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Dr No Ian Fleming Dr No James Bond and his beautiful girl Friday Honey Rider have been captured by the evil sadistic Dr No a sinister recluse with a fascination with pain other people s pain Now Dr No holds Bond in his s

  • Title: Dr No
  • Author: Ian Fleming
  • ISBN: 9780141187617
  • Page: 352
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dr No Ian Fleming James Bond and his beautiful girl Friday, Honey Rider, have been captured by the evil, sadistic Dr No, a sinister recluse with a fascination with pain other people s pain Now Dr No holds Bond in his steely grasp, having found him trespassing on his Caribbean island.
    Dr No Ian Fleming

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      352 Ian Fleming
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    1. Was this when Fleming started to phone it in I have enjoyed several of the earlier Bond novels, but this one was full of purple prose and even cringe inducing racism and sexism than usual I mean, this is James Bond we re talking about, who was a misogynistic dick even when cleaned up for Hollywood, but Dr No is pretty much wall to wall racial caricatures, along with a vapid sex kitten of a Bond girl I know, you re saying What makes her any different from all the other Bond girls Well, usually t [...]

    2. I loved this book Best Bond book yetpossibly the best one of all time, but we ll see.We ended the last book From Russia With Love on a cliffhanger Bond is kicked with a poisoned blade by the evil lady torturer Rosa Klebb.Now, after months of medical treatment, he s ready to go back to work The head doctor begs M to take it easy on Bond, but M doesn t believe in coddling agents He sends Bond down to what he thinks will be a relatively easy job in Jamaica Two Secret Service agents have disappeared [...]

    3. Morning, Armourer Now I want to ask you some questions M s voice was casual First of all, what do you think of the Beretta, the.25 Ladies gun, sir M raised ironic eyebrows at Bond.Bond smiled thinly.What fun After the last installment of Bond had left me filled with rage for a while, this one was quite a surprise There is less politicking in this one Without much concern for with the Cold War as such, this adventure turns to the mysterious Dr No.In a way, Dr No seems to be a break with the previ [...]

    4. Rating 4 of fiveAgain rating the film from 1962 Cannot read the books, they haven t aged at all well And in so many ways, neither has the film Ursula Andress, the most remembered woman in the cast, plays Honey Ryder , and she is the last of three women to find 32 year old Connery irresistible Well DUH But her role as eye candy for the straight boys is all she does Her emergence from the sea in what was for the day a teensy bikini, but for today s audiences might as well be a burqa, led to the cu [...]

    5. Unfortunately, strict patterns of behaviour can be deadly if they are read by an enemy Ian Fleming, Dr NoIt is weird to visit a book that is so well preserved by a film Maybe it was because it was the first James Bond film, but it has always stuck with me The book was both and less interesting It had some great lines by Dr No, and Honey Ryder was better developed in the book But, still, it was hard to read the book and not think of Ursula Andress, the very first Bond Girll on film, walking out [...]

    6. With the s ance concluded, we ll let the shellacking commence His name is Bond James Bond He might drive cars with a speed best reserved for the autobahn, and he might refer to women as girls, and he might have trouble keeping his penis in his pants, and the comma in his hair might be best reserved for a male underwear model by the name of Sergei, who hails from the cold war, and fights crime on the government s dime But like any good government agent, he sometimes shows a certain amount of inep [...]

    7. A piece of movie history I stumbled over yesterday They were doing the casting for Doctor No, the first Bond movie, and Julie Christie, who was just starting to get seriously famous, was suggested to play Honey Rider Albert Broccoli looked around for alternatives and noticed that Ursula Andress was also available.Now, if it had been me, I m afraid I d have picked Christie in a flash She was obviously a far better actress, and her rival also spoke with a thick Swiss German accent But Broccoli saw [...]

    8. Entertaining book, if you can get by the casual of its era racism Of all the Bond books I ve read this one definitely made him seem the most vulnerable.

    9. James Bond is racist, sexist, misogynistic, you name it ist He is the antithesis of everything I believe in.But, but it s all so ridiculous that you can t help but laugh I mean, I ve started this project with my brother in which we re watching all of the James Bond movies in order, and then I m reading the book of the same movie, after watching it Yes, this means reading the books out of publication order, but I can t stress about everything So the first movie is Dr No from 1962 It s so 1962 it [...]

