Signs in the Blood #2020

Signs in the Blood Vicki Lane Signs in the Blood Elizabeth Goodweather and her husband built a rewarding life in the hills and hollows of their adopted Appalachian home But now Elizabeth is alone her husband tragically killed her children grown t

  • Title: Signs in the Blood
  • Author: Vicki Lane
  • ISBN: 9780440242086
  • Page: 246
  • Format: Paperback
  • Signs in the Blood Vicki Lane Elizabeth Goodweather and her husband built a rewarding life in the hills and hollows of their adopted Appalachian home But now Elizabeth is alone, her husband tragically killed, her children grown, the land around her filled with customs and beliefs she cannot share It s still a good life tending the small herb and flower business but Elizabeth s fragile peace is aboutElizabeth Goodweather and her husband built a rewarding life in the hills and hollows of their adopted Appalachian home But now Elizabeth is alone, her husband tragically killed, her children grown, the land around her filled with customs and beliefs she cannot share It s still a good life tending the small herb and flower business but Elizabeth s fragile peace is about to be shattered.Cletus Gentry vanished while hunting ginseng in the hills and his mother is sure the childlike man was murdered As Elizabeth retraces Cletus s last wanderings, she will discover that a killer has been waiting all the while in the coves and hollows near her farm for her to see the light and then come willingly to her own death.From the Paperback edition.
    Signs in the Blood Vicki Lane

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      246 Vicki Lane
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    1. Vicki Lane s Signs in the Blood is the first book of several that follows Elizabeth Goodweather, a middle aged woman who is a transplant to Appalachian life She lives a relatively content and peaceful life until after her husband dies in a plane crash In Signs of the Blood, she becomes an amateur detective who investigates the death of her friend s son, a simple man by the name of Cletus Cletus is found dead in a river, though he had a strong fear of water The Sheriff writes it off as an acciden [...]

    2. I picked up this book because I Appalachian folklore This mystery contains a story within a story and bounces back and forth between the early 20th century and today I found the story of Little Sylvie to be the most compelling part of the book and it is what kept me plugging along The current story was just sort of blah In fact, there were two or three story lines that or less got resolved in a fumbling sort of way.Having said all that, I think that Vicki Lane is a good writer and a good story [...]

    3. I expected this to be first rate It wasn t The characters, plot, and the writing are adequate but lack the complexity and sophistication of professional handling The dialect of the mountain folk seems overdone and inauthentic The author is at her best when she s telling the tale of Little Sylvie, the young mountain girl who lived on the land generations before and whose story echoes the current action.

    4. Great traditional mystery set in Appalachia among snake handlers and sang hunters I had my reservations but it s really good If the is a fault it is that the protagonist is a bit too perfect I hate that I like my heroes and heroins a bit flawed.

    5. Elizabeth Goodweather and her husband move to the Appalachian mountains and start a business They are learning the customs of the area and also have become friends of people when Elizabeth s husband is tragically killed Left with a broken heart Elizabeth leads her life where her children have grown and she has the business to run A little romance, murder, and a lot of mystery of who could have done it There is a side story of little Sylvie who lived in the area a long time ago that is very inter [...]

    6. Set in Appalachia country Man found dead What happened to him and his gun Evangelists, militia men, cults, old Appalachia culture This book has it all Great storyline.

    7. Recommended I discovered this author on a trip to Asheville NC, when her just released latest book was prominently displayed in the windows of Asheville s wonderful independent bookstore, Malaprop s That book was a sequel, so I sought out this one, the first in her series set in rural NC Provides a nice snapshot of Appalachian life and culture, both contemporary and a century ago though hardly comprehensive My parents came from southeastern Kentucky, a bit west of this novel s setting, and I fel [...]

