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Resist Elana Johnson Resist Zenn Bower has spent his life falling in love with Violet Schoenfeld After he turned twelve he learned his father was part of an underground revolution called the Resistance a group of free thinking

  • Title: Resist
  • Author: Elana Johnson
  • ISBN: 9781466146488
  • Page: 163
  • Format: ebook
  • Resist Elana Johnson Zenn Bower has spent his life falling in love with Violet Schoenfeld After he turned twelve, he learned his father was part of an underground revolution called the Resistance, a group of free thinking citizens fighting against the mind controlling government He joined, putting his considerable talents to use lying, flying, and voice control.He wishes life inside the ResZenn Bower has spent his life falling in love with Violet Schoenfeld After he turned twelve, he learned his father was part of an underground revolution called the Resistance, a group of free thinking citizens fighting against the mind controlling government He joined, putting his considerable talents to use lying, flying, and voice control.He wishes life inside the Resistance could be easy He yearns to tell Vi what he s doing in the middle of the night He wants cocky leader of the Resistance Jag Barque to back off.Zenn runs a mission with Blaze, Jag s older brother, to Freedom It s a simple get in, get out procedure But things go wrong when Blaze breaks protocol and Zenn uses his voice to detain him Zenn s met by Thane Meyers at the drop location, and he has an interesting proposal for Zenn.Ultimately Zenn has to choose Violet or the Resistance.
    Resist Elana Johnson

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      163 Elana Johnson
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    One thought on “Resist”

    1. This was okay Just okay It wasn t anything special and I think it only got better maybe once in the entire novella, which was only 64% of the book I just didn t feel anything in this novella I guess If me choosing to read the rest if the series depended on this one, I probably wouldn t go on Maybe choosing to read this first was a bad idea.

    2. Between 3.5 4.5 stars, only because this is very short and the fact that it just throws you directly into the story without much explanation about certain things But it does start piecing together bit by bit if you ve read stories like this one before that deals with rebellion, a controlling government, betrayal, etcetera It might be the fact that I ve read so many Dystopian novels and they re all starting to blur together now especially the ones that jumped on the bandwagon in light of other ce [...]

    3. I loved this short such a great way to get to know a different character a little better get his insight FAB

    4. I thought this was an okay story When I first started reading it I was wondering what was going on But as it progressed I realized I was in the P.O.V of Zenn I would probably suggest you read book one Possession before you read this even though this is book 0.5 You may come to understand Zenn s actions in book one a whole lot better.Zenn has been in love with Vi for 5 years He wants to be matched with her But in order to do that well he needs to start giving up answers and a certain person to th [...]

    5. I really enjoyed the possession series, and was excited to find out that there were little novellas to go along with the books as well A little insight to the characters and the story line But this This was completely unnecessary It didnt help the story like along at all It could have been summed up on one page and then added to the book Literally, the only think i got out of this that was not in the book was that Zenn would always choose Vi And like even that was a little obvious reading the bo [...]

    6. Since book 1 is about Violet, and she intrudes upon Jag s memories, this is the first time we get anything from Zenn s point of view And i m glad it was made clear he wasn t in on the whole Blaze thing Though it does seem like just one body that will soon turn up, and i m not talking a zombie or corpse Out of all the characters Zenn s the one I want to like but he seems obsessed with Vi in this rather than just in love, and I get they ve been bff s for 3 years and they don t like to follow all [...]

    7. Disclaimer No spoilers from Insider Information, but read with caution if you have not read Possession.Insider Information is a short story that takes place prior to Possession It follows a fourteen year old Zenn Bower when he was still Jag Barque s second in command in the Resistance He is on a mission to save some people who were taken from the Goodgrounds and he is upset at all the risks Jag is taking by ordering this operation Although Zenn disagrees with Jag s methods, they share the same g [...]

