The Stone Forest #2020

The Stone Forest Karen Harper The Stone Forest Fourteen years after being abducted with her twin Jenna Kirk returns to her hometown in an attempt to find out what happened that night and in particular what became of her sister She remembers not

  • Title: The Stone Forest
  • Author: Karen Harper
  • ISBN: 9781551669090
  • Page: 180
  • Format: MIRA
  • The Stone Forest Karen Harper Fourteen years after being abducted with her twin, Jenna Kirk returns to her hometown in an attempt to find out what happened that night and, in particular, what became of her sister She remembers nothing, but with the help of two high school friends, she begins to put together the pieces of a disturbing and frightening puzzle.
    The Stone Forest Karen Harper

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      180 Karen Harper
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    One thought on “The Stone Forest”

    1. Three words Uninspiring, slow, and unromantic This book was nowhere near as interesting as I d thought it would be I picked this one up at a Thrift store, and when I read the blurb on the back, I thought it looked fascinating, but it ended up being pretty damn boring.The story at it s core was interesting enough, but while reading it, it just seems to drag on and on The plot is low intensity, slow moving, and just generally lackluster There was a ton of potential for the plot, but it never mater [...]

    2. I have read Harper before in the HF genre This is my first mystery by her Although marketed as romantic suspense there s not much romance in it and to tell the truth not that much suspense either.Jenna is a young woman haunted by the disappearance of her big sister a few years back They were both kidnapped, a ransom was asked for but never paid and Jenna was the only one returned She has no memory of the events as her doctor keeps telling her to forget and move on but she continues to live in th [...]

    3. Fifteen years ago Jenna and Amanda Kirk sisters were kidnapped and held for ransom in a cave Days later, Jenna was found wandering the Stone Forest situated on her grandparent s property with no memory of what happened Amanda Mandi was never found The Stone Forest contains limestone statues that her grandfather carved.Jenna has inherited her grandparent s home and now lives there She started her own business Out on a Limb and builds custom tree houses for families.Someone doesn t want Leah back [...]

    4. A young woman returns to her home town in order to end some of her personal demons She and her sister had been kidnapped while in high school, and her sister was never found Jenna was released, Mandy was not.She wants to reclaim her life and thinks that she can do that by returning While there, she discovers the truth and it does not set her free Vivid, imaginative, this book really enthralls the reader The details of the limestone trade were an added bonus I had not anticipated that those detai [...]

    5. Two sisters, Amanda and Jenna, disappear, Jenna was found wandering and Amanda was found.16 years later Cynthia Kirk, the mother of the two girls is now the governor of her home state of Indiana Jenna is 30 years old, and still has no memory of the time when she and Amanda went missiing But someone is trying to frighten her away from her home.Yadda, yadda, yadda Don t know why I am so impatient with these romance suspense novels that I used to consume like candy.

    6. THis is a good book so far,I myself love to read books like this,and everything is staying interesting.It s about Two teenage girls dissapearing one night and only one was let go and found wondering in the woods with no memory what s so ever of what happend So 16 years later she starts feeling gilt and hurt that someone is trying to cover her for her sisters death.

    7. this book had a lot of variety going for it the mystery of what happened to a sister, tree houses, a little politics, tragedy, stone cutting and cave exploring there were twists and turns, accidents and death as several people sought to find out what had actually happened to Mandi Mandi, was she a sweet older sister read the book and find out.

    8. Really enjoy Karen Harper s style what with all the plot twist and turns it keeps me interested till the very end and the conclusions are always surprising yet just right Another book of hers I have read are The Falls another cliff hanger.She is quickly becoming another of my must read authors

    9. If you like a good mystery that isnt obvious I would recommend this book It is about 2 young girls that are kidnapped but only one returns Years later she is haunted by her sister who never diesor is it her sisters killers haunting her.

    10. This was not the best written book, but I only guessed one of the guilty parties I found it totally unbelievable that a gal with claustrophobia so severe that she couldn t walk into a walk in closet voluntarily went deep underground and into a cave for 10 hours.

    11. Harper has such great story lines and this book does not disappoint Just when you think you have the mystery figured out she throws in a loop Kept my on my toys till the end.

    12. This book was beyond dreadful It is possible her historicals and mysteries are better than her contemporaries but I decided my life was too short to spend any time investigating.

    13. A good suspense romance with some great twists I think the author went a little overboard with cultural references to the 80 s and 90 s, but overall a very good read

    14. I read this book awhile ago and I still remember the story and being gripped by it I decided to add it to good reads so that you guys could read it if you are interested in a nice quick good book.

    15. I rarely read mysteries because I hate figuring them out before I am half done This kept me interested to the end I will be reading of Karen Harper.

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