Mademoiselle de Maupin #2020

Mademoiselle de Maupin Théophile Gautier Riccardo Reim Mademoiselle de Maupin Un indecifrabile personaggio dall inquietante ambigua sessualit in cui sembra rivivere il mito dell androgino un doppio a la finzione come estrema rivelazione della realt questo libro irriverente

  • Title: Mademoiselle de Maupin
  • Author: Théophile Gautier Riccardo Reim
  • ISBN: 9788854102750
  • Page: 448
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mademoiselle de Maupin Théophile Gautier Riccardo Reim Un indecifrabile personaggio dall inquietante, ambigua sessualit in cui sembra rivivere il mito dell androgino, un doppio a , la finzione come estrema rivelazione della realt questo libro irriverente, bizzarra fantasia di pezzi lirici, di confidenze in forma epistolare, di fantasticherie, questo inno alla Bellezza allegramente immorale e provocatorio, spregiudicatoUn indecifrabile personaggio dall inquietante, ambigua sessualit in cui sembra rivivere il mito dell androgino, un doppio a , la finzione come estrema rivelazione della realt questo libro irriverente, bizzarra fantasia di pezzi lirici, di confidenze in forma epistolare, di fantasticherie, questo inno alla Bellezza allegramente immorale e provocatorio, spregiudicato e antiborghese rivel di colpo il talento del giovane Gautier, suscitando reazioni scandalizzate ma anche, negli anni, l ammirazione incondizionata di scrittori come Balzac e Hugo, Baudelaire e Sainte Beuve, Swinburne e Wilde
    Mademoiselle de Maupin Théophile Gautier Riccardo Reim

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      448 Théophile Gautier Riccardo Reim
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    One thought on “Mademoiselle de Maupin”

    1. Mademoiselle de Maupin is a symphony of adjectives, in which the thematic material alternately suggests the most exquisite pleasures of the senses It is an ineffably beautiful tableau, heady, intoxicating, Dionysiac, conceived in ecstasy It is, indeed a golden book as close an approximation to painting in the realm of pure aesthetics as anything in words may be It is a celebration of beauty and its mood is always that of delight So rare is this the accomplishment of the novelist and so far away [...]

    2. How does Michelangelo manage to cut out slices of marble as if he were a child carving a chestnut What steel went into the making of those unbending chisels And what sturdy hips have borne all the prolific artists and craftsmen who find no matter resistant, but make their dreams flow freely out into the fullness of colour and bronze Mademoiselle de Maupin I don t think this book is as shocking as the synopsis make out, in fact if you do read the synopsis you will know exactly what the story is g [...]

    3. More people should know about this pioneering feminist lovestruck poetical drivelling masterpiece Your plot antics are bare a poet looking for his perfect Venus encounters hurdles in his search, finding no luck in the pink cheeked Rosette whom he diddles for five months out of kindness When he claps eyes on the girlish man Theodore who happens to be a woman, but ssshhh he finds his Venus par excellence and goes stark raving mad like all melodramatic romantic poets who want to mainline beauty int [...]

    4. Sex is everywhere, except in sexuality R Barthes.Eroticism seduces sex into a passionate euphoria the games of seduction upstages the terminating biological process Sex is limited seduction is limitless performing aesthetic gestural plays of sensual rituals challenging moralistic foundations Seduction is always singular and sublime than sex, and it commands the higher price Baudrillard Liberation of passion from its didactic shackles, love being embraced with a poetic mirage the beauty of love [...]

    5. There s so much going on in this novel, one could easily write a doctoral dissertation on the myriad issues presented But this isn t the appropriate forum for an in depth academic exploration of misogyny, male chauvinism, objectification, love, the worship of beauty, transgressive sexuality and gender norms I took a class in college called Intro to Transgressive Literature, and wonder why we didn t read this I honestly don t remember what we did read we watched Boys Don t Cry, which is all I rem [...]

