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Underworld M.L. Woolley Underworld Underworld part of the Dark Passage Series Underworld is a gritty YA Novel that is action packed The protagonist is a year old girl named Ivy She is strong and yet broken but she has a sense of h

  • Title: Underworld
  • Author: M.L. Woolley
  • ISBN: 9781477559468
  • Page: 304
  • Format: Paperback
  • Underworld M.L. Woolley Underworld part 2 of the Dark Passage Series Underworld is a gritty YA Novel that is action packed The protagonist is a 19 year old girl named Ivy She is strong and yet broken but she has a sense of hope that drives her to push beyond what she believes about herself The story shows Ivy s growth as she comes to grips with who she really is and busts out the box that so Underworld part 2 of the Dark Passage Series Underworld is a gritty YA Novel that is action packed The protagonist is a 19 year old girl named Ivy She is strong and yet broken but she has a sense of hope that drives her to push beyond what she believes about herself The story shows Ivy s growth as she comes to grips with who she really is and busts out the box that society has put her inside She realizes she is so much than just a girl from the wrong side of town and that she has it within herself to change the destiny of many She finds herself facing not only demons from her past but also the demons beyond the veil of the underworld The Underworld is a brutal place, with intense evil, that resonates the very worst of human nature Sometimes to save those you love you must walk alone into the unknown and be ready to die for what you believe In a green ocean of pine trees and twisted branches it seems impossible that light can penetrate the darkness I find myself outside the strange house in the coolness of a pine forest with my backpack slung over my shoulder The pine scent lingers in the air and I can hear the faint sound of music from far away The pleasure of the light is so intense that I don t care about anything else All I have ever wanted is to be loved and to be held just like this I want to stay forever and never to go back to my life I savor the experience for a few moments and then let my body fall out of the light I know what I must do and slowly close the locket The white horses belong to the third realm When we saw him in the field this morning Emma said he was yours How did you ever get your hands on one He will prove right useful to you here How can I be equipped when I don t even know what I m supposed to do I feel a sudden feeling of panic rising up in me as the words tumble out I don t understand what I have done to deserve this and the thought of what I will have to face is terrifying The way you are to go will come to you You will be led by an inner feeling and when the time is right you will know what to do The light will find you and show you other dimensions and doorways which you may pass through.My eyes never leave her face She radiates warmth and looks as she had long ago, before the world had left its cruel marks on her It s a sliver of time I will never get back It s been a lifetime and I can t forget her face, she is the one who completes me It s a fragment of time that I have hidden away in the inner recess of my mind Nothing than a promise of the reality of what could have been We had chosen different paths and were never to see each other again I often dream the impossible dream Can this sliver of time, this chance meeting, ever lead to an eternity with her
    Underworld M.L. Woolley

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    1. I cant believe that we are nearing the end of the summer The months have flown past and fall is right around the corner I have been busy with work and all of the other things that occupy my life I have been working on part two and also have started a new series I love to write and put ideas to paper It can be a consuming passion and after a few months off I simply must get back at it I hope you have had a wonderful summer and took time to enjoy yourself Received this from a blogger and it said i [...]

    2. Ivy, as she clearly states, is a 19 year old free spirit What she is to discover is that she is so much , that she has so much to give to save others She is Chosen, with special gifts, that at times can be terrifying Imagine having to face demons from your past, demons from the underworld, stand up to them to save not only yourself, but those you love Where does she find the strength This book is dark and has an almost mystical quality to it The evil is intense, overwhelming, but the Light insid [...]

    3. I wish to thank the author, M.L Woolley, for gifting me with a copy of her latest book in the Dark Passage series.Ivy discovers that she is Chosen after she discovers the Book Of Prophesy She travels through the Veil to the Underworld on a journey to find the hidden Tree of Life This Tree holds the secret to releasing the evil that has fallen over the world In the process of locating the Tree she discover the terrible secrets of the underworld Nothing is as it seems, and she has to find answers [...]

    4. Underworld Dark Passage M L WoolleyUnderworld is part 2 of the Dark Passage Series and is set for general release in January 2013 I was supplied with a copy by the author in return for an honest review I found this book incredibly intense, and as I hadn t read part one it took some time to work out what was happening and who the characters were and how they related to the story Ivy, a 19 year old girl is a Chosen and needs to go into a sort of parallel realm called the Underworld to save her fri [...]

    5. I want to first thank author M.L Woolley for gifting me a copy of Underwolrd the second book in the Dark Passage series.I was blown away by the first book in this series, Dark Passage, and this author gave us another excellent adventure to experience.Following the skillful storytelling by M.L Woolley, it was eerie and scary to take this journey with heroine Ivy as she battles evil forces to save her friends Being a super hero didn t mean that Ivy s battle would be easy though she has the necessa [...]

    6. Epic video game, Dante s Inferno, Pilgrim s Progress meet 19 year old girl She rocks As the main character goes into Hell to rescue friends she meets many horrid obstacles along the way This is non stop excitement Minor romance but not as bad or as angsty as most YA s This girl is on a mission Her will and self worth are on the line the whole way I have got to wonder if the author had nightmares many a night as she wrote this Oh, and there s a horse There are places I found the tenses going astr [...]

    7. This is a book that I won in a giveaway The author even sent a message to me herself letting me know that I was getting a copy, how nice I have not read the first book in this Dark Passage series, although I hope to soon I think reading Chosen book 1 would have helped me understand and sympathize with some of the lesser characters in Underworld and maybe I would have a better grasp on why the characters had retreated where they are currently living My recommendation is to read Chosen first, but [...]

    8. I am not sure if the copy I received was a proof copy, and I hope it is There were a lot of typos and other errors I liked the idea of the story, but I just could not get into it because the version I received was not a smooth read There were so many transitions that were not made clearly And story wise I was so disappointed in the end For so much detail given to every thought and almost every action of the main character The confrontation this book has been leading up to was disappointing at be [...]

    9. M.L Woolley has done it once again Underworld book 2 in the Dark Passage Series is an amazing read that readers will have a hard time putting down Underworld is a darkly written book, but M.L Woolley uses her talent to add a mystical quality to her words There is plenty of evil from beginning to end, sometimes that evil is pretty intense and readers will feel as if all has failed With the hint of a promise the light is there, just waiting to come out and be victorious The landscape and world tha [...]

    10. I really liked the story idea of both the books by M.L Woolley I have read so far Chosen and Underworld , but did have some trouble getting through them Like others have commented, it was hard to tell who was in the story telling it from their perspective, in the first book there s an area where Ivy is getting on a horse, but then Jen s name is tossed in and confuses the whole issue until I realized it was a typo The books feel to me like they were all the notes and ideas just tossed together in [...]

    11. M.L WoolleyUnderworld 2 Dark Passage series Having read Chosen, I was happy to jump into Underworld to see where the story was leading, and wasn t disappointed The details and writing style draws you in and you ll soon be completely immersed in the underworld as Ivy fights to save people that have been taken there A dark read, this isn t your typical YA story, but so much Well written, incredibly descriptive and with vivid scenes, you ll soon let your imagination take you away I received an e c [...]

    12. Full Review at What s Beyond Forks Underworld is building towards something I m not entirely sure what yet, but I hope the next book will start pulling things all together This book felt like a big teaser of what s to come, and it worked I m anxious to find out

    13. Starts out strong then gets lost in repetition Facts can change in the same paragraph with little follow through but with a little polish and some much needed proofreading I see an upcoming author to watch.

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