Dreamwalker #2020

Dreamwalker Allyson James Dreamwalker All is quiet at Janet Begay s Crossroads Hotel where the paranormal is normal until Emmett Smith the most powerful mage in the world arrives to announce his intent to steal Janet s smart mouthed m

  • Title: Dreamwalker
  • Author: Allyson James
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 461
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Dreamwalker Allyson James All is quiet at Janet Begay s Crossroads Hotel, where the paranormal is normal, until Emmett Smith, the most powerful mage in the world, arrives to announce his intent to steal Janet s smart mouthed magic mirror.Janet already has her hands full trying to keep her sister Gabrielle under control as well as plan her upcoming wedding to her dragon Shifter boyfriend Mick and taAll is quiet at Janet Begay s Crossroads Hotel, where the paranormal is normal, until Emmett Smith, the most powerful mage in the world, arrives to announce his intent to steal Janet s smart mouthed magic mirror.Janet already has her hands full trying to keep her sister Gabrielle under control as well as plan her upcoming wedding to her dragon Shifter boyfriend Mick and taking care of the weird creatures that suddenly turn up at Barry s biker bar.When Janet is knocked out fighting the creatures, she wakes up seemingly in the past, when she and Mick had first met and traveled across country by motorcycle, alone and free The dream seems so real that Janet begins to forget it isn t.The dreams call her back, each one powerful than the last, until she can no longer distinguish between past and present and she s not the only one affected Janet and her friends Mick, Cassandra, Nash, Gabrielle, Coyote, and the dragon must band together to thwart this greatest of magics before it splits them into fragments and leaves the world vulnerable to the most evil of evils.
    Dreamwalker Allyson James

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      461 Allyson James
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    One thought on “Dreamwalker”

    1. THE REVIEWWhy this book I liked the other books of the seriesWhat I thoughtI m happy I wasn t one of the readers who had to wait years for this book Janet has a problem she s starting to sleepwalk into her past and she need to find her way back to the future before everything is destroyed She must face a powerful mage Emmett Smith who demands the magic mirror or else This book was full of action that will keep you at the edge of your seat The relationships also evolve This book was exciting and [...]

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    3. Dreamwalker has arrived I love going back into this world of Janet, Mick, and all their friends and family More to come tinyurl huxf52wBN tinyurl zhgsf25iBooks tinyurl znf5xbtKobo tinyurl jpnzlo3 ARE tinyurl hd6tk6a

    4. 4.25 starsThe last Stormwalker book was released in 2012, and this one s release date has actually been pushed back a couple of times the original timeline was 2014 if I wasn t mistaken Having said that and even if I had little to remember about the details of previous books I truly had no problem jumping back into the world of Janet Begay, Mick, and their bands of family and friends As always, we had villain that threaten Janet, the hotel being broke down again , quick fast pace story line dous [...]

    5. Loved being back with Jane and Mick This one you had to really pay attention to, as Janet was relieving her history with Mick in dreams Problem was, she wasn t doing it voluntarily, as an evil force works to destroy Janet and all she holds dear.

    6. After waiting for over three years, I m so excited to report that Janet and Mick are back The fifth Stormwalker book opens with Janet and Mick on a date Their fortune cookies contain dire messages that Janet must go help her half sister same evil goddess mother , Gabrielle From there, things only get chaotic and dangerous as Emmett Smith, the evil mage from the previous book, is back As the Ununculous the most powerful mage in existence he kills anyone who would be his competition, and he despe [...]

    7. This was the opposite for me from the last book It started slowly and a bit confusing as you weren t sure if you were in reality when you get back to normal Things clear up the 2nd half And unlike Nightwalker that was kind of anti climatic, this really ends with a big bang I really liked it in the end.

    8. It seemed like by the end of this book Janet is finally ok with all the aspects of the supernatural in her life, that she has embraced them and realized that she is a force to be reckoned with when she chooses That s a big jump for her as until now she seemed like she hated the Beneath parts of herself.The battles that Janet had with Emmett seemed petty, like he didn t take her seriously I loved it when Mick got protective and let the dragon loose on Emmett, even if it did cause lots of destruct [...]

    9. Superior ending Loving this series and this world, so much I might ve complained at haft way through I was feeling like the story seemed to move too slowly Honestly I kept thinking that this book felt like Allyson James was looking at different versions of the previous books, searching for alternate outcomes and better story lines Then I realized that revisiting the past was wonderful Janet and Mick are as awesome and spectacular as always So looking forward to the next book Hope Dragon Bites wi [...]

    10. I ended up really enjoying this story The climax, with the final battle against this story s Big Bad, was quite thrilling But though I both laughed a little and cried, both of the scenes that led to these emotional highs and lows were on the final pages of the story pages 341 and 339 respectively, and the story was only 341 pages long So this book was just a very good story that I really enjoyed four stars.Also, there were several errors in here None were too horribly terrible, and most were mis [...]

