Locke & Key, Vol. 6: Alpha & Omega #2020

Locke & Key, Vol. 6: Alpha & Omega Joe Hill Gabriel Rodríguez Locke Key Vol Alpha Omega The shadows have never been darker and the end has never been closer Turn the key and open the last door it s time to say goodbye The final arc of New York Times bestselling Locke Key comes to a thund

  • Title: Locke & Key, Vol. 6: Alpha & Omega
  • Author: Joe Hill Gabriel Rodríguez
  • ISBN: 9781613778531
  • Page: 340
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Locke & Key, Vol. 6: Alpha & Omega Joe Hill Gabriel Rodríguez The shadows have never been darker and the end has never been closer Turn the key and open the last door it s time to say goodbye.The final arc of New York Times bestselling Locke Key comes to a thundrous and compelling conclusion.An event not to be missed Collects Alpha 1 2 and Omega 1 5.
    Locke & Key, Vol. 6: Alpha & Omega Joe Hill Gabriel Rodríguez

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      340 Joe Hill Gabriel Rodríguez
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    1. After re reading this series, my feelings still stand I WANT EVERYBODY TO READ THESE BOOKS This Freaking Series.Locke Key is by far the best series of graphic novels I have ever read and I really love Saga So that s saying a lot The characters, the plot, the magic system, THE HISTORY, everything is so well crafted Joe Hill is a masterpiece of a human Also kudos to Gabriel Rodriguez for the artwork though, because it made me cry in this volume Yeah Do yourself a favor and read these BUT, only if [...]

    2. The final showdown Good vs Evil No, I m not going to ruin it by rehashing what happens You ll have to find that out for yourself And you shouldI will say that there are unlikely and even unlikable heroes who step up to the plate in this volume There are tragic deaths, unbelievable sacrifice, and gut wrenching loss But there s also forgiveness, understanding, and healing.The thing that stands out to me about this entire series is that there are no throwaway characters Not the friends, not the tea [...]

    3. Find all of my reviews at 52bookminimum Keys turn both ways Me but, you know, less lumpy.If you follow my reviews you already know that comic books graphic novels whatever the f is the politically correct term are something new I ve recently added to my reading repertoire I was lucky enough to snag all six volumes of Locke Key from the library at once However, as soon as I sat down with Welcome to Lovecraft I found myself mesmerized, kinda like this guy and knew there was no way I was going to [...]

    4. All things must come to an end, and so it is time to say goodbye to my Locke Key full volume journey, which never reached the mountains and rainbows, never made me feel all over the moon by its awesomeness.Consistent, carefully build completeness that within the last volume got its well deserved ending that was very much expected from the get go.

    5. So much depends on the end of a series If things don t wrap up well, then entire story tends to deflate Think Matrix if you don t believe me Happily, this series ends well Part of me wishes the overall story arc would have been longer but honestly, that s a good way to feel at the end of things, and it s much better than the alternative Which is to wish that the series had ended several books ago.

    6. There are a couple of advantages that come with waiting for a graphic novel series to be completed before picking it up Besides the obvious ability to move at your own pace, or binge factor, the advantageous benefit is that it actually reads like, you know, a novel than a series of brief episodes So rather than doing an individual review for each volume, I think a brief summary of the entire collection will suffice.Vol 1 Magic, science, history, unraveling the mystery, that all started with a [...]

    7. oooooo thrilling conclusion to a thrilling series teens in danger a possessed little boy a magical house with a magical history a trans dimensional threat wants to rule the earth our fathers sins will always come back to haunt the present top notch writing superlative art things fall apart everything comes together oh, and a bloodbath at the prom after party PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT if you haven t read the previous volumes in this series, read them first or reread them if it has been a while [...]

    8. I read the first volume of Locke Key early in 2015, and I enjoyed it It was a great introduction to the series and I learned to like the characters a lot 5 volumes in and I ve rated all of them 4 stars This 6th and last volume finally got the 5 star rating I was leaning towards 4 stars though, but I decided to give it a 5, because the overall series is amazing.This last volume is the grittiest one of all It is the concluding volume, so I was expecting a bit of cliche coming I mostly dislike last [...]

    9. OK This is the end And it s a good one It s been quite a ride, and I m not really sure how to review this and really do it justice There are a lot of things that were included throughout this series that I failed to comment on in my reviews of the previous books, things like classism, sexism, racism, homophobia, etc, and I think, in my humble little opinion, that these things were handled beautifully There are themes of family, and friendship, and love being a source of strength, and also the ca [...]

    10. It s over.With volume six, Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez have closed the book on their nearly six year long journey through Lovecraft, Massachusetts with the Locke family At the conclusion of volume five, things were about as dark as you could imagine Dodge had gained possession of the Omega key and was ready to unleash his dark forces upon Lovecraft Will he ultimately succeed or will the Locke family prove too much to overcome I received a free copy from Netgalley in exchange for a fair review [...]

    11. melissa413readsalotI can t believe this is the end of this series I want to buy them all This story was my favorite one The graphics are amazing as usual but I just loved how everything came together I was so scared for Bode through the whole book I think Rufus was a great kid and it made me so mad that people would call him retarded How can you review graphic novels without giving out spoilers Let me just say there are a lot of evil creatures in the book and things seem really dire There are so [...]

