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Lola Rose Jacqueline Wilson Lola Rose Fortunately for Jacqueline Wilson fans her new books seem to come along a lot regularly than JK Rowling s do and for this latest fantastic bittersweet slice of life offering they should again be gr

  • Title: Lola Rose
  • Author: Jacqueline Wilson
  • ISBN: 9780552547123
  • Page: 120
  • Format: Paperback
  • Lola Rose Jacqueline Wilson Fortunately for Jacqueline Wilson fans, her new books seem to come along a lot regularly than JK Rowling s do, and for this latest, fantastic bittersweet slice of life offering they should again be grateful Lola Rose is typical Wilson a story of normal family strife, situations and feelings bound together with extraordinarily uplifting solutions that leave the readeFortunately for Jacqueline Wilson fans, her new books seem to come along a lot regularly than JK Rowling s do, and for this latest, fantastic bittersweet slice of life offering they should again be grateful Lola Rose is typical Wilson a story of normal family strife, situations and feelings bound together with extraordinarily uplifting solutions that leave the reader with a tear in their eye and a smile on their lips.Lola Rose is definitely one for her older readers, however Jayni, her mum and little brother Kenny are forced to flee their family home when Jayni s dad starts hitting her too as if it wasn t enough that he battered his wife about already A desperate flight to London is made bearable when Jayni s mum wins 10,000 on a lottery scratch card and treats everybody to whatever they want It s a chance to start again and have an adventure and to forget They even get to pick new names so that they can hide better Jayni picks out Lola Rose an exotic sounding name she finds in one of the magazines she is so fond of cutting up and pasting into her scrapbooks But the lottery money doesn t last forever and Lola s mum finds it harder than she thought being away from her husband However, it s definitely the start of something better for everyone despite a few hiccups along the way Jacqueline Wilson is a mega star among children s authors Her books are consistently unputdownable and Lola Rose exemplifies her skill at stirring the emotions in an unforgettable story that is sure to win her even accolades Age 12 and over John McLay
    Lola Rose Jacqueline Wilson

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    1. Read as part of The Infinite Variety Reading Challenge, based on the BBC s Big Read Poll of 2003.Yeah, okay Something different to the dross that is usually aimed at teenagers, but I don t like the writing style or narration at all.Blog Instagram Twitter Pinterest Shop Etsy

    2. Lola Rose by Jacqueline WilsonWhy I decided to read this book I was given this novel as a birthday present many years ago and I couldn t remember if I had read it or not so I decided to give it a go I had previously been a huge fan of Jacqueline Wilson novels in my younger years, and I can recall being very fond of her books so I wanted to see how this would compare also.Which category on the bingo board this book completes This book completes the category A book with a main character This categ [...]

    3. Jayni, adiknya Kenny dan ibunya Nikki melarikan diri dari rumah karena dipukuli oleh ayahnya Pelarian bermula dari lotere yg dimenangkan Mum, awalnya mereka sepakat tidak memberitahukan Dad soal keberuntungan ini Dad, ayah yang pemarah suami yang selalu punya banyak alasan untuk memukul Mum Tapi Mum selalu berlaku bodoh jika menyangkut tentang Dad.Mum akan melakukan apa saja untuk Dad,persis seperti yang diperintahkan.Mum akhirnya memberitahu dad soal uang lotere itu saat dad pulang setelah bert [...]

    4. This book focuses on a particularly difficult topic, even by Wilson standards Domestic violence affects thousands of families, and it is captured sensitively in this book through the eyes of a young child When Jayni, her brother and mum are forced to leave their house suddenly due to the fathers violence, they decide to take on false identities and begin a new life.For Jayni and her little brother, this all begins as an adventure They travel all the way to London, into a hotel and have new exper [...]

    5. It has literally been years since I read this novel I was up in the attic the other day, and I found it in a bag along with a few other Jacqueline Wilson books Up until the publishing of either Cookie or My Sister Jodie , I d read every Wilson book there was, and most multiple times But since I was eleven, I d stopped reading them, and a few months ago I gave the majority of them away, leaving just a few left including this one I got this copy at a theatre performance of Wilson s Midnight No one [...]

