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Apocalipstick Sue Margolis Apocalipstick When it comes to men beauty columnist Rebecca Fine always seems to be on the scruffy end of the mascara wand But all that changes the morning she meets Max Stoddart her new colleague at the Daily Va

  • Title: Apocalipstick
  • Author: Sue Margolis
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 251
  • Format: ebook
  • Apocalipstick Sue Margolis When it comes to men, beauty columnist Rebecca Fine always seems to be on the scruffy end of the mascara wand But all that changes the morning she meets Max Stoddart, her new colleague at the Daily Vanguard With his upscale suit, Hugh Grant hair, and obscenely sexy good looks, he s a single woman s dream come true Finally, her grandmother can stop surfing the Net for elWhen it comes to men, beauty columnist Rebecca Fine always seems to be on the scruffy end of the mascara wand But all that changes the morning she meets Max Stoddart, her new colleague at the Daily Vanguard With his upscale suit, Hugh Grant hair, and obscenely sexy good looks, he s a single woman s dream come true Finally, her grandmother can stop surfing the Net for eligible Jewish males But is Max the catch of the decade or just a major babe magnet Meanwhile, Rebecca s old high school nemesis has resurfaced, a former blonde bombshell called Lipstick who is now engaged to Rebecca s widowed dad And it s goodbye to articles on toe cleavage when a hot tip sweeps Rebecca to the centre of the Paris cosmetics world, where a miracle anti wrinkle cream is about to be launched That is, until she blows the whistle on a scandal that could set the beauty business and the future of world peace reeling Will Rebecca win the recognition, not to mention the Pulitzer, she yearns for and get the man of her dreams Stay tuned.
    Apocalipstick Sue Margolis

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      251 Sue Margolis
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    One thought on “Apocalipstick”

    1. Read on my annual summer backpacking trip, when I d exhausted what I d packed in for the week s reading, and with no other options to hand I borrowed it from one of my traveling companions, of whom the fact that she is a lover of bad chick lit is the only negative thing I have to say It served its purpose something to read while ensconced in a hammock at 3,500 feet above sea level in the wilderness of Northern California I really tried to savor it and make it last, so it took me almost an entire [...]

    2. Rebecca is an up and coming journalist with a dad who s about to marry one of Rebecca s old school mates, a grandma is dead set on marrying Rebecca off to a nice Jewish fellow, and a best friend who is having problems with her husband in the bedroom Meanwhile, Rebecca is falling in love with the new guy at the office and trying to nail a big investigative story that could earn her the promotion she is dying for It s all a bit far fetched, but that s what makes this such an enjoyable story.

    3. I finished it quickly because I wanted to see if it would get better with each chapter but no As soon as a chapter starts you know how it s going to end because it s very typical I just wasn t impressed.

    4. Rebecca Fine thinks she might finally be on her way to becoming the investigative reporter she dreams of when she gets an insider scoop that prominent Parisian cosmetics firm Mer de Reves new anti aging cream isn t all that it s cracked up to be Life is starting to look good for the thirty two year old who has been filling in writing the beauty column for London s Daily Vanguard Saturday magazine for a friend on maternity leave On the romance front, Rebecca wonders a few days after meeting the n [...]

    5. Und mal wieder ist die Beschreibung von nicht ganz richtig Rebecca kam zwar an ihrem ersten Arbeitstag zu sp t zu einem Meeting, doch dieser Tag liegt schon einige Zeit zur ck Ihr Vater hat keine Aff re mit Bernadette, er ist mit ihr zusammen und hat sich mit ihr verlobt Heirat ist ja nun doch etwas mehr als ne Aff re Dann wird ihr Schreibtisch von Max besetzt und erst danach kommt die Kontaktanzeige.Rebecca mag ihren Job als Sch nheitskolumnistin nicht, ihr gro er Traum ist es eigentlich, eine [...]

    6. I ve always had a soft spot for books where the characters are English ever since I read the Shopaholic series Hearing them use words like pram and loo always helped me to hear the characters accents in my mind Unfortunately though, there were times in this book where I got a little lost in all of their English speak haha.The book was a cute, quick, read It definitely had all the makings of a typical love story with a few twists thrown in to make it a little different The story revolves around t [...]

    7. Sue Margolis hasn t really disappointed me yet I absolutely love her writing style, and after reading Spin Cycle Breakfast at Stephanie s, I had to seek out some novels from this entertaining author APOCALIPSTICK was just as fun and witty.When beauty columnist Rebecca Fine meets her extremely handsome new coworker, Max Stoddart, she is almost certain that he is the playboy heartbreaker type Nevertheless she gives him a chance and finds that he is well worth it But, he has a major secret that he [...]