    10. A kind of sequel to From Russia with Love, this novel picks up several months after the cliff hanger ending of that novel We learn that Bond has survived Rosa Klebb s poisoned stiletto thanks to some quick thinking by his associates After a long period of convalescence M decides that Bond is due for a working vacation in Jamaica to follow up on the disappearance of another operative, Commander John Strangeways, and his mistress It seems that Strangeways was looking into the activities of a reclu [...]

    11. Smith and Wesson ineffective against flamethrower True But that doesn t prevent James Bond and Honeychile Rider from besting the mad and ruthless Dr No Best to avoid the Bond series if you re squeamish about creepy, hairy, many legged scritchy things like tarantulas, centipedes, crabs, and scorpions Also fearsome sea creatures like piranhas, giant squid, and octopi The bad guys always find diabolical uses for the uncute members of the animal kingdom Dr No has a comprehensible plot and and sligh [...]

    12. Dr.No is one of the James Bond movies, I can never be interested to watch The book is worse with a wafer thin espionage theme and an unimaginative mad scientist villian who is so dumb that untrained village belles can outwit him Bond comes back after sick leave and agent M shows passive aggressive by taking away his favourite weapon and assigning him a vacation assignment in Jamaica There he comes to know that the previous agent was investigation Crab Key island belonging to Dr.No before the sec [...]

    13. Or should I say Dr Yes No Yes No.This is the 6th of the Bond novels Bond goes to the Caribbean on a soft mission he got the crap kicked out of him in From Russia with Love and M thinks he s a bit of a wuss to investigate the disappearance of Our Man in Kingston Little does he know he will grapple with the dastardly Dr No he s a medical doctor honestly, but has very cold hands because they are made of METAL Perhaps this distracting aspect of his bedside manner forced him to quit his original voca [...]

    14. Doctor No is the first James Bond 007 novel I have read written by the original author, Ian Fleming He was highly regarded in his day, a friend of the great Raymond Chandler, no less You can find an often cranky interview Fleming had with Chandler on YouTube The writer Fleming had at least three strengths lush settings, imaginative action sequences despite the liberal use of exclamation marks , and marvelously beautiful ladies James is dispatched to Jamaica to deal with a minor problem of one of [...]

    15. Who do evil villains spend so much time gloating especially when your audience consists of the resourceful and vengeful James Bond If I were an evil villain, I would calmly dock a large caliber bullet somewhere between 007 s eyes And I would enjoy his girlfriend, the cute Honeychile Rider, before doing the same to her.I realize now why the Bond movies are so different from the books Ian Fleming is writing for a pulp audience, so he could imagine sequences that no self respecting film director wo [...]

    16. This is a bit of a guilty pleasure like most of the Bond books Yes, it s misogynistic Yes, it s racist But, it s fun I ve been reading the Bond books in order of publication this is the sixth though the first that I ve written a review of on.It s certainly not the most exciting of the stories but, when you read it, you can understand the appeal of the story to filmmakers Doctor No was the first of the Bond films.Basically, the plot goes as follows British secret service man on Jamaica goes missi [...]

    17. I am familiar with the story of Ian Flemings Doctor No through growing up with watching the James Bond films However, reading the book makes you realise just how much of the story was omitted from the film, or the extent that the story and characters were changed.Personally I was pleased to find that the book had so much depth and intrigue, as well as giving background to the concept of the story I found it an easy and enjoyable read, the plot was fairly consistent and the story did not tend t [...]

    18. Maybe it is because Fleming s never ending misogyny and racism finally got to me, but I found Doctor No to be by far the weakest book in the series.The basis for the first of the famous films starring Sean Connery, Doctor No is one of the books that was much better realized as a film There is not a single change in the adaptation that I don t think was a great choice, most notably adding Felix Leiter to the story and removing a ridiculous final encounter.It does suffer from the same issues as th [...]