    6. I decided to re read this book recently and fell in love with the story I always remembered how the plot went, however I still found myself enchanted with what Jacqueline Wilson presented for my mind to consume.Lola Rose is about a girl named, Jayni who loves with her mum, Nikki, her dad, Jay and her little brother Kenny However, after winning the lottery and another tough night, Jayni finds herself on the run with her mum and little brother from dad in hope to recreate themselves and start a ne [...]

    7. This was interesting When I read the synopsis I was like mmm, abusive dad, got it Wait cancer too That seems a little bit much And that s what it was Too much The author s prologue suggests that the book is mostly about the cancer, but that s not the case at all And while Wilson did the abusive dad stuff well, the cancer stuff was not as good It seemed like an add on, sort of an excuse to get Auntie Barbara into the picture I just want to break off here and state that I ADORE Auntie Barbara I th [...]

    8. I absolutely love Wilson s work and was thrilled to be able to meet her a few years ago when she visited Australia mind you there was still quite a lot of travel involved I have to say that I think maybe, just maybe, this might be one of my favourite Jacqueline Wilson books Then again, I really don t want to say that because I love so many of her books The story focuses on Jayni, her mother and her brother as they try to escape her abusive father The issue is handled with care by Wilson, but is [...]

    9. Perhaps my love for this book is dumb, mainly because it was such a comfort to me when I first read it I was eleven and had just come out of Saudi Arabia to England I had few friends in England and thought we d shortly go back to Saudi we didn t Lola Rose was the newest Jacqueline Wilson book and I had to get it, because I loved all things Jacqueline Wilson Lola Rose became one of my closest friends, silly as that sounds, and I started making a scrapbook after reading it for the second or third [...]

    10. Really good So entertaining however I was a by disappointed with the ending Still amazing though I was really able to get into Lola Rose s shoes.

    11. A touching story about a girl with an abusive father given the chance to make a new life for herself One of Jacqueline Wilson s greatest works.

    12. Beberapa waktu yang lalu, ketika membeli martabak telur dengan ibu saya, saya bertemu dengan seorang anak lelaki yang mengatai kami An ng Awalnya dia hanya ingin bermain, meskipun memang terlihat kalau dia cukup aktif dan rada caper Saya sempat meladeni di awal, tapi ketika ia mulai mengucapkan kata kata kasar itu, dan mulai ingin memukuli kami, saya pun menyingkir Sang ibu yang ada di dekat sana segera mendekat dan menyentil mulut si anak Menjadi orang tua memang tidak mudah, apalagi seorang an [...]

    13. Pikiran pertama saya setelah membaca buku ini adalah buku ini bukan buku anak anak Isinya sedikit errr kurang sopan untuk anak anak Mungkin buku ini cocok buat remaja yang tua an dikit halah.Kali ini tokoh utama kita, Lola Rose, mempunyai Mum yang sangat cantik, mantan foto model dan punya Dad luar biasa tampan, mantan penyanyi rock Tapi Mum sangat sembrono dan Dad suka memukul Ketika Dad mulai berani memukul Lola Rose, Mum segera membawa kabur kedua anaknya.Berbekal uang hasil menang lotre, mer [...]

    14. Lola Rose by Jacqueline Wilson is the story of a young girl who has to run away to London with her mum and her little brother, in hope that her dad will not find them.Jayni Fenton is a young girl that has confidence issues, she has trouble making friends but this all changes later on in the story when she moves to London and changes her name to Lola Rose Luck In the beginning of the story Nikki Jayni s mum wins 10000 on a scratch card, she decides it would be a nice idea to treat Jayni and Kenny [...]

    15. It seems most of the Jacqueline Wilson s books are quite dark in the fact that there is abuse or something else going on that the eleven or twelve year old ends up being of an adult than her parents.Jayni who calls herself Lola Rose after her mother flees from their father when instead of just hitting her mother he suddenly turns on the daughter.They head to London and although her mother is very loving and seems to love them very much she is also another selfish parent She can t keep a proper [...]

    16. God it s been years since I ve read this one All the same I still liked it enough to pick it up again while doing a book purge of my singular bookshelf trust me, I m hoping to get another one Anyway, I randomly picked it up and began reading I forgot how much I loved this book when I first got it.The basic premise of the story is the story is that Jayni Fenton and her family get lucky and win the grand prize in the local scratchies The prize is ten thousand pounds, a massive sum to anyone, but e [...]

