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Alex Pierre Lemaitre Alex Quem conhece verdadeiramente Alex Ela bela Excitante por isso que a raptaram e torturaram de forma inimagin vel Quando o comandante da pol cia Camille Verh ven descobre por fim o local do sequestro A

  • Title: Alex
  • Author: Pierre Lemaitre
  • ISBN: 9789720071668
  • Page: 183
  • Format: Paperback
  • Alex Pierre Lemaitre Quem conhece verdadeiramente Alex Ela bela Excitante por isso que a raptaram e torturaram de forma inimagin vel Quando o comandante da pol cia Camille Verh ven descobre por fim o local do sequestro, Alex j tinha desaparecido Alex, mais inteligente que o seu carrasco Alex, que n o perdoa a ningu m, que nada esquece.Um thriller gelado que joga com os c digos da loQuem conhece verdadeiramente Alex Ela bela Excitante por isso que a raptaram e torturaram de forma inimagin vel Quando o comandante da pol cia Camille Verh ven descobre por fim o local do sequestro, Alex j tinha desaparecido Alex, mais inteligente que o seu carrasco Alex, que n o perdoa a ningu m, que nada esquece.Um thriller gelado que joga com os c digos da loucura assassina, um mecanismo diab lico e imprevis vel, onde nos encontramos com o enorme talento de Pierre Lema tre Alex foi um dos romances finalistas do Grand Prix de la litt rature polici re 2011.
    Alex Pierre Lemaitre

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      183 Pierre Lemaitre
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    One thought on “Alex”

    1. Shocking.Gruesome.Complex.Compelling.I did not like the beginning because I am squeamish It was ugly Raw and very Frightening.I continued and was rewarded with the start of an ingenious puzzle A layered plot is so delicious and this was extremely satisfying and addictive.One starts with pitying the woman fearing for her twist pitying the men and fearing for them twist understanding the woman through those who knew her pitying her twist cheering for her.It is brilliant in the effortless reveal of [...]

    2. I am ecstatic right now Damn near in shock I have just experienced the thrill of reading what I am going to hold as one of the best crime novels I have ever read In other words BEST CRIME NOVEL EVER EVER EVER OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOGMOMGOGMOGMAhem.But seriously, I cannot get over how terrific, how amazing, this novel really is Written in present tense DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY IDEA HOW RARE THIS IS , in third person, the prose is sometimes bizarre and always slightly different to read It is masterfull [...]

    3. This is the second book in a trilogy The first, Irene, I gave 4 stars this book gets 5 stars.You can probably tell from the title that this book is about Alex Alex was put into a horrific situation from whichoh, rats, I can t tell you that Then the story turns 180 when it turns out Alex isoops, I can t tell you that, either And finally, Alex Well, I give up You have to read the book There s nothing I can tell you, except this was an emotional roller coaster and I loved the ride There s no doubt [...]

    4. If I may be so bold, I d like to begin at the end and say there s definitely a disturbance in the creative force thanks Amanda Or at least that was my first thought after completing this novel.If I didn t want to embrace books with a warm hug and proceed to shove them out into the world by talking about them, promoting them, and engaging in lively discussions with informed readers across the space and time continuum for the rest of my life without fail, I could very easily just write ALEX off an [...]

    5. Reviewed for The Reading Room Bookstr When I first received this book, I was not sure if I would enjoy it so I put it off time and time again I have read a few Crime Thrillers before and enjoyed them but they were not my thing So imagine my surprise when this book turned out to not only be my favourite for the year It s one of the most cleverly written books that I have read in a long time Written almost in a movie script style I am not sure if that is the intention of the author or whether it i [...]

    6. Every so often a crime thriller comes along that leaves you breathless and takes you on a disturbing journey into the darkest recesses of human experience Alex is one such book and you are guaranteed a tale of the unexpected from start to finish Don t expect any spoilers or dwelling on the plot from me, as I want you all to be as surprised by this twisty tale as I was, but all I will say is, you are in for than one shock or two along the way Intriguing huh The book opens innocuously enough with [...]

    7. This is an absolutely first class crime novel It is a real page turner, and I had great trouble putting it down before reaching the clever ending I rate it 4.5 sWithin the crime fiction genre, I prefer the police procedural and or forensic science formats That s because I love guessing Whodunnit So I enjoy best those novels that drop little clues into the narrative doesn t matter if they are false clues or red herrings, because it is all about solving the mystery With its principal crime solvers [...]

    8. This was an exceptionally good suspense novel It starts off as a horrendous kidnapping, with the victim suffering unimaginable torture for reasons that are not clear to us Then it becomes a murder mystery where the police are hunting a serial killer who kills her seemingly unrelated victims in a horrendous manner Not for the faint hearted but masterfully written and gripping right to the end.This is the second novel in the Verhoeven trilogy and it stands alone very well However it does reveal in [...]

