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Club Ties Mara McBain Club Ties Book in The Trinity Falls Series Mox is now a Brawer by blood but he has never felt like an outsider His new place in the family comes at a high cost to the woman who raised him Teamed with the blo

  • Title: Club Ties
  • Author: Mara McBain
  • ISBN: 9780985545963
  • Page: 464
  • Format: Paperback
  • Club Ties Mara McBain Book 2 in The Trinity Falls Series Mox is now a Brawer by blood, but he has never felt like an outsider His new place in the family comes at a high cost to the woman who raised him Teamed with the blood on his hands, secrets and guilt build a wall between them that he doesn t know how to tear down Escaping the tension at home, he ventures out in an ice storm onlyBook 2 in The Trinity Falls Series Mox is now a Brawer by blood, but he has never felt like an outsider His new place in the family comes at a high cost to the woman who raised him Teamed with the blood on his hands, secrets and guilt build a wall between them that he doesn t know how to tear down Escaping the tension at home, he ventures out in an ice storm only to find his future huddled beside a dumpster.Running for her life, Eva ironically, only wants to die Slipping the chains of her relationship with playboy mobster, Rocco Soriano, she has nowhere to turn An offer of safe harbor by Mox and his motorcycle brethren buys her time, but she knows the danger they re putting themselves in.She s no stranger to the game between a man and a woman, but somewhere along the line, the rules get blurred Neither Mox, nor Eva, believe love is in the cards for them, but fate disagrees But then, just when she finds something worth living for, she has to make a choice between his life and hers.
    Club Ties Mara McBain

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    1. DNF at 74 % With an average rating of 4.28 at the moment I m once again the lone voice out there Hence, I m going to put Club Ties on my shelf books everyone loved but baba Let me get down to business straight away.First third of Club TiesShe is biting her lips all the time She is crying all the time She has meltdowns all the time Eva s shy, frightened little girl attitude is so not my cuppa She has huge hang ups, she is insecure as all get out with a huge lack of self esteem Many will say it s [...]

    2. Awesome 4.5My Mox You re a sweet and sexy man You deserve a woman that realizes how good she has it with you I m going to do my damnedest to be that woman My Eva Eva on the run from her abusive, crazy and perv of a boyfriend is found by a dumpster in only her sweater by Mox Mox is a bastard child of Zeke who is President of a local MC that he is a part of He never felt like he belonged even though Zeke s wife, Ginny, loved his as her own even discovering the hard truth that her husband slept wit [...]

    3. ABSOFREAKINLUTELY AMAZINGI am speechless right now I had planned on writing my review for the first book before starting this one but my impatience won out and now I have two incredibly amazing books I can t get out of my head that I need to figure out the proper way to describe their awesomeness to you guys Update Ok, After like an hour of pondering on this I ve decided to jot down the words and or phrases along with facey gifs that keep running through my head when thinking on this book In no [...]

    4. Zeke always says there are only a couple of things a woman can t be forgiven for, baby All the rest you can suck or fuck your way out of The Lords of Mayhem are back on their Harleys living the MC life and protecting their women in this second installment of the Trinity Falls series Packed with gritty action, suspense and romance, we dive deeper in to the MC world and all of it s chaos With most guys a fraction as good looking as you, I would think it false modesty, but you really don t know, an [...]

    5. Club Ties, book 2 in Mara Mcbain s Trinity Falls series, starts out with a BANG and doesn t let up till the very last page I want to add that I read the kindle version even though it s not listed here.Club Ties is Mox s Ginny and Zeke s son story and a well told story it is Better then book one, the romance and suspenseful action blend well as Mox finds the love of his life and does everything humanly possible to protect her from her sadistic ex boyfriend I love how easily McBain incorporates fu [...]

    6. I thoroughly enjoyed the second installment in this series It was fun spending time with the other characters I grew to know and love when reading Club Justice The book picked up where CJ left off, and my heart ached as I watched him grapple with the aftermath and guilt that surrounded the attacks on his family and Kramer s demise.Mox was a staggering combination of fierce and sweet, demonstrating the same protective streak Ginny wields Their relationship and the deep bond they share, despite th [...]

    7. Mox is Zeke s son from the town whore and this is the continuation from the previous book However Zeke and Ginny take a second to their son He is quiet, reserved and labeled as the jokester but that is what he wants everyone to believe.This story is similar to what his dad Zeke went through I enjoyed it and loved the heroine Eva she is sassy and independent This is a very dark book including human trafficking and rape If you are sesnitive to these subjects I would not read.I thought the story wa [...]

    8. Fan freakin tastic I LOVED this one First I will say the POV s it s written in as opposed to book 1 was so much easier to follow which made it a much smoother read Also, I LOVED Mox from book one and I was SO excited that this book was his Mox captured my heart in book one with the sad history of his worthless birth mother, his fierce love for the only real mother he s ever really know and his honor and loyalty to his family and his club The beginning of Mox and Eva s story mimics the history of [...]

    9. Club Ties, the second book in the Trinity Falls series, is a sexy and very violent at times book focusing on one of Zeke s sons as he struggles to protect a runaway woman who has been badly abused by her boyfriend, a dangerous mob boss Their lives and those of his family club members are threatened because that badass dude wants her back and it is one hell of a bloody rollercoaster ride from start to finish I recommend you read the first book in the series to get to know the characters and where [...]

