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Os Persas Aeschylus Urbano Tavares Rodrigues Os Persas Essa pe a considerada nica entre as trag dias remanescentes do per odo por retratar um evento hist rico a guerra entre os gregos e os persas em vez de dramatizar uma poca distante de her is m ticos A

  • Title: Os Persas
  • Author: Aeschylus Urbano Tavares Rodrigues
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 372
  • Format: Paperback
  • Os Persas Aeschylus Urbano Tavares Rodrigues Essa pe a considerada nica entre as trag dias remanescentes do per odo por retratar um evento hist rico a guerra entre os gregos e os persas em vez de dramatizar uma poca distante, de her is m ticos A pe a gira em torno do desastre em que os invasores da Gr cia viram suas for as navais aniquiladas pelos gregos na Batalha de Salamina.A a o se passa na capital persEssa pe a considerada nica entre as trag dias remanescentes do per odo por retratar um evento hist rico a guerra entre os gregos e os persas em vez de dramatizar uma poca distante, de her is m ticos A pe a gira em torno do desastre em que os invasores da Gr cia viram suas for as navais aniquiladas pelos gregos na Batalha de Salamina.A a o se passa na capital persa onde um mensageiro leva rainha a not cia do desastre Depois de atribuir a derrota da P rsia a independ ncia e bravura gregas assim como ao castigo dos deuses aos persas por terem ido al m dos limites da sia, a pe a termina com o retorno do rei Xerxes, falido e humilhado, confirmando a extin o do poderio persa.
    Os Persas Aeschylus Urbano Tavares Rodrigues

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      372 Aeschylus Urbano Tavares Rodrigues
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    1. What s done, I know, is done yet I will sacrificeIn hope that time may bring about some better fatee mother of Xerxes3 1 2Bust of Aeschylus From the Capitoline Museums, RomeAeschylus c 525 524 c 456 455 BC is the earliest of the four great Greek playwrights, parts of whose oeuvre have survived to the present day The others are, of course, Sophocles c 497 6 winter 406 5 BC and Euripides c 480 c 406 BC these three tragedians and the comic playwright Aristophanes c 446 c 386 BC.Seven of Aeschylus p [...]

    2. 3.5 stars The Persiansis a poetic play about the Greeks defeating the Persians It was narrated from the Persians point of view, but had all of the Greek strength and valor whispered to you I can picture this play creating a patriotic feeling for all who listened The Persians cannot defeat the Greeks No one can defeat the Greeks It made me smile at the end.

    3. A celebration of a Greek victory13 March 2012 This is actually quite an unusual Greek play in that it does not deal with a mythological event Granted Aristophanes deals with historical events, but he wrote comedy as opposed to tragedy and I have explained elsewhere what is meant by Greek Tragedy Excluding Aristophanes, The Persians is the only historical play that we have, and it is possible that it is the only historical play that was ever written during the classical period of Ancient Greece T [...]

    4. XERXES Wail, wail the miserable doom, and to the palace hie CHORUS Alas, alas, and woe again XERXES Shriek, smite the breast, as I CHORUS An evil gift, a sad exchange, of tears poured out in vain XERXES Shrill out your simultaneous wail CHORUS Alas the woe and pain XERXES O, bitter is this adverse fate CHORUS I voice the moan with thee XERXES Smite, smite thy bosom, groan aloud for my calamity CHORUS I mourn and am dissolved in tears XERXES Cry, beat thy breast amain CHORUS O king, my heart is i [...]

    5. Written in 472 B.C Aeschylus s Persians is the oldest surviving play in the history of Western drama How astonishing, then, to consider that the first piece of Greek tragedy to come down to us was written not from a Greek perspective, but ostensibly from that of an implacable enemy defeated a mere eight years prior an enemy that had terrorized all the Greeks, enslaved many of them, and had sacked the very city in which the play was first performed Aeschylus, along with many of the play s origina [...]

    6. 32 The Persians by Aeschylustranslated from Ancient Greek by George Theodoridis, 2009performed 472 bce format 39 page length webpage bacchicstage.wordpress ae read Jun 6rating starsThis is apparently the oldest surviving Greek tragedy and also the only of the surviving plays on a contemporary subject The battle of Salamis, where the Greeks destroyed the Persian navy and essentially ruined any hope of Persian expansion through Greece, occurred in 480 bce This play is about the aftermath It s very [...]