    8. Recent discussions on the DorothyL list caused me to order this book before I started my State Mystery Project It takes place in North Carolina and I couldn t wait that long to read it plus, having already read books by Sharyn McCrumb and Phillip DePoy, I m familiar enough vicariously with the western NC mountains that, when I get to the state in my project, I ll be looking for something different, maybe coastal or the Research Triangle Nevertheless, I hope Vicki Lane writes many books about El [...]

    9. I discovered Vicki Lane at Malaprops in Asheville Great discovery Her settign is in the North Carolina mountains near Asheville Her character, Elizabeth Goodweather is a widow trying to put her life back together I do relate She has two daughters, Laura, an artist in Nashville and Rosemary, a professor at Chapel Hill Her nephew Ben, is a partner in caring for the farm and her business of making things from wildflowers, etc In this first of her series, she meets Phillip Hawkins, an army buddy of [...]

    10. A 3 star start with a 5 star ending Appalachian literature, a story within a story modern day Elizabeth is helping a neighbor try to figure out what happened to her son, while the memory of Sylvie, who once lived where Elizabeth lives, still clings to the landscape and the people who remember her This technique helps convey the evolution of Appalachia from then to now At first glance, the meandering descriptions and plot could appear to be the mistake of an amateur writer, which Ms Lane was at t [...]

    11. Elizabeth Goodweather lives a lovely and simple life in the hills and hollows of North Carolina, across the mountain from Tennessee Even though she s lived there than 20 years, raised her daughters there, and made warm friends, she s still a newcomer in many ways After her husband died eight years ago, she threw herself in keeping their herb farm and business going and getting her daughters into their own lives Now the daughters are living away and the farm is being managed by a nephew and Eliz [...]

    12. Elizabeth Goodweather lives in the hills and hollers of western North Carolinaough she s not a native The differences between her and most of her neighbors are clearly set out in the first chapter as she waits, somewhat uncomfortably, to see her dying friend Dessie The preacher is praying with the gathered family and friends, and Lane captures the delivery of a Southern evangelical, holiness type prayer very well Dessie s last words to Elizabeth tell her that trouble is coming and that Elizabeth [...]

    13. Elizabeth Goodweather runs an herb and flower farm in the North Carolina mountains with the help of her nephew She s a newcomer to the area since she and her husband settled there only 20 years before When the book opens, Elizabeth is nearly paralyzed in the grip of depression that began when her husband died five years before And then a neighbor s son, rather simple but with a strong knowledge of the mountains, turns up dead after one of his normal walkabout hunting trips, and his mother does n [...]

    14. Signs in the Blood is an absorbing read set in the mountains of Appalachia This story has it all snake handlers, charismatic preachers, prophecy, a religious cult, right ring militia men, lost dogs, terminal illness, a spark of romance, and much Oh, and I almost forgot murder The dialect is dead on, and the author paints a moving portrait of the mountain people of this region She lives there herself And, although Elizabeth is an intellectual and an agnostic, she is both open minded and respectf [...]

    15. When Dessie Miller lay dying at home, her family overflowed the little house in a bittersweet reunion Elizabeth Goodweather and her late husband moved to the Appalachian mountains to start a herb and flower farm Cletus Gentry is a developmentally delayed man who is found dead after going into the hills to harvest ginseng His elderly mother turns to Liz to find out what truly happened.This is actually two mysteries in one Liz is looking for clues about Cletus and the long told story of Little Syl [...]

    16. I started this book following reading the best book I have ever read Therefore, I did set up some pretty low standards for this one Unfortunately, I did not give this book it s due credit Not only was this a good follow up to The Last Child , this is an incredibly well written and executed book all by itself It s set in the mountains of North Carolina The book has two stories, one present, one approximately 100 years prior to the other, simultaneously At first this was a bit difficult to underst [...]

    17. Elizabeth Goodweather is a widow, trying to survive in her Appalachian home Although she and her husband had made their home there, she still felt like an outsider She didn t share the same customs and beliefs as her neighbors She didn t have their faith Nothing is as it seems in this mountain town.When the son of a friend is found in a creek, Elizabeth is asked to help investigate his death Her search for information takes her to a snake handling church, a hippie community, a religious fanatic, [...]