    10. Call me a cougar, but I had a thing for Mox in the first book and man oh man he did not disappoint Loved that he got his HEA and the likeness he shares with his father was a joy to read They are both such strong and loving men Ginny and Eva have their hands full with those two and loving every minute of itI know I would The verdict is still out on pretty boy Rhys but I m holding out hope maybe Rain can help him out and get him to man up a bit

    11. Almost as good as the first I fell in love with Mox in the first book so I was very excited for him to get his HEA I was going to say that its a long hard road but that is not quite right It actually happened pretty fast Rocco was kind of predictable but Mox and Eva were very good characters I was going to write a longer review but I am too excited to get to book 3

    12. ripeforreader 2013It sucked me in and held me till the endI read the first book in this series, and there was no doubt I was going to read any book that followed Mara McBain is on my favourites list Just outside his new apartment, Lords of Mayhem MC member, Mox, finds a battered and freezing girl crouched behind a dumpster Eva is on the run from an abusive club owner, who is involved in prostitution and white slave trade, and who is not willing to let Eva goive.Mox and his family family take Eva [...]

    13. I really liked this book The characters are awesome and theres never a dull moment This coyls have benn a 5 read but the editing wasnt that great and there were ALOT of times were I was confused on who s POV I was reading There should have been a space between each POV and each change of scene.

    14. I liked the first book Club Justice well enough that I immediately bought the second one as well.I adore Mox, he is such a teddy bear Loving, protective, and somehow insecure about girls and his place in life His place in the Brawer family has been made permanent only recently and he still carries around a big chip on his shoulder He wants to please Zeke but especially Ginny And in Eva he finds the girl he wants to keep Eva, of course, comes with her own secrets and emotional insecurities The be [...]

    15. Book two picks right up where book one leaves off and it is a doozie Again, one of the best books I have read This is one talented writer Mox is now a Brawer by blood and on paper, but he doesn t seem to know how to go on looking Ginny in the eye until one day he slips and tells her She is pissed at Zeke thinking he had something to do with it, but it all ends well Mox and Ginny are never stronger by the middle of the book.Mox is heading to his apartment when he hears a whine and whimper He find [...]

    16. Yes, Mox is the guy of my dreams If anyone sees him wandering about please direct him my way I loved this story Absolutely Positutely loved it I dont want to get into the plot but we get lots and lots of Mox and we get to meet Eva who is adoringly sweet It was a great story the author did a great job in having the characters telling the story instead of the author telling the story for the characters, PLUS, what s not to love about a story about bikers Sexy, hot, Alpha Male bikers with tattoos a [...]

    17. I loved Mox the gentle giant and really think he gets the short end of the stick with Zeck and his fellow MC brothers Always being known as the dumb ox, who are they to throw stones He was smart enough dealing with Krammer and didn t have to get his hands dirty Mox s deserves the happiness he found with Eva She s truly a biker bitch doing what she did to protect those she loves To bad it didn t end well for her, sick psycho I was expecting revenge from the biker s, not the pansy ass let down we [...]

    18. I m not one of those people who like instant attraction in books Even then if there is instant attraction there has to be something that ll make me continue to read it In this one that was not the case It was really strange that she escaped abuse and immediately slept with one of the brothers, just not realistic Then he immediately love her, theres not fighting,no him begging,no her begging just her thinking she s not good enough and trying to be like the mom and other people Ughhhh.I hate that [...]

    19. I enjoyed this one I liked that it was a new, younger couple romance But, for all Mox s and the club members talk about protecting their own, and protecting their women, when it came right down to it, they just didn t I mean, Eva tried to protect them, while the big tough guys were victimized by the bad guys, then sat around while the Feds did their thing In the end, I was not impressed by the brand of justice the club meted out I would have liked to see Mox to the rescue, with his best bro Rhys [...]

    20. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite series Need a fix of SOA with a little steam between seasons This totally fits the bill It s violent and gritty but with a heart and soul.This time around it is Mox s HEA Like father, like son, he rescues a girl on the run outside his apartment There is definitely romance in this book than the 1st We get to see of Zeke and Ginny yay and the extended Lords family Still very curious about Rhys wonder if his book is next Keep writing em, Mara McBain

    21. Woww that made for some good reading and talk about cranking it up a notch The book has some really dark elements involved but creates a damn good story I thoroughly enjoyed Club Ties and how we see Mox finally getting his dream girl but what a journey poor Eva goes through to finally find her happiness with the hulking ox this series is slowly working its way onto my favourites list I would definitely recommend this series to anyone.

    22. This continues the Club Justice story line nicely Again, a good summer read Just enough grittiness to keep you from rolling your eyes, no rose coloured glasses here I was done it in a day, but it was a good read Well written with developed and consistent characters Believable dialogue.

    23. 5 stars Loved it Hot biker from a MC Plenty of hot steamy sexiness Great cast of supporting characters Can t wait for book 3 this summer

    24. A awesome bookClub Ties is a must read book Could not put it down I hope you enjoy it as much as I have

    25. A good follow through from Club Justice and a great story of Mox and Eva.Though kinda disappointed with how Eva was rescued.

    26. Oh, I thought this book was even better than the first The romance was a stronger aspect of the plot, and I love Mox Can t wait to see what else McBain can do with this series

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