The Quickie #2020

The Quickie James Patterson Michael Ledwidge The Quickie When Lauren Stillwell discovers her husband leaving a hotel room with another woman she decides to beat him at his own game But while she s sneaking around her husband is hatching a plan of his own

  • Title: The Quickie
  • Author: James Patterson Michael Ledwidge
  • ISBN: 9780316117364
  • Page: 377
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Quickie James Patterson Michael Ledwidge When Lauren Stillwell discovers her husband leaving a hotel room with another woman, she decides to beat him at his own game But while she s sneaking around, her husband is hatching a plan of his own After a torrid quickie with a co worker, Lauren hears a struggle outside her window and looks out just in time to see her husband loading her lover s limp body into the trunWhen Lauren Stillwell discovers her husband leaving a hotel room with another woman, she decides to beat him at his own game But while she s sneaking around, her husband is hatching a plan of his own After a torrid quickie with a co worker, Lauren hears a struggle outside her window and looks out just in time to see her husband loading her lover s limp body into the trunk of a car When the body shows up in a pool of shallow water, she races to the scene of the crime But Lauren Stillwell is no regular wronged woman She s a NYC cop and she s just been assigned to this case Unable to tell anyone what she saw and unwilling to turn her husband in, Lauren is paralyzed by a secret that will tear her life apart But as she attempts to point fingers away from her husband, she uncovers something shocking her husband didn t have an affair what he did was far worse than she could have ever imagined.A gripping story of secrets and infidelities that begins where Adrian Lyne s movie Unfaithful leaves off, The Quickie will have readers hearts pounding to the very last page.
    The Quickie James Patterson Michael Ledwidge

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    1. Ma koliko vam se inilo da je Patersonove knjige lako itati u originalu i da su zasigurno lake za prevedom on zapravo uop te nije ma ji ka alj kada ga treba prevesti Njegov jezik je pun zamki, frazalnih glagola, argona i sli no I mala nepa nja prevodioca, pogre no shva eno zna enje mo e dovesti do materijalno veoma neta nog prevoda Ova knjiga je odli no prevedena ali tekst ove knjige ve godinama mi slu i kao probni tekst za prevodioce s kojima ranije moj tim nije sara ivao I ne e verovati ta smo [...]

    2. OK First off If I could give LESS than 1 star I would have I don t normally add my Books on Tape to my Good Reads account But, I had to WARN all my friends This was absolutely the most ridiculous story I ve ever listened to It was SO FRUSTRATING The characters were completely unlikeable and made the worst choices There were SO MANY HOLES in this storyline And, the worst part of the story is that I couldn t stop listening to it because I believed it HAD TO GET BETTER Guess what It didn t

    3. First off let me say that I am a James Patterson fan, but despite that fact this book was excellent It is definitely a suspense thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat I think what I like the most about it is the way in which the story is told from the begining of the novel It is as if the introduction is laid before you piece by piece in such a unique format that it draws you in from the very begining Definitely a great fun fiction book to read.

    4. 2 19 08 I got this in the mail today as part of a bookray from the other online bookclub that I m a member of I will be putting the remaining 3 books of The Bridesmaid Chronicles on hold until I read this one 2 21 08 WOWis has been one of the best mystery thriller book that I ve read in a long time I didn t put the book down much, as I ve read this in 3 days It was a real page turner that I just kept being shocked about the turn of events Get ready to hold on to the seat of your pants for this r [...]

    5. For years I ve wondered what the big whoop about James Patterson was all about, but not enough to buy one of his novels More recently, I ve been downloading books via the Overdrive Media app from my local digital library and since so many of his titles were available, I thought what the heck, I ll give it a try I noticed as I perused Patterson s vast archive of books that the majority were co authored with other writers In this case, Michael Ledwidge.It is just me or is that strange Are these co [...]

    6. If I could give stars, I would This is, by far, the most irritating book I ve ever read The prose reads like the convoluted script for a very bad Lifetime movie, and there s not one likable character in the whole mess The main character is a composite sketch of the worst stereotypes of women She s a cop, but the worst crime in the world is cheating on her She s tops in her career field, but what she values most is being a submissive wife and mother Ugh I only hope that there was a very lucrative [...]

