Sealed with a Lie #2020

Sealed with a Lie Kat Carlton Sealed with a Lie In this sequel to the romantic spy thriller Two Lies and a Spy Kari must race the clock on a mission to save her little brother Kari Andrews thought life was going to get easier She was wrong Followi

  • Title: Sealed with a Lie
  • Author: Kat Carlton
  • ISBN: 9781481400541
  • Page: 264
  • Format: ebook
  • Sealed with a Lie Kat Carlton In this sequel to the romantic spy thriller Two Lies and a Spy, Kari must race the clock on a mission to save her little brother.Kari Andrews thought life was going to get easier She was wrong Following the events of Two Lies and a Spy, she and her brother, Charlie, are left to cope with the aftermath while also adapting to a new school in another country And then CharlIn this sequel to the romantic spy thriller Two Lies and a Spy, Kari must race the clock on a mission to save her little brother.Kari Andrews thought life was going to get easier She was wrong Following the events of Two Lies and a Spy, she and her brother, Charlie, are left to cope with the aftermath while also adapting to a new school in another country And then Charlie disappears.With her brother s life hanging in the balance, Kari, Evan, Rita, Kale, and some new friends from Generation Interpol G.I are on a race around Europe at the bidding of a voice on a phone The voice tells them that they need to jailbreak a thief a flirtatious, hot thief steal something from a high security bio lab, and deliver the goods during what s sure to be a double cross exchange Can they succeed before Charlie pays the ultimate price
    Sealed with a Lie Kat Carlton

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      264 Kat Carlton
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    One thought on “Sealed with a Lie”

    1. I enjoyed this one so much than the first Not once was I bored reading this and I honestly never wanted to stop reading I ve always enjoyed spy books like this one as it really reminds me of Ally Carters books and I loved those ones While some of the plot might be unrealistic I still enjoyed it I don t really care about stuff like how Kari didn t break throughout this all because it had a good plot line I loved meeting up with all of Kari s friends again Can I just say that I absolutely love Ri [...]

    2. Okay, so Two Lies and a Spy was about as far from perfect as you could get It had a lot of sex shaming and girl hate that gave me an angry lady boner, but the sequel sounded like fun, the books are short, and I m always here for thrillers, so why not give it a shot BECAUSE STUPID, THAT S WHY I got 35 pages in before I got fed up with it all I d say that s a record for me, but it s not Another book beat it by at least 10 pages and another book may have beaten that one in how many pages it took to [...]

    3. The only reason I read this after the disaster of the first book was that I had it through ILL and felt somewhat obligated to at least look at it Also, the writing might have improved Unfortunately, that was not the case At all If anything, it got worse Kari and Charlie are now living in Paris with Evan and his guardian, Rebecca Morrow, a highly placed Interpol agent They all attend the Generation Interpol after school hours and get their special training When we catch up with Kari, she is being [...]

    4. I loved this book everything about it screams suspense and romance can Keri have some sort of romance between her and Evan or how about Luke the boy she has been crushing on for as long as she can remember

    5. The good One of the interesting things to me about this series is that Kari doesn t really want to be a spy There were a number of times when I got frustrated with her because dammit, if I had her opportunities, I d be trying a whole lot harder to learn languages and so on , but then I d remember thatwell, her end game isn t the CIA There s also a level of violence that well, hmm, I probably shouldn t be condoning violence in YA And I m not It s just that a lot of action books and movies are sa [...]

    6. I don t know what exactlhy to make of this It was good I mean, I didn t hate it, or get extremely fustrated with the romance stuff like the last book I m sure everyone could see where this was going after the first ch I think what irked me was that pathetic excuse I mean, it works, and it s real, but it s too convienent for it to actually work with the story.a she realises she likes Evan b she realises she still has a pesky boyfriend to get rid of c she calls boyfriend same day and he tells her [...]

    7. This review is also posted at readingnookandcranny.Truth be told, I skim read through this novel While there is some witty narrative and banter, it s a bit sparse And the plot just isn t there I wasn t uber impressed with Two Lies and a Spy, but I m a sucker for a teenage spy novel, so I wanted to get the series a second chance.Again, the plot her brother getting kidnapped by terrorists this time, instead of her parents going missing is put on the back burner in favor of teenage drama of the mal [...]

    8. Kari Andrews has enough problems with her parents betrayal and turn to the enemy But when her younger brother Charlie is kidnapped, she s beside herself with worry Forced to spring a thief from prison and raid a cosmetic company, Kari will do anything to ensure her brother s safety Her friends join the team and soon it s a race against time before Charlie is seriously hurt But who is really the target here, she and Charlie or someone else close to them both Exciting and fast paced, this tension [...]

    9. This one was really good worth all that waiting PEvan my love is just too adorable 3 but now since he Kari have finally gotten together means that they will be fighting through the entire book 3s a fact mark my words I there wont be much to look forward to for the next book

    10. As action packed as ever but totally wanted love hate banter from Evan and Kari Was the pervy French thief really necessary though

    11. Awesome book and it was much better than the last one I really love the evan kari pairing Hope there will be a sequel A MUST read spy book

    12. 3,6 von 5 SternenDas ist wieder eines dieser B cher, die so schwer f r mich zu bewerten sind Teile der Geschichte, vor allem das Zwischenmenschliche und die Freundschaften, haben mir richtig gut gefallen Andere Dinge fand ich wieder eher etwas langweilig, weil es halt so unrealistisch war Hier wird eine Gruppe Jugendlicher angeheuert, um ein paar richtig schwierige Verbrechen zu begehen Aber selbst das w rde ich nicht allzu sehr st ren Was mir aber gar nicht gefiel war der st ndige Hass auf die [...]

