A Cage of Butterflies #2020

A Cage of Butterflies Brian Caswell A Cage of Butterflies Mikki and the others live at the farm an advanced learning facility a think tank for a bunch of young people with very high IQs But what is really going on at the farm And what about the five much yo

  • Title: A Cage of Butterflies
  • Author: Brian Caswell
  • ISBN: 9780702224164
  • Page: 381
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Cage of Butterflies Brian Caswell Mikki and the others live at the farm an advanced learning facility, a think tank for a bunch of young people with very high IQs But what is really going on at the farm And what about the five much younger children known as the Babies, frail as butterflies
    A Cage of Butterflies Brian Caswell

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      Brian Caswell

    One thought on “A Cage of Butterflies ”

    1. This was a book I read in school, and I m so glad I did It was such a fascinating book, and while at the time I m sure it meant less to me, I look back on it fondly, and the messages it told.Powerfully written, but in a way that perfectly connects with young people I d love to read this again as an adult and give it a proper review.

    2. Crazy scientist raising a Think Tank of insufferable self righteous young geniuses who don t actually seem that smart and there s some babies with big heads something something add some quasi pseudo science and an explosion and you know, I feel sorry for the bad guy.I tend to be a Book Optimist A Cage of Butterflies though I think suffers from being dated I think it came from an era when teen novels were like this Choppy, inelegant Multiple POVs and chapters With as much literary finesse as if w [...]

    3. ok so first of all, let me just say that i had to read this book for my english class the prologue opens with a mirroring technique where similar events are occuring hence the name a beginning and an end i found the beginning very interesting as it captivated me from the alluring prologue, so i read on and then i was introduced to different character portrayed though their POV s they were alright but what brian caswell didn t do was expand on them i wanted to know about the characters, as there [...]

    4. Although the book kept me engaged enough to complete it, I found a few plot points confusing How d they blow up the boat get it out to sea with no one on it and the amount of characters is almost rial to some Final Fantasy games in other words there are a lot of people but only 3 of the Teenagers, 2 of the Babies , and 2 of the researchers played major roles beyond being mentioned Oh they have a math genius Good thing she has no lines of diolouge.To sum up, could have been better, but at least i [...]

    5. I have to say for the reviews provided on the book cover I expected While the book presents an interesting idea with the Babies, it doesn t get explored anywhere near full potential The plot is meager at it s best, giving hint for it could be but really it an extremely easy thing While the many first persons may make the story confusing I didn t find it so On the whole the book was overly simple and rather boring I specifically disliked the ending, which was too happy ending for it to leave a [...]

    6. The first time I read it, it was really boring It was confusing with the changes of perspectives and how it switches from character to character I thought the book could have some depth, maybe a bit suspense I have to read it a second time, and it seems interesting as I know how it ends When you read it a second time, if you were confused the first time, it helps you to understand it a bit .

    7. At first I thought it was very slow and hard to get into, but after I read a little further it got rather interesting I will say that it had me confused on numerous occasions just due to the perspective changes and the foreshadowing at the beginning but it all gets cleared up the further you read I thought that the plot was great with an awesome climax A great book, worth the read.

    8. The only thing that I love about this book was the uniqueness of the story I love how the author s imagination is working, but one thing that brought this book down was the constant boringness of the story It was good actually, don t get me wrong, but he should ve made the conversation between the characters interesting and relevant to teenagers.

    9. I really enjoyed this book I loved how it was written the tense the perspective it kept switching, I got the true idea of how the characters were feeling and what they were thinking I really enjoyed the plot I loved the ending, and thought the whole book was written really well This book was definitly worth reading.

    10. The kids in the think tank are smart kids who have each other for company the Babies provide a point of interest, something to be intrigued by and with the possibilities of If you didn t suffer through high school from being the Smart Kid you probably won t relate to this much, but I loved it it was my escape, a world with people I d never met but recognised.

    11. I don t necessarily think Craswell is the best storyteller, but he sure has some interesting concepts I read this with my daughter and we found it really interesting Better than Dreamslip, not quite as good as Merryll of the Stones.

    12. I read this book because im going to be tested on it in English class when school starts again, for the first time ever i liked a book that was suggested by the school, i dont usually like books that im forced to read but this book, this was something special, i loved it.

    13. A contemporary young adult novel that raises the issues of morality and ethics in the character voices that the targeted reader 13 17 are able to relate to, although there is an appeal to older readers as it presents the issues as a lighter read The characters have depth, personality and humor.

    14. Not required reading for a book report in year 9 ISA It was the big thing going round at the time so of course I had to read it as well, several times Trippy, and should possibly be revisited now I am older I loved it in year 9

    15. I am reading this book in English it acctually wasn t that bad, not the best book ever but for a book I have had to read in class its good.

    16. Amazing book Ending could have been vibrant but this was a book that stuck to your mind and you will always think about it

    17. This book was okay The plot seemed familiar, the story did not have a lot of depth, but it was an interesting idea and played out interestingly enough to keep me reading.

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