Hannah's Blessing #2020

Hannah's Blessing Collette Scott Hannah s Blessing Following her husband s scandalous death a devastated Diana Somerset makes a promise at his funeral to never trust so easily again However she was not prepared to meet his enigmatic step brother De

  • Title: Hannah's Blessing
  • Author: Collette Scott
  • ISBN: 9781463539962
  • Page: 312
  • Format: Paperback
  • Hannah's Blessing Collette Scott Following her husband s scandalous death, a devastated Diana Somerset makes a promise at his funeral to never trust so easily again However, she was not prepared to meet his enigmatic step brother, Devlan Doyle He was a man accustomed to getting whatever he wanted, and he wanted Diana Not only was Diana s child his heiress, but her stubborn pride and disinterest intriguFollowing her husband s scandalous death, a devastated Diana Somerset makes a promise at his funeral to never trust so easily again However, she was not prepared to meet his enigmatic step brother, Devlan Doyle He was a man accustomed to getting whatever he wanted, and he wanted Diana Not only was Diana s child his heiress, but her stubborn pride and disinterest intrigues him Following a near tragic accident that forces them together, Devlan sets out to conquer her distrust Whisked away on a fairytale of a lifetime, Diana and Hannah discover that they are not immune to his charms But is his determination alone strong enough to win their trust and love, or will he lose the two people he has grown to care for the most
    Hannah's Blessing Collette Scott

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      312 Collette Scott
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    One thought on “Hannah's Blessing”

    1. Meh This was totally predictable miscommunication, assumptions, selfish husband killed under well deserved circumstances , defeated and untrusting widow determined to find herself again, adoring brother in law who has adored from afar for forever who has a playboy rep, manipulating and conniving girlfriend who s a girlfriend in her mind only , and a child who must be protected at all costs The characters were OK, I didn t find a lot of depth in any of them The action situations the characters we [...]

    2. I m not much for romances Midway through story I kept thinking, stop the game playing and get on with the happily ever after.

    3. They Got More Than Hannah s BlessingIf any contemporary romance gave excellent advice to its readers, it s this one It tells lovers, and readers, not to make assumptions It reminded me a lot of Jane Austen s Pride and Prejudice There is a small amount of language and non graphic sexual reference in the book dealt with appropriately for any adult or young adult reader.I mostly read romance because I write romance Sometimes after I finish one I want that piece of my life back This one charmed me f [...]

    4. Diana has had the rug yanked out from under her She stayed with Peter throughout her dismal marriage for her daughter, Hannah s sake Now suddenly, she is a broken spirited, penniless widow facing eviction from her home Where do you go from here She has no choice but to move forward carrying her inhibitions with her Enter Devlan Doyle, her husband s step brother Diana has built a wall around her and Hannah to protect her from the hurts previously dealt to her Despite her objections, she finds her [...]

    5. I finished this book out of pure stubbornness This is a contemporary romance and a good reminder to me to not read books that involve children as part of the romantic storyline I like kids very much in real life and non romance genre books, but a romance novel that focuses on the children is usually not very compelling in my experience.I picked this up as a freebie on , so I can t complain about money spent.Diana is a wrong woman, whose husband of six years dies in an car accident with his lates [...]

    6. There is nothing totally wrong with this story, but the author could have done to make it exciting and less weak.Diana Somerset s husband abuses her and runs around with other women, then tragedy occurs Diana and her daughter, Hannah, are left alone but along comes a saviour, the husband s womanising, rich stepbrother and you guessed it, takes over his younger stepbrother s debts Then trouble ensues and Devlan Doyle, comes to the rescue again and takes over the family this time.Diana naturally [...]

    7. Hannah is distrustful of men Her husband drained her trust fund and then moved on to other women After his death she takes her daughter and tries to move on with her life Then Devlan enters the picture and changes all of her ideas about men and having that forever kind of love But she s still so scared that she almost ruins everything.I loved the way that this book was written It grabbed my attention from the very beginning and never let go The story flowed well and kept me entertained the entir [...]