    13. Wow I had to stop frequently during those intense moments Kari is a seriously awesome woman And an amazing big sister Charlie is a lucky boy to have her It was agonizing to read the torture scenes and the phone calls with the kidnappers It was a very humanizing story It was heartwarming to see the love and loyalty between not only Kari and Charlie, but between her and her friends Evan is seriously annoying but a true friend Not impressed with Luke Kari deserves better Glad that s over He seemed [...]

    14. SUPER HAPPY that Kari and Evan got together Like Finally Wanting there to be a third so I can keep reading

    15. 3.5 stars A fun, quick read I liked this one better than the first, possibly because Kari wasn t dreaming of Luke the whole time.I kept wondering why Kari and Charlie were dragged into a plot to steal some ingredient from a huge cosmetics company I mean, isn t that kind of random and unrealistic But it all makes sense in the end view spoiler The man behind the computerized voice was someone Kari s parents worked with in the Agency He blames them for the death of his children and wanted to punish [...]

    16. I am such a big fan of Kat Carlton, I have enjoyed this seies so far, I won t lie this one is my favorite now, I absoutly love spy book, and this book was able to each my standes I am a picky reader sometimes and I try happy that I have found this series This books is both funny and crazy and full of emotional I am such a big fan of Kari and her little brother Charlie and thought the whole things you can t help but feel extremely sad for the little brother The start of the book I feel really bad [...]

    17. I LOVED IT I mean the suspense and the mystery was strangely addictive and I just could not put it down I loved the characters so much,there were some I didn t love as much as others though that just didn t click with me and I kind of hated them So first one that I didn t especially like was drum roll Rita And I have the right background to be a good candidate,plus my French and German are a hundred times better than yours,plus you have the fashion sense of a scarecrow I mean seriously that is j [...]

    18. This book was pretty good I liked it, but I was a little disappointed because it was slow at parts and I think it could have flowed better The story as a whole was good with the storyline, the kidnapping and the whole journey they had to take, but it was really slow at first Once you get past the first slowness it gets really good There is so many unanswered questions and the way it ended leads me to believe their just has to be a third book Kari s brother Charlie is kidnapped, and Kari has to b [...]

    19. This book is how I rang in the new year I took the book with me to La Madeleine and started reading it while enjoying a savoury crepe, satisfying tomato basil soup, and lots of free bread and butter It was too cold in my apartment I just wanted to enjoy the book somewhere where there would be light and warmth.I m writing this review a month after originally reading the book eek where does the time go , so I don t recall many of my initial impressions But I ll try It annoyed me that Kari seemed f [...]

    20. This book was so easy to read I got it down in one day So unlike it s predecessor it s got action right from the very beginning This one didn t take long to gear up and but I don t think it ever came off that apex It got to the top of that plot mountain and refused to go down until the last 10 pages and really another freaking cliffhanger That would be acceptable if the story was already finished but the next book doesn t even have a title Write faster goddamnit, I want to know what happens but [...]

    21. Sealed with a Lie is the sequel of Two Lies and a Spy series One must read the first book to understand what is going on Onto the review Kari s life seems to be falling apart Not only did she recently learned her parents are traitors, move to Paris to train to become a spy like her parents but now her brother is kidnapped Sucks for her To top her non existing life, she breaks up with her boyfriend Now Kari must learned how to work with people she does not trust in order to get her brother back S [...]

    22. In this sequel to the romantic spy thriller Two Lies and a Spy IMHO you can t really appreciate this book unless you ve read the first one.In this book she races against time to save her little brother, the seven year old genius and probably genetically modified Charlie The action is non stop as Karina and her team whirl around Europe I liked the martial arts training scene that opens the book, and I enjoyed watching Kari figure out that the guy she s with might not be the right guy.What I didn [...]

    23. The writing was really, really bad However, I happen to like most any spy book, and the plot points in this one actually had a lot of potential, if executed correctly I was able to read this book starting at 8 00pm to 1 00am or 2 00am considering the U.S time change happened last night That is including a considerable amount of breaks though, so all in all, I read this book in less than six hours I said the plot was good, but it was still mediocre You cannot truly guess what is going to happen n [...]

    24. I didn t think that I could like the second book any than the first, but I was wrong Oh so wrong Kari and the crew are back together again in hopes of rescuing Kari s little brother, Charlie from the kidnappers I have loved Evan Kincaid from day one, so I was very pleased that there was so much of him in this book Kari and Evan are one of my favorite couples I was intrigued throughout the entire book, who would want to harm innocent little 7 year old Charlie Why why why The scenes where Kari was [...]

    25. Kat s previous adventures, inspired by her parents apparent betrayal of her country, plunged her into a world of danger and espionage Her skill set brought her the attention of people who place Kat and her little brother Charlie in a special program for child spies Kat doesn t fit in well among the glamorous European students at her new school She s loosing touch with her boyfriend, who is still back in the states And the annoying guy she thought was her enemy might be her only hope when her lit [...]

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