    8. British Chick Lit Sue Margolis tells a funny story mixed with caddiness and embarrassing situations Definitely for a mature audience as she can also get graphic with sex scenes.Thirty two year old Rebecca Fine wants a few changes in her life Tired of her mindless beauty column in a weekly London magazine, she hopes to break into investigative reporting but when her boss asks her to relinquish her work area for a desk in the corner to make way for the new golden boy reporter, Max Stoddart, Rebecc [...]

    9. After a bunch of serious reading, I m giving my poor brain a break and reading something completely stupid Apocalipstick The characters remind me of some of the folks from the series Ab Fab The protagonist isn t a stand in for either Edina or Patsy but the people she works for do remind me of a hybrid of Edina and Patsy.Apocalipstick isn t a book I would have picked by myself to read but it was recommended to me by a man who goes to the BookCrossing meetings on a regular basis Ian has also read [...]

    10. I was going through my Kindle and remembered that I read thisWell actually it was kind of forgettable, so it took me a minute to remember if I actually read it or just downloaded it It was your typical chick lit book, single career girl finds prince charming, but he kinda seems like a toad so it takes a while before they decide they can t live without each other Oh and I think there was some ridiculous side story about face cream in there Fast fun read but ultimately hard to distinguish from eve [...]

    11. I thought, I might not like the book It s chick lit, nothing serious and I even had my culture barrier moment in the beginning thinking I might put the book on pre loved list However, the story gets funnier, racier and some parts are kind of out of this world situation or too good to be true like meeting the Prime Minister part, oh well Anyway, I have to admit that some of the fictitious parts really make the story hilarious though, as I said earlier it s too good to be true But hey At least thi [...]

    12. Not an intelectually challenging book at all but it was a laugh out loud at some moments Unfortunately the plot went downhill after the 2nd half of the book The whole Veritaserum like antiwrinkle cream just screams unrealistic to me and I feel like the author is trying to cram it down in just a matter of pages Also the revelation about M comes too late the last chapter, no less _ Still, if you want to give this book a go, don t approach it with high expectations

    13. I read this book for a Terrible Book Club And it did not disappoint It was full of stupid wacky hijinx and irritating characters with no character development They all attempted to be funny but were not There was very little originality here and it was pretty predictable The plot was way drawn out and there were too many subplots, which were all tidily wrapped up in the last 10 20 pages.

    14. Sue Margolis, while an entertaining author, often seems to forget she has a crisis to attend to This book, like Gucci Gucci Coo, seemed as if she suddenly reads the back covers of her novels and thinks Oh, I have a problem to introduce, agonize over, and solve But I ve already written 85% of my book Oh well, the readers won t notice that this crisis came out of very little prep We do Interesting, funny, just no real plot point.

    15. This was an easy read that I picked up in the airport back in 2003 That s happened to me lots, when I haven t had time to pick out a book to bring with me You know, a lot of airports have this awesome Read It Return It swap program, where you can swap a book or get 50% of your money back when done reading the book.

    16. Although this book will not win any awards or go down as a classic bit of writing, it is one of my favourite books 15 or so years after first reading it, it still has the ability to make me laugh out loud I didn t get on with any of Sue s other books but this is one of my faves Easy reading, loveable characters, and a funny yet maybe slightly predictable towards the end plot line.

    17. So by now you should know I like chick lit This is a new author that I picked up on the clearance table This book was good and I ll probably look at some of her other books I don t know why, but I just love the hilarious, but unlikely scenarios that these characters go through I would compare Margolis to Kinsella although I still like Sophie better.

    18. I liked Margolis s latest book, A Perfect Blend It was a fun read This one was also fun, but it was pretty similar to her most recent one in many ways I suspect all of her books are similar This one was less engaging than Perfect Blend I found the characters less credible.

    19. This has got to be the worst book I ve read in years Trite, forced, lame, and not very interesting it attempts to be Bridget Jones and Sex In the City in one fell swoop It is not charming, the dialogue is clunky and pedestrian, the plot has no tension in it at all, just a terrible book.

    20. I happened to stumble upon this book at the library having never heard of it before It was a really great book and I had a hard time putting it down I had a difficult time understanding some of the terms as it was based in another country outside of that, terrific

    21. Oy if you want to laugh out loud on the train this is for you And again, I am NOT easily impressed and so I do not laugh at any old crap Cosmo recommended this book and for once they came through

    22. This month, the theme is chick lit SoI started with this title It was funny in the way Bridget Jones was funny However, it was wildly farfetched Funny, quick read The ending was just a little to predictable for my taste.

    23. A quick, easy read, it was okay Everything just flows along, and the characters were a little too one dimensional, all nice and perfect In the end everything just sort of magically works out and everyone gets what they want with no real effort.

    24. I would h ave given it a 4.5 if I didn t have to skip so much of the sex stuff She has a hilarious sense of humor.

    25. I read this for terrible book club a couple of years ago and seem to have blocked it completely from my memory because even the synopsis doesn t sound familiar.

    26. This is one of those silly books that I started reading forever ago but never quite drew me back in I decided to give it another try,

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