    6. First things first before every show we now have health and safety housekeeping fire exits to the left, OK But why, apropos of nothing, is Mademoiselle de Maupin, on her own, 10 on Kindle, free if in French and 80 p for 20 of Gautier s works which includes said piece in English I don t know whether to write a review of the book or the twisted economics that drive the marketplacet to mention I am positive there are at least 10 EU laws being broken right here right now.Well, grumble grumble toil a [...]

    7. This book is my first read of Gautier and it happens to be a beautiful meld of letters and essays interspersed with dialogs between the characters Gautier has a penchant for detail and romanticism The read is interesting in the beginning but as one progresses, Gautier in the garb of his protagonist waxes eloquently on exterior beauty of all things especially women.The story takes up depth once a little than half the novel has been read and holds its spell till the very end, the ending is of co [...]

    8. There s no reason why I should hide it I m in love with Th ophile Gautier Nevermind what you think For me, he s the greatest poet and author of the world I read, in French, Mademoiselle de Maupin years ago, I ll reread it as soon as possible Why should you read it because here s what Th ophile said in his preface There s nothing in the world that goes faster than a virginity that runs away, and that an illusion that flies away After all, there is perhaps no big trouble, and the science of all th [...]

    9. I think I went into Mademoiselle de Maupin with ridiculously high expectations, and that can only lead to at least a little disappointment This book wasn t fully what I expected, but it was an entertaining read overall and incredibly progressive for the time it was written 1835 The novel is written in an epistolary format, and switches between three perspectives the first is D Albert, a man writing to his friend and feeling increasingly frustrated about his difficulty in finding a mistress who m [...]

    10. Melodramatic, fanciful, fervent, excessive.One of the best damn books I ever read The great day having come, twenty four criers on horseback, wearing the publisher s livery with his address on breast and back, bearing in their hands banners on both sides of which would be embroidered the title of the novel, and each proceeded by a tambourine and by kettledrums, should go through the streets of the city and, stopping in squares and at the crossings of streets, they should proclaim in a loud and i [...]

    11. I do not care much for teaching little simpletons to spell out the alphabet of love I am neither old enough nor depraved enough for that besides, I should succeed badly at it, for I never could show anybody anything, even what I knew best myself I prefer women who read fluently, we arrive at the end of the chapter and in everything, but especially in love, the end is what we have to consider In this respect, I am rather like those people who begin a novel at the wrong end, read the catastrophe f [...]

    12. Mademoiselle de Maupin is a novel written by Th ophile Gautier and published in two volumes, the first volume was published in November 1835 and the second in January 1836 Here is some of what I know about Gautier Gautier began writing poetry as early as 1826, but the majority of his life was spent as a contributor to various journals, mainly La Presse, which also gave him the opportunity for foreign travel and for meeting many influential contacts in high society and in the world of the arts Th [...]

    13. Initially I was surprised at how easy this was to read but I m afraid I found my lids grow heavy and neck unable to support my head A teenage accurate in outlook, if not in years obsession with getting laid.Well written it is, ahead of its time it maybe, but interesting it was not.

    14. This novel is suffused with a refined naughtiness, which was accentuated by the fact I should have been writing a dry literature review this afternoon Instead, I read the second, salacious, half of Mademoiselle de Maupin This French capital R Romantic novel is a wonderful comedy drama of gender and sexuality, largely set in a country ch teau in summer It is mostly epistolary, making me wonder what the correspondents thought of the extravagant and shocking letters they received I suppose their r [...]

    15. This book is a masterpiece I couldn t put it down The plot development is legendary, and as the novel progressed I found it harder and harder to put it down It chronicles the tale of a young man who is finding it hard to meet the love of his dreams, so to cure his ennui, he begins a liaison with Rosette But one day, Rosette has a guest, Theodore, with whom the protagonist of the novel immediately falls in love with However, Theodore is harboring a secret that ll make for the most interesting rea [...]

    16. I love this novel, even if I must admit that it is not a very good one It is part epistolary, and part narrative, but the greater part of it is taken up by the voice of the self pitying, antisocial, misogynistic misandrist who is the chevalier d Albert while his ideas on women and the world may be exasperatingly cynical, as a poet not entirely unlike the figure of Baudelaire he expresses interesting ideas on human nature and art Ideas, rather than a plot or interesting characters, are what make [...]