    11. It was a long wait between books, but it was great to finally be back with these characters again James has created a great supporting cast for this series Janet doesn t exist in a void any, she isn t a loner, she s surrounded by family and friends and it makes a huge difference in her life, as shown clearly in this book I really liked the inclusion of her biological family, showing that their role in her life was just as important as the role of her chosen family Her grandmother working closely [...]

    12. Return to Stormwalkers UniverseFINAL DECISION A book ultimately about connections, caring and relationship wrapped in a paranormal shell, this book moves the mythology of the Stormwalkers series forward with the presence of all of Janet s family and friendsE STORY Janet Begay, Stormwalker and half goddess, is planning her wedding to dragon Mick when the most powerful mage Emmett Smith demands her magic mirror or else he will take it from her and he doesn t care who gets hurt When a battle with d [...]

    13. Dreamwalker tempts Janet Begay with an alternate existence with Mick, her mated dragon, away from the evil magic and the hotel she owns at a crossroads in Arizona Reality slips away when Janet finds herself reliving the time when her younger self was falling in love for the first time with a biker she d later learn was in fact sent by the Dragon Council to monitor the danger she represented to the world For Janet of the past, those days of innocence were the best of her life, exploring the vast [...]

    14. Janet Mick are having a rare date night, when someone sends hinky messages in their fortune cookies that they better go save Gabrielle.Emmett Smith is back in town and professes to want the magic mirror And he ll do anything to get it.Mysteriously Janet starts dreamwalking and begins to relive an earlier time when she Mick are riding their bikes, breeze in their hair and the open road All this whilst she s in a coma Lots of action, plenty of dragons, lots of friends and family and an evil villai [...]

    15. I really enjoyedDreamwalker Stormwalker Book 5 it wasn t too hard to come back up to speed on the series and the very large cast Lots of good action and I liked that the dreams filled in the backstory for Janet and Mick This felt very finished series wise to me after the Big ending but the author says she has books planned.

    16. Great catching up with all the characters in the Stormwalker world Mick and Janet s love grows with each edition and these two make a strong and wonderful force to deal with all the crazy evil that is thrown their way Glad this story will continue.

    17. I have loved all the books in this series But, I think this one is my favorite at least so far It really kept me reading and wanting to find out what was going to happen next Can t wait for the next book in this series, keep up the good work, and hurry, hurry LOL

    18. this feels like it was a transitional book in the series and kind of slow because of it.Narrator does a good job.

    19. Very goodWhen you have read this stormwater series you get to know the people involved This set of adventures and magic has a sweet storyline I enjoy it.

    20. Audiobooks are the bomb I spend so much time driving, running, or biking, audiobooks help me get through the many, many, many books on my list.This series was good says there s another book that is supposed to be released now but I can find no evidence of it anywhere and this book read very much like a final book in a series.The beginning of the book was very, very slow but it picked up pace We were able to see some back story that answered some questions Fun if predictable A fitting ending to a [...]

    21. An awesome readI loved book 1 and couldn t stop reading your series When I saw book 5, started reading This book also gets 5 stars as well as your books 1 4 Now knowing your writing for your series I m already waiting to turn my Brian for another adventure who needs a TV, when there s good books to read.Thank youC Harlow

    22. Although there is another book due later this year, Dreamwalker did feel like a close to the series I liked the dreams that Janet experienced, and the scenes with her as a child and those with Gabrielle were quite touching Janet s dad is a wonderful person.

    23. Another hit out of the ballpark in this 5th book of the Stormwalker series A favorite series from a favorite author who also writes as Jennifer Ashley.

    24. Great SeriesIf you really wanted a cool journey you really need to read this series It s exciting, funny, sad, and lots of action as well as things you don t see coming

    25. One of my favorite authors Others include Maggie Shayne, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Charlaine Harris, Stephanie Meyers, Laurel K.Hamilton, Jim Butcher, Keri Arther, Kresley Cole, Diana Gabaldon,P.C Cast, Kristen Cast, Kelley Armstrong, Heather Graham, Gena Showalter, Illona Andrews and many, many I ve been reading since I was in diapers, got and readvstacks of books from my knees to my chin from the library, and was reading books inches thick in elementary school.Another great author is Richelle Mead wh [...]

    26. Review By the way, the cover art sucks The last book was not the best in this series so I went into this one a little apprehensively Glad to find that Allyson James got her mojo back This book was an enjoyable read Plus of course it got dragons and I am a huge fan of dragons Specially the hot, sexy male kind Anyway, it has been a long time since the last book so the sting of Nightwalker has faded considerably already As in, I have forgotten my ire about it So this book got a fresh start, so to s [...]

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