate with the dead Soon, Plunkett and O Nelligan are knee deep in a suspect pool that includes a surly medium, a former speakeasy queen, a mysterious Spanish widow, and a whole slew of eccentric servants.
    The Seance Society Michael Nethercott

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      198 Michael Nethercott
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    One thought on “The Seance Society”

    1. Even though this story doesn t take place in the 1890 s I kept reading it as it did It probably had to do with the cover The story was filled with good mystery There were parts that were spooky To begin with, the whole idea that Trexler and his friends had come up with to get fame was very deceiving but creepy at the same time Another real life part that was spooky was when the detective fell down the ravine in the snow and lost his glasses That was horrific to me being a glasses wearer I will [...]

    2. First, many thanks to Minotaur Books and NetGalley for this ARC of this e book A light mystery with a colorful cast of characters It read kind of like the Clue game of the 70 s A mysterious death is investigated The scene is in The Parlor Was it the odd, outspoken Mr Kemple The boisterous drama queen Miss Sassafrass Mousey Ms Chauncey Mr O Nelligan and Detective Plunkett set out to find out Good thing Lee Plunkett is surrounded by all these personalities, because as the central character, he is [...]

    3. The Seance Society by Michael Nethercott is a throw back to who done it books of yesteryears There is detectives, the list of potential murderer s, the interview the chase and the capture An old supposedly haunted house, a grieving widow, a hearst for a car, a loyal secretary and a house full of servants give character to the story I liked this book.

    4. It s 1956 and millionaire inventor and spiritualist, Trexler Lloyd has invented a machine which will supposedly allow him to communicate with the dead However, on its first run, he is electrocuted Perhaps by coincidence or maybe not , the local coroner is present and pronounces the death an accident However, at least one of the guests at the s ance suspects foul play and hires detective Lee Plunkett and his assistant, Mr O Nelligan to investigate.Despite being set in the US, The S ance Society h [...]

    5. I received this book free from Net Galley in exchange for a review.I really liked this book a lot The story was set in the late 1950 s and all the semblance of an old time mystery novel, even the butler When it came time to reveal the murderer, the scene took place in the sitting room of a large, supposedly haunted, mansion It felt like I was reading a script based on the game, Clue.The characters were well developed and the story was interesting There were quite a few quirky characters and ever [...]

    6. The S ance Society is the perfect read to while away a rainy day It involves a reluctant private detective and his literary Irish friend Mr O Nelligan trying to find out who murdered a local spiritualist The story is peppered with quirky characters and witty dialogue and the story moves along at a satisfying pace It doesn t give away the murderer, something I really appreciate in a mystery.

    7. Meh So this book is probably the most straightforward mystery book I ve ever read in my life Literally someone is killed PI s are called in to investigate Said PI s interview everyone who was on the scene again and again and again and again until the killer is found The end That s pretty much it The characters are, a little interesting The plot is, ok I thought that the synopsis gave the book some potential but I was pretty wrong Oh well On to the next book in the pile.

    8. This book was perfect for a quick and easy mystery read, but nothing truly stuck out at me The final solution to the murder was a bit irritating, as it seemed to be pure luck rather than maliciously planned intent, but I still enjoyed it I ll definitely come back to this author when I want to read a mystery in the future.

    9. Published 2013 Just so so as far as mysteries go Set in post WWII I would liken it to some of the old drawing room mystery B movies of the late 40 s early 50 s.

    10. i really enjoyed this book it was well written and held my interest i will be reading the next one in the series.

    11. I love this detective duo, particularly Mr O Nelligan s combination of wisdom, kindness and literary perspective He is someone I d want to know, and would want working on any detective challenge I had Lee Plunkett is filled with the challenges of a young man who is developing his identity in the shadow of an overly colorful father, who left the detective agency to him Mr O Nelligan, significantly older, becomes his new partner and positive father figure, and their relationship is central to this [...]

    12. BOOK CLUB MEMBERS Don t read until our meeting This book definitely embodied the spirit of Agatha Christie, though it wasn t as tightly written It felt a bit long wordy in places Refreshingly clean and comfortable read Love the 1950 s atmosphere without any modern values imposed Church is mentioned positively Texting and computers are obviously missing today there are so many easier ways to communicate and gather information Not crazy about the 2 1 2 year perpetual engagement Why would a woman p [...]

    13. I spent the first half of this mystery trying to justify the blandness of the story It is set in the 1950 s, which obviously tones down the edginess However, Alan Bradley s Flavia de Luce series is also set in the 1950 s, and his stories are never bland I think the problem for me was that Lee Plunkett, the protagonist and narrator of the book, was beyond mediocre Having inherited his fathers P.I business, Lee is dismissive, ignorant, and lacks curiosity or initiativene of which seems to bother h [...]

