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Forbidden Days C.L. Quinn Forbidden Days Life has been harsh but after a horrible childhood Park was finally content with her life Her beautiful home sat on the edge of the Pacific Ocean in Los Angeles she had her dream job and good frie

  • Title: Forbidden Days
  • Author: C.L. Quinn
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  • Page: 311
  • Format: ebook
  • Forbidden Days C.L. Quinn Life has been harsh, but after a horrible childhood, Park was finally content with her life Her beautiful home sat on the edge of the Pacific Ocean in Los Angeles, she had her dream job, and good friends she trusted Then she s abducted, car jacked by a stunningly sexy man who she realizes is dangerously crazyhe thinks he s a vampire Park plays along until she can escLife has been harsh, but after a horrible childhood, Park was finally content with her life Her beautiful home sat on the edge of the Pacific Ocean in Los Angeles, she had her dream job, and good friends she trusted Then she s abducted, car jacked by a stunningly sexy man who she realizes is dangerously crazyhe thinks he s a vampire Park plays along until she can escape, until she discovers that there are things out there people like her never knew existed Life changed instantly in one nightmpires do exist and she herself is something than she ever knew He d been alive over three hundred years with little complications But when Bas went to do a simple compel to get a ride on a busy street in L.A late one night, he found the impossiblea human he couldn t compel Only, after a taste, he knewe was something than humanmething different A complication and a mystery on a night all he wanted was transportation home and away from an enemy he wasn t prepared to fightt He wasn t looking for her, anything like her, and yet he couldn t think about letting her go Yes, he wanted to know what she was, and he needed to protect her from his enemy, but even than thatmewhere deep inside an old battle weary vampire, his human heart told him that the time may have come to feel love again.Park had always thought she was brokenwas never good enoughe d been taught that often enough as a little girl who lived in the dark But sometimes things have to fall apart so they can fall together the way they were always meant to be.
    Forbidden Days C.L. Quinn Forbidden Days The Firsts Book eBook C.L Apr , Forbidden Days The Firsts Book Kindle edition by C.L Quinn, Bestselling Vampire Series Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Forbidden Days The Firsts Book . Forbidden Days The Firsts, by C.L Quinn Nov , Forbidden Days is the introduction to The Firsts, and quite an introduction it is Park is finally where she wants her life to be successful and independent following a traumatic childhood when she s suddenly abducted outside a restaurant by an unwelcome and dangerously sexy man who is not at all what he seems. Forbidden Days by C L Quinn, Paperback Barnes Noble A Forbidden Love Sinfully decadent Anthony Kennington, Viscount Hastings, lives for pleasure and he rues the day when he must wed and produce an heir But he is not a man who runs from danger, and when he chances upon an enchanting gypsy maiden Forbidden Days The Messianic Passover Challenge Specifically, one of the forbidden days was deliberately chosen to block the weekday sequence of Passover in the year Yeshua gave His life, which was a multi layered fulfillment of prophecy. Forbidden Days Audiobook by C L Quinn Audible It is a dark tale that details some of what she went through with her mother, addicted to drugs and alcohol, and made a living providing sex for men It is harsh at times, but true to her journey that begins, as a successful woman, in the first book of the series, Forbidden Days. forbidden days rhapsody music, videos, stats, and photos forbidden days rhapsody is a solo project from Japan, formed by mika, known as the drummer of RENTRER EN SOI Line up Mika drums,programming Rui vocals Shun guitar, bass The project was announced on June , on Mika s official homepage. RPGM Abandoned Forbidden Desire School Days v. Jul , You can take the role of a high school student On his way to the last days of school, he understands that with a little bit of cunning and luck you can get from women about anything you want Considering the amount of them he has in his hometown, he has quite the adventure ahead of him.

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    One thought on “Forbidden Days”

    1. A painful 11 hrs and 10 mins of mostly dialogue, narrated by Pyper Down she was just horrid My advice STAY AWAY

    2. This novel is quite surprising and I was taken by the characters and plot A girl not knowing her parentage gets abused and ends up building a new life for herself In that time she meets a vampire who is in a conundrum As they meet and go on an adventure together we see what the potential is I fell in love with everything and needed to finish it In fact I ended up obsessed with it to find out what happened This is definitely something to look forward to in the next book.