    17. MADEMOISELLE DE MAUPIN is one of my absolute favorite books I adore Gautiers writing style it is so enchnanting Sometimes the Beauty of his words gave me the Feeling of reading a Poem Gautier was a magician of words even Hesse appreciateed Gautier He thought his novels were virtuoso extravaganza truly enchanting What is there to add Exept a recommendation to read this treasure of prose.

    18. Gospo ica de Mopen djelo kao savr en odraz svog autora, zakletog zaljubljenika u lijepo, koji bi se prije li io krompira nego ru e stvaraoca koji ivi u svijetu umjetnosti jer je to jedini svijet koji priznaje Umjetnost koja je sama sebi dovoljna l art pour l art.

    19. This book is about love, beauty and passion It is beautifully written in poetic prose from the perspectives of d Albert, Th odore and the writer himself in the form of letters.

    20. Over the summer I haven t been reading many books that I m deeply in love with, which is a shame because I love reading and not feeling hyped about my books on the go is such a pity So I put down the others and picked up this one again I d gotten over half way through it at two different airports at two very different times of the year Thesis writing and travel interrupted this book quite unfairly, despite the fact I d loved reading it whenever it was in my hands.I should have read it much earli [...]

    21. Theodore aka, Mademoiselle de Maupin is one of the most refreshingly unsentimental yet elusive characters in literature based on the real life Mademoiselle, who was a swashbuckling opera signer well, cor blimey gov nor, they don t make them like they used to but we do have to put up with much existential moaning from D Albert for the better part of the book That being said, the novel is a very insightful essay on gender I d have given it 5 stars if it focused on Theodore and not on D Albert even [...]

    22. I have very little of the woman, except her breast,a few rounder lines, and delicate hands the skirt is on my hips, and not in my disposition It often happens that the sex of the soul does not at all correspond with that of the body if I had not taken this resolution mad in appearence, but in reality very wise and renounced the garnaments of a sex which is mine only materially and accidentally I should have been very unhappy It was the 19th century when these words were written and caused a sca [...]

    23. What a deeply weird novel Full of some pretty progressive and explicit themes of sexuality and gender, particularly for a book written in the 1830s Gautier gets really verbose and digressive throughout though, and while i found the translator s introductory notes to be interesting and helpful in terms of her thoughts on his experimental form structure style, i also found long stretches of it boring as hell, which is saying a lot for a book in which everybody has a bunch of sex and over half the [...]

    24. A sexually ambiguous take on Shakespeare s As you like it a bold XIXth century feminist statement a philosophic work on art, beauty, and love and above all, a magnificent piece of writing, inspiring the likes of Baudelaire and Oscar Wilde.

    25. This book is as fresh and as youthful as the day it was published It still has the power to initiate discussion It will alter the way you look at your life.

    26. Great and tragically underread book I read it in high school, and found it an easy and fascinating read Highly recommended.

    27. When lovers torment each other and play games, hearts can get broken and we can be cruel with one another Foolish pride takes precedence, and we destroy what we hope to long to hold dear We try to fool the one we love or desire only to fool ourself, unaware that we turn love into hate What is it that we say now, don t hate the player, hate the game I assume we love the game since we play it so often.

    28. This book answers the question Man, woman, virgin, gay what do they all desire This is a French novel from 1835 by the Gautier who is famous in part for the ballet Giselle in 1841 split in 2 volumes a year apart The story is loosely based on the French Opera singer Madelaine de Maupin who liked to dress as a man in 1800s This work is famous for the conclusion of the first volume where the young man aged 22 d Albert effectively comes out in heart felt terms as having fallen in love with a young m [...]

    29. I read this novel due to a curiosity of the historical figure whom the novel is named after I m not sure I would have read it, had I known about it It s really not my type of novel The prose are overtly poetic, and that s just not generally my cup of tea However, this novel impressed me I was sucked in from the beginning with the Preface which had lots of insightful observations, primarily into the relationship of the artist and the critic and the worth of art and beauty Next, I was forced into [...]

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