    19. As I stated in my review of Casino Royale, I was surprised to find that Bond as created by Ian Fleming was not a superhero but was a regular man with physical vulnerabilities aside from the weaknesses of the flesh that the Hollywood movies put such strong emphasis on I like the book version better even though I love the movies and have seen all of them , because they are much realistic.This was a good book, similar to the storyline of the Hollywood movie Bond travels to the Caribbean to find ou [...]

    20. 3 5.Primera novela de James Bond que leo, por la universidad Es como lo esperaba y al mismo tiempo no Si no he visto todas las pel culas de Jams Bond cerca he estado, as que sab a de sobra como iba a funcionar Bond tiene un caso, investiga, se infiltra, conoce a una chica, se enfrenta al malo que le pone en un gran peligro y al final l consigue escaparse y salvar a la chica Siempre el mismo patr n Y el libro, como es obvio, lo sigue.Leer la novela era casi como ver una pel cula Las descripci n, [...]

    21. Pros excellent reader cohesive, fun story lots of interior James Bond monologue batshit birdshit bad guy with great lair GIANT SQUIDCons racist colonial guys, so racistThis is THE BEST reader so far Hugh Quarshie does an amazing job all around I had to look him up His Jamaican accent is believable, his Chinese accent is done w a light touch and stays out of caricature Thank god, because SO MUCH of this book is heavy handedly racist with pro colonial overtones I was going to say undertones but th [...]

    22. My project to read all the original Bond novels continues Dr No is the sixth literary appearance for Ian Fleming s James Bond Published in 1958 it is very much of its time in terms of its attitudes and the threats faced by the world But it is an amusing tale that still manages to hold up well today.Making my way through the original novels I m always interested to see just how each movie mirrors the corresponding book This is especially true of this novel as Dr No was the first one to make it on [...]

    23. So, I ve been reading through the Bond books lately Dr No has stuck with me in the same way thatDiamonds Are Forever has It s just a bit of a forgettable book While previous entries in the Bond series have had much to offer them in terms of either character development or fun detective spy workDr No didn t really seem to have either It was just a run of the mill thriller with an utterly forgettable sidekick Which isn t to say that there wasn t anything I liked about it it had four scenes that I [...]

    24. The original Dr No novel diverges in some significant ways from the movie that kicked off the James Bond franchise.Bond, still recovering from a brush with mortality in his previous adventure, heads to Jamaica to look into the disappearance of the Head of Station, an old friend Many think the man has taken off with his lovely young assistant, but Bond s suspicions lead him to a private island owned by the mysterious Dr No Bond encounters Honey Rider, a free spirited young beauty scavenging for s [...]

    25. The sixth Bond book Second appearance of Strangways and Quarrel Terrific book, from the opening in which Bond must give up his ladies gun, his Baretta, and accept the new Walther PPK, through the wonderful last line kicker Everything clicks Quarrel Bond s good hud man Friday , Honey Rider his naive yet resourceful damsel in distress , and Doctor No his mad, creepy nemesis the mystery and suspense of the first two thirds, and the excitement of the climax and the spice of Fleming s sure touch with [...]

    26. I ve been listening to the Simon Vance audio versions of James Bond Very interesting to go back through them in the order they were written For me, this is one of the best I recently found out that Fleming intended From Russia with Love to be the last of the Bond series Perhaps it because he reluctantly brought him back from the dead that this Bond has of an edge than any of the previous ones For example, rather than worshipping M, this Bond actually gets angry at him than once Fleming also de [...]

    27. I read this book for a popular fiction subject at university and I ll admit that I m probably not the target audience Nevertheless, reading Dr No just left me very confused as to why James Bond is such an enduring fictional character and why these books still continue to sell I know that the character has gone through various incarnations and the modern James Bond bears very little resemblance to Fleming s secret agent In my opinion, this is probably a very good thing I mean, the character depic [...]

    28. This was an exercise in a couple of things finally read one of Ian Fleming s originals, compare it to the movie, and then try to judge it on its own merits So I m.licted.I ve known that Fleming s Bond is of an asshole and misogynist than the movies portray him as and I ve heard that the latent racism and Anglophile sensibilities he writes with are both indicative of the time period but also of the author s own prejudices And good lord, did this dude have his characters say some racist shuff Eve [...]

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