Hunter's Moon #2020

Hunter's Moon David Devereux Hunter s Moon Andy McNab meets Buffy the Vampire the Slayer in this razor sharp fast moving supernatural thriller from an exciting new author My name is unimportant but you can call me Jack I m a musician by choic

  • Title: Hunter's Moon
  • Author: David Devereux
  • ISBN: 9780575079854
  • Page: 270
  • Format: Paperback
  • Hunter's Moon David Devereux Andy McNab meets Buffy the Vampire the Slayer in this razor sharp fast moving supernatural thriller from an exciting new author My name is unimportant, but you can call me Jack I m a musician by choice, a magician by profession, and a bastard by disposition I d been doing the magic thing for about five years when they found me They said I had a talent, that I was smarAndy McNab meets Buffy the Vampire the Slayer in this razor sharp fast moving supernatural thriller from an exciting new author My name is unimportant, but you can call me Jack I m a musician by choice, a magician by profession, and a bastard by disposition I d been doing the magic thing for about five years when they found me They said I had a talent, that I was smart enough and fit enough and enough of a shit that I could serve my country in a way most people never even get to hear about And I did want to serve my country, didn t I I didn t really want to contemplate what might happen if I said no And so Jack found himself on the front line of a secret war that most people simply wouldn t believe was possible Working for a secret organization tasked with defending our country from whatever supernatural threat faces it MI5 know nothing about and would laugh if they found out Well at first they would Whether wiping out a group of demon summoners, infiltrating a coven determined to assassinate the PM, or rooting out a neo nazi sect who are trying to bring back Hitler from the dead Jack is a very modern sort of magician trained in a variety of the dark arts but also a dab hand with a Heckler and Koch, skilled in unarmed combat and electronic surveillance David Devereux has combined the action writing of McNab and Ryan with dark supernatural thrills and produced a blistering new breed of supernatural thriller This is Dennis Wheatley for the 21st century.
    Hunter's Moon David Devereux

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      270 David Devereux
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    One thought on “Hunter's Moon”

    1. The character Jack is sort of a Harry Dresden meets Michael McGill slowly blended together If these three guys were to meet they could all sit together in a pub to share stories over beer And I think I d like to be sitting near by eavesdropping I stumbled upon this book during a book store visit a week ago In truth, the cover and the slightly different size british mass market format got my attention when I was scanning the shelves I admit to falling victim to book formats appearances that fall [...]

    2. For the life of mine, I couldn t finish this one It was of a Jason Bourne with magic than Harry Dresden kind of book which wouldn t be bad per se but the way it was told, from the 1st person POV, everything was described not felt, it seemed to me like I was reading a dry report I went, I did, I saw No feelings at all I think that it might have been what the author was aiming for but unfortunately, it wasn t my cup of tea.

    3. I picked up this book when it first came out, but stopped reading at the point at which the main character essentially becomes a rapist by sleeping with a female ally whom he knows is under the influence of kink inducing magic and subsequently incapable of informed consent Also, big flashing warning lights re the linking of female sexuality and BDSM culture with devilry and black magic, on account of how Um About that.

    4. Loved this book, hard to put down anti hero is sort of a James Bond 007 type working for secret British agency with magic elements Our hero is described as bastard by disposition and his work consists of mostly disabling and or killing threats to Queen and country Told in lst person Full of sex including sexual manipulation and torture and violence.

    5. I love bad good guys Especially ones that not only fight and use guns and knives and hunt terrorists, but are also magician s And that s what Jack is A bad ass magician working for the good guys Fast paced, exciting and much enjoyment of Jack s sarcastic and cynical sense of humor Good fun

    6. I am conflicted about this book In some ways it was a fun read, and it was a pleasant change to read a urban fantasy thriller set in the UK The author has obviously done his homework and either has experience of or done a lot of research on army training techniques, interrogating, brain washing psychiatry, occult magic k optional , and the fetish scene.There is a lot of sex and a lot of violence and a lot of violent sex , but it s mostly not dwelt on or used too vicariously As other people have [...]

    7. Before I begin this review, I will point out ahead of time that this book features a coven of lesbian bondage witches planning to kill the Prime Minister of Britain, with only a badass military special ops guy who also happens to be a trained wizard standing in their way It is possible that this information will have you instantly clicking to to order the book or rapidly clicking onto another topic in fear, meaning I don t have to write the rest of the review For the three of you who do require [...]