    17. Lola Rose is a beautifully written book It starts out with Jayni, plain, mousy, babyish and plump She lives with her mum Nikki, little brother Kenny and abusive father, Jay When one night Jay hits Jayni, Nikki won t have it When Nikki wins the lottery of 10,000 pounds, they re off After living in a hotel for a while, then getting a council flat, Jayni changes her name to Lola Rose, while Kenny morphs into Kendall and Nikki settles for Victoria They also change their last name to Luck to symbolis [...]

    18. I decided to read Lola Rose because I have previously read and enjoyed many of Jacqueline Wilson s books This story fits in to the A book with a female main character category I didn t really learn anything from the book because it wasn t very imformative but it did make me think alot about the way that Jayni and her family were treated by their dad A character or setting in this book that was interesting to me was Nicki Lady Luck as she was really naive and made some bad decisions but tried her [...]

    19. I liked this book, it was a really great read This book shows the life of a young teenager, whose life changes forever.Lola Rose, whose original name was Jayni,and her mother and brother are running away from her father, who has tried to beat Lola s mother up on than one occasion.This started their whole new life.With the help of lots of money they won from the lottery, the family run away and buy a home,start a new school and make new friends But, what if their dad ever found themwhat would ha [...]

    20. I cried when I read this book The story is sad Lola Rose the false name is a young girl that maybe we could call it broken home Even if her parents didn t split up yet But her Dad likes to hits her,and her Mum,not her little brother He always yelled at them and always made bad situation So,once day,they run away from him They use false names, they run away to London,hoping he never found them But then,they had crisis economy,Lola s mum got breast cancer,and she also had new boyfriend And the wor [...]

    21. Lola Rose is about a girl called Jayni Her father abuses her mom her name is Nikki and then goes for Jayni too Thats when they decide to get a new life far away from her dad So Jayni, her mom and little Kenny her little brother pack up their things and leave in the middle of the night They take a train to London When they are at the hotel they decide to make up new names so their dad can t track them down Jayni becomes the grown up confident Lola Rose, Mum becomes the posh Victoria, and Kenny be [...]

    22. I haven t read Lola Rose in a while, but I ll give it a go Contains MODERATE spoilers I enjoyed the plot of the book however I think it s similar to Wilson s other book Cookie There are some differences, of course like how Lola Rose s family have just won the lottery.I m not saying the similarities are a BAD thing it was an enjoyable book that I enjoyed I think others would like it as well it describes everything so vividly Suitable for 9 14 year olds.

    23. I read this book originally at only 10 years old and now at 16 I would wholeheartedly re read this book The warnings I have to give to parents is abuse, cancer and one small mention off sex It is one line and not blatant so it will probably go over a lot off kids heads This book is very well written and the subject of the book is handled amazingly by Jacqueline I read this at 10 but maybe its better suited at 12 depending on the kids maturity.

    24. I still adore this book I read this first as an intermediate schoolgirl, loved it and it was my favourite book, gotta say it still is It s so real and raw, and I love Lola Rose Jayni s character Wilson writes Lola s worries about her mother s cancer so vividly, and it s wonderful And Kenny is just such a cute little child, I wish I could hug him.

    25. I read this twice, once about 5 years ago and once again 2 years ago, both times I loved this book It was interesting to see Lola s life change so dramatically and to follow her on her journey as it did so This is one of my favourites of Wilson s stories, and recommend it for all pre teens

    26. I hate Jayni s mother I don t get how a person can be this selfish in the face of people who love them I m probably not considering their point of view in it or their circumstances, but I really don t give a shit as they never consider anyone else but themselves, do they So it s apt.

    27. This was such a good book and I loved it I think I read it in a week and that is very fast for me as I am a slow reader The book shows how Lola feels about her father and mother I love the way the book describes the mother When I read it I felt sorry for Lola Her father is Horrid and her mother is selfish The book demonstrates how a 13 year old girl has to adjust to a new life I would definitely recommend this book for everyone Personally adults would enjoy it even though it is for children It i [...]

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