    3. Wow This is bad I mean really bad And I can read anything This is third book in my life that I put down without finishing I cannot express how bad this book is It terrifies me that writing this bad has sequels

    4. Never finished this book I found the characters juvenile and shallow The same vampire story I ve already read a dozen times over Disappointing.

    5. Ooh la laaa 1st let me start by saying, I read listened to this book in audio format via audible This is defiantly a book you want to hear the voices in All the accents are wonderful and the excitement It s like listening to a movie, but better because the book is always better Park meets a man who is hijacking her car Bas orders her to drive she refuses Never let them take you to another place Then Park learns that Bas is a vampire and is even scared As time goes on Park decides this vampire i [...]

    6. I started out quite pleased with this story before it made a left turn about two thirds of the way through Regardless, it had in the plus column than the negative The heroine, Park, is a woman who has built a successful life on the surface while fighting the demons of her horrible childhood Believe me, it was bad Bas is a vampire that needs a driver in a crunch and carjacks her to drive him from Northern California to his stronghold in Canada Problems start right off when his vampire mojo doesn [...]

    7. I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Park is a nerd girla science geek and does not have a very high opinion of herselfHer childhood was terrible and her mother is awful Park gets away from her mother and childhood by going to college and learning all she can, so she can have a good lifeOne night she goes on a date and it doesn t go well, as she sits in her car to mourn her bad luck, Baz get s in and tried to compel her to take him to his home in Canadahe learns [...]

    8. I want to be a First too My Audible Audiobook Review I like this book It was really good Full of action and adventure I liked how Bas, the vampire, couldn t mind warp Park, the female lead Park was all like wait, you can t kidnap me while Bas was like why isn t my mind warp working it was funny I like how the story played out It was interesting to see all the pieces come together, and see the battles with the bad guys play out to.Now the end I am bit upset about what happen to Bas and Park s fat [...]

    9. Starts a little slow and I had to get used to the narration, By halfway point I was fully vested Not a bad start to a new series recommended by one of my book buddies A few notes Park s mother is a piece of work I m not sure I d be able to forgive her like Park Grew to love the characters, I have several favs Love that some of the new vamps came from the same mundane world as Park Park has her father

    10. Could not finish Don t get me wrong I read supernatural book, therefore I have to be willing to accept outrageous plot lines This book however was so far out there that I just couldn t get through it The writing was awful I could get past the bad writing, but the story line was even worse than the writing I just could finish it.

    11. I loved this series I listen to books which is better than reading as you get to hear the different voices Most are read by Pyper Down a couple are read by Natalie Duke I like Pyper better, she is good at creating different voices for the various characters I have listened to the first 12 They are each about different people and of course they include the whole families of each clan These books are of course about Vampires There is a lot of love, romance, lust, conversions, and as always there i [...]

    12. Very happy with itVery well written all of what you want or expect in a good book I loved the intensity and erotic feel to it The suspense and action It was intense I loved it.

    13. Ugh This book could have been so much than the hot mess it was Unfortunately the word paranormal translates to some as free rein to write anything and everything in a story without regard to believability Yes, one does need to suspend disbelief in order to appreciate paranormal fiction, but a good paranormal book has one feeling they can believe the characters and their story.I really, really wanted to enjoy this book and I think with a reputable editor it could have been so much .I could not c [...]

    14. Forbidden Days is the introduction to The Firsts, and quite an introduction it is.Park is finally where she wants her life to be successful and independent following a traumatic childhood when she s suddenly abducted outside a restaurant by an unwelcome and dangerously sexy man who is not at all what he seems Bas s three hundred years as a vampire have not prepared him at all for the beautiful, smart and stubborn Park, and her independence is an alluring challenge for him He has become tired and [...]

    15. Audible Book Forbidden Days The Firsts, Book 1Author C L QuinnNarrated By Pyper DownReviewed by Tammy Payne Book Nook Nuts My Rating 5 Stars REVIEW And so it Begins Would you consider the audio edition of Forbidden Days to be better than the print version I have not read the print version of this book So I cannot honestly say.What was one of the most memorable moments of Forbidden Days The explosion of Bas Mansion and the loss.Have you listened to any of Pyper Down s other performances before Ho [...]