    14. noranydroptoread 2013 11 0This book was just good fun Set in 1956, it follows reluctant private investigator Lee Plunkett as he looks into the death of eccentric, wealthy inventor Trexler Lloyd, who ostensibly died when his Spectricator, a machine intended for use in communicating with spirits, malfunctions Lee inherited the family business, but he isn t particularly committed to the job Fortunately, he has the well read Irishman Mr O Nelligan to keep him motivated and add insights The array of [...]

    15. Page 182 Holy Mother, Mr O Nelligan groaned under his breath How did the man ever write this drivel I concur Mr O Nelligan Normally I am not one to trash the hard work of an author In this case I am compelled to break from that tradition.Our story unfolds in the state of CT, the year, 1956 Two detectives are investigating a murder that wasn t meant to be a murder at all The victim, Mr Trexler Lloyd, an odd wealthy genius type with interests in the occult has grown quite tired of his fame Assiste [...]

    16. The Seance Society is set in small town America in the mid 1950s Lee Plunkett has inherited his father s private eye business for which he feels supremely unqualified His long time fianc e Audrey is supportive as his only friend, the enigmatic, Yeat s quoting Irishman Mr O Nelligan The Society itself is a grab bag of true believers, doubters and outright charlatans its leader, the fabulously wealthy Trexler Lloyd uses the Society to introduce his latest invention, the Spectricator , a machine th [...]

    17. It s very painful to find almost nothing to recommend about a work you know the author invested effort into But this is unfortunately one of the flattest stories I have ever read Thinking that couldn t last all the way through, I read the entire book To no avail.As a parody it lacks the pointedness that genre requires As a mystery, it was pretty obvious HOW and I personally didn t really care WHO, because the characters were less than cardboard The declared 1950s setting was utterly not there, o [...]

    18. This book was ok I was about to award it two stars, but had to give credit for the nod towards classic noir mysteries A detective who goes gaga over a beautiful lady, a wacky cast of suspects, and a classic meeting of the characters to point the finger at the culprit Cute But it was a little overdone, and the characters rang a bit shallow The well read Irish assistant made one too many quotes, and people couldn t seem to get over his heritage Sassafras was shallow and dumb, which was the point, [...]

    19. I bought the second book in this series off the cheap shelf at Chapters and decided I needed to read the first book first I m glad I did I enjoyed this book Eccentric millionaire Trexler Lloyd dies suspiciously when an invention of his for contacting the dead malfunctions He is quickly cremated, to quickly in the opinion of the investigating police officer He hires Lee Plunkett and Mr O Nelligan to investigate They discover he had actually planned to fake his death and abscond to Spain with his [...]

    20. Small time private investigator Lee Plunkett is hired by a client with good reason to stay anonymous when questions arise about the death of eccentric genius Trexler Lloyd Fortunately, Lee s friend Mr O Nelligan, an elderly, erudite Irishman, volunteers to help with the case Lloyd was interested in life after death and had assembled a strange household, including a former speakeasy owner, an arrogant medium, and a groundskeeper who sees ghosts I picked this up with some hesitation, but it s not [...]

    21. Being a lover of the game Clue I found myself immersed in this book The duo trying to solve the murder were quite colorful and quirky in nature The best part of this page turner was that it never gave away the identity of the murderer This book was given to me as a digital copy by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review No compensation was received I highly recommend this book.

    22. Read my full review bit 19O2W8g My opinion This book was BLAND There was a bit of sophomoric feeling to the writing that just didn t suck me into the book It didn t help that I couldn t warm up to ANY of the characters, AT ALL It simply felt as though the story was simply there It wasn t so bad that I couldn t finish the book It just took a very long time to get there from a short, less than 250 page book which I should have been able to wrap up in one evening.

    23. This mystery is a great deal of fun Our narrator, Lee Plunkett, is carrying on his father s PI business with the help of an odd Irish friend, and a police detective asks them to look into the death of a self centered genius obsessed with the spirit world Add a fianc e and some very odd suspects and you end up with a pretty entertaining read.

    24. A quick, easy read I figured out what I thought would be the ending pretty early, but it turns out that I d only determined an aspect of the story that was a stopping point on the way to the solution of the mystery There were enough suspects in the story to keep things interesting, and I liked O Nelligan a lot I will likely read at least a couple books in this new series.

    25. I got this book threw a giveaway It was very easy to read and follow even with the big cast of characters involved in the story Each person was a unique individual They really helped pull the story together Some of the characters i wish we seen a little of This mystery will end leaving you with a smile on your face.

    26. I loved this book It was so much fun to read and the characters really came to life I have not read a lot of murder mysteries so this was a lot fun to try and figure out who done it The two main characters were people that I would love to have lunch with and chat a bit I would recommend this book to all who want a good time read.

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