    7. Aeschylus wrote over ninety plays, and of the 7 that survive complete today, Persians is one of them This may not seem like anything particularly noteworthy, any so than any of his plays having survived, until you take into account its historical importance Aeschylus was Greek, and fought the Persians at the Battle of Salamis, during the second Persian invasion of Greece you re probably familiar with the contemporary battle of Thermopile, immortalized so well in Frank Miller s book 300 This boo [...]

    8. Reading it may be an easy a way to know a bit about ancient greek culture as well as recognize that some of the main topics of literature were present even back the, for there s the lament of the persinas that follows having lost the Battle of Salamis against the people from Athens, attributing it to a damnation given by gods The ghost aparition of Darius allowes a reflection about death Such are the wonders that have always been fundamental to humankind One point worth nothing is that, the use [...]

    9. Estatragedia de Esquilo sirve como reminiscencia d la gran batalla de Salamina, batalla entre la coalici n griega entre los que estaban obviamente los lac nicos espartanos, los ateneos, etc contra el ataque del gran Imperio Persa de Jerjes Batalla muy importante en la historia occidental, de este triunfo de los griegos en las guerra m dicas y de la labor que llev a cabo m s adelante el gran Alejandro Magno hijo de Filipo de macedonia, debemos gran nustra cultura occidental.

    10. Siempre es dif cil enfrentarse a un texto de la Grecia Cl sica Varias son sus dificultades un vocabulario recargado, un estilo lento y una tendencia a los circunloquios alargados en exceso Eso hace que sean textos que s lo podr n interesar a quienes les guste todo lo relacionado con la antigua H lade.En Los persas asistimos a una cr nica de la guerra entre griegos y persas de la cual Esquilo, el autor, fue testigo a trav s de la figura de Jerjes se nos narran las desventuras de su pueblo, quiene [...]

    11. As I have come to find out, Aeschylus is one of the founders of tragic plays I can certainly see why What is especially unfortunate about this, however, is that 92 plays by him once existed Now there are only approximately six known to have been by him Regardless, The Persians is a very good play for a few reasons Apparently, this is one of the only Greek plays to deal with something that actually occurred at the time I find this interesting because it reveals that not very many playwrights want [...]

    12. Fascinating and extremely clever Aeschylus manages to portray the strength and organization of the Greeks without having a single Greek character in the play it makes the message very chilling.Also the way he chose to write this adds great poignancy and humanity to the reading experience in allowing us to see how the victims of great defeats behave at home, both those receiving the conflicting reports of gain and loss from afar and the warriors themselves as they straggle back.I don t think I ve [...]

    13. This was the first of the ancient Greek plays reviewed by Professor Meineck in his Modern Scholar lecture It has the unique distinction of being the earliest surviving play we have from anywhere in the world Aeschylus wrote this play about a real historical event the Battle of Salamis, which he was a veteran of and during which the Persian army was soundly defeated The play seems to me to have 3 themes which played off of each other the folly of exceeding mortal limits, which the Persians did in [...]

    14. L et your soul taste each day s pleasure, spite of griefs For all abundance holds no profit for the dead It was fitting to follow Seven Against Thebes with The Persians as there are many similar issues at play here, notably dealing with the horrors of war, as well as with egoism This play also asks an important question that we still struggle with today how do we keep going forward and find hope in the face of grief that accumulates along with the advancing years The harvest of ripe years Is new [...]

    15. I read it This played at the festival in Athens in 472 BC, eight years after the Persian defeat it s about Obviously it s about how Greeks rule and Persians drool, which whatever, but it s not quite blinded by nationalism, it s Fate than anything particularly great about Greece Anyway it had some moments.Xerxes, heir to a gold showered line , callback to Dana and the golden rain Xerxes mother Atossa s two pronged anxiety about wealth it s pursuit is Persia s glory and its undoing, a manless tre [...]

    16. This review is in reference to the translation by Phillip Vellacott.At nearly 2,500 years old, The Persians is the oldest surviving play in human history, and it is one of our oldest surviving written stories That alone should earn it a special place in the hearts of readers and live audiences But so should the irony that it was intended to be the second play in a trilogy So should the irony that, coming out of a bellicose art culture like ancient Greece, it s messages were of sympathy for the d [...]