    12. A good ending to a good series I m glad we got closure with everything I do wish there was to the fight between good and evil but yeah, it was a satisfying ending.

    13. Well, that was gut wrenching Damn you, Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez for making me care so much about make believe characters The whole volume I was biting my nails and even when a minor character died, I found myself in anguish for them I found myself dreading every turn of the page afraid of what I might find This thing was so intense, I need to let myself relax now In Alpha, we get closure, remorse, denouement, and even a little happiness All in all, a great ending to a fantastic series This [...]

    14. Fantastic This graphic novel series was such a delight and I had a most awesome time reading it Sad to see it ending The characters were rememberable and so was the artwork This whole series ended how I thought it would which is always good and not always what happens I hope, maybe one day, Hill will do another one Fingers crossed

    15. So it s over I Iiked series and expectly art a lot It s brutal, touching and scary story I m giving the whole graphic novel series 4,5 stars.

    16. It feels really weird for a graphic novel a horror one, at that to make me laugh, grin, rage, and even ugly cry a little but I guess that s Joe Hill for you This was such an incredibly delightful series and I m so happy that I picked it up If Joe ever decides to write graphic novels, sign me up This was the perfect ending to the series everything I wanted and This volume broke my heart, stitched me back together, and patted me on the shoulder before driving away, leaving me awestruck in its du [...]

    17. And so the journey is over although I suspect the stories most certainly are not This is the last book in the Locke and Key series so what can you say without giving the game away What can I say is that the quality is just as good as any of the other volumes which for me meant that it was just enjoyably all be it bittersweet on the last page as it was on the first So rather than trying to talk about the this last volume I will comment about the keys One of the things that surprised me was how qu [...]

    18. And here we are, at the end.The end I had known from the beginning.Only now that it s in context, all I could say, over and over, was Yeah.You know, I suspect Joe Hill and I, we re not meant to be friends.And that s ok He has zillions of friends and I don t really need another author to stalk.I ll probably give him another shot or two down the road, but I think we re going to have the same relationship I have with his dad that guy I know who is a friend of my friends but that s about it.

    19. How Here were are Now that I ve finished this incredible series I m too stunned to write anything But I ll try to explain why I loved it so much and I account it like one of the best graphic novel I ve seen.In this last chapter we have the final fight between Locke family and Dodge, that will affect on all the abitants of Lovecraft As every good horror, there are a lot of violence and bloody scenes and a lot of tragic moments, made vivid by the graphics of Gabriel Rodr guez If I had doubt, this [...]

    20. Horrific and violent and the body count is kind of high, but this series and especially this final volume has ALL THE FEELS I loved it.

    21. Definitely an ending worth sticking around for The outcome is a real nailbiter, in doubt up until the last minute This whole series has just had such a rich storyline with a wealth of detail that is probably only properly appreciated on rereading Locke Key is one of those series that s so good you want to share it with everybody The ending just about had me in tears Highly, highly recommended

    22. Game Over Slam Bang and Thank You for riding with us Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez on this rollercoaster trip through the Lovecraft Manor, a genuine House of Horrors The final chapter in the struggle between the Locke scions and a demon from a parallel dimension ends in a spectacular mayhem of killing shadows, possessed teenagers, reality altering powers granted by the Keys, heroic sacrifices and summary executions Nobody is safe and the bodycount surpasses all the other volumes combined Victor [...]

    23. What a great ending to this series Endings are so tough A bad ending can deflate the whole experience of a narrative A good ending ties everything together, and nothing can beat that feeling of satisfaction you get as all the threads are tied up, secrets revealed, and connections made.Also, though, this was brutal I m not saying I haven t read books that aren t of a bloodbath than this one is, because I have, but the body count is large, and people you love will die Horribly.I cried, like, four [...]

    24. 4.5It is impossible to say about this last volume without spoilers Since it s the last one, it is only safe to say it is about the final confrontation It is great You see, you don t just get to see the fight There is after and it is a bitter sweet and wonderful ending to a great story.

    25. Introduction I have been reading Joe Hill s magnificent Locke and Key series for years and now we finally get the ultimate finale for this wonderful series I have been wondering for years about how this series was going to end and whether or not I would be impressed with the results Well, I have to say that this is one volume that really defines the meaning of DRAMA BOMB FINALE and it has exceeded my expectations far than I expected What is this story about In this volume, Lucas Dodge Caravaggi [...]

    26. A great conclusion to the series It was a long break between finishing the previous volume and this one so I had lost a bit of continuity but I caught back up pretty quick I think all the plot points got wrapped up unless I forgot any So Dodge has all the keys and there s nothing to stop him unlocking the final door and ushering in a new world order where humans fall into one of three categories ie Family, thralls, and dead.Private First Class Rufus Yes sir Captain sirYou have been recommended f [...]

    27. This series was incredible from beginning to end without exception Heartbreaking and downright brilliant All of the things that I look for.It s tattoo good If you know me at all, you know that speaks volumes.

    28. Once again my old review has minor spoilers Don t read below the 2014 date.This was a perfect ending to this story It made me feel all the things I had already felt, then added another 100 things on top of it.I ll definitely revisit the Lockes in the future For sure.6 17 2014What on earth can I say that I haven t already said about this series Joe Hill s Locke Key comes to its epic conclusion with Volume 6 Alpha Omega, and what a spectacular conclusion it was I got a finality that I was longing [...]

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