    7. The Quickie is written in very short chapters so it made it a fast read I got hooked in the first part of the book but then became a little bored when covering up became a little too effortless for the protagonist Towards the end of the book a new twist was introduced but was not really developed and left you really struggling to put it all together It was as if Patterson came up with another plot at the end of the novel and tried to incorporate it into the existing murder mystery For me there w [...]

    8. Spoiler Alert This book sucked There is a method authors use to get themselves out of corners that they write their characters into, and that is to give the reader a surprise Oh you didn t know this, but way back a long time ago, this happened which makes this happen which makes it so the hero can escape BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO That s bullcrap There s a neat sheet like a picnic blanket that is used to wrap a murder victim, and it gets blood on it so we have evidence that the victim was indeed wrapped in [...]

    9. Lauren Stillwell feels like her life is crumbling when she sees her husband coming out of a hotel room with another woman They have already been struggling with their relationship recently, a problem she partially attributes to their inability to get pregnant As you can imagine, she assumes that this is an indication that Paul is cheating on her The book could easily have been called You Know What Happens When You Assume From this point on, Lauren rashes from one irrational decision to the next, [...]

    10. Read this because a co worker offered it and said she would throw it away if I didn t take it She also said she loved Patterson books and could not stop reading them once she started I, of course, can never let a book be thrown away, no matter how bad So I took it and will leave it somewhere to be found, like the back of the airplane seat on my way home Well, this was my first Patterson and it did not disappoint it was as bad as I feared it might be Each chapter is about 3 4 pages long no exagge [...]

    11. I can always, ALWAYS count on James Patterson to rip the rug out from under my feet when I read one of his books Even the ones I didn t really care for With The Quickie, Patterson weaves a tale of betrayal and murder so tightly knit and intricate, the reader is left shocked and flabbergasted at the end This book is definitely one of those that delivers an ending you never saw coming Lauren Stillwell is a character any woman who has had an affair or a spouse suspected of having an affair can rela [...]

    12. I ve loved almost every book I ve ever read by James Patterson, and this book was no exception Whilst I don t think it was as great as his Cross books, this was yet another book that I couldn t put down.I liked the fact that the protagonist was directly involved with the murder, and trying to cover it up most thrillers are based on someone trying to find the murderer.I love that Patterson s books have really small chapters this makes me want to read just one all the time I do feel though, that [...]

    13. 5 Thrilling Stars My first thought after reading this book was how have I never read a novel by James Patterson before WOW This book was so good It is suspenseful and thrilling from the very first page to the last I had a very hard time putting it down and plan to read many books by James Patterson in the future The story is about a woman named Lauren who learns a horrifying secret about her husband He is a cheater and a murderer But Lauren loves him and will do anything to keep him out of jail [...]

    14. I bought this book at Walmart after reading several free chapters from James Patterson on his web site.I have to tell you that this is my honest opinion of the book.The Quickie to me is truly awesome and will keep you on the edge of your chair seat It has so many twist and turns in it that you never really know what is gonna happen It involves a young NY cop who sees her husband coming out of a hotel with another women and immanently believes that he having an affair Then when someone is murder [...]

    15. Lauren works in the homicide division in New York She thought she was happily married until she saw her husband going into a hotel with another women So she makes a decision that she will regret Thus begins the twisted jaunt through what her life has become There are twits and turns in this story than I expected and as usual the journey is worth it James Patterson had another hit with this story.I love reading his books they are usually quick reads and great page turners Characters are good and [...]

    16. Wow what an amazing read, i couldn t put this down and finished it in one go.When Lauren Stillwell thinks her husband Paul is having an affair she takes drastic action, she in turn sleeps with a co worker she barely knows Scott Thayer.Things take a dramatic turn when Paul shows up at Scott s house and when a fight erupts outside Lauren is secretly inside watching as her husband brutally clubs Scott to the point of near death then bundles him in his car, shocked and thinking he has found out abou [...]

    17. Am I the only one who thinks Patterson falls ridiculously flat when he tries to write from a woman s point of view I didn t believe for a second that Lauren was a competent NYPD detective Her narration is flighty and shallow and exaggerated She sleeps with a man once, this so called quickie, but in narration she treats it like some long established affair And the writing here is ridiculously bad, something I would expect from a first time author, not someone with 50ish books under his belt The a [...]

