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Crazy Hot Melissa de la Cruz Crazy Hot Back in the Hamptons for a final summer the sun is hot but the drama s hotter for Mara Eliza and Jacqui in the conclusion to the Beach Lane series Mara Eliza and Jacqui thought they would be spe

  • Title: Crazy Hot
  • Author: Melissa de la Cruz
  • ISBN: 9781442474123
  • Page: 363
  • Format: Paperback
  • Crazy Hot Melissa de la Cruz Back in the Hamptons for a final summer, the sun is hot, but the drama s hotter for Mara, Eliza, and Jacqui in the conclusion to the Beach Lane series.Mara, Eliza, and Jacqui thought they would be spending the summer apart, but when Eliza s stepmom is in desperate need of a nanny, Eliza calls for reinforcements And so back to the Hamptons it is Mara s sworn off romance, aBack in the Hamptons for a final summer, the sun is hot, but the drama s hotter for Mara, Eliza, and Jacqui in the conclusion to the Beach Lane series.Mara, Eliza, and Jacqui thought they would be spending the summer apart, but when Eliza s stepmom is in desperate need of a nanny, Eliza calls for reinforcements And so back to the Hamptons it is Mara s sworn off romance, and focusing instead on writing a book about being an au pair and an It Girl But she keeps getting distracted by her ex, Ryan.Eliza is quickly becoming a fashion star but her relationship with Jeremy is also moving at breakneck speed Are things moving too fast for her to handle And Jacqui is just trying to do her job so she can pay for NYU, though it s hard when an Australian photographer is encouraging her to quit and become a model Will she take a risk However these girls survive their craziest, hottest summer yet, one thing s for sure The Hamptons wouldn t be the same without them.The Beach Lane series is created by Alloy Entertainment, producer of bestselling teen and middle grade series including The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Gossip Girl, The Vampire Diaries, and Pretty Little Liars Originally published as part of the Au Pairs series.
    Crazy Hot Melissa de la Cruz

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      363 Melissa de la Cruz
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    1. Well, the end came and it ended good.Our favorite au pairs graduated from high school and came back for one summer together, thanks to Eliza Eliza is now an up and coming starlet turned designer And Jeremy wants to move fast Would she keep up Mara has a new boyfriend named David But when he lefts her stranded, her plans get ruined She wants to be a writer, starting a novel about au pairs Nothing s going to distract her from the task at handexcept perhaps her old flame, Ryan Perry And Jacqui get [...]

    2. I think I d just like to state the fact that after rigorous switching back and forth between audiobooking and reading this as an ebook, I can say that I m FINALLY done the Au Pairs series by Melissa de la Cruz image error Besides the fact that I decently enjoyed Beach Lane a couple of years ago, I wasn t exactly sure what the heck was going on here This series should not be called The Au Pairs because if there s something that s not in here, then it s definitely babysitting Except for maybe in t [...]

    3. The Au Pairs Crazy Hot, the fourth book in the Au Pairs series by Melissa de la Cruz tells the story of best friends Eliza, Jacqui and Mara and their fourth summer in the Hamptons.Now, this book is usually the type of book I reserve for reading at the beach, but I saw it at my library and realized I hadn t read it yet, so I grabbed it up It may be November, but this book made me feel like I was sitting on a beach chair with the sand in my toes and a drink in hand.This summer, Eliza is opening a [...]

    4. Well, it is the end of the Au Pair series I must say, that I really enjoyed it It was easy to read, quick moving and kept me interested through all 4 books I recommend these books to you if you like YAF, Fashion and Friendship

    5. This was a very satisfying conclusion to a really good series The story was fun and fast paced and the characters didn t seem dry or overused Easily a 4.5 5 star read.

    6. Crazy Hot with is the fourth book in the Au Pairs series by Melissa de la Cruz It s always hot in the Hamptons, but this summer, it s Crazy Hot with our favorite trio together for their fourth and last summer in the Hamptons.This year, while her first year at Parsons, Eliza learns that her mother is leaving her father for her new gym train, a much younger man Eliza was very shock to hear the news since her mother had always stood by her father, especially since the business scandal Then, her dad [...]

