Crossfire Boxed Set #2020

Crossfire Boxed Set Sylvia Day Crossfire Boxed Set Experience the passion of Eva and Gideon in the first three intensely sensual Crossfire novels by New York Times bestselling author Sylvia Day Bared to You Reflected in You and Entwined with You

  • Title: Crossfire Boxed Set
  • Author: Sylvia Day
  • ISBN: 9780425266069
  • Page: 235
  • Format: Paperback
  • Crossfire Boxed Set Sylvia Day Experience the passion of Eva and Gideon in the first three intensely sensual Crossfire novels by 1 New York Times bestselling author Sylvia Day Bared to You, Reflected in You, and Entwined with You.
    Crossfire Boxed Set Sylvia Day

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      235 Sylvia Day
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    1. I ll just keep this Short SweetI loved these books I m loving the series I ll re read the current three books when the new one is released in 2014 I want there to be happily ever afters for the fucked up crowd Show me the way, Eva honey Make me believe Beneath all of the BS Alpha Male Billionaire crap which permeates the genre of Modern Romance, there is a plot here Two victims of sexual abuse, who hide the scars of their pasts from the world, are learning how to function in a relationship.That [...]

    2. Loved book 1,2, 3 I liked them than 50 Shades of Grey I picked up book 3 by accident, in need of a book to entertain me while I spent hours in the hospital As I read I couldn t help but feel that there was prior to what was going on, so I did some research After finding out there were books 1 2, I put down book 3 I immediately downloaded 1 2, and began reading I fell in love with the story not because of the sex I look past all the sex What I saw fell in love with the love story that unfolds b [...]

    3. Anyone who gave this series 1 star because you felt Sylvia Day was stretching out the series for whatever reason, please readAm I disappointed that the series didn t end with 3 Yes Did I think that book 3 was garbage Hell NO In fact, I can see that she is setting up the stage for the rest of the series You can not tell me that you didn t get all the romance, misunderstandings as frustrating as they were and love out of 3 that you did from 1 and 2 This book had it in spades Plus, I want to know [...]

    4. i can t believe there is a book 4 and 5 i agree with all the 1 star reviews this book was about nothing no plot, one dimensional characters, and lots of loose ends eva keeps trying to convince herself how much her man loves her, but she is so inmature and insecure and gets jealous over the littlest things, or thinks the worse of things when Gideon doesn t respond the way she does I really don t believe there is a guy like Gideon out there The character is not very believeable at all he owns ever [...]

    5. Had preordered the third volume, which just came out today, and finished it in 8 hours If you liked Fifty Shades, you will love the Bared to You series The writing is so much better, the characters are so much flawed, the sexuality is nonstop Sylvia Day does an awesome job Can t wait for the next installment.

    6. I was a little apprehensive when ordering this book after reading the reviews I loved the first 2 and this did not disappoint Yes there is a lot of sex but that s what Gideon and Eva are about and the story goes on around them I love the fact that Cary is now having serious relationship problems of his own and they are trying to work them out together as friends Whilst Gideons past always seems to be coming back to haunt them it now seems that Eva is about to get a whole lot of trouble heading h [...]

    7. Extreme ridiculousness I was going to give this series 2 stars for writing that was a notch above 50 shades, but I am taking the extra star away for prolonging this madness through two books Also, the constant references to Gideon shaking back his mane of sultry black hair really got to me after a while I didn t know whether to picture Fabio, a guy with a mullet, or what No thanks.

    8. Well I see that a lot of people are very upset about Sylvia Day extending this book series I for I am really happy I love the Crossfire books I do how ever feel that the books so slow and only a few days pas when it should be months With that being said I will be the first in line to buy both the 4th and 5th book

    9. I said I was going to pace myself, but I couldn t I love Gideon and Eva A lot happened in this phase of their journey, but Sylvia made sure to leave us wanting , as there are many unanswered questions My favorite quote, For your convenience, I m aready unwrapped Batteries not required.

    10. This last book was pretty steamy I think I love Gideon even after this one It was too short for me and I m a little ticked because now I have to wait for yet another book I love me some Gideon Cross

    11. I should be reading all the ARC books I have been gifted, but instead I am writing about a series that makes my knees weak And SHOCKER it isn t a historical romance series It s the story of Gideon and Eva from the Crossfire Series.I started reading these shortly after I read Fifty Shades of Grey, as it was billed as a close contender Premise similar hot guy, billionaire, into control and HOT sex scenes However I found the Crossfire series different than FOSG I found there was a lot emotion and [...]

    12. I love the crossfire books To me it was better than 50 Shades it was real and I couldn t put it down I can NOT wait for the next one I hope it never ends I want to see them become much .

    13. Trashy, brash beach reading only.The people are one dimensional, and the conspicuous consumption is rife in this book However, that is what you want from your beach reading Just ridiculous shallow characters and that is what you get.The storylines are paper thin, and I think the evil characters that crop up could have been a wee bit dastardly The erotic scenes are fairly predictable and inoffensive At the end, you could have your own drinking game and take a shot every time certain phrases are [...]

    14. WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT I like a little sex as much as the next person but come on Sylvia Day please try and build a story around it The story line of this book is poor, a lot of things were left unanswered such as Eva s father finding out about Nathan molesting her, Eva s parent s and even the relationship between Eva and Brett I wish this had been a trilogy with of a story line to this book and then an ending because quite honestly I loved the first 2 books in the series but this one left me wo [...]

    15. Really loved books 12 maybe even than Fifty Shades it seemed liked we waited ages for book 3 and although I hate to say this I was quite disappointed with it I actually read the first few chapters then didn t pick the book up again for a day or so which is really unlike me as I ve read many books in a day Felt it was really slow and feel a bit predictable, think Sylvia will have to really pull something out the bag for books 45.

    16. Maybe if she would have condensed all 3 of these books into one and concluded the story instead of going on to a fourthybe it wouldnt be so bad As is, it is a waste of time and I want back all the hours I spent reading these dumb books.

    17. Well, it s better than FSOG that s for sure What I found weird about this series is first of all how they went from having one or two encounters together and suddenly deciding yes, we are going to date and be soul mates now in the space of a chapter That s not realistic and I think Sylvia Day could have done better.Then there s the clich of childhood abuse and Eva s incredible appetite for sex doesn t fit with this, at all Neither does the fact that she frequently wakes up to Gideon going straig [...]

    18. Beach reading only Fast reading but author could have done so much on story line and missed the opportunity, trying to focus on only the sex and smut story line that did so little for the actual story I think she was trying too hard to win out the glory of The Shades of Grey series and lost in her attempt.

    19. Read all three books and I loved 1 and 2 but I was hoping 3 was the last I felt there was no need to drag it out and for 2 books give me a break I love Gideon but I m ready for the end

    20. Loved the first two,books The third was slower moving with n uneventful ending There re two to come.

    21. Very good Book one is better in my opinion because they are mostly broken up for book two I hate that it s in first person but I m getting used to it.

    22. Augh The story is hot Love Gideon He killed for Eva, there s a sex tape, and they get married What s not to like about that Can t wait to read the next one

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