    18. Ah yes, what to relate this book to other than a big steamy turd that James Patterson dropped So hard to decideReally, I think he just needed to dump one off to his publisher and this is what they gotd as the title namesake says, you feel dirty and bad about yourself for indulging in such a thing afterwards.Boring plot, which really the end I was really hoping the protagonist got it handed to her, I think she deserved it Don t try to build me up buttercup with the her husband was an asshole excu [...]

    19. Good book, but not as good as his Women s Murder Club Books I m finding that the stand alone books don t have nearly the impact that the series books WMC and Alex Cross have The book was filled with a rollercoaster ride of what was going to happen, and I never saw the twist at the end coming I would have liked to have found out about the new life, and that storyline that is presented at the end of the book.It was definitely interesting to see a different side of a murder mystery novel where the [...]

    20. Having found out some of her husbands secrets she follows him to DC and with the help of a fellow detective tracks him down to his second home, his second wife and his daughter When she contfronts him he admits to the robbery and his adultery What he fails to mention his that his second wife is also pregnant with twins.At this point she arrests him He escapes and she and the Washington police pursue He crashes in to the river and when she tries to save him he tries to kill her.He dies she inheri [...]

    21. This was one of my least favorite book by James Patterson I felt as though he hurried through this book while writing it Instead of developing the plot, he just added another crisis Instead of creating suspense and action, it felt choppy and exhausting The heroine in this book annoyed me too She was constantly in a state of panic and Patterson s use of italics got old I was not impressed with the main character s thought patterns as she worked her way through each crisis The dialog seemed forced [...]

    22. James Patterson and I have an iffy relationship Sometimes I love him, sometimes not so much, and sometimes the book was just fine And this book was fine I had to stop reading Alex Cross, Michael Bennett and the Woman s Murder Club Bc only so many I can take But once and awhile, I will pick up a random book from him This one was better than others The book constantly had twists The pace was fast The characters didn t have depth, but that was not needed here Most Patterson fans would probably enjo [...]

    23. The first 100 pages were amazing but then it slowed down a bit after the first plot twist I went into this book blindly so I was surprised that I liked the story Loved the short chapters which made the book read very quickly Lauren the main character finds out her husband is cheating in the very beginning and then it goes on from there Not going to tell you any don t want to spoil it If you are looking for an erotica book this is not the book It maybe has one page of sex but the rest is just su [...]

    24. synopsis Lauren Stillwell, a homicide detective from New York, is happily married to a handsome finance advisor, Paul One day she decides to surprise her husband, visiting him at work during lunchtime She sees Paul going out with an unknown, tall, slim blonde They enter a posh St Regis hotel and Lauren is left rethinking her marriage and her life from quite a new perspective that of a cheated, ageing wife She comes to some fateful conclusions One of them is that Paul has stopped caring about her [...]

    25. The title certainly fits the bill, this book was a furiously fast read, I think I knocked it down in a few hours and as fun as it was, it s not something deep or memorable I have to agree with other reviewers who said that whenever Patterson shares his name on his book with another author they are very watered down, I can t put my finger on it, but the format and feel was similar to one of the latest I read from him, Sail , which wasn t awfully impressive I know the man can write, I m currently [...]

    26. WTF Why didn t I write a review for this book No matter how many great books and stories I read or will read, this book will ALWAYS remain my ultimate favourite, because this book introduced to the world of reading, a world I never thought I d be interested in honestly I was a movie lover kind of girl, never fathomed all the fuss and thrill people find in books, I always thought movies were better because of the visuals and acting.Anyways, it s been a long time since I ve a read this book I don [...]

    27. There really isn t a likable major character in the book I m not opposed to flawed characters, but at least one central character should be likable even if flawed Lauren suspects her husband is having an affair, so she has a fling Her husband kills her lover and she does everything possible to protect her life as she knows it She rationalizes it as protecting her husband because it s her fault she cheated, but all I saw was grasping at straws on reasons why she can t lose her husband and career [...]

    28. I m in the mood now for a quickie So here it is.The Quickie is a strong example of modern pulp in the raw boned tradition of Mickey Spillane or Raymond Chandler Snappy dialogue propels a simple plot through a number of twists with a first person narrator telling her story Tough stuff The ultimate resolution seems a tad preposterous but what the heck Enjoy the ride, toots You get it all with The Quickie jealousy, revenge, adultery, a woman scorned, robbery, murder, corrupt cops, good versus evil, [...]

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