    8. This is a short story that is based on Zenn s point of view regarding the Resistance and his interaction with Jag You can read it for free at or download it for free from the author s website.Reading this short story actually changed my perspective of Zenn a little I like him a bit , now The story itself is just three chapters and is about ten pages It is followed by the first chapter of Possession Even though this book is named Book 0.5 of the series, I don t think that it will make sense if yo [...]

    9. Well, I m grateful Elana Johnson gave us something to read while wait for June to come But, this book was like 30 pages and didn t really add anything to the story And, it was too jumpy for my taste Like it started with when he was twelve and in 30 pages he was like 16 We just find out how Zenn gave up the resistance for Vi, and you end up feeling bad for him SomewhatNot enough to wish Vi had chosen him over Jag.antly not that much But, if you re missing the Possession world as much as I am, thi [...]

    10. I liked reading Resist from Zenn s point of view I really hated his character in Possession, but liked him a lot after reading Surrender.Resist is a short story about Zenn having to choose between the resistance and his love for Violet The story takes place before Possession, when Zenn is only fourteen years old.I liked reading this story, but it was very short and it didn t add that much extra information to the Possession Series But still a must read for fans

    11. Mini Review I found this mini to beting Now I haven t read the first book so I don t know much about any of the characters except for the fact that my best friend is in love with Jag and that this book is dystopian While I did enjoy this teaser, it wasn t earth breaking or life changing in any way If anything, it only made me want to know about this world out of curiousity I m excited to read the first book in the series and really give things a go and I m crossing my fingers for some serious c [...]

    12. This is the story told from Zenn s POV on the night that Jag s brother dies I really enjoyed reading from Zenn s POV It was nice to hear his choices and he did make a big choice and compare that back to the story of Possession It shows us that Zenn might not be such a bad guy after all His most important choice protect Vi at all costs In the end, his choice doesn t really help her But how was he to know about her father This novella was definitely worth reading 4 stars

    13. Resist is a short story that is in Zenn s point of view and takes place before Possession The story line is sci fi ish, which I like It kind of reminds me of the Hunger Games, which I loved, so I can totally see myself loving this series just as much I love Zenn s faithfulness and love for Vi and can t wait to read of their story.

    14. Funny, how Zenn and Jag were best friends and now has fought over the same girl Violet I can t believe that the Director persuaded, like bribe him if he was matched up with Violet she would be safe The Director is very threatening and persuasive This was a great insight inside of Zenn s life and how he joined the Resistance.

    15. So i don t know what make so good about short story that make smileI enjoy reading Resist, i always enjoy reding the other side, in this case Zenn sideI like it, is always nice when the author give you an inside of the storyI just start the serie, but so far so good

    16. It was a good short novella It is told from Zenn s point of view and happens before the events happen in Possession I would read it after reading Possession , even though it is 0.5 It will not make much sense if you read it before Possession.

    17. I adored this short little piece to get an inside perspective on Zenn Though had I read this before reading Possession it might have cut the tension of Possession Things that where revealed in Possession where told in a short story here.

    18. Si capiscono tante coose a livello di trama e soprattutto chi Zenn e il suo vero ruolo nella storia Ma scopriamo anche un volto inedito di Jag o forse, un volto che si era solo vagamente intuito.Imperdibile, e l attesa del secondo diventa sempre pi insostenibile.

    19. Oh, this was awesome to see things from Zenn s POV, from before he was all caught up and being brainwashed controlled Really great Loved it

    20. I liked it for a prequel but I wish it was just included with the 1st book instead of being its own seperate e book

    21. When they say a short story, they re not joking I wish it was longer and maybe gave insight to the time in Possession, but it was still good

    22. This almost made me feel better about how Possession ended Almost An interesting glimpse into Zenn s character and his motives Looking forward to Elana s book coming out this summer, Surrender.

    23. I am thankful for this short story to fill in some of Zenn s backstory The only con his statements in which he reaffirmed his choosing Vi become a bit repetitive.

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