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Normal Girl Molly Jong-Fast Normal Girl Randa what s wrong with you Nothing I mean I m a crazy cocaine addict with a hankering for heroin but other than that I m just a nice Jewish girl from the Upper East Side with Prada shoes How coul

  • Title: Normal Girl
  • Author: Molly Jong-Fast
  • ISBN: 9780375502811
  • Page: 179
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Normal Girl Molly Jong-Fast Randa, what s wrong with you Nothing I mean, I m a crazy cocaine addict with a hankering for heroin, but other than that, I m just a nice Jewish girl from the Upper East Side with Prada shoes How could anything be wrong Molly Jong Fast s Normal Girl is striking and as funny as it as real Inspired by her own experiences growing up in the decadent, fast paced neth Randa, what s wrong with you Nothing I mean, I m a crazy cocaine addict with a hankering for heroin, but other than that, I m just a nice Jewish girl from the Upper East Side with Prada shoes How could anything be wrong Molly Jong Fast s Normal Girl is striking and as funny as it as real Inspired by her own experiences growing up in the decadent, fast paced netherworld of New York City s jet set, Jong Fast s debut novel is a hilarious, hard edged walk past the velvet rope At just nineteen, Miranda Woke seems to have it all Her parents are famous socialites, she s already been written up on Page Six sixteen times, she s on all the right invitation lists, and drugs and alcohol are never in short supply But while her image screams It girl, she d rather be a normal girl, and the A list feels even uncomfortable than her Manolo Blahnik shoes In fact, she s become the living embodiment of an awkward phase with issues than Harper s Bazaar Neither Xanax nor Deepak Chopra tapes help And now that her junkie party has trashed her parents house, she has to liquidate her trust fund to pay Mom s decorator for a quick fix But worst of all, Miranda thinks she just murdered her own boyfriend In an all too glamorous world where the cell phone is always ringing, Miranda sees no escape other than a downward spiral of cocaine, Valium, and heroin It takes friends who offer than air kisses to force Miranda to look in the mirror and get some help.
    Normal Girl Molly Jong-Fast

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      179 Molly Jong-Fast
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    One thought on “Normal Girl”

    1. A quick and easy read I m surprised there are so many bad reviews, but it seems like there was too much focus on the first half of the book rather than the second half The main character is a 19 year old unlikable socialite with a trust fund and a huge drug problem, but it shows a change of attitude throughout rehab and afterwards with AA meetings I think if the book was a bit longer it could have focused even on the afterwards, but to me it was still a decent book if you make it to the end.

    2. I thought this was a poor man s version of Glamorama, from a female point of view The things that would have made the book interesting were barely skimmed over, instead focusing on odd acronyms and boring details I m glad I didn t read the author bio until I was 10 pages from the end, otherwise my view would have been even tainted by the famous last name I wish that a book by an unknown author had been published in the place of this.It s short and a quick read, but it won t enrich your life in [...]

    3. a hard one for me to get into and I almost quit, but I hung in there and made it through Having a brother that is a recovering addict, it gave me a small glimpse at what his life was and is like at times.

    4. Daughter of Erica Jong and Jonathan Fast, Molly s first book is witty, funny and totally relevant I loved it.

    5. Normal for her is so not normal for me It was so fun getting caught up in this lifestyle that I will never live

    6. I kept hoping, at some point this book would get to the story Doing drugs, going to rehab, and coming home are not my idea of a good story There wasn t any depth The author is from a privileged family, which she writes about in the book I was than halfway through and waiting for something to happen other than going from party to party being wasted, drunk and semi conscious I won t be passing this one on to any friends.

    7. This is truly one of my favourite books of all time Molly Jong Fast really throws you into the life of this damaged socialite with such detail, you feel as if you are watching her every move I felt this was a very realistic rendition of a young woman s personal struggles with substances and relationships I would recommend this to anyone, but especially to those who enjoy reading about the lives of the rich and famous, as it definitely shows you a darker side to their world.

    8. Funerals are the cotillions of the nineties, where young people go to meet and mingle I think I killed my boyfriend but was too coked out to be sure Gee his funeral sure is boring Children of famous people are like Communism Better in concept than in practice I m going to run around New York using any drug I can get my hands on, whining about how nobody loves me, and hanging out with people who are just as screwed up but somehow able to stay employed and out of jail, and generally treating peopl [...]

    9. Shallowest Book Ever.I wish Jong Fast would just stop writing altogether None of her books are entertaining in the slightest.I made it about fifty pages from the end until I just quit I didn t understand half the references she was using, which basically implied that unless you are famous you shouldn t be reading this book The main character wasn t likable in the least sense, being a jerk to everyone who came her way then moaning and complaining when people didn t like her And yet, we re told th [...]

    10. I only finished this because it was so short and I was pretty well done when I realized that nothing was going to happen I remember in my youth being so disappointed with this book and I still feel the same way today Time to get rid of this book off my book shelve None of the characters are likable or memorable, and that includes the main character They all run together and I really didn t care enough about them to try and figure out who was who I mean I spent a lot of the time thinking that Jan [...]

    11. This book is about the daughter of a rich family in the Upper East Side of New York City Due to her high influence, she is addicted to various substances and parties hard This book is a recollection of her journey to rehab, in rehab and outside I would recommend this book to anyone who likes stories about drugs I know I don t hate them Careful though, there s a high amount of drug use in this book And language Not so much sex though, which seems weird due to the fact its about an addict and most [...]