    7. I am officially all done with this series It had many, many low points, but also a couple highs as well I m pleased with how everything worked out in the end Though I wasn t thrilled about one couple pairing, they just don t seem to be good for each other in my mind This was a fun read overall, though I m incredibly glad to be done

    8. Ah, the nice light cheesiness and predictability of beach reads.I want a house in the Hamptons too.Also Pete is a creepy ass stalker.

    9. While I was reading this book, I really thought I would start enjoying it The cover page got me interested in the story Before I started reading the book I thought it was going to be about a hot steamy romance, but I was wrong It turned out to be about three rich white girls and their problems I laugh at the word problem, I wish I had their problems This book really upset and I couldn t even finish it because I hated it so much The one thing the author did well was to create a very detailed char [...]

    10. I don t know if it s because the series has gotten worse or I ve become a judgemental reader, but I think I m over these books I m glad this is the last one I know we re meant to suspend our disbelief and enjoy the story as a crazy escapist romp through the realms of the implausible, but I just can t do it any Eliza, upon finishing her first year at Parsons, has already shown her collection at NYFW, opened a boutique in the Hamptons and managed to sell a bunch of clothes to Hamptons socialites [...]

    11. Reviewed by Jennifer Rummel for TeensReadTooIt s always hot in the Hamptons, but this year it s CRAZY HOT with the three girls together again Just when they thought they would be separated for the summer, once again fate brought them together Mara and Jacqui are actually au pairing for Eliza s father s new wife Eliza herself is busy opening up her own store, filled with her fabulous clothes Of course, her two best friends agree to model for the opening and Jacqui catches one photographer s eye B [...]

    12. I love The Au Pairs I went to the library one day and just randomly picked it up and I fell in love with the characters even though some of their antics were kind of, um, dumb But the way Melissa de la Cruz depicts the relationship between the 3 girls is wonderful and pretty realistic even if you were to take them out of the Hamptons and make them schoolgirls somewhere in a rual area They re all different with different backgrounds and different priorites but they somehow seem to balance each ot [...]

    13. FABULOUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS I was SO SO SO happy that the last book was just if not better than the first two in the series I don t know what happened to the third book, that was just a flop But Crazy Hot was so good, I finished it in like three days or less, I can t remember, but it was so amazing, and I am so incredibly sad the series is all over But, in a way, I m glad it ended on a good note, because some books that have 4309565 books in the series can really ruin the story for a person cough [...]

    14. They re older, but not necessarily wiser That s the tagline as the world s favorite au pairs come back to the Hamptons for one last summer fling.Eliza had a successful freshman year at Parsons and is now opening her own store in the Hamptons It s hard for her to juggle publicizing her store and her relationship with Jeremy, however, both of which are moving forward at lightning speed, but only one of which she is certain about for now.Jacqui finished up her fifth year of high school and is excit [...]

    15. This book is about three college age girls who are friends and how they spend the summer together Eliza goes to the Hamptons to spend time with her father and his girlfriend while she opens up a store in New York Her friends Jaqui and Mara get jobs as au pairs at Eliza s father s house taking care of his girlfriend s children All the people in the book are extremely wealthy which makes it harder for the average person to relate to the characters but overall I still thought this book was enjoyabl [...]

    16. I think that each of the novels from theBeach Laneseries just got worse every time Crazy Hot was good, but not as great as the rest I think that the author over exaggerated with the whole series, it ended just fine with being a trilogy Mara, Eliza, and Jacqui are all doing something different, and are in for their final summer in the Hamptons, before everything is about to change forever Like I said in my previous reviews of these novels, the characters aren t like the beginning Now, they re ver [...]

    17. Tal vez el libro que m s me ha costado leer, y no s muy bien si ha sido porque no era el momento los otros los le en verano y me apetec an m s, por el simple hecho de que tambi n transcurrieron en la misma poca, y este no o simplemente porque ya estaba un poco desconectada de la historia Pero bueno, a n as una vez que consegu ponerme a ello a vuelto a ser una lectura f cil y ligera.Tal vez lo peor es ver que tras 4 libros las cosas acaban como crees que van a acabar, vamos que no ha cambiado ape [...]