    8. literary smut so far, but I need a bit of fluffy reading right nowupdate Very predictable and the leading lady DROVE ME NUTS I think I m done reading from the free kindle books.

    9. Average Read The book started off well but got less interesting further into the read The story was drawn out and unrelatably unrealistic On a positive note, it was an easy read Conclusively, I neither hated nor loved this book, it was an average read

    10. This novel catches and takes captive of the reader despite its fumbles and tumbles I was enjoying it until the main character started getting on my nerves somewhere at midpoint Her distrust of men took many forms and odd directions.In the story, Diana the stunningly beautiful protagonist has suffered a bad marriage and the scandalous death of her husband, ending up wounded and distrustful of men Her late husband s stepbrother Devlan, a highly successful and handsome businessman, suddenly shows u [...]

    11. Although 2 stars seems like a bad review, I m going by the rating system On , 2 stars means it was okay And that s what it was Okay.It took me longer than it should ve to read but it just didn t make me WANT to read it That s not to say I wasn t interested though, cause it had good romance, nicely detailed characters and a good plot.BUT I really hated the main character s love interest, Devlan I can t remember if that s how you spell it I think it s right He was so cocky and sure of himself, and [...]

    12. If you like your romance with a roller coaster ride pick this book up If you like angst, pick this book up I think miscommunication is the name of the game in this book Devlan and Diana are the king and queen of miscommunication I honestly didn t know which one of them to pound on next At one point I thought Devlan should be strung up, and then I would read some and think Diana should be strung up It s for sure I was kept engaged in the book Diana just lost her cheating husband to a car acciden [...]

    13. This novel grabbed me quickly with the death of Diana s dominating and demoralizing husband Left with her mortgage in arrears, bank acounts drained by her late husband, she is determined to make a better life for herself and daughter, Hannah She carries reservations of connecting with another man, until her ex husband s step brother, Devlan, offers to help her daughter, Hannah, obtain proper rehabilitation after little Hannah is struck tragically by an auto Diane is gun shy but accepts his help, [...]

    14. Main Characters Devlan, Diana, and HannahI started to read this book a few months ago but put it away because the husband was all too familiar and disgusting The second time I picked it up was because I was avoiding reading The Awakening Again I almost stopped because it seemed somewhat crude Wow I m glad I stuck with it though The lack of communication is completely understandable considering what both characters had to face for so long The fear that they harbored was a real reaction to their e [...]

    15. Following her husband s scandalous death, a devastated Diana Somerset makes a promise at his funeral to never trust so easily again However, she was not prepared to meet his enigmatic step brother, Devlan Doyle He was a man accustomed to getting whatever he wanted, and he wanted Diana Not only was Diana s child his heiress, but her stubborn pride and disinterest intrigues him Following a near tragic accident that forces them together, Devlan sets out to conquer her distrust Whisked away on a fai [...]

    16. The writing was good but it isn t very angsty, I read it for the angst view spoiler Can t say much about the middle of the book, the H and h were just very lovey dovey But seriously, the ending is the one that sucks The heroine runs away because one of the tramps interested in H lies off the face of the earth to the h about the H and her being in love and them wanting to have babies After hearing this, the h runs away When the H discovers the h runs away, he hunts her down But the joke is Oh Wai [...]

    17. I liked the book It had the intensity of 50 Shades of Grey without any sex if you can understand that It was a great little book, but I wish she had continued on with a better ending I felt like I needed She did a great job of keeping you intrigued and wanting you to read and want for the characters, but then it s like going to a great fireworks display and the grand finale going bust on the ground and not in the air for you to enjoy Also, if the book is called Hannah s blessing I wanted fro [...]

    18. This books really caught me off guard I ve never been a big romance reader but I ve been reading T.J Dell s books and they have me craving real romance which lead me to this book I m a reader, not an author, I don t know all the pc terms but I m starting to enjoy reading real romance, not Harlequin, Fabio on the cover type stuff I downloaded this book when it was offered free on and I had sort of forgotten about it until I started cleaning up my kindle Once I started reading I couldn t stop Dian [...]