    12. Argh, just the thought of this book makes me shudder I like to think that I can stomach just about any kind of writing and I can usually appreciate the book for what it is, even if I don t enjoy it myself But honestly, there are no redeeming qualities to this book None It s self involved, self indulgent, vapid, depressing drivel I reviewed this book when it first came out ages ago for my college newspaper I had to force myself to finish it for the review s sake, and all I kept thinking while rea [...]

    13. Normal Girl by Molly Jong Fast displays the downward spiral of a nineteen year old socialite named Miranda The book starts off with the death of the Miranda s boyfriend Making everything suspenseful, throughout the book, Miranda continues to say she thinks she killed him This creates a sense of wonder for the reader throughout the entire novel And as the novel continues, Miranda s downward spiral of blowing money to get high off drugs and drinking excessively makes the reader wonder, is she the [...]

    14. I have mixed feelings about this book Really hilarious at times, but it also seemed a little sporadic And although the main character is meant to eventually become than one dimensional, I don t think it really works, for the most part Her transition in rehab wasn t very believablee goes straight from junkie to recovering addict without a substantial event happening Yes, it s meant to be a quick, fun readd it is But that s pretty much ALL it is It got some good laughs out of me, but I didn t fee [...]

    15. Part autobiography, part searing testimony, Ms Jong Fast s tale of a 90s JAP gone bad remains harrowing and discomforting even in the cautious 21st century that we have inherited Miranda Woke s fast, crazy, perilous descent into substance abuse, her equally addicted coterie and her continual distancing from her own feelings is written with such an unblinking gaze that you can t help but flinch It s very like the aftermath of a train wreck filled with disaster but pulling us onwards in spite of [...]

    16. Normal Girl is a good title for how the main character, Miranda Woke, wants to feel, normal She has famous socialite parents and she also gets tied up in the party scene when she eventually has to go away for treatment to her addiction I liked how her time in the facility wasn t cute, it was tough, she really had to work at being better If this was made into a movie, I can see Lindsay Lohan playing Miranda Isn t it Lindsay that has been in and out of treatment these days

    17. It is just fun, and then unexpectedly touching Miranda is a bitchy, funny, glamorous New York character whose harshness is second only to her self hatred Miranda s perspectives on the nihilism of addiction, wealthy Manhattan society, and the prosaic experience of rehab all seem fresh and truthful, and I wound up embracing this character who shares so many of her prejudices, flaws, and transformations.

    18. I grew up in the world of Manhattan elite private schools and relate to her hard partying lifestyle With that said, I think this book could have been so much compelling It was shallow, poorly written, so pretentious it was laughable not in a good way I think she got this published with a little help from her mom Otherwise, I can t imagine anyone would want to take on this book.

    19. Oh my When I first read this, I was 16 years old and than a little enad with the idea of living in New York, so I enjoyed it as a light, escapist read I hadn t read any Jay McInerney or Bret Easton Ellis yet years later, when I flipped through Normal Girl again, it was painfully clear that Jong Fast is indebted to both The writing is subpar and the story is quite dull.

    20. I wanted to like this book I went to camp with Molly and only remember her as a kind of little kid and that her mother was Erica Jong, which fascinated me The problem with the book is that it seemed forced the voice and the tone Too much I also simply couldn t relate So maybe it just wasn t for me.

    21. i was too young to get the subject matter in his book trust fundies with coke heroin habits but i do remember that absolutely nothing happens, plot wise it s kind of just a bunch of shocking things that happen, and the appeal is that it s a thinly veiled autobiographical account of her own life as the spoiled brat daughter of erica jong, yeah but a fun read nonetheless.

    22. This book was a little like Girl Interupted It is a coming of age story about a girl who lost all sense of self after her boyfriend died of an over dose Convinced that she killed him, she goes on a rampage looking for the truth while doing an incredible amount of intoxicants After she spent sometime in rehab life goes on.

    23. So I can t remember if it was Matt Dillon, Matt Damon or Matt Diamond who like sold me the drugs It was dark and without good editing they all look a like.That s how this book is written If you can stand about 200 pages of it, then read the damn thing I actually liked it and used it for a paper, but then I m known for torturing professors.

    24. wow this is a horribly written book molly jung fast seems to change details from page to page so that the book is as incoherent as some of the characters in the book yeah, yeah, i get it, poor little rich girl is like this because she doesn t have her daddy s love other books do it way better if you want an empty read filled with stinkiness, then read it.

    25. Trite, glamorous and foul I was so damn depressed that my second wave icon s Erica Jong daughter wrote this piece of high end drivel If I have to read about socialites snorting coke in these pseudo novels, then why am I subscribing to People magazine I mean really, people.

    26. My favorite book ever About an overprivileged Jewish girl from the Upper East Side battling drugs, booze, her crazy mother and high society in general I try to read it every year because it s that good.

    27. A friend lent me this book and swore it was SOOO good I ve read a few books on druggies junkies and didn t get wrapped up in this one like I have with the others Don t get me wrong, it was okaybut if you re into druggie kind of books there are better ones out there.

    28. I read this book for the first time as a teenager I m 24 nowI reread it recently and still love it I just love the wit and writing style Definitely memorable and hooks you from page one Easy, jarring and yet fun read.

    29. There is nothing like a destructive young women in New York City that we can t somehow in the least tiny way relate to The story is flawed in many ways, but I found it an enjoyable read Molly Jong Fast the daughter of the one and only Erica Jong, has a nice stab at her first novel.

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