    18. I discovered this author on a recent visit to Asheville and the beloved Malaprops bookstore cafe I m not normally a fan of mystery yet I am captivated by anything Appalachian, especially books, so I decided to give this series a try I was not disappointed As others have written, the story of Little Sylvie was the most interesting and intriguing part of the novel I found myself wanting to skip ahead to see what happens to her I haven t read any further in the series yet but hope that Ms Lane cont [...]

    19. After many nudges from my friend Karen to start this series, I finally made the leap and am very glad I did It brings to life one of my favorite areas of the country, in all of its Appalachian gothic glory, and treats its oft maligned inhabitants and culture with deep respect I liked the protagonist, a woman of a certain age, who is not exactly an outsider after 20 years in the mountains, but stands apart enough to serve as a good liaison for the reader to that world I look forward to reading fu [...]

    20. A very different book for me I enjoyed the descriptions of the mountain people and thought the characters were well written I did feel that there was excess padding that made the book overly long Some things could have been left out without hurting the story It was interesting to read about the young girl in the early 1900 s that was murdered and to follow that story line mixed in with the rest of the story I will read .

    21. Don t be fooled into thinking that a book about a hippie farm woman in the mountains of North Carolina is going to be one of those cutesy, cozy mysteries You will immediately fall in love with Elizabeth Goodweather and want to eat some of her fresh farm produce However your mind will also be blown away by this dark mystery featuring some seriously spooky snake handling preachers, a group of angry white militia men and a creepy cult leader This one will keep you up till you finish reading

    22. I m pretty judgemental on these types of books Honestly, one of the few authors of this genre that I really enjoy is Patricia Cornwell I, sadly, finished all of her books so I randomly picked up this one It kept my very interested.I didn t get really into the book until about halfway through, but once I got to that point I had a hard time putting it down The ending was a twist as well Well to me at least, but then again I am oblivious to a lot of clues that books give haha.

    23. This certainly falls within the Southern Gothic genre Where some SG books are predictable and characters hackneyed, this one has a wide variety of characters and plenty of unexpected turns that kept me interested and engaged I felt that some of the characters could have been developed a little It was like the author was introducing you to people so that she could develop them in later books which I understand exist.

    24. I read three quarter of the book and had enough The author makes fun of just about every belief system around the main character but her own Many or the character are painted in the extreme and the two stories running parallel to each other not well done Obviously, I will not be reading any of the series.

    25. Research done for this book shines through Met the author at a literary festival here in the NC mountains Her comments about where she lives, what she s learned while living here, and the people she s met helped make the characters seem like neighbors in the holler Can t wait to read of Miz Goodweather s adventures

    26. mystery lovers will enjoy this excellent series this is the first one and it introduces you to a group of very interesting characters I am looking forward to the whole series Elizabeth Goodweather is a well drawn character and I wish I could meet her in real life Vicki Lane also has an interesting blog and web site.

    27. Looking for a new mystery series to get into and this first book appealed to me enough that I m looking forward to the second At first I thought it was a little too Nancy Drewish grieving widow with a mystery to solve, her husband s handsome friend who just happens to be a police detective shows up but the author threw in a bunch of interesting twists.

    28. I gave someone a practice reference question, intending for her to find the non fiction Foxfire series Instead, she gave me this title, a mystery set in the Appalachian mountains I LOVED it characters, and the author really captured the feel of Appalachia Can t wait to read the next one Oh, and I did send her back out to search for the non fiction series I was looking for

    29. This author lives in North Carolina, somewhere northwest of Asheville She has a keen ear for the language of the hills, and treats the culture with respect This is a mystery Protagonist is a 50 something widow All the women are strong With two exceptions, the men are mostly foolish, nasty or just take up space She has another in the Blood series which I haven t read.

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