    18. In the final book of the Au Pairs series, Eliza, Mara, and Jacqui are thrown together again When Mara s plans to travel Europe fall apart, and when Jacqui s summer work falls through the Perry s move to Europe , they end up au pair ing for Eliza s stepmom s kids Eliza s success keeps going as she opens a Hamptons boutique and somehow ends up engagedor is she Mara starts a blog on the insider s view of life in Hamptons and can t get Ryan out of her head Jacqui is enticed into the modeling world, [...]

    19. As the book said itself at the end, it is a story about friendship in the first place When the girls met, they had very little in common but they grew to become friends, even best friends who are always here for each other, which is actually brilliant.What I liked a lot was how the girls dreams eventually came true I mean, a lot of girls wish they could be fashion designers, models or authors and in fact our goals don t have to be as overrated as theirs but I think that it can give us hope and m [...]

    20. this was a nice wrap up to the series, though part of me is sorry to see it end it s light, fun reading that is a nice distraction from the drudgery of life.i have to say, though, that things went a little bit overboard with Suzy s kids precociousness chess prodigies okay debating Hannity and Colmes that s jumping the shark to make seven year olds interested in a pair of conservative news blowhards, IMO and FTR, i d say the same thing if they were watching a so called liberal network it s just n [...]

    21. I really enjoyed this series as a whole It was a very good summer read filled with drama, name drops and glamorous lives Makes me wish I could live it some times I m undecided about the ending of the book I don t know if I liked it or was slightly disappointed by it I just feel like it was left almost open as if there could be another book put behind it However, I really liked how Mara and Ryan finally ended up together They have been my favourite couple since day one I also like how at the end, [...]

    22. Hampton heat in the summer returns with the popular Au Pairs This fourth installment in Melissa de la Cruz s sizzling hot series will surprise and charm readers with new fashion trends, life changing questions and heartbreaking decisions i read this book a while ago, somewhere between entering and adapting into middle school my taste in books were different then, i just got off the high of the harry potter universe and no book seemed to be good enough for me now when i look back, i see that is b [...]

    23. 10.20.10 this book i also read this summer, and i was really intersting even though i didnt really have time to read since i worked, i would pick it up and read it even if it was just for five minutes i love the mature setting, and how the characters get to have the summer of their life, while having some ups and downs, which they end up solving in the long run i also liked how i could connec to most of the things that the girls wanted, and then things that happened in their lifes i enjoyed read [...]

    24. This was my favorite out of all of the books from the Au Pairs All of the girls seemed to begin with their dream jobs Who can t be proud of Liza and her fashion line Who can t be worrisome for Jaciqu and the Saucy Aussies And who doesn t want to scream at Mara to dump David for good and go running back to Ryan I hated to see this one end, but knowing that this was another Great summer for the girls, I loved it The whole story was wrapped up nicely but I can t help but feeling like I d love to se [...]

    25. The fourth and final book of the Au Pairs was the icing on top of the cake of a great series It s certainly not going to be a literary masterpiece, but if you are looking for fun, girlie, YA fiction, I recommend these books I loved the growth of the characters, and the fast paced backdrop of the Hamptons.To add, I am actually sad the series is over, it only took me a week to read the books, and each time I finished one I was ready for Now it s over and I am still ready for

    26. summers in the Hamptons are never forgettable in the lives of this group of friends you never know whats going to happen next and even when it seems predictable it changes in the blink of an eye i recommend this to any girl who likes books about the lives of rich spoiled girls who have crazy lives but still aren t happy all of the time.

    27. this book part four is really interesting because the girls are kinda dissapointed believing they won t spend the summer together but then one of the girls moms needs help around the house with the children so the other two girls make it to the Hampton.i recommend a person should read all for books

    28. This book was mediocre The beginning was good, the whole middle was just plain boring, and the last 10 pages were good I had to read it since I read the other 3 book in the series, but was kind of disappointed with the final book I was glad to find out what happened with the futures of all 3 girls though.

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