    19. Diana s abusive husband leaves her and her four year old daughter, Hannah, destitute and runs off with a woman who has money Unfortunately for him, she distracts him on a mountain road and he crashes the car killing them both At the funeral his ultra rich, ultra successful step brother, Devlan, shows up and tells Diana that he wants to ensure they don t want for anything as Hannah is his only living relative Diana tells him to get lost When Hannah needs him, Devlan swoops in to help, getting Dia [...]

    20. Ok, I gave this book 3 stars because I really liked the story I was enjoying them building a relationship and even the angst But to me, the ending ruined it Of course I wanted a HEA but this one felt like it came to the end of the story and the Author didn t know how to finish it so just threw them back together real quick called it a wrap So many questions left and we didn t even get to see the villain have to answer for anything I m just disappointed because it could have been a great book.but [...]

    21. Hannah s Blessing was a very big disappointment for me The story is supposed to center around a 5 year old little girl, Hannah However, she is hardly ever present in the story Most of the time, she is asleep I think she may have had 10 sentences in the whole book The author obviously has not had any real life experience with children.This is a romance novel, with a plot that is so predictable that it is probably a fill in the blank script The characters lacked common sense and were not very like [...]

    22. This story draggeduntil the very end where it was rushed to a close Devlan s heart attack would have been the perfect opportunity for Diana to come back into his life and have it all wrap up there Dragging the story on with her move to Arizona and the like seemed unnecessary I understand the appeal of the custody battle, but this book tries to do too much in one story and then leaves you wanting at the end If Hannah is such an important character, how do you not show her reaction to their engag [...]

    23. So this was once again a free kindle book I actually really enjoyed it Predictable in it s Cinderella like plot, but it s an updated version for an older crowd no Hilary Duff or Selena Gomez in sight, thank goodness I saw it as a Lifetime movie in my head as I read it, and face it, we all need a Lifetime movie at some times in our lives I like the author s clean, detailed and descriptive writing style I may try novels in her body of work.

    24. I liked the book but felt the characters were weak For 2 smart, successful people they acted dumb Can two people who really love each other be so closed mouth about their feelings for each other At times I wanted to just say get this over with enough is enough but something always pulled me in to continue reading this I liked how the author laid out this love story with such feeling and didn t need to rely on graphic detail and for that I applaud her.

    25. This is a mature story with two strong adults who develop a bond after a set of tragic events I like the fact that the author concentrated on the romance and did not get into graphic love scenesAlthough there is an element of Hollywood glitz and glamour, the story stays its course and does not lose its objective It s also refreshing to read a good size book instead of the usual short cuts Loved it.

    26. This was a good story and I invested time in it because of that but as you get into the middle somewhere there are a few sex scenes This disappointed me because I will only read books that are clean and am sorry to not be able to finish it From the title I had thought it would not have sex, this is not meant to be a criticism for anyone who liked the book, just info for the ones who like clean romance.

    27. One thing I liked was where Diana moved in with Allen s friend near the end of the book From what I read about Peter, for the short bit in the beginning and then what was said and thought by Diana and Devlyn, he seemed very shallow and self centered Roxanne seemed vindictive and malicious There were times when I thought Devlyn should have asked Diana what she wanted to do instead of doing it the way he wanted to Another thing I liked was the discreet way they handled the sex scenes.

    28. Very Good Book, butI ve never wanted to strangle a heroine so bad before I must even admit to wanting the hero to go through with his threat to her towards the end, that s just how angry she made me I actually loved all of the character, until the heroine was so dang smart and pulled her stunt Overall it was a very good book, but I could only give 4 stars b c of her.

    29. I loved the story line characters were well formed and strong I did feel the story was dragged out a bit but it didn t stop me from turning the pages I cried at parts what mother wouldn t and when I finished the book I felt slightly lost I would definitely recommend this book to all romance lovers

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