Blood Red #2020

Blood Red Cordelia Kingsbridge Blood Red Aedan a whoreslave used to reward victorious gladiators has spent his whole life trying to hide his untrained gift of sorcery When the new gladiator brought to the arena proves to be a beastman capt

  • Title: Blood Red
  • Author: Cordelia Kingsbridge
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 241
  • Format: ebook
  • Blood Red Cordelia Kingsbridge Aedan, a whoreslave used to reward victorious gladiators, has spent his whole life trying to hide his untrained gift of sorcery When the new gladiator brought to the arena proves to be a beastman captive with magic of his own, Aedan s secret is put in jeopardy as is his life.Complete, approx 125,713 words
    Blood Red Cordelia Kingsbridge

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      241 Cordelia Kingsbridge
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    1. Multiple times I ve admitted my CK fangirldom so mine is prolly not the most reliable review you ll read of this Here s a couple criticisms I can muster up Could this have been streamlined Yep.Did it meander at times Yep.Did I care Nope.We ve all had those reads where you get to the end and are like, man, I wish that were longer This thing is over 100K words and I got to the end and thought that I woke up in the middle of the night and picked it up I picked it up first thing in the morning It wa [...]

    2. I feel like Kingsbridge, author of the mammoth bodyguard free fiction Close Protection, the currently ongoing work in progress sci fi story Control, and this free fantasy novel Blood Red, epitomizes what it is to write erotic romance.It s not just that each story has in detail sexual encounters, and for Blood Red, a lot of them , but sex and sexuality are key parts of the story and of the characters, and how they interact and grow And through these novels, whether it s set at a modern day high s [...]

    3. Warning non con, sex galore, violence, knotting, and reference to mpreg which made my eyes twitched But I enjoyed it nonetheless hey, some of those non con scenes were hot Personally, Blood Red will not be a story that I read by my own curiosity I have this weird brain that separates romance and porn and most of the free online stories I read would be, well, porn cough I also have a stance of not reading WIPs which most of online stories started as What I m trying to say is because this is an on [...]

    4. Cordelia Kingsbridge doesn t beat around the bush, and I love that in her That s why she s my favorite to read during the exam periods, when I have very little time and her writing manages to trap me and hold my interest for long Even when her books are sooooo looooong Her rhythm is enviable.At first I was a little confused, because each chapter has like a warning of pet peeves I really appreciated that, although none of those limits was a problem for me There also was a short summary of how the [...]

    5. Loved it I m feeling lazy, and there are a lot of other in depth reviews, so this is going to be one of those check mark reviews.Here s why Blood Red is a really good read An easy to connect to main character A hot as hell love interest A sweet romance that grows slowly Lots of hot sex KNOTTING A very entertaining plot Great world building and good writing Great secondary characters FreeI ve read this author s Boston Verse ficlets, and those are hot doses of porny goodness My first full length r [...]

    6. Honestly I think this book was written just for my enjoyment alone nobody elses just mine Okay, this is obviously not true because other readers have loved it too, but few haven t as is the case with most stories But this one just ticked all my boxes I just LOVE slave slash fiction, especially the really smutty porny type with a pretty sparkly bottom who desperately needs rescuing I LOVE fantasy especially when there s magic and sorcery involved I LOVE porn with purpose even if a lot of it wasn [...]

    7. Indonesian M M Readers Group challenge for May.Bring the popcorn ATTENTION This book come with D.R.I.P WARNING D.R.I.P don t read in public This book come with lots of WARNING that shrunk my guts at first, butonce I started to read the first line, I can t put it down I cringe, I frowned, feel sick, I gasped, some scenes makes my jaws drop, squeezed my heart at some part, even crying.Some scenes YES make me BURNING inside oh hell yeah, I need to fanning myself so many times Especially that LUNACY [...]

    8. 1.5 rounded up for being a freebie.I expected of this after reading so many glowing reviews There was nothing erotic about the sex, not even anything truly transgressive or emotional The sex was, like the violence, written just for the shock value, yet left me bored instead Part of the reason for that may be the formulaic language in which it was written After a set number of m m and slash stories there are descriptions which actively switch me off This here had dozens of that within the first [...]

    9. An excellent darkly erotic m m fantasy Extremely well written for a free online work Diminutive redhead Aedan is a whoreslave and a secret sorcerer serving the gladiators condemned to fight in the arena Demetrios is the new gladiator a Beastman who treats Aedan differently from his previous abusers Aedan s eyes were open, but he might as well have been blind He saw only through his magic, and it was staggering colors he had never imagined, sensations he had never known existedRhiannon swiped awa [...]

    10. A gladitorial whoreslave meets something than the average arena combatant and things go sideways from there.Liked the worldbuilding with the pseudo Graeco Roman locations mixed with mages and shapeshifters Nice job and very believable Rough spot The drag after the arena where Demetrios and Aenad keep going at it like energizer bunnies, but not progressing in a relationship Overall, entertaining Probably would have been driven nuts if I read this as a serial, but since I was forewarned by a kind [...]

    11. Excellent, in every way This is one of those times when I m left scratching my head, wondering why this is not published, when so much drivel is The characters, primary and secondary, come alive from page one, and continue to grow in the reader s regard as the story progresses Aedan and Demitrios are unforgettable I was sad to see Kimon view spoiler unmated hide spoiler at the end of the story, and truly wish I could have stayed around long enough to meet Rhiannon and Christo s view spoiler new [...]