    16. I could only get 17% of the way into this book and then I just stopped reading, something I rarely do The charcters were flat, the switches between points of view was jolting, and the dialogue was awkward and stilted It also felt surprisingly pc and not at all engaging If you like vampires, alpha males, and strong female heroines I strongly recommend to you the following series Midnight Breed Series by Lara Adrian, Night Huntress series by Jeannine Frost, or the Immortals After Dark series by Kr [...]

    17. Interesting premise so much so I wish time had been given to the creation of the story This book provides a quick escape There is enough story to hold you engaged But not enough to necessarily care.

    18. Good but not great.The premise is good But you never get to really know and care deeply for the characters Park is just a regular girl looking for love but unable to find it She has poured herself into her work at a lab One night she goes on a blind date and everything changes Sebastian a vampire steps into her life He tries to compel her but it doesn t work The story moves along quickly from there I never really got to know the characters well The background is surface filler, no depth I don t [...]

    19. Usually I am able to overlook most mistakes that writers sometimes make I read for pleasure, so I can relax and rarely do find a book that I criticize because of the errors I found myself having to go back several times to reword, restructure or rewrite sentences so that made sense and this was just from reading the prologue and first two chapters I realize that indie authors have to rely on friends, relatives and their self when editing, but this reads like a rough draft, not a work is ready to [...]

    20. I was really drawn into the book and how it would end for them all.I connected with a mysterious heroine, a good vamp hero and very likable added characters.Sebastian needs to get home quick to help defend the compound he leads and stop a rogue vampire bent on harming anyone he cares about Because of her past with a terrible mother, Park has trouble connecting to people After a failed blind date, she was resigned to going home alone when Sebastian got into her car, looked her in the eyes, and co [...]

    21. Paranormal fantasy fantastic Sebastian Park, what a wonderful story Hot, passionate vampires This story is so unique original, enjoyable to read The humour is refreshing The heat passion depth of the story is emotional unlike any other I ve read in this genre.All the characters are easy to follow, the descriptions make it easy for the imagination to place them in the situations described Action packed romance, where the story evolves surprises stimulates the reader to keep the pages turning.Wond [...]

    22. his is a paranormal romance with some really wicked dark twists C.L introduces the reader to the dark and intriguing world of vampires There are the everyday vampires, ones made from other vampires then there are the Firsts, vampires that are born This is the tale of one such first who was born thinking she was human, until she catches the attention of other vampires This is an insightful story of people finding out there is to the story of their origins that what they have told themselves I hi [...]

    23. This is a perfect example of why I don t read reviews before I read a book I saw all of those one star reviews and I got nervous Ok, so the flow of the beginning of the book is a little shaky It jumps POV mid paragraph in the beginning and gets slightly confusing This gets muuuuch better as the book goes along Once you get sucked into the story, the editing doesn t matter any.The story itself was slightly above average with some nice dirty surprises that kept it interesting Not good enough to ha [...]

    24. This book was suggested on my feed and am I happy it was I love paranormal romance and this book was a smorgasboard of romance, intrigue, and suspence I really enjoyed Bas and Park and the characters that were introduced in this first book It was heartwarming and exciting It made me laugh and cry I have already purchsed the second book, Endless Days I am looking forward to reading that It is always great to find another author and series to connect with.

    25. I actually did enjoy this book, but felt no urge to continue with the series I was drawn in immediately by the MCs, but the book started to evolve into a paranormal opera Not really what I was looking for and I have an aversion to characters with super powers It s a really difficult thing to pull off without the story getting just plain silly But if you like operatic books, this ones for you.

    26. Always wondering if I read a vampire book if it is going to be good or if I am going to understand the whole story I actually like this book very much because it was not like all vampire books The vampires were different Amazing characters and plot Sad and happy Going to read the next book soon Great read and did not disappoint.

    27. Whenever I read books, I almost always finish them except this time I tried, I really did but I was so bored and I finally gave up at 58% of the way in The book was just boring I mostly just didn t like how easily everything was solved, there really wasn t much suspense where there should have been.

    28. Very good vampire story It was a good surprised to have a story where, for once, the main character is not turned by error or discover ecerything too quickly 3 couples, 3 love stories for the price of 1 A bad guy who nobody ever expected Surprises until the very end and so many leads for sequels.

    29. the story was somewhat interesting, the reader was so annoying that i couldn t stand to listen any i just couldn t i recommend reading not the audiobook but have not finished so don t really know.

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