    17. While I can see why some people might find a play like this dry or boring, or be put off by the lack of what we would recognize as action, I found Persians and this translation of it, specifically completely enthralling It s old, and it shows this is ritual than drama, liturgy than narrative The good side of this is that if you re willing to fill in some blanks and explore the emotional world of the play yourself, it can be an amazing book to read it s a study in dread and fear, not of what is [...]

    18. Yikes This is the type of ancient Greek drama that is painful to read The plot the Persian army was routed by the Greeks That s it We are told this in the opening moments of the play, and for 50 pages must read repetitive laments Chorus Oh woe Woe What happened to long list of Greek names Xerxes They died in battle Chorus Oh, WOE WOE And what of long list of Greek names Xerxes They, too, died in battle Chorus Oh, WOE WOE For fifty pages I m not kidding The mother of Xerxes meets the ghost of he [...]

    19. I can t imagine what a movie would be like made in America eight years after World War II, where the protagonists are the Nazis and the main character is a regretful Hitler The analogy isn t perfect the Nazis didn t invade the US the way the Persians did Greece, but the war and enemy is of similar caliber That Aeschylus put himself in the position of the enemy, his enemy considering he was a soldier in the war, is really heart rending He continues his theme of tragedy and reconciliation beautifu [...]

    20. While I understand the significance of Aeschylus contribution to the art of tragedy and the novelty of this play being the only extant Classical Greek play based on contemporary events, for me it cannot compare to the Orestia There is storytelling, waiting and wailing and lamenting than action to progress the story When I read the Orestia I am swept up in the drama, symbolism, and cycle of revenge, with the roughness of the storytelling in Persians, you can see Aeschylus attempting to settle in [...]

    21. This was very interesting A tagedy written by a Greek but from the point of view of a Persian who wanted to enslave the Greeks Not what I expected would think that a historical tragedy would portray the Persians as monsters, villains and the stereotypical political enemy Instead the Persians are humanely noble which, of course, make sthe tragedy work It was also interesting that this was a historical tragedy, most all Greek plays I am familiar with deal with mythological stories and characters T [...]

    22. O terror invade ent o todos os b rbaros, iludidos na sua expectativa, porque n o era para fugir que os gregos entoavam o p an sagrado, maspara marchar para o combate, cheios de determina o e coragem Avante, filhos dos Gregos, libertai a vossa p tria, libertai os vossos filhos e as vossas mulheres, os santu rios dos deuses dos vossos pais e os t mulos dos vossos antepassados a luta, hoje, por tudo isto p g 36

    23. Aeschylus work, even among the Greek tragedians whose plays survive, serves as an interesting exercise in heightening tension while the physical action of the play takes place offstage His writing relies heavily than most later works on the probing of the human heart, and those disinterested in introspection are likely to find his plays tedious Despite, or perhaps because of this, I find his manner of examination to appeal to the intellect than the emotions Perhaps it s partly due to the gulf [...]

    24. All Greek and Roman plays will get 3 stars.Having read Histories Herodotus and Plutarch Lives almost finished it is becoming easier to place the these plays in the time they were written.The Battle of Salamis is the center of this playW t one Greek is mentioned It is all about the mourning, defeated Persians.They wanted fame They must now attack the Salamis by sea.But the cunning Greeks are able to crush the masters of Asia.Chorus Persian Queen mother Atossa messenger ghost of King Darius an hi [...]

    25. A chorus describes to the Queen of Persia and wife of Darius how miserably their son Xerxes failed at trying to dominate Athens Bloody account and many lamentations But though not as riveting as later Greek tragedies Eschyle was before Sophocles and Euripides it was still very moving

    26. Aeschylus is the father of tragedy Of his estimated 92 plays, only six confirmed works have survived to the present day with another possible, Prometheus Bound, whose authorship is now uncertain, but once was credited to Aeschylus Of these six, the earliest is The Persians, a notable play in that it is the only extant Greek tragedy based on contemporary events, though he was not the first to do so.In 480 BCE the Battle of Salamis ripped through the strait between Piraeus and Salamis Island The G [...]

    27. So, here it is The oldest recorded play we have to date, and what do I think of it Yeah, it s pretty good Okay, to be fair, I m not the biggest fan of Aeschylus yet Seven Against Thebes and Suppliant Maidens weren t particularly spectacular, but I think of the three works I ve read by him, The Persians is probably his best work but I hope it doesn t stay that way.The plot follows the fall of Persia, at the hands of Xerxes We see a desperate aged women, an angry father who curses a member of his [...]

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