    9. vidite kako sam odjednom sko io sa 31% na pro itano e, to je takva knjiga nema mrdanja dok se ne pro ita kad se jednom razma e jer nije takva od po etka.po inje relativno normalno oteta lijepa djevojka, zlostavljana i tako to sve dok samom po etku sam odmah dobio napad mr nje prema nakladniku jer glavni junak vrlo esto ima reference prema svojoj eni Irene, a postoji i ta knjiga no prvo izdaju kronolo ki 2 to mrzim jer ne znam ni ta o ranijoj radnji.I tu sam pogrije io, te vam to i navodim kako n [...]

    10. Alex is the follow up to Irene in the Verhoeven trilogy by Lemaitre Even though the storyline is completely different certain events continue on from the previous book so these books are best read in order if you want to fully appreciate how they re told.I don t like giving away spoilers so I ll keep this brief and say that the story is one of Alex, a young woman that gets brutally kidnapped and held hostage by an assailant for reasons that only become clear with time What follows is a hard hitt [...]

    11. Absolutely awesome book The first book Irene I might have to rate a 5.5 but Alex is right behind with 5 stars Very different stories and very different premise in the storyline I could not figure out where this story was going but the end was far better than anything I imagined I recommend these books to anyone who appreciates a great crime series I also recommend these books be read in order and I am someone who cheats and reads out of order Some details from Irene appear in Alex and it will ru [...]

    12. M u cu n s ch, Alex l n n nh n c a m t v b t c c Th nh ng sau c l i tr th nh hung th , r i l i tr th nh n n nh n r i kh p l i cu n s ch, c l i ti p t c l t c gi c a m t c i b y tinh vi.M t cu n trinh th m bu n, d ch m r i nh ng v n b t ng v t m t i.

    13. Tragis Awalnya tokoh disekap dengan perlakuan yang tidak manusiawi, lanjut menjadi sosok kejam pembunuh, tak disangka kembali menjadi korban Bingung Silakan baca sendiri Pastinya saya suka dengan novel thriller yang satu ini

    14. everything else is in French, but never fear, this book will be out in English in march 2013, and everyone who loves a great thriller should put this on their wish list it s hard to review this without giving away the plot, and to give anything away is to spoil the book, which is full of so many twists and turns that you are left stunned but utterly impressed after finishing it Alex is a crime novel at heart, but the protagonist Alex is anything but a typical victim Comparisons are being made to [...]

    15. Ovo je jedna od onih knjiga koje se itaju u jednom dahu Napeti psiholo ki triler u kojem se isprepli u tri kriminalisti ka slu aja, a svi su ujedno povezani u jedan Kako Na na ine koje je jednostavno nemogu e unaprijed doku iti, nego ete ih morati postupno, itaju i, otkriti anrovski, ovo je psiholo ki triler, i to, po meni, vrlo dobar Karakterizacija likova je na nivou, pogotovo kod Alex, koja se iz potpune nepoznanice postupno pretvara u vrlo kompleksan i nevjerojatno slo en lik, ije motive i p [...]

    16. Apr s avoir perdu sa femme, Camille vite le genre d enqu te qu il avait l habitude de prendre en charge, jusqu ce que Le Guen lui demande de superviser temporairement une enqu te concernant le kidnapping d une jeune femme Camille accepte contre coeur ne sachant pas qu il sera de plus en plus absorb par le cour que va prendre cette investigation.L histoire commence assez lentement puis le tout s accel re, l intrigue double, l affaire se corse et le rythme devient effr n.On retrouve un Camille un [...]

    17. 3 porque, ainda que tenha gostado da est ria e das voltas que vai dando, o tipo de escrita fez com que este livro fosse bastante dif cil de ler.

    18. Saya suuuuukaaaa buku ini Semoga seri Camille Verh ven lainnya juga diterjemahkan.Review lengkap di blog saya ariansyahabo 20

    19. Zanimljiv roman Sastoji se od 3 dijela A neocekivanih preokreta na sve strane Jesam vec rekla da volim neocekivane preokrete, one sokantne E pa zbog toga 4 Inace bi 3 bilo.

    20. Back with my French teccie series after enjoying the first outing with Irene very much.This time we have Alex it s her we start the story with alongside Camille who s the lead detective in this series, the story runs in parallel its a dark brooding tale, very noir in its description, violent in places, psychologically very dark too actually quite chilling in part as you try to imagine situations which the author has created Its a style I m comfortable with but I mention it for those who prefer a [...]

    21. Proceed at your own risk since this book has ratings from five stars to one star The five star reviews make me wonder if I have missed something and the one star reviews make me think that maybe I didn t Spoilers ahead.It goes something like this girl is kidnapped by unknown man girl escapes girl starts killing men and one woman by using sulfuric acid the detective assigned to the case is only 4 11 and is very sensitive to any mention of size girl kills herself girl wins in the end and detective [...]

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