The Virgin Sex Queen #2020

The Virgin Sex Queen Angela Verdenius The Virgin Sex Queen Two weeks of lust and laughter Sophie Willow erotic romance writer experienced the ultimate Sex Queen Unfortunately it s all in her head the experienced part that is Alan Cooper this cute cop has

  • Title: The Virgin Sex Queen
  • Author: Angela Verdenius
  • ISBN: 9781301129003
  • Page: 282
  • Format: ebook
  • The Virgin Sex Queen Angela Verdenius Two weeks of lust and laughter Sophie Willow erotic romance writer, experienced, the ultimate Sex Queen Unfortunately, it s all in her head the experienced part, that is.Alan Cooper this cute cop has discovered her secret, and he reckons he s just the man to give her the experience she needs.Will two weeks be enough, or will it leave them wanting
    The Virgin Sex Queen Angela Verdenius

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      Angela Verdenius

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    1. Revised review The I thought about this story today, the I felt it needed a little longer review from me 4.5 starsFun, short read The characters and writing, and story line were really good, and the author had me engaged throughout the whole story.The story is about an erotic writer who is constantly questioned about how she comes up with her stories, and a lot of her fans assume that it s from her own personal experience Sophie the erotic author in the story lets her friends and fans assume t [...]

    2. Aussies are HOT okay Chris Hemsworth proved that to us This book is okay Unless you count the scene where they do the a role play sex.Now that is HOT

    3. This story was pretty darn close to PERFECT for me Loved Alan SO SO SOOOOO MUCH And i honestly haven t laughed so hard in a long time And WHEW can you say STEAM FACTOR of 1000

    4. Extremely sweet and occasionally hilarious love story between Sophie and Alan.Sophie is an erotic romance writer but her inspiration is imagination and occasional porn she s a virgin sex queen Visiting her cousin Sam, she realizes the cop that stopped her for speeding is her childhood crush Alan.Slow flirtation ensues and when Alan discovers her hymen status, he decides to teach her a thing or two about sex in two weeks.Slow attraction, humorous situations, lovable heroine and likable secondary [...]

    5. Sophie Willow is an erotic romance writer with a secret, all the hot things she has written aboute has never experienced, in fact she hasn t experienced anything at all as her virginity still remains intact Alan Cooper is a cop, a really cute one and when he finds out her secret he offers to give her the experience she craves, but will the two weeks they have together be enough I seem to be on a Angela Verdenius spree at the moment, I can t seem to stop reading her books One because her books ar [...]

    6. Angela Verdenius books are simply a joy to read They are entertaining, sweet, funny, sexy.d I ve said this before but they are truly the perfect fairy tale for a grown woman with curves The author seems to use the same magic ingredients and although the basic plot and players don t change too much, we do get a varied selection in her stories from the vibe each character and couple gives off with their unique yet almost always alpha males personalities and circumstances The setting and link betwe [...]

    7. This was a really sweet, funny admittedly quick read And it was great to read an Australian author who kept a bit of aussie language and culture in there.It was a nice combo, Alan the sexy, skirt chasing cop and Sophie, the virgin author who writes sexy books I liked them both a lot Sophie was relatable And Alan had a sexy possessive thing going There was some good chemistry here and the dialogue was actually pretty good.The only thing that bothered me was that Sophie s books, seemed to promise [...]

    8. 3 very funny stars.This isn t an epic love story but it is hilariously funny If you pause too long or think too deeply you may question certain aspects of this story as leaning towards the ridiculous However as a light and quick read it certainly held my attention.

    9. Though it pains me to say it, this was a 3 star read for me.I loved the possessiveness shown by Alan The jealously certainly took him by surprise and it was so cute the way he stalked her at the book signing.The book unfortunately lacked the humour I would normally expect and normally this author goes to some length to give the furbabies personalities which make them as much a part of the story as their humans Didn t happen this time.Also, the relationship happened so fast that it didn t seem be [...]

    10. I don t know why but I just couldn t get into this book When I read the synopsis I felt like it had great potential to be an AMAZING story but when I started reading it, I felt like it was lacking something The first sex scene I didn t think was realistic and from then on I just kept going back and forth between like some bits and not liking others.I also felt no connection to the characters and their relationship moved a little to quickly.

    11. O t tulo pode parecer rid culo, mas o livro n o , ao contr rio, divertido e sensual Leitura r pida e super gostosa.

    12. I picked this book up because I needed a title that started with the letter V for a challenge, and imagine my surprise when it tied directly to Cop s Passion, a book I had really enjoyed by this author I hoped for a great read when I sat down with it, and I got exactly that Sophie was very easy to connect with, as she was a lot like any plus sized woman out there full of self doubt and a lack of confidence I really liked how she gave herself pep talks to bolster her confidence, as I could see my [...]