    8. Surprising what can hide innocently on an airport bookshelf You d think a book as graphically mixing violence and sex would be kept on a controlled shelf But nothing of the sort, there it sat innocently halfway between the Barkers and the Ludlums Hunter s Moon is a thriller mixed with black magic, psychological conditioning and a good, very good dollop of sex some violent and of murder and mayhem Jack, the narrator and protagonist is a member of a British secret service so secret even MI5 and 6 [...]

    9. This one left me reeling It s the story of Jack, well that s the name he s using when he introduces himself He also says that he s a musician by choice, a magician by profession and a bastard by disposition and if that puts you off you should stop now He was encouraged to join in the fight against evil magic and evil generally and does it with no qualm of conscience He has accepted his job and is going to do it.This time he s investigating a women s group, there have been some disappearances ass [...]

    10. Jack is a magician who is a government assassin This time he is back up to a female agent who has gone undercover in a coven that has terrorist links and is planning to kill the Prime Minister Jack dislikes not being the one in command so when the agent starts to show signs of brainwashing, he is slow to react and the whole coven disappears along with the compromised agent Now Jack gets to track the coven and kill them one by one in an attempt to rescue his partner This was a different book from [...]

    11. alright, i admit it that i am a sucker to spy stories the synopysis was so intriguing that i just had to buy this book though the rating is average i give this book 3 stars for the character as mentioned, i totally dig spies i would say he is of a sorceror spy rather than a magician since he dabbles in the occult in order to fight her majesty s enemy however, the story would have been better if there is spy work involved jack is not really doing the main spy job since he is not female so, the [...]

    12. Ok this was a book I have had my eye on for a while now and finally stumbled across a copy so yes I could not resist diving right in The book is quite different from the recent reads, in both its style and storyline and I think that is what I enjoyed most the storyline was pretty straight forward although the main character, his methods and approach to his work were really the real stars of the show There were a few times when either his actions or his attitude seemed a little extreme but in the [...]

    13. A bit short, a bit dry, a bit brutish Very much in the Bourne but with Magic, but the magic is simply used as a tool Someone said its like reading a report Sort of I swear it starts off cold and without character or conscience, then warms up throughout There s no mythology here, no grand scheme Don t get me wrong, I recommend you give it a try, just to see if it s your speed Decently written, but I prefer a bit andeur, call it I like Urban Fantasy, everything from Dresden to Matthew Swift, but t [...]

    14. I liked this story I picked it up because of my interest in paranormal reads, and when I saw a previous review say it was a combination of 24 and Torchwood well, I HAD to try it Yes, it is very violent, but it doesn t dwell on the violence In fact the violence and sex were very matter of fact, and didn t bother me because it fit with the story although, I confess, some final scenes made me a little uncomfortable The British isms didn t jar me out of the story There weren t many, and they were ea [...]

    15. Having very much enjoyed his first book, a biography entitled Memoirs of an Exorcist , I was intrigued when I found out the author, David Deveraux has written two fictional novels Written in his matter of fact laid back style, this is a story about Jack, a magician who uses his talents to quietly silence the New Age folk causing trouble in the neighbourhood Very raw, very explicit, this book is a thrilling journey into the deep dark underground, filled with aspects taken from the author s own ex [...]

    16. Badass version of Harry Dresden, sarcasm fans enjoyIf you like the Dresden Files but prefer your characters to be a little suave spy than part time investigator, this may well be for you, the wit and sarcastic humour is there to see, plenty of action also, this reads much like some of the spy stories of Mcnab and Cussler, but with supernatural elements Supernatural the TV series being another comparison , excellent fun and a quick read also, one to fill in a short weekend.

    17. If you like Hellboy and Dexter, you ll love this book Jack is on the front line of a secret war a coven of witches is out to assassinate the P.M , and he needs all his skill as a magician to survive and clinch victory Another testament to the fact that the best person to take out the bad guys is a bad guy himself One of the most fun books we ve ever read.

    18. Bizarre James Bondish supernatural with kink sex fetish mind control power exchange magic featured prominently but then Devereux must have I dunno stumbled over his own safe word, because the sequel was pure vanilla

    19. A somewhat gruesome in places thriller with added magic This time Jack is investigating a coven with designs on the prime minister A lot of sex magic and mind control, but still an interesting story that moves quickly.

    20. Brutal and deadly, this is an exciting occult thriller unlike any I ve seen before Protagonist Jack is like Jason Bourne crossed with Aleister Crowley Author Devereux packs a gritty punch and keeps his readers on the edge of their seats Compellingly gruesome reading.

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