    12. 4.5, rounded up Awesome world building, although some parts in the beginning were too harsh for me The rules the shifters and sorcerers lived by, and how they functioned within the community, created an intriguing backdrop to the story Wonderfully complex characters Aedan fought years of ingrained obedience to make his preferences known, and struggled with his fear of being left unprotected, without a master Demitrios had his own battles, loving Aedan, wanting to protect him, but needing to be s [...]

    13. An excellent story Aedan and Demitrio are perfect main characters surrounded by a good sized cast of secondary characters Fantasy, magic, shifters and red hot sex, a nasty villain and a HEA ending what s not to love This story was written from the heart and will be thoroughly enjoyed by any fantasy lover.

    14. Despite the warning tags that alarmed me when I read the blurb, I found that I so enjoy reading this book Yes, those tags are all true slavery, non con, violence, multiple partners, brutal sex you name it But the way the author wrote the story had me hook from start to finish.The story line wasn t so kind on our main character, Aedan a sorcerer born in orphanage and sold into whorehood yes, I cringed typing the word down.All his life Aedan hid the fact that he s a sorcerer from everyone for fear [...]

    15. 4 stars Review now posted WARNING This book contained rape, slavery, knotting, sex in animal form of the beastman, brutality, and hot as f Avoid it if you re not into this kind of story.May reading challenge It s going to be one hell of a ride And.DemitriosAedanand at 14% I m already bleedingBut the sex A consent and non consent, were definitely NOT disappointed, especially the Lunacy scene, when Demitrios was in need FAINT WARNING Do NOT open the spoiler if you re don t want to see what happene [...]

    16. 3.5 stars Review to come.Blood Red BR is a fantasy and shape shifter story that I ve mentally divided into three parts 1 The Coliseum, 2 The Beastmen Village and 3 The Capture Aidan is a whoreslave and closeted sorcerer who uses his magic to heal wounds obtained from his occupation, a survival instinct required when sorcerers are persecuted out of fear Aedan eventually meets a beastman another term for shapeshifter who is held captive as a gladiator his name is Demitrios.The first and third part [...]

    17. I missed not reading Cordelia Kingsbridge s book but this one just filled the vacant place after Close Protection.What I love about her story is that even the submissive MC have lots of fire in them and not a real doormat kind.Though I truly don t enjoy weak Dominant MC but touch of vulnerability here and there doesn t really hurt.Her last story had lots of spice in it and this one didn t disappoint either,with lots of fight,unnecessary stubbornness,grumpy hero and hot steamy sex with a tinge of [...]

    18. Argh I always feel rather disappointed with Cordelia Kingsbridge conceptually I m drawn in but her writing is just so mechanical and dull Yes, I admit that some of the scenes were rather hot fans self but what for me was fundamentally lacking was any real emotion or magic in her writing It feels as though she ticks a load of boxes villain check, hot kinky sex check, brooding male check, denouement check but misses the ultimate component to it all a little sparkle and soul in amongst it all.

    19. 02 12 17 Another reread and this till remains a five star story for me Fanfuckingtastic I have been reading this since January and couldn t wait for Saturday to come so I could read the newest chapter of Aeden and Demitrios The story is now complete and I have to say that I really loved it Fair warning, there is non con and dub con and gruesome bloody fights Awesomeness.

    20. Full on non con, violence and slavedom.But the world building and the character development is well written, and the MCs sympathetic and noble.So, I was totally absorbed and enthralled Builds to a monumental conclusion and concludes most satisfactorily.

    21. It s finished I must have missed the memo Ok, so it s finished and fabulous and on it s way to 5 stars easily Loved it loved it loved it

    22. Sooo, this felt a bit like Bloodraven, the light version Which I am totally fine with, being a Bloodraven lover and all view spoiler Yhalen Aedan, Bloodraven Demitrios, and Elvardo Lorcan Yhalen and Aedan s selfhealing assholes are very practical, considering what they go throughDemitrios was much like Bloodraven a loner and outsider in his pack tribe, and of course Lorcan and Elvardo are both evil magicians who wants to use the physically weaker man as their playmate and way to greater things H [...]

    23. 4.5 stars This is probably hard for some people to read, but I m not gonna lie, I loved every minute of it The dark parts and the rapey parts and the sweet parts and the angsty parts Just hit all my buttons.

    24. 4.5 STARSThat was such a great free online read, it s the second book of hers I ve read now, I can t believe she s not published.

    25. Where to start How to review this one Its rating is a mix between the 4.5 stars of the first half of the story and the 2 stars for the other half view spoiler It wasn t an original idea There are other stories out there of a slave with magical powers being rescued from the grips of his cruel master I liked how it was done in this book The first timid steps between Aedan and Demitrios, the slow introduction into the kind of life Aedan had while imprisoned by Griffiths was very well done I quickly [...]

    26. Re read I love how Cordelia writes sex The only flaws in her stories are the ambiguity put on monogamy and faithfulness There s no cheating here but it is thought of.if only for safety purposes which seems to be a part of all of her books And they all seem to end with a barely there HFN I m a epilogue slut and I need a strong HFN HEA ending But she writes beautifully Can t wait to see what she s got planned next.

    27. Wow, just WOW Five stars are not enough Blood Red is 29 chapters of free, flawless awesomeness So many checked boxes M M, shapeshifters, gladiators, sorcerers, sex slave to committed mate, alpha wolves pack dynamics and two amazingly well written MCs supported by a strong cast of secondary characters Great plot, great pacing Sigh I am so in love More to come, but this author is super talented Had to create a flawless shelf just for this book Off to read of her work.

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