    13. Aahh, so sweet , loved Alan and Sophie what a cute couple and he s a cop , man in uniform gets me every damn time I liked the sound of Sophie s cousin Sam and definitely want to hear his story, nice hearing from Marty from the Lawson books and obviously welcome back Mike as Alan s partner I adored him from his own story with Maddy I love how the stories are loosely linked nice touch The great thing about this story is that it slowly builds up, the subtle looks, the blushing, the flirting, oh the [...]

    14. FINALLY I got this book and I was like FINALLY, DAMMIT Allan Cooper is one funny cop After having a parade of woman, he stumbled to Sophie Willow, young erotic romance writer, cousin of his roomate Full with curves, Sophie did nothing but intrigued him What will he do when he find out that The Sex Queen is nothing but inexperienced virgin Typical Miss Verdenius Funny, light, angst free and adorable Her style of writing is suit me real fine Though it s not my favorite because my favorite is still [...]

    15. It was a funny read but I wish there was passion After Sophia finally looses her virginity the story seems to rush by in an unfinished blur By the end of the story I felt kind of like huh that was it Alan and Sophia s two weeks of sex lessons were apparently enough to make them fall in love, boost her self esteem and transform Alan from man slut to husband material Those must have been some interesting two weeks, too bad the story only shows glimpses of this miraculous turn about.

    16. 3.5 stars It was a lot cuter than I thought it would be Just the right mix of funny and sexy, but it left a little to be desired with the pace It took over half the book for the plot to finally get going, and then the ending was so rushed to be wrapped up I think it would have probably gotten 4.5 from me if it were paced a bit better, either by making the beginning half shorter or the ending half longer.

    17. I truly enjoyed this book, from the beginning to the end Oh I was so happy for Sophie, finally she knew how beautiful to have your body be loved by the opposite sex with sexual needs Alan, was a heart breaker in the beginning but he was enjoy lil Sophie I was so happy this for them I loved that Ms Verdenius add Marty and Mike in the story I applaud you Now I seriously must go to Australia Love the lingo.

    18. Tedious Ridiculous.Boring.Dum.bThose are pretty much all the words that come to mind when thinking about this Needless to say, I didn t overly enjoy it I guess dumb heroines and smug man boys just don t do it for me And the supposed humor I just didn t find funny at all

    19. Not my favourite but still enjoyableI didn t hate it I can t say I liked Alan to begin with but he got a whole lot sweeter as the story progressed.Sophie I didn t hate her but she was a tad annoying at times.I m hoping Sophie s cousin, absentminded but protective and sweet Sam, gets a story.

    20. I honestly felt there could been and I I definitely wanted I felt there could have been to there relationship.

    21. First for the good I loved the hero and his mates, sweet cute funny as Such a pity he ended up with one of the worst heroines I ve read for ages probably up there with the worst three maybe She totally sucked Where to even begin with how awful she isHer personality was that of a 14 year old teanager not a supposedly mature women in her mid to late twenties, god that awful Bbq scene when she spouts of It would be vaguely forgivable in a teenager you know that awkward pathetic kid who brags about [...]

    22. A sweetheart of a book, a keeper I started this book knowing I was going to enjoy it, because it is by AM, one of my favorite authors In her recent books she has simply outdone herself in both the hotness and sexiness of the books and characters They are highly relateable and so sweetly characterized that even though the book was not as long as I would have liked I enjoyed it immensely Sophie is as cute as a button with her internal dialogue, Alan is my favorite kind of hero to read, just a happ [...]

    23. Set in Australia this fun romantic read follows Sophie Willow while she s visiting her cousin on vacation, little does she know she will be sharing her space with a hot blast from the past.Sophie is a plus sized heroine struggling with a few body issues but don t worry she doesn t tear herself down every few pages, she is truly making an effort to build her confidence Sophie has become a popular erotic romance writer but there is one problem, all that erotica she is writing about is pure fantasy [...]

    24. This was a pretty decent book I can definitely agree that the heroine was a bit on the juvenile side and I was very irritated with the whole speeding thing When your sexy cop boyfriend begs you to stop speeding after he s already pulled you over twice because he worries so much about you it is not the slightest bit cute or romantic to have him catch you again I thought the author was a bit weird for doing that The sex scenes were very cute, but I was uncomfortable at the amount of fear the heroi [...]

    25. This was such a fun read What a wonderful pick me up book We have an adorable MC Sophie who writes erotic romance for a living She s a best seller and her stories are known by women abound But Sophie is hiding a little secret of her own All those lust filled stories and hot scenes Yea, they are all just figments of her imagination Sophie is the purest of pure and has absolutely no experience, herself, with the opposite sex That is, until a friendly, jovial Alan comes along.Alan is a unique guy, [...]

    26. Painful reading Awful, really really awful I d rather give it a zero if possible This book is supposed to be a fun light read, but instead it is nerve rackingThe cheesy cover and the title of the book had irritated me before I began reading but the recommendations here saying it was a sweet story made me wonder and stole my 3 hours unfortunately I had to skip a lot of pages to decrease the pain and see where it goes And it goes where it goes in the worst possible way Writing